Best Hybrid Bicycles - The Top 3 Reviewed In 2021-2022

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Best Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are a great choice due to them being a very versatile bike that can handle all kinds of terrains, wether mountain biking or commuting. If you are looking for a super comfortable all-purpose bike but don't know if you should choose a road bike or mountain bike then a hybrid bicycle is definitely the best option for you.

It can be difficult to choose which hybrid bike you should buy due to them being so popular with a variety of different models on the market, this is why we have rounded up the best range of hybrid bikes for you to compare and choose from.

Our Favourite - Oppikle 26'' Electric Mountain Bike

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This affordable Oppikle branded hybrid mountain bike is the best hybrid bike on our list, coming in an un-foldable and foldable versions. This hybrid bikes electric system boasts a stable 250W front motor with a detachable Samsung 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery, that can support distances for a range of 25km-50km with a speed of 25km per hour off a single 4-6 hour charge. The Oppikle hybrid bikes also comes with three working modes; electric bikes, auxiliary wheels and ordinary bikes, which can be changed accordingly with its smart metre button.

The carbon fibre suspension on this electric bikes 26 inch frame can give you extra control on a difficult road, along with the bikes dual disc front and back brakes, giving you a good amount of stopping power. This electric mountain bike is also fitted with a Shimano 21 gear speed transmission system allowing you to have confidence when riding. Accessory wise this bike comes with a bright LED headlight for road riding at night and has ergonomic handlebars and an adjustable seat.

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Overall, this bicycle is the most affordable and best hybrid bike on our list, this bike has high quality components such as it's dual disc brakes for all weather stopping power when your on the road, along with its reliable and removable Samsung battery which has a quick charging time, making it not only perfect for adventures but also commutes or basic road use. Disadvantages of this Oppikle hybrid bikes structure may be that it is more geared to mountain biking, however this doesn't mean it is limited to that!


  • One year warranty.
  • Shimano gear system.
  • Removable Samsung battery.
  • UK legal motor.
  • Quick charging time.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes as foldable or un-foldable.
  • Good range of distance.
  • Dual disc brakes.


  • More geared towards mountain biking.

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GTWO 27.5 Inch Electric Bicycle 350W Mountain Bicycle - Number Two

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The GTWO hybrid bicycle is one of the more expensive, tough and powerful best hybrid bikes on our list. This large 27.5 inch bike boasts a brushless 350W motor with a 48V 9.6Ah removable lithium ion battery which can cover a range of distance from 25km-60km depending on the mode and rider. This hybrid bikes electric system comes with three riding modes to choose from; the pedal assist mode, the fully electric mode and manual mode.

The aluminium frame of this bike has a front suspension fork for maximum comfort making it a great road bike, along with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for keeping you safe on the road. Gear wise, this bike holds the 27 Shimano speed gear transmission system like the other best hybrid bikes, along with its ergonomic saddle giving you a comfortable upright riding position, reducing the pressure of riding long range. The display on the bike included gives you important measurements such as; mileage, speed and battery level so as you can know when its time to recharge your bikes battery.

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Overall, this hybrid mountain bicycle is one of the best hybrid bikes on our list despite its higher pricer, its removable battery is great for theft protection and its large tyres can handle even the most long range and complicated terrains on your adventures. The only negatives of this bike is that its motor is outside UK legal limits and it's price is a little high, however if you are looking for a women's or men's hybrid bike which you can take out on more high level adventures as well the road, this bike is worth it.


  • Large tyres.
  • LCD display.
  • Removable battery.
  • High power motor giving long range distance.
  • 27 Shimano gear system.
  • Three riding modes.
  • Saddle gives comfortable riding position.
  • Dual disc brakes.


  • Higher priced.
  • Motor is above UK legal limits.

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ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bicycle, 250W 26'' Electric Bicycle - Number Three

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Ancheer is no stranger for providing a wide range of affordable high quality hybrid bikes. This upgraded hybrid bicycle does the job of both a road bicycle and a mountain bike with it's powerful brushless 250W motor and removable 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery, making it great for theft protection. After charging the battery, you can take this hybrid bike on ride with a range of up to 15-20 miles at a speed of 15 mph, perfect for any adventure or daily commute. This hybrids bike is also equipped with three working modes, along with it's LED smart metre button which allows you to choose the specific amount of assisted power needed from either; the e-bikes mode, the assisted bicycle mode or the normal mode.

This bike has the best high quality aluminium frame with double walled rims and a high-suspension front fork, which can handle off-road terrains like other mountain bikes, making your overall ride a lot smoother. Gear wise, this modern bicycle is fitted with the Shimano 21 speed range of gears which can allow the bicycle to have greater adaptability to all kinds of environment when riding. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes have all weather stopping power making your bicycle reliable to ride even in unpredictable weather situations. Extra features of this bicycle are its bright LED headlamp and horn making it great as a road bicycle. Most importantly this Ancheer bike comes 85% assembled and has a one year warranty incase of any problems that may occur with your new bicycle.

[amazon fields="B0828ZHBFB" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]

Overall, this Ancheer bicycle is one of the best hybrid bikes on our list, not only is this bike very versatile, but it also has a great range of PAS levels to choose from when riding so as you can customise your biking experience on any kind of terrain. This bicycle is also super affordable making it the best budget hybrid bicycle on the market. The only downfalls of this bike may be it's lack of folding ability which can make storage a little difficult.


  • Affordable.
  • Customisable levels of PAS.
  • Removable battery.
  • UK legal motor.
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Good gear range.
  • Three riding modes to choose from.
  • One year warranty


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GUNAI Electric Bike 26 Inches Folding Fat Tire Snow Bike

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The Gunai electric hybrid bike for men and women is designed to tackle any kind of terrain you can think of with its powerful electric system. This fat tyre bicycle boasts a 1000W motor which is powered by a 48V removable lithium ion battery. This bike can take you on a ride of up to 70-90 miles when used on full electric power, and can top speeds of 45km per hour, making it a pretty fast bike. This unique mountain bike like bicycle has three working modes to choose from; the twist throttle mode, power assisted mode and pedal mode.

It's durable aluminium frame has a full suspension front fork for taking on any kind of difficult road with maximum comfort, along with its best 26 inch Chaoyang fat tyres that can ride through sand, snow or any kind of road with ease. The hub gears fitted on this bike are the professional Shimano 21 speed gear system, giving a smooth transmission system in any kind of condition faced. The hydraulic disc brakes on this on this hybrid fat tyre bicycle have a strong stopping power that cuts of the electric bike immediately when in use, ensuring maximum confidence when riding. Other notable features of this unique bike are it's LCD display which shows your mileage, speed and battery level even at night, making it great road bike for nightly commutes. This bike is also a folding bike making it perfect to store away and has a one year warranty for its most important parts.

[amazon fields="B0876TBKYK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Overall, this bike is unique and durable, it may be on the more expensive side but you can see why due to it being able to tackle any kind of terrain with its powerful electric motor and battery. This bike truly is worth the investment if you are looking for more of a hybrid mountain bike style. Downfalls of the Gunai hybrid bicycle is that it is slightly expensive and may not be suited to the road as much as the other hybrid bikes on this list, its 1000W motor is also not within the UK legal limits, so a license for this may be needed. This bike is also on the heavier side of 25kg due to it's fat tyres, so this may be something to consider if you need to be carrying it up stairs or loading into a car.


  • Fat tyres can handle all terrains.
  • Powerful motor and battery.
  • Three different electric modes.
  • LCD display visible at night.
  • Removable battery.
  • Hydraulic dual disc brakes.
  • Shimano gear sytem.
  • Long range of distance per charge.
  • Folding ability.
  • One year warranty.


  • More similar to mountain bikes than road bikes.
  • Heavier than other hybrid bikes.
  • Motor power is above UK legal limits.

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Hiriyt 26''Electric Mountain Bicycle

The Hiriyt hybrid mountain bike is one among the more affordable bikes on our hybrid bikes list. This bicycle houses a 250W motor with a removable 36V 8AH lithium ion battery that can support a distance of 15-30 miles per single charge of 4-6 hours, with a maximum speed range of 13-18 miles per hour. This best hybrid bike also has three working modes like other hybrid bikes; the e-bike mode, assisted bicycle mode and normal mode, each mode can be customised with the three speed smart metre button when riding.

Frame wise, this bike is made of a high quality aluminium frame and has a strong front carbon fork giving the best shock absorption due to its carbon fibre make. The brakes are hydraulic disc brakes along with its 21 speed gear transmission system, allowing you to handle tough roads easily. Extra ergonomic details on this bike include the adjustable seat, anti-slip tyres, bright LED headlamp and horn making it good for night use.

Overall, this a great and affordable hybrid mountain bicycle that can be used as a road bike too, it has high quality components and is priced affordably, making it an overall reliable bike to choose. The only downfalls of this bike are its lack of folding ability which can prove difficult for storage or when transporting.


  • Carbon fork ensures maximum comfort.
  • UK legal motor.
  • Three working modes.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • 21 speed gear hub.
  • Affordable.
  • Removable battery.


  • Lack of folding ability for storage.

So which is the Best Hybrid Bike for me?

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Overall, our top pick for the best hybrid bikes is the affordable Oppikle hybrid electric mountain bicycle, this bike is not only budget friendly but is versatile as a road bike too, it's reliable Samsung removable battery is quick charging along with it's carbon fibre suspension and disc brakes giving you full control when riding. All of these features combined make this the top bicycle on our list.

[amazon fields="B087B2ZF3F" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

In second place is the more expensive but extremely durable GTWO mountain bicycle, this bike is a no-fail buy with its large tyres and powerful 350W motor giving you the ability to ride long distances. This bike can be used on both road and mountainous adventures, we put in second place however due to it's higher price of being in the mid £1000's and the fact it's motor wattage is outside UK legal limits. Next up is the well known Ancheer upgraded bicycle, this bike is very versatile with its powerful disc brakes, Shimano gear system and strong front suspension, not to mention it's also very affordable. The only disadvantages of this bike is its lack of folding ability for storage which can prove important when transporting your bike.

[amazon fields="B0876TBKYK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]

Third on our list is the powerful but more expensive Gunai fat tyre bike, this bike is great for off-roading due to its fat tyres and powerful 1000W motor. The bike is a reliable choice for long adventures however its lower on our list due to the fact we think it is less versatile for road biking than the other bikes, this bike is also very heavy and is above UK legal motor limits for e-bikes. Lastly but not least is the Hiriyt mountain bicycle, this bike is similar to the Ancheer and has high quality parts such as its removable battery and carbon front fork, we only marked it down due to its lack of folding ability, but if your not fussed about storage and your on a budget, this is a great hybrid mountain bike to choose!

So there we have it, the best hybrid bicycle on our list for price and versatility has to be the Oppikle mountain bike. All these bikes can be found on Amazon with prices and reviews.

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So why should I choose a Hybrid Bike?

If you are looking for a bicycle that can handle all kinds of terrains, off-roading and commuting then you should choose a hybrid bicycle, if you choose a bicycle which is specifically for off-road use you may find it not practical to use for daily commuting due to it's design and tyres. In other words if your not sure on what you will be using your bike for then go for a hybrid bicycle.

The best hybrid bikes are no different from your average mountain or touring bicycle, they give you a nice upright position and a comfortable ride, the only small difference is that they have the flat bar of a mountain style bike combined with the light frame of a road bike so you get the best of both worlds.

How to pick the best bicycle?

Picking your bicycle all comes down to your preferences, when choosing a hybrid bike in particular, you want to obviously look out for how many miles your bike can cover before recharge is needed, if the battery is removable or not and how well it will handle different kinds of terrains. To figure out how versatile your bike is we have listed a couple of main things to consider when purchasing your new bicycle.


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Your bicycle will most likely have an aluminium frame which is good enough for most riders and keeps the bicycle affordable, however if you have a higher budget a carbon frame is also great due to it being so lightweight.


[amazon fields="B0828ZHBFB" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

The gears for your bike are not so important if you are just using your bicycle for simple daily use, however for mountainous riding or touring you should make sure bicycle has a good amount of gears like the Shimano deore.


[amazon fields="B0876TBKYK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]

The best hybrid bikes have disc brakes, these brakes are the best for having ultimate control due to their position on the bicycles wheel, they are also good in all kind of weather conditions.


[amazon fields="B0876TBKYK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

The tyres on your bike should be non-slip standard 700cc tyres, these will be able to handle most surfaces, however if you looking to do more off-road cycling then bigger mountain tyres can be something to look into, but are not important if you are looking for a hybrid that can do a little off-roading.

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