Hi! my name is Sam Lawrence. I am a twenty-something year old cycling fanatic. I created this E-BikeReview.UK as a resource for people when shopping for an electric bike. My career in bicycles started when I was a child. I’ve always loved bikes. I started my own bike buying and selling business before I left school and have been running a very successful bike shop in Ledbury (west England) since I was 18 years old.

Geared Hub Motor Vs Direct Drive - Differences Explained!

What Is The Difference Between Geared Hub Motor And Direct Drive? Direct-drive motors are larger and heavier than geared motors, […]

How To Convert Your Regular Bike Into An Electric Bike: A Step-By-Step Guide

How Can We Convert A Regular Bike To Electric? If you are looking for an electric bicycle conversion, then there's […]

How To Avoid Wrist Pain While Cycling?

How Can You Prevent Wrist Pain While Cycling? Cyclists tend to move their arms and hands around the handlebars a […]

Pedal assist Vs Throttle E-bike: Which One Should You Buy?

Throttle vs. Pedal Assist Electric Bikes: Pros And Cons Which one would you want to ride: a throttled-electric bike or […]

Do I Need Gears On My Electric Bike?

Do You Require Gears For Your Electric Bicycle? Gears are great if you ride a traditional bicycle. But there's no […]

How Hard Is It To Pedal An Electric Bike?

Is It Difficult To Pedal An Electric Bike? Electric bikes are usually heavier than regular bicycles. Some models can be […]

Can You Use A Car Battery For An Electric Bike?

Can An Electric Bike Be Powered By A Car Battery? An electric bike uses a rechargeable battery instead of gas […]

Top 9 German Electric Bike Brands

Top 9 German Electric Bike Manufacturers There are plenty of great German electric bike manufacturers out there. Some of the […]

Electric Bike Storage Solutions

Why Would You Require An E-bike Storage Solution? Electric bikes are great for commuting, running errands, and exploring new places. […]

12 Best Electric Bike Upgrades

12 Best Electric Bike Upgrades The e-bike market is booming, and there are plenty of options. If you're looking for […]
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