Hi! my name is Sam Lawrence. I am a 27 year old cycling fanatic. I created this E-BikeReview.UK as a resource for people when shopping for an electric bike. My career in bicycles started when I was a child. I’ve always loved bikes. I started my own bike buying and selling business before I left school and have been running a very successful bike shop in Ledbury (west England) since I was 18 years old.

Do Electric Bikes Keep You Fit? Can You Lose Weight Exercising On One?

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Buyer’s Guide To Helping You Find The Perfect Size Bike

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How Long Does It Take To Charge An Ebike Battery? (on average!)

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Which Countries Are Ebikes Legal (& Illegal) In? Our Guide!

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Are Ebikes Good For Hills & Riding Up Inclines

Can I Use An E-Bike On Inclines? - Our Best Guide One of the best advantages to electric bikes in […]
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E-Bike Reviews

The electric bike, sometimes called an e-bike, is in many respects a regular bicycle. The exception is that it is fitted with a motor and a battery.
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