Aerobike X-Ride Electric Bike Review 2019 – 2020

Aerobike X-ride Electric Mountain Bike

As a cyclist looking to move around town with a bike conveniently, your options are limitless. Each distinct possibility will afford you a different type of convenience based on your riding needs. If you want a bike that’s more elaborate to operate, an e-bike is an excellent choice since it features an intelligent motor, which helps you move around different terrains. Depending on the bike’s design, it’s even possible to ride along with obstacles effortlessly.

While dissecting the parts that make Aerobike X-ride stand out, this review is going to offer you insights on whether X-ride is worth a biker’s time.


Why Buy an Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric bikes tend to feel like products of remarkable innovation since they combine the functionality of a standard bike and a motor-operated vehicle. With their motors and batteries becoming discreet and small in size, it’s even harder to tell e-bikes apart from ordinary bikes. They let you cruise through different terrains while hardly putting in any effort. You may consider them as a dream come true for cyclists who want their rides to be more enjoyable without the extra pedalling.

One strategy most e-bike manufacturers use to attract more sales is to make the bikes affordable without compromising on their build quality. In such a case, you may consider an electric bike as a less flashy dependable kit needed for commuting or leisure rides. Most of them boast of durable frame construction to match their high performing motors. Besides having a rechargeable battery, the bike may feature a display to indicate battery percentage and remaining charging time.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider When Buying an E-bike?

Just like any other motor-powered vehicle, an e-bike should come with specific features to suit its intended purpose. You may expect it to have an excellent build quality comprising of heavy wheels, shallow rims and well-adapted grips and saddle. The performance of the bike should also match its price level for you the item to have an excellent value for money. Below are the various factors to consider when choosing an e-bike for your lifestyle.

  • Type of motor – Pedal-assist motors require you to peddle the bike for them to work while power-on-demand motors need a throttle (found on the handgrip) to activate. Power-on-demand motors allow you to ride by either pedal power or motor power at your convenience.
  • Performance – The unit for measuring motor performance is watts, with the most powerful motor on an e-bike exceeding 250 watts.
  • Gears – With a fully automated internal gear hub, it’s easier to reduce shocks caused by the viscosity of the lubrication oil than when working with a conventional internal gear hub.
  • Battery – Batteries used on e-bikes vary with the number of charging cycles, weight, total charge capacity and voltage. The bike may have a lithium-ion, nickel-metal, sealed lead-acid or nickel-cadmium battery with different sizes.
  • Design – Since not all electric bikes take the form of a regular pushbike, expect the design variations to include a folding e-bike, an electric pusher trailer and a chopper-styled e-bike.
  • Controllers – Controllers can match a brushless motor (which requires high initial torque) or a brushed motor to serve as a function of the required force, vehicle speed and sensor inputs.
  • Speed options – Most e-bikes have up to two-speed possibilities, which give the user the freedom to conveniently shift gears with respect to the terrain or direction of the ride.

What’s Aerobike X-ride Electric Mountain Bike Best Suited for?

Aerobike X-ride offers excellent assistance when running errands on gentle slopes. Its 208Wh battery is enough to power the motor when commuting or taking leisure rides. Depending on the kind of rides you’re taking, a full charge should last you a distance of between 15KM and 25KM. X-ride works pretty fine when you turn the electric system off and is easy to carry from one location to the other.

X-ride boasts a solid build quality comprising of basic brakes effectively working on shallow alloy rims. Though the wheels are heavy, they prove to deliver exceptional performances when riding on the road. The standard alloy kit for X-ride includes the seat-posts, handlebars and stem, which come handy when adjusting the bike to serve its rightful purpose.


  • Battery charges pretty quickly giving you a couple of hours to enjoy your bike
  • Bike works better with the electric features turned off
  • Battery has a range limited to general errands and commuting hence suited for an average bike user
  • Resembles an urban hybrid operating on an alloy frame and narrow tyres, which give it a firm yet sporty feel
  • Responds quickly to steering motions making it fun to dart around the streets
  • Automatic gear changes (from low to high when riding the e-bike at a specific speed
  • Intelligent system (comprising a cadence-sensing ring) that communicates the ideal time to apply power to the bike


  • Not intended for huge rides since the motor only adapts to small rides, which involve activities such as running errands
  • The second-speed option isn’t as much powerful as the first one
  • Feels a bit twitchy when rode on longer descents
  • More limited based on the range than a bike with a multi-speed setup

To sum up, Aerobike X-ride is a decent performing electric bike that doesn’t pretend to be a fully-featured machine. As long as you’re considering it at its face value, you won’t have any regrets or disappointments purchasing it. Its heavy wheels and shallow alloy rims stay intact during testing and can last a while. One main issue that Aerobike needs to address on the bike is the gearing system, which lags behind in terms of performance.