Best Lightweight Electric Bike For Seniors - Portable 2023

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Best Lightweight Electric Bike For Seniors - Reviews & Expert Buyer's Guide [Updated Dec 2022]


Editor's Choice
Hyuhome Electric Bikes for Adult, Magnesium Alloy Ebikes Bicycles All Terrain,26
  • ✔ Body Weight: It has a body weight of 25 kilograms
  • ✔ Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic handbar, adjustable seat and rst, Anti-slip and wear resistant tire. The bright LED adaptive headlights and horn are equipped for night riding. Meter has 5-speed smart button. We attention every detail of each component.【Upgraded speed controller】It can adjust the maximum speed limit to 15mph or other speeds, which can not only meet British regulations, but also meet the needs of off-road. Please pay attention to riding safety.
  • ✔ Smart Mountain Bike: 36V high speed motor, hign power. The gradeability can reach 30° in common road condition. 5 setting smart computer, which can display the battery status, speed, trip distance and modes.【HuiYu】store is the only legal distributor of 【Hyuhome】brand, please purchase at 【HuiYu】 store.
  • ✔ Large Capacity Removable Battery: 36V/8-13Ah SANYUAN Li battery. Removable power supply makes you charge it on or off the frame, equipped with smart lithium battery charger, fast charging only need 3-4 Hours.【HuiYu】store is the only legal distributor of 【Hyuhome】brand, please purchase at 【HuiYu】 store.
  • ✔ Working Modes: The gorgeous electric mountain bike has 3 working modes, pure electric mode, PAS mode and pure human riding mode.Adapting to need of your long-distance can enjoy a long time trip with any mode according to your needs, combining three modes would be a better choice.【HuiYu】store is the only legal distributor of 【Hyuhome】brand, please purchase at 【HuiYu】 store.
  • ✔ Excellent Accessories: E-bike wields front and rear disc brakes design and 21-35 speed shimano professional transmission system. Front suspension fork, offers smooth cushioning and shock absorption when cycling on rugged mountain road, enjoying the stimulate during your ride. When you brake, the power will automatically cut off. The LCD display can monitor the speed, battery usage and cycling trip distance.【HuiYu】store is the only legal distributor of 【Hyuhome】brand.
Runner Up
Eleglide Electric Bikes, T1 Step-Thru Electric City Bike, 27.5
  • 🚲【Body Weight】 Eleglide T1 has a body weight of 26 kilograms
  • 🚲【Powerful Motor & Large Battery】Eleglide T1 Step-Thru comprises a powerful brushless motor with 50Nm torque that provides you with constant and strong power and enables the bike to speed up to 25km/h. With a replaceable 36V 12.5Ah lithium-ion battery, it can run up to 100km(62miles) in assist mode, which is perfect for your long ride.
  • 🚲【27.5” CST Tires】The Eleglide T1 Step-Thru bike is equipped with 27.5in CST pneumatic tires that can adapt to a variety of road surfaces. With big tires, it can go smoothly and easily over bumps.
  • 🚲【7 Speed Shimano Gear】The T1 Step-Thru electric bicycle comes with a professional Shimano derailleur with 7 gears in the rear. With the help of the derailleur, you can enjoy a faster and easier ride.
  • 🚲【Hydraulic Suspension With Lockout】Eleglide T1 Step-Thru is designed with a mechanical damper with lockout, enabling you to have a more comfortable cycling experience. You can lock it on flat roads for a fast ride or unlock it on rough paths for a steady ride.
  • 🚲【3 Riding Modes & 5 Speed Levels】While riding the Eleglide T1 Step-Thru bike, you can choose electric mode, assist mode or manual mode. You can also switch among 5 levels of assist/electric mode, including 12, 16, 20, 23 and 25 km/h.
  • 🚲【Intelligent Display】Eleglide T1 Step-Thru has an intelligent LCD display that shows you various information, such as speed, distance and battery power. It allows you to activate multiple functions by simple operations on the display, making your ride smarter and easier.
Best Selling
Lectro Adventurer 26” Wheel Electric Bike Silver, Mountain Bike, eBike, Super Lightweight Electric Bike for Adults, Unisex Electric Bike 36V, 7Ah Battery, 15.5mph Commuter Bike, Disk Brakes
  • 20 Kg body weight
  • 16" Aluminum Frame
  • Single Speed Simplicity
  • 26" Wheels with 26 x 2.1 Tyres.
  • Powerful 36V Rear Hub Motor to assist up to 15.5mph.
  • 7AH sleek internal Downtube battery
  • Front mechanical disk brake

Short on time?

Our recommended lightweight electric bike for seniors is the Hyuhome 785-101-559 Electric Bikes for Adults!

The most effective and lightweight electric bicycles will provide riders with a noticeably more expedient ride, particularly when accelerating and climbing slopes. Additionally, they make lifting and transporting your electric bike much easier.

The addition of a motor and battery will always result in an increase in the weight of the bike in comparison to a non-assisted bike; however, bike manufacturers have looked for ways to lower that penalty.

E-bikes with lightweight carbon fibre frames and high-performance components are often the same as those with non-assisted motors.

This is especially the case with road e-bikes that have drop handlebars, but it also holds for some hybrid e-bikes with flat bars, even though many hybrid e-bikes emphasise price and durability over weight.

The requirement for a strong folding mechanism typically reduces the opportunity to reduce the frame's weight, which in turn makes folding e-bikes more expensive. As a result, there are fewer options for lightweight folding electric bikes.

Our List Of The Best Lightweight Ebike (Dec 2022 Updated)

1. Hyuhome 785-101-559 Electric Bikes for Adults - Editor's Choice

If you're looking for something fast and fun with a lightweight body, Hyuhome 785-01-559 might be exactly what you're after.

This eBike has a powerful 36V 8-13 Ah removable battery, making it ideal for longer rides. Its large capacity allows you to go further and faster, and the included Shimano shifter and hydraulic disc brakes ensure you can stop quickly and easily.

Its comfortable handlebars and upright seating position give you a great view of the scenery ahead. The LCD screen displays important information such as speed, battery life and trip distance.

Whether commuting to work or participating in a local race, Hyuhome 784-01-559 is the perfect companion for exploring the countryside.


  • Three cycling modes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Value to money


  • Slow charging

2. EleglideT1 Step-Thru Electric City Bike - Runner Up

If you're looking for a classic design, you should check out the EleglideT1Step-Thru electric city bike. Thanks to its lightweight frame and exceptional quality components, it looks great and feels good to ride.
This bike is built to last, ready to tackle any terrain. Its sturdy steel frame and tough aluminium alloy fork provide excellent stability and durability. Plus, the hydraulic disc brakes give you superior stopping power.

The EleglideT2 Step-Thru electric mountain bike is another option worth considering. Its compact design offers similar performance and reliability, plus some additional options and features.

For example, the handlebar grips are ergonomically shaped to fit your hand perfectly, and the seat post clamp is adjustable to accommodate riders of different heights.

Both bikes feature a low centre of gravity, allowing you to pedal efficiently and comfortably. They weigh less than 40 lbs, making them ideal for commuting and errands.

They're also easy to maintain since they don't require regular lubrication. Wipe off the dirt and debris after every ride, and you'll be able to ride for years.


  • Durable motor
  • Impressive LCD


  • Make an unpleasant sound when you brake suddenly

3. Lectro Adventurer 26" Wheel Electric Bike - Best Selling

If you’re looking for something super light weight electric bike that offers plenty of power, Lectro Adventurer might be the ebike for you.

With a 20 kg body weigh, this bike is designed to offer a comfortable ride, thanks to its 16 aluminium frame and single-speed simplicity. Its powerful 36v rear hub motor allows you up to 15.5 mph, which should be fast for most people.

Its front mechanical disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, and its sleek downtube battery provides ample storage space for your electronics.

This makes a bike ideal for commuting, errands, and even light recreational riding. So whether you’re looking to explore the city or cruise along the neighbourhood streets, Lectro Adventurer is ready to roll.


  • Easy to ride
  • Impressive hydraulic braking


  • The range could be better

How We Choose Our Top Picks?

To help narrow down the options to the list you saw above, and we concentrated on characteristics and developments that would make it simple for older citizens to hit the road and begin their travels.

To achieve this goal, we favour electric bicycles that are lighter than the norm, are frequently equipped with walk-assist functions, and come with many built-in safety features.

Motors were of the utmost significance, and we favoured electric versions capable of reaching respectable maximum speeds; nonetheless, this was not the only measure we were concerned with.

Because the bicycles described above are designed to be used by older adults, we placed a greater emphasis on the motors' durability, the bikes' capability to accelerate, and real-world applications such as climbing hills.

As with other aspects of e-biking, we wanted our battery packs to last a long period of use, to be able to reach their full capacity in less than four hours and to allow us to travel up to 20 or 30 kilometres on one charge.

We gave bonus points for detachable batteries because it is simple to max charge them overnight, and there is no risk that they would be stolen. Additional safety elements, including high-quality hydraulic disc brakes and sturdy frames, were also a factor in the design process.

Moreover, we have also written an expert buyer's guide on the best electric cargo bike you can buy for 2023.

Things To Consider When Buying A Lightweight Ebike

1. Why are you interested in purchasing a light electric bike?

Are you looking to get a lightweight bike because you constantly have to carry the one you already own up and down stairs? Or would you rather have a somewhat simpler bike when the motor is turned off but still capable of helping you accomplish the things you want to accomplish when riding it?

If you know the answers to those questions, you will be in a much better upright riding position to decide on the kind of electric bicycle you want to purchase. Remember that not all electric bicycles are created equal regarding their ability to cover ground or control traction. In addition, some categories might not have as many genuine lightweight models.

2. What e-bike style do you prefer?

If you're in the market for a lightweight electric bicycle, you should search for one weighing roughly 35 pounds or less. Your options will be restricted to folding bikes, commuter bikes, and racing cycles due to this, historically speaking. These bicycles offer a wide variety of choices, normally in the range of 30 to 50 pounds, and the changes necessary to bring their weight down to 35 pounds or less will be simpler to accomplish.

If, on the other hand, you have your sights set on a mountain bike, cruiser, or fat tire bike, you probably won't be looking for a true lightweight bike. Instead, you will focus most of your attention on locating the least heavy alternative available within that product category. The typical weight of one of these bicycles is between 50 and 70 pounds, with "lighter" versions weighing in the range of 40 to 50 pounds.

3. What type of battery life are you aiming for with this product?

Since longer-range batteries are heavier, real lightweight electric motorcycles typically do not come equipped with these types of batteries. On the other hand, it is possible to locate some lightweight electric bicycles that have batteries that have been changed and that offer an extended range system. Although the actual battery has a limited capacity, it is compatible with additional batteries that may be attached to it to increase the amount of time that can pass between charges.

4. How would you describe your riding style?

Your preferred cycling method will help determine the type of bike most suitable for you. If you frequently switch between level terrain and off-road situations, you may be better served with a heavier-duty option such as a fat tire or mountain bike. This is because heavier-duty options can better withstand varying circumstances. On the other hand, racing, commuter, and folding bikes might be more suitable for riding around town or commuting.

5. What is your spending limit?

When selecting a lightweight electric bike, affordability is the most crucial factor. These bicycles are not inexpensive; in fact, many of them cost up to $8,000 each. Even though every electric bike could be considered an investment, this statement is not much more accurate when applied to lightweight electric bicycles.

6. Are you interested in modifying a standard bicycle?

An alternative is available if investing significant money in a lightweight electric bicycle causes discomfort. You can utilise a conversion kit to adjust to a standard bike that you already own, one that is propelled by pedalling. This could be a good option if you currently have a beautiful, lightweight bike but are ready to switch to a motor-powered solution. The majority of conversion kits are intended to be simple enough for do-it-yourself installation, and the process typically takes no more than an hour or two.

Moreover, you should also read our expert buying guide for buying the best pedal-assist e-bikes for 2023.

Benefits Of Lightweight Ebike

1. Easy to ride

One of the primary benefits of lightweight e-bikes is that they are easy to ride. Unlike heavier bikes, lightweight e-bikes are much easier to pedal and require less effort. This makes them ideal for people who are new to biking or who don’t have a lot of experience riding.

2. More portable

Lightweight bikes are also more portable than heavier bikes. This means they can be easily transported on public transportation or in a car. Additionally, lightweight bikes can be stored in small spaces, making them ideal for people who live in apartments or small homes.

3. Less expensive

Lightweight bikes are typically less expensive than heavier bikes. This is because they use less material and require less labour to manufacture. Additionally, lightweight bikes often use simpler components than heavier bikes, which helps keep costs down.

4. Better for the environment

Lightweight bikes are also better for the environment than heavier bikes. This is because they require less energy and resources to produce. Additionally, lightweight bikes often have lower emissions than heavier bikes, making them more environmentally friendly overall.

5. Healthier for you

Finally, lightweight e-bikes are also healthier for you than heavier bikes. This is because riding a bike is a great form of exercise, and the lighter the bike, the easier it is to pedal and get a good workout. Additionally, lightweight bikes put less strain on your joints and muscles, making them ideal for people with health conditions that prevent them from riding heavier bikes.

It will greatly help you if you read our buying guide for the best 5000 watts electric bike

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1. What would you consider a healthy weight for an electric bike?

The standard weight range for traditional electric bikes ranges from 40 to 70 pounds, depending on the type. When searching for a lightweight electric bicycle, the general rule is to go for a model weighing 35 pounds or less.

2. Are electric bikes too cumbersome to ride?

Electric bicycles, by their very nature, are bulkier and more cumbersome than their pedal-powered ancestors. This is primarily because they are equipped with weighty components such as battery packs, motors, and even oversized tires that improve traction. However, remember that this might be a relative concept when debating what is or is not weighty.

One person's idea of being too heavy can be another person's idea of just the right amount of pressure. Also, remember that any additional weight you carry can be counterbalanced by the fact that you now have access to a powerful motor that can propel you forward and relieve some of the strain that would otherwise be placed on your legs.

3. Are electric bikes more expensive to maintain than traditional cycles?

In most cases, taking care of an electric bike shouldn't be any more difficult than taking care of a traditional bicycle. Third-party manufacturers often design aftermarket components such as battery packs and motors. These manufacturers make the components interchangeable so they can be used with as many bike brands and models as possible.

4. How long does the battery in an electric bike typically last?

In most cases, you will discover that you need to replace either the bicycle's motor or its battery pack before replacing it. Assuming they are used frequently, batteries and motors typically have a lifespan ranging from three to five years. If you take good care of it, the bike's frame can last for an infinite amount of time. You might find that you're ready for a new bike long before your current one has finished its job with you. This is a common occurrence.

5. What should be the ideal weight for an e-bike?

This question cannot be answered straightforwardly. It is necessary to consider aspects such as the terrain, the rider's weight and height, and the purpose for which the bike will be used. On the other hand, a good rule of thumb is that an electric bike shouldn't weigh more than 30 pounds. This will ensure the bike is easy to ride and manoeuvre, especially over rough terrain.

A bike that weighs less is easier to ride and simpler to pack and put away. For instance, the Wayfarer Electric Bike has a starting light weight of 25 kilograms and provides the ability to remove the battery, which makes it even more portable. In addition to the Netuno E-Mountain Bike, we also offer the Polluno Electric City Bike and the Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike, all of which feature an extremely lighter weight design.

6. Why does weight matter for an e-bike?

Weight does play a role in electric bikes! Heavy bicycles are more difficult to pedal. Therefore, more effort is required to get them moving in any direction. Because of this, lighter bicycles almost always have greater efficiency because they require less energy to move.

Therefore, if you want an electric bike that isn't going to weigh you down and is easy to ride, you should opt for a lighter model. You'll be glad you did it when you're out on the open bumpy road in your brand-new bike.

We have also written an expert buyer's guide for an e-bike front wheel conversion kit, and it will help you a lot if you read it.

7. How long will an e-bike last?

Your typical mileage will vary depending on several circumstances, just like any electric bike. To begin, the bicycle's frame can remain in good condition indefinitely so long as the bike is properly maintained. To protect your investment, it is important to perform routine maintenance and refrain from abusing the system in which it is housed.

An electric bike's motor and battery, its two most important components, typically have a lifespan that ranges from three to five years. This calculation is based on the assumption that a person rides their bike frequently. In a manner analogous to the frame, you should be able to satisfy these benchmarks, provided that you do not abuse these critical sections.

8. Should I still train for my cycling trip even though I will have an ebike?

Yes. If you want a more enjoyable experience on a multi-day ebike journey, we still recommend practising your riding skills on an impressive range of terrains and road riding your bike regularly. This will make your trip more fun overall. Whether that's the case, why don't you ask your pals if you may join them on their planned bicycle tour across Prince Edward Island?

You will still be able to put in the work necessary to complete your journey while riding an electric bicycle that you rented for your active vacation; you will only get a little "boost" when you need it.

There are a lot of cycling tours that include ebike alternatives that you can choose from if you are interested in the possibility of riding through breathtaking settings that you might not normally see if you did not have this opportunity.

Moreover, it would help if you also read our article about the best mountain bike conversion kit you can buy in 2023.

The Final Verdict

After reading our expert buyer's guide before buying a lightweight e-bike, we hope you will know all the important aspects of an e-bike to consider before buying one.

Additionally, to save time, we have researched and tested over 30 lightweight e-bikes and shortlisted the above 3. Each bike is centric on different consumer tastes, and all 3 cover each sector. So, you can also trust these e-bikes, and you will not regret them.

Moreover, it would help if you also read our previous article about the best e-bike under £1500.

The Best Lightweight Electric Bike

The best lightweight electric bike is the Hyuhome 785-101-559 Electric Bikes for Adults, and there are several reasons for it.

First, it has three modes of speeding. You can cycle fast on it. Second, it is simple to assemble; you can make it all set to ride on the first go. And lastly, its money value.

Our #1 Lightweight Electric Bike

Our number one lightweight electric bike is the Hyuhome 785-101-559 Electric Bikes for Adults because of its numerous techy features and easy assembly.

As a runner, we recommend the EleglideT1 Step-Thru Electric City Bike because of its durability and impressive LCD screen.

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