Amy Law is a freelance content writer covering a wide range of topics, from travel, to technology and fitness, from home and kitchen to garden. When not writing, she enjoys road cycling around the beautiful UK and venturing further afield on two wheels when time allows.

Can Ebikes Be Used In The Rain? Can They Get Wet?

Will My E-bike Work If It Gets Wet? Find Out Here!  Getting caught out in the rain when you’re on […]

Do Ebikes Have Gears? Are They On The Hub & Of Any Use?

Getting The Best Out Of The Gears On Your E-bike There are lots of things to consider when buying an […]

Do Ebikes Need Insurance? Do They Need A License?

Should I Insure My E-bike? Do I Need To Know How To Drive To Own An E-bike? Your Questions Answered!  […]

Do Ebikes Charge While Riding? Can You Push Pedal Power Into Them?

Will My E-bike Recharge While Pedaling? A concern with e-bikes is what happens when the battery runs out and you’re […]

Can Ebikes Go Uphill & On Trails? Should You Take Them?

Can You Tackle Those Steep Climbs On An E-Bike? Find Out Here! E-bike sales are booming, in the last year […]

E-Bike Reviews

The electric bike, sometimes called an e-bike, is in many respects a regular bicycle. The exception is that it is fitted with a motor and a battery.
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