Bafang BBS02B Ebike Conversion Kit Review – 2019 – 2020

Bafang BBS02B Ebike Kit Review – An Affordable Ebike Solution for Everyone

Electric bikes are becoming incredibly popular, especially among people who have to cycle for their daily commute. Cycling certainly has its health benefits, but it can be very difficult when you have to travel miles back and forth to work every day.

One of the best ways around this is to use an electric bike because the pedal assist levels will allow you to take a break from pedaling whenever you feel the need to. Of course, if you cannot afford and electric bike then you might find this difficult.

The best thing that you can do in this case is to buy an ebike conversion kit. In order to give you a better idea of the options that are available to you at the moment, we have tested and reviewed many ebike conversion kits. The model that we will be reviewing today is the Bafang BBS02B Ebike Kit. Please read on below.

Features: 750w Motor – 48v – 60km Range – 50kmh Maximum Speed – 9 Pedal Assist Levels – 4 Hour Charge Time – Thumb Throttle – LCD Display – 3.8kg


  • This ebike conversion kit is surprisingly easy to install with the right tools and a little mechanical knowledge.
  • The motor on this conversion kit is a lot more powerful than we had anticipated.
  • The motor doesn’t struggle with very steep inclines in the slightest.
  • It is surprisingly quiet, even at the higher pedal assist levels.


  • Although the motor is powerful, it is not as powerful as some of the other options on the market right now.

The Bafang BBS02B Ebike Kit Review

Out of all of the different conversion kit brands on the market right now, the one that we have found to be consistently reliable, in terms of quality, is Bafang. They have a range of kits available at the moment and the one that we tested and were really impressed with is the Bafang BBS02B Ebike Kit.

Very High Quality Components

When we first took a look at all of the different components, we weren’t surprised to find that the quality was incredibly impressive. High quality materials have been used throughout. Installing this particular conversion kit was very easy, but we did find that we needed a few more tools and a little mechanical knowledge to get it done.

Once we had it all installed and set up we were ready to test it out properly. The first thing that we really liked was the LCD display which allows you to view all of the different settings, among other things. The first thing that really stood out for us with the motor on this conversion kit is that it is surprisingly quiet. You can hardly hear it, even at the highest pedal assist levels.

Steep Inclines are No Problem

We tested it on a number of different surfaces and the one thing that we noticed throughout is that it doesn’t struggle with steep inclines in the slightest. It powers uphill with no trouble at all. The only downside with this one is that it is perhaps not as powerful as some of the more expensive conversion kits out there at the moment.

Aside from this, there was really nothing that we could complain about. We were very impressed with this conversion kit and would definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to convert their bike into an electric bike.

Bafang Electric Bike Conversion Kit Bicycle Motor Kit BBS02B Mid Drive 750W Electric Motor for Bike
  • All Necessary Mounting Accessories Are Included(With No Battery, If You Need A Battery,Please Check The Special Offers And Promotations In This Page). Please See The Packing List Image. Notice: Brake Levers Can Be Changed To Hydraulic And Mechanical Brake Sensor
  • Can Be Successfully Installed Into An Electric Bicycle In Just A Few Time By Only A Few Tools Which Can Remove The Crankset And The Center Shaft, As Well As Tools For Installing This Mid-Drive Motor.
  • Fit A Standard Jis 68 - 73 Mm Bottom Bracket (Installing Extra Parts Gaskets As Gifts), Please See The Installation Image Carefully. Suitable For Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Commuter Bike. This Motor Maybe Can'T Be Installed On Fat Tire Bike. Not Recommended To Apply This Motor To Bikes With Carbon Fiber Frame In Case Of Damaging The Frame.
  • Electric Bikes & Pedal Bicycle, Faster Traffic & Physical Exercise Can Be Achieved At The Same Time. A Wonderful Choice For Cycling Enthusiasts And Those Who Want Faster Traffic To Transport Or Travel. This 750W Motor Is The Highest Wattage Motor Of The Bafang Bbs02B Series, Providing Powerful Power.