What Is the Law for Motorised / Electric Bikes in the UK?

AEROBIKE Men’s Hybrid eBike Review

The Law For Ebikes In UK Electric bikes, or e-bikes, come with built-in motors allowing them to reach far greater speeds than your average push bike. By providing pedal-assisted power through the built-in motor, many e-bikes are capable of reaching great speeds. However, due to government rules, the power of electric bikes is often regulated […]

What Are the Best Types of E-Bikes for Commuting & Why?

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

What Electric Bikes Are The Best For Commuting? With growing trends for fitness and environmentalism, many people are ditching their petrol fuelled cars and motorbikes in favour of a greener alternative: e-bikes. However, there are many other advantages to riding an e-bike which may not seem immediately obvious. By riding an e-bike instead of driving […]