Are Voodoo Bikes Any Good? Find Out Here!

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What type of bike is a voodoo?


Voodoo Bikes is a new brand in the market that is worth looking. They make a perfect bike for both touring and commuting.

Voodoo bikes are a bike rotors frame brand based out of Los Angeles, California. They also designed their quality aluminium frame to accommodate a wide range of riders in terms of height and bike weight.

They are known for their unique style, quality and speed. Their decent alloy frame is handmade in Melbourne using only the highest grade steel and exotic materials.

Voodoo bikes increases performance and comfort levels for riders who want to ride faster without sacrificing on quality.

They are known for being extremely customisable, offering a wide variety of adult bike size and options to fit almost every type of riding style.

You may have seen some of their bikes at the Olympics or other major sporting events in the last few years. If you haven’t heard of them before, then you won’t have heard of them now either.

But if you are looking for a new racing bike, or an everyday road bike, or even a mountain bike, then you should check out voodoo bikes.

So, keep on reading!

Are Voodoo Bikes Any Good?

Let’s start off with what makes these bikes so special. The first thing I noticed about this company was how many models they had available.

It seemed like it was hard to find something that wasn’t made by voodoo bikes. There were just too many styles to choose from.

There were high modulus carbon fibre single speeds, dual-purpose bikes and folding hybrid bikes. 

They can tailor most of their products to your exact needs. You don’t need to settle for anything less than amazing when buying one of their bikes.

It appears everything has been thought carefully. This includes geometry choices, sizing, components, accessories, colors and everything.

This means there is no reason not to buy any product from voodoo bikes. Everything fits together and works well.

The best thing about them is that they offer customisation features, which allow each rider to choose how he/she wants his/her bike built.

What are some voodoo bikes?

First, let me tell you what they aren’t. These are not low end entry level bikes. No matter what model you pick up, you will get a great value for money experience.

These are more expensive, but still affordable enough that anyone could afford one. And because of all the customisations that go into making these bikes stand out among others, you get your money’s worth.

Types of Voodoo Bike 

Now we know what makes them special, lets talk about what bikes they sell.

It would seem that most people think of voodoo bikes as having two types of bikes:

  • Touring and commuting bikes.
  • Racing
  • Road
  • Sort of mountain Bike

If you’re interested in picking up a racing bike, then you’ll love the idea of getting a voodoo bike.

Their touring bikes also look incredible. They come in such an age range of shapes and sizes that it’s impossible not to fall in love with at least one.

If you prefer commuting instead, then you might go for a road bike. They offer several variations, including hybrids, triples and single speed versions.

And, if you’d rather spend time outdoors enjoying nature rather than sitting inside in traffic, then maybe a mountain bike model is right for you.

Features of Voodoo bikes

1. Folding hybrid bike

Voodoo bikes offer both foldable and non-foldable models.

One of the favourite styles of folding hybrid bicycles is their ones made by Specialized. They allow riders to transport them on public transportation without taking up much space. 

A few other brands who make similar products include Trekking, Giant, Raleigh and Cannondale. These have unique designs that should be considered when choosing one over another.

2. Sizing options for those who want customisation

Another feature that many voodoo owners enjoy is the fact that they can customise their suspension bike to fit perfectly to their bodies. This means that there are no limitations regarding sizing options.

Customers who want something larger in width or length may choose from any size available. There are even customers who need extra clearance between their seat post and frame - lifetime.

In order to accommodate these needs, voodoo race bikes often have wider handlebars, longer top tubes and shorter stems. Some even give more room for tires or add fenders.

3. It all starts with the frame design

The company uses only high-grade steels, such as A1 & S2 titanium, to build its strong alloy frame construction.

This ensures that it is hard-wearing, lightweight, durable and ready to take any kind of punishment thrown at it. It will not crack like most cheap bike brands do when exposed to extreme weather.

Another great feature of these rigid bikes is that they use very strong yet light alloy rims which are suitable for rough terrain.

4. It’s not just about looks and performance — It has a purpose too!

Someone says that “beauty is skin deep”, which conveyed the notion that beauty lies within ourselves and shouldn’t judged based on external factors.

But, while true beauty lies within us all, it doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate good design.

The same goes for our appreciation of beautiful machines.

Yes, most people focus on aesthetics first as opposed to functionality, but sometimes, what looks good on paper makes sense out in the real world too.

What makes Voodoo bikes good?

There are many benefits and advantages to using a voodoo bikes that gives the users a smoother and hassle free experience.

Voodoo bikes have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of them.


  • Every detail matters, especially regarding quality.
  • They use only the highest grade materials.
  • They test every component before assembling them.
  • There are different choices of proper bikes available, a wide variety of styles and a high-quality components.
  • Convenient, affordable, and easy to use.
  • Voodoo bikes have high-quality warranty on the frame.


  • They are expensive
  • One con of voodoo bikes is that they are not always available. For instance, it has sold the models which have been reviewed well out by the time you get to buy one.

How many does Voodoo Bikes cost?

The price of a high-end bike depends on how well built it is. Besides this, there also come additional costs associated with accessories such as lights and others.

Some models come with expensive parts, such as carbon fibre wheels with aluminium bike ideal hubs. Others offer basic features like LED lighting kits. These things increase the overall price tag considerably.

Couple of Voodoo Bikes are a high end premium bike therefore they cost a lot, so if you want a bike this good, pay a lot.

The base model bike is $1000, the alloy frame forks bike is $2000, and the $3000 bike with the carbon-fibre frame is the top-of-the-line model.


If you’re looking for a reasonably priced bike that has a solid range of features, then the Voodoo bike is definitely worth a look.

It offers a relaxed riding position, the power to cruise down hills, and it’s available at several online retailers right now.

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