If you do not know how to unlock the battery of the electric bike, then follow these steps:

1. Open the lock.

2. Remove the cover from the top of the battery.

3. Take out the two screws that hold it in place and pull off the cover.

4. Unscrew the four bolts on each side of the battery.

5. Pull the battery away from the frame.

6. Disconnect all cables and wires connected with the battery.

7. Put everything back together as before.

8. Close the lock again.

9. Turn the ignition switch to ON position.

What is a electric bike key?

Ebikes key are used for locking or unlocking your ebike. They can be found at most stores where they sell ebikes.

The keys have different shapes depending on which brand you buy. You will find them under the handlebar grip.

A electric bike without key wont start!

You need an electronic key to open the locks of your electric bicycle. If you don't have one, you won't be able to use your electric bike.

The only way to get rid of this problem is by buying a new key.

Is it possible to start an electric bike without a key?

Today's electric power bike have bike theft applications which can be used for stealing bikes easily. So if your electric bicycle is stolen or lost, there are some ways to prevent this problem.

Here we will discuss about three methods to solve this issue.

First method: You should install anti-theft system into your electric bike. There are many kinds of anti-theft systems available today such as remote control, alarm, GPS tracking etc.

Second: Electric bike don't function without a key If someone steal your electric bike, they cannot ride it because no one knows where the key is located. This way is very effective against thieves.

Third: The most important thing is to make sure that your electric bike has been locked properly when leaving home. Make sure that the chain is tight enough so that nobody could take it by force.

Also, put the keys inside the house instead of outside. It would be better if you leave them under the mat at the door step.

How to remove and replace a liv e-bike battery?

Electric power bike have battery connection that is a detachable battery. You can easily remove and replace this liv e-bike battery by yourself.

Here I am going to show you how to remove and replace a live e-bike battery.

Step 1: First open the lock.

Step 2: Then disconnect the cable from the charger.

Step 3: Now unplug the connector from the bottom of the battery.

Step 4: Finally, unscrew the bolt holding the battery onto the frame.

Now you can change the batteries whenever needed.

Tips for replacing the energy Pak battery

Wiring after battery replacement

After changing the battery, check whether the wiring is correct. Check the following points carefully.

If you have some extra battery cables, connect them before connecting the wires.

Tips to keep electric bike safe and secure

E - bike theft applications are very effective and easy to use. This can save your bike from theft and loss.

Here are some tips to help you protect your electric bike.

There are bike parking in London that provide security services. These places usually offer 24/7 service. They also have CCTV cameras installed on their premises.

Doing a bike ride is also fun but registering your bike with local police station is necessary. Registering your bike helps you find out who owns the bike.

Also, register your bike online using the website provided by the government.

Anti-theft device like alarms, remote controls, GPS trackers etc. can be useful tools to avoid thefts. Install these devices before riding your bike.

High quality locks are more expensive than low quality ones. Using cheap bike locks cant save you from being stolen.

Use good quality locks which will prevent any unauthorized person from stealing your bike.

 Having record serial number can save you from bike thief. Keep the original registration papers or invoice together with the bike's documentation.

Spare parts are essential items to fix any problem that may occur during biking. Always carry extra spares along with you.

Cash attracts attention and makes people suspicious. Avoid carrying large amounts of money while cycling. Carry only small amount of cash.

Always remember to wear safety helmets while riding an E-Bike.

Proper bike maintenance tips

Doing proper maintenance in your bike can give you a bike in comfort zone. Here are few things that should always be done when maintaining your bike.

Charging batteries gives life to your bike. Charge your battery everyday. If possible charge it overnight so that it gets fully charged.

Tune ups make your bike run better. Get it checked for free at authorized repair shops.

These were some basic information about how to maintain Electric Bike. Hope this article helped you understand all basics related to Electric Bikes.

There are two kinds of batteries used in electric bicycles. One is lithium ion type and the other is lead acid type.

The lithium ion type one has an advantage in that it can last longer than the lead acid type one. However, it also has a disadvantage because it's much heavier and takes up more space than the lead acid type.

When you use your electric bicycle, the battery will drain gradually until it completely runs out of power. In this case, you should recharge your battery before it runs out of power.

If you do not charge your battery enough, the battery can get damaged. Below are the steps on how to reset your ebike battery after charge.

Step 1: Turn off your ebike and remove the battery cover.

Step 2: Remove the negative terminal first. Then pull out the positive terminal from its socket.

Step 3: Put back both terminals into their sockets again.

Step 4: Close the battery cover.

Factors that cause e-bike batteries to fail

Electric bike batteries are very sensitive. If they're charged too high or discharged too low, there may be some damage done to them.

You need to know what kind of problem occurs so as to fix it properly.

Here are some common issues with electric bikes' batteries.

This usually happens when the charger malfunctions due to bad contact between wires or poor connection at the plug end. The result would be overcharging which could cause overheating and even fire hazard.

The lithium batteries on ebikes can be easily damaged by improper charging methods.

This includes using a non-approved charger, leaving the charger plugged in while unattended for long periods of time, or discharging the battery below 10% capacity. These actions can shorten the life span of the battery significantly.

A hot battery can become dangerous if left alone without cooling down. It might explode causing serious injury.

You must take immediate action to cool the battery down immediately.

The voltage capacity e-bike's battery box can hold depends on the size of the battery itself. A smaller battery requires less current flow through it compared to larger ones.

This means that a small battery needs to have higher discharge rate to maintain proper performance.

However, most people don't realize that once the battery reaches certain level of discharge, it cannot recover any further.

So, if you keep riding your ebike beyond the point where the battery gets fully drained, then the remaining energy stored inside the battery becomes useless.

One of the common e-bike battery problems is having loose connections at either ends of the battery cables. This causes short circuits within the battery system.

In order to prevent such issue, make sure all connectors are tight and secure. Also, check whether the cable length is sufficient.

Batteries Not Charged Properly

It is important to understand that every battery has different requirements regarding charging speed and amount of electricity needed to charge it.

The battery pack of ebikes and its adaptor sometimes do fail from harsh conditions and due to temperature fluctuations.

If this happens, the battery will not work anymore until repaired. You should always carry an extra set of spare parts just in case something goes wrong.

Sometimes when you used your ebike on a longer duration, the battery won’t get enough rest before being recharged again.

To avoid this situation, try to use shorter rides whenever possible.

Some users tend to neglect their maintenance schedule. They forget about checking the condition of their batteries regularly.

They also ignore replacing worn out components like tires and brakes.

These things can lead to premature failure of the entire system. So, regular inspection and replacement of these items is highly recommended.

This eBike battery issues are very common among newbie riders who ride their bikes too much.

When they overuse their bike, they often leave them parked outside during rainy days. The rain water seeps into the battery which leads to corrosion and damage.

Also, some people park their bikes under direct sunlight. In both cases, the battery loses power quickly because there isn’t enough moisture content in the air.

What type of batteries are used on electric bikes?

There are many common electric bike batteries available today. Some of them include:

A LiPo battery consists of two main cells connected together with a series of wires. These cells contain chemicals called electrolytes.

When charged, these electrolytes move between the positive and negative electrodes. Acid battery packs usually consist of 6 or 12 cells.

A Lithium ion cell contains lithium metal sandwiched by layers of carbon fiber and polypropylene.

The lithium-ion bike battery have charge capacity and internal resistance capacity that makes them ideal for long distance cycling.

A NiCad battery uses nickel as one electrode material while cadmium serves as another. It is commonly found in small portable devices including cameras, MP3 players, etc.

Its maximum capacity is around 2000 mAh.

This lithium-ion battery type have individual cells and maximum lifespan up to 1000 cycles. This means that if you cycle your battery once per day, then it would last at least 10 years!

This type of battery has the power capacity of 4000mAh. Its size is similar to a AAA battery but weighs less than half of it.

How to check whether my E Bike battery needs repair?

You need to know how to test your Ebike battery first. If you don’t know what kind of battery you have, here are few tips to help you identify yours:

Check the color of the battery casing

Most of the time, the battery casing is black or dark gray. You can use some multi-meter tool or specialized tools to measure its voltage level.

If the battery casing looks different from the ones mentioned above, then you should contact an expert technician immediately.

Look for signs of wear & tear

Do not hesitate to look closely at any part of your battery. Look for cracks, dents, scratches, bulges, and other damages.

It will be easier to spot such problems if you take off the cover plate. Also, make sure that all connections are tight and secure.

The manufacturer book manual can help you understand more about this issue.

Battery replacement cost

Depending on the brand and model of your ebikes, the price may vary greatly. However, most manufacturers offer free shipping service so you won’t have to worry about paying extra fees when buying online.

In addition, you also get a warranty period after purchase. So, you shouldn’t feel worried about spending money on replacing your battery.

Manufacturer for warranty coverage

Some companies provide their customers with extended warranties. For example, Trek offers lifetime warranty for its products.

In case something goes wrong with your product, they will replace it without charging you anything.

However, there are still others who do not extend their warranty periods. Therefore, you must read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing.

Does extreme temperatures can damage your e-bikes batteries?

The environmental temperatures can be very harsh especially during winter season. In fact, many people experience freezing weathers which could cause serious issues to your electric bikes.

Therefore, it is important to keep your battery safe even under these circumstances. Here are some ways to protect your battery against cold temperature:

When storing your battery outside, always wrap it tightly using plastic bags. Make sure that no air gets into the bag because oxygen can affect the performance of your battery.

A good quality thermal mat can prevent your battery from getting damaged by extreme heat. It helps in keeping your battery cool while riding outdoors.

Moisture can easily penetrate through the seams of your bike. To avoid this problem, seal your battery well using tape or glue.

Also, never leave your battery exposed to direct sunlight as too much light exposure can lead to corrosion.

E-bike battery indicator lights

The battery connection of you ebikes to its indicator light system. If you notice that one of them has gone out, then check whether the battery is dead or just needs recharging.

You can find the battery indicators near the handlebars. They usually indicate how much power left in your battery.

How long does it last?

Your battery life depends on several factors including the type of motor used, the number of hours ridden per day, and the amount of charge cycles.

The battery longevity varies depending on the usage pattern. The best way to determine how long your battery lasts is to use an app like Battery Life Meter Pro.

This tool allows you to track your daily rides and see how far you go each time.

If you ride less than 10 miles every single day, then you should expect around 500 full charges over a year.

Our Ultimate Guide To E-Bike Controllers

The e-bike controller is one of the most important parts of an electric bike, responsible for all the components of the bike working together, you could call it the brain or heart of your electric bike. 

An electric bike controller takes all the essential info from the motor, PAS, battery, and throttle and relays its signal to the other electric parts of the bike. This controller is connected to the LCD on a bike too so it can show the collected information.

We've put together a short guide below which will cover how these controllers work, where they should be, the types and how to connect them. 

How Does An Electric Bike Controller Work?

Before we can discuss the different kinds of controllers and how to connect them, let's get familiar with how this electronic heart of the e-bike works. 

An e-bike controller is typically located in a controller box, most types of controllers take the battery current energy and direct it to the motor, changing the throttle on a bike allows you to change and manipulate this power in levels of assistance. 

Where Should The Electric Bike Controller Be? 

Typically you will find that most advanced controllers on e-bikes are located next to the battery, but some can be in a battery bag or a controller box, you can also just mount them directly to the frames.

They should be located near to the battery power however for the wires to be able to reach.

What Types Of Electric Bike Controllers Are There? 

If you're new to learning about e-bike controllers, you might not realise that there are different types such as brushless and brushed controllers. 

We've listed the three main type of controllers below. 

Brushed DC Motor Controllers 

These type of controllers are most common, they are great to use for DIY e-bike kits and are even found on scooters thanks to their simple design. They have magnets to go with the connector and keys can control the controller current with ease.

Brushless DC Motor Controllers 

Brushless controllers are for use with higher efficiency brushless motors, the controller is also very simple and comes with three phases which can be controlled by keys too. 

BLDC Controller Hall Sensor

These type of controllers are electronically driven by the motor in an electric bike and have no brushes to move their rotor, the rotor is instead moved and controlled by the hall sensor. This is connected to the stator which is still part of the motor and determines speed.

What To Consider When Choosing An E-Bike Controller

Choosing an e-bike controller can be confusing if your converting your standard bike into an electric one, we've listed a few essentials to check and look out for below. 

Frequently Asked Questions About E-bike Controllers 

How long will a cheap controller last? 

An average controller lasts around 5 years on an electric bike, a cheap controller might last you about three before it starts to get issues such as overheating.

Is there a way to test a controller current?

You can use a multimeter to test the controller by seeing if there is a resistance of MOSFETs, set the meter to continuum mode then the probes to the negative line of the battery and test each line, a peep would mean it is short. 

To use an e-bike tester for this job you would need to remove the controller, take off the throttle then turn the tester on as well as the throttle and see if the tester lights blink to show its functioning.

Can I rest my e-bike controller modifications?

Yes, to rest your electric bike controller you can typically find an option in the settings with a Y, you could alternatively disconnect the controller by the wires and rewire it back in.

How much does a quality controller cost?

E-bike controllers are not costly and typically cost around the $50 mark or below depending on the brand.

What does an e-bike LCD show?

The LCD connected to a controller shows the level of pedal assistance, battery level, and distance, some controller display models also have additional features such as a GPS and mobile connection.

Can you change the controller on an electric bike?

Most electric bikes can be upgraded to different controllers without any issues as long as it still matches your motor power, this could be to draw more power from the battery, for example, you would need to disconnect all the wires from the previous controller to install the new ones so professional help might be needed.

Last Words

To conclude, an e-bike controller is the brain of an electric bike, translating and relaying signals to all electrical components, it's responsible for moving power to the motor too and controlling assistance modes. 

Always ensure you are choosing a matching controller for your motor if doing an e-bike conversion to prevent problems such as overheating, make sure the controller has the right driving type too and a hall sensor if your motor has one.

Why Do Electric Bikes Cost So Much & Will They Get Cheaper? - Our Guide!

If you are a lover of e-bikes and you're looking to buy your dream model, you're likely to be put off by their high price, with some costing over £3000, leaving you wondering will the price ever go down? 

Unfortunately, for now, e-bike prices are unlikely to go down due to their growing e-bike technology, e-bike motors and extra weight. Till e-bike technology reaches its peak e-bike prices will not likely come down till the future.

Down below in our guide, we will discuss why electric bikes are so expensive, reasons why e-bike technology is not getting cheaper, factors affecting why e-bike prices are high and other hidden costs to consider when buying these premium bikes.

Why Are Electric Bikes So Expensive? 

Before we get into the specific reasons as to why your perfect bike is so expensive, let's discuss the general cause of why the electric bike category is so high priced. 

E-bike prices are typically still high because they are new kinds of bikes, with e-bike technology that is still undergoing product testing and upgrading all the time. It wasn't till around the 2000s we started seeing commuter e-bikes on the market. 

Till there is a large increase in popularity and customer demands, cheaper e-bike components cannot be made with new high-end e-bikes going up in price due to new tech and components being made. 

Affordable e-bikes are made with basic technology and components which are reflected in their price.

Top Reasons Why Electric Bikes Will Not Get Cheaper 

Electric bikes can be found under £500, but these cheaper Chinese models are not made with quality parts, unfortunately, the electric bike industry can't produce cheaper high-quality models for the following reasons. 

Factors Affecting An Electric Bikes Cost

The difference between a high bike cost and a low bike cost is influenced more specifically by the motor, battery, quality of parts, size and weight.

We've gone into further detail below.

Other Costs To Consider When Buying An Electric Bike

Not only do you have to consider the cost of the electric bike itself but also extra hidden costs like charging which occur once you have the bike. 

We've listed a few to note below.


Although not a high price, the cost of charging your electric bike should still be considered when purchasing a bike. This should only cost a few pence per hour, however.


You should further consider the maintenance of parts in an electric bike just like an ordinary bike, you will likely need to replace the brakes and tyres at some point to keep it a higher-performance e-bike.

Replacing the battery

Typically, most e-bike batteries cost between £500-£1500, they will last on average about 500 charging cycles before they need to be replaced however some can last up to 1000 cycles. You can also increase the lifespan by taking care of them better.

Are Electric Bikes Worth The High Price? 

As we mentioned above, electric bikes can cost anything between £500-£3000, so are they worth their high price? Well, this depends on the benefits you will get from the investment.

What Are Some Affordable Types Of Electric Bikes?

If you find that electric bikes are too expensive but you can't give up that dream of owning one, there are some affordable types out there that have a good quality despite their low price. 

We've listed a few names to help you out below. 


Ancheer is very well-known for creating low priced electric bikes, from their mountain bikes to commuting bikes, most of their bikes are retailed for under £1000. One of their most reliable and affordable bikes is known as the ANCHEER electric mountain biking, costing around the £600 mark.

Carrera Subway 

Carrera Subway is Halfords own brand of electric bikes, for around the £1000 mark you get a hybrid bike with high-quality specs such as hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano gearing systems.


Decathlon has some excellent affordable electric hybrid bikes for everyday use, a notable one is its B'Twin riverside series sold for around the £999 mark, boasting three assisted levels and a 400Wh battery.


RadPower makes fair quality electric bikes, their new RadMission electric bike in particular has a 500Wh battery for long-range riding and a mid-power 500W battery making it perfect for longer commutes without breaking the bank, it goes for around $1000 mark.


Aventon makes affordable electric bikes but doesn't compromise when it comes to their designs and quality, there Aventon Soltera in particular has a 350W motor above the standard 250W and can travel up to 63 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bikes And Their Prices

What's the highest-priced electric bike? 

One of the most expensive electric bikes in the world is called the BlackTrail BT-01 and goes for $80,000.

What electric bike can I get for under £500?

Some affordable bikes under the £500 mark are ANCHEER, SWAGTRON and TOEU.

How do I choose a cheaper electric bike? 

To choose a cheaper electric bike, it's best to go for a hybrid bike or commuter, avoid mid-drive motors since they are more expensive and opt for an aluminium frame with disc brakes rather than hydraulic, the more gadgets you bikes has the higher in price it will be.

Why are mid-drive e-bikes more expensive than rear-drive?

Mid-drive motors are less specialised and are not produced in a mass why like rear hub motors, they are also more premium for riding since they are located at the pedals giving a natural feel to the bike when using the assistance.

What's the lowest-priced electric bike I can get?

Most electric bikes do not go under the $350 mark, if under then you would likely be compromising on quality and power. The average affordable high-quality e-bike will be over or around the $500 mark for a decent battery range and motor power.

How much do e-bike batteries cost? 

Electric bike lithium-ion batteries cost around £300-£500, this can be higher if the battery is of a higher capacity.

What are the most expensive parts of an electric bike? 

Without a doubt, the most expensive parts of an e-bike are the battery and the motor, this is then followed by the sensor, brakes and gearing as well as the frame depending on its materials. 

Also account for accessories such as an LCD and tyres.

Conclusion - Will An E Bike Get Cheaper?

To conclude our guide, electric bikes could get cheaper in the long-distance future, but for now, they will remain expensive due to developing technology and upgrades, pushing the price up even further. 

We would suggest avoiding cheap e-bikes due to bad quality parts and power, instead save and invest in the higher end models which will last you long term.

Yes, they are safe! E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular for both recreational and commercial use. There are currently over 100 million e-bikes worldwide, with sales expected to reach 8 billion dollars by 2020.

However, there are some safety precautions that should be taken when riding e-bikes.

Electric bicycles must need to be proper care and replace when necessary. The electric bicycle can not only save energy but also reduce pollution.

It will bring great convenience in our daily life. So it's very important to choose an electric bike which has good quality and reasonable price.

How e-bikes are different from regular bikes?

E-bike technology today are very advanced. It’s like having two or three cars on one wheel.

You don't have to pedal as much because of motor assist. This makes biking more convenient than ever before.

The big difference of ebike from traditional bikes is its power source: electricity instead of human muscle power.

Electric bikes come in many types such as scooter type, moped style, cruiser style, mountain bike style, etc. They all share similar features including high efficiency, low noise, light weight, easy maintenance, long service time, etc.

But their differences lie in how fast they go, what kind of terrain they can handle best, whether they require pedaling or not, etc.

The ebike users increases the number every year. In fact, according to statistics, about 1% people who live in cities now own ebike.

And this percentage keeps increasing each day.

So if you want to buy an ebike, please make sure that you know exactly what you're getting into.

Here's more :

1. Traveling at higher speeds

The speed of this electric bikes are faster than normal ones. And most of them travel up to 20 km/h. Some even exceed 30km/h.

2. Longer range

Most of these electric bikes have longer ranges compared to other vehicles. For example, the average distance between charges for a fully charged ebike is around 60 miles. That means you could easily cover 200 kilometers without recharging.

3. More comfortable rides

The most effective electric bike function is called "motor assisted".

With this feature, riders no longer need to exert themselves physically to move forward. Instead, they just need to push down the pedals once or twice per minute to get moving.

4. Easy to maintain

Unlike ordinary bikes, electric bikes do not require oil changes or tire rotations. All you need to do is charge them regularly.

5. More agility in maneuvers

The basic safety measures of the electric bikes is to assist your body movement by providing extra torque through the motor. Therefore, you won't feel tired after doing lots of turns.

6. Easier on physical fitness

Electric bikes and regular bikes can offer quite different experiences. But there are some similarities too. Both of them provide exercise benefits.

However, with electric bikes, you'll experience less fatigue during workouts since you don't have to use muscles to propel yourself forward.

7. Less expensive

Compared to conventional bikes, electric bikes cost significantly lower. Most models start from $500 - $1000.

8. No traffic jams

Since electric bikes are powered by batteries, they don't produce any exhaust fumes.

9. Efficient energy consumption

In order to reduce carbon emissions, it's important to choose eco-friendly products. So choosing an efficient battery will help save our environment.

10. Better health

According to studies, cycling has been proven to improve cardiovascular system functions. Riding an electric bike helps keep fit while reducing stress levels.

Improving safety on electric bikes

The basic safety rules for e-bike riders should be followed when riding. These include wearing helmets, using lights, keeping proper distances from others, obeying traffic signs, etc.

In UK, There are electric bicycle safety practices that must be observed:

Electric bicycle safety tips

To enhanced the safety of riders, here are some useful tips:

What are the dangers of electric bikes?

Electric bicycles are great for commuting, especially when you live close to work, and want to avoid traffic jams.

However, they are dangerous because the motor is very powerful, and it can easily go beyond the speed limit set by law. The best solution is to wear a helmet while riding your electric bike.

This modern e-bike batteries don't have any toxic chemicals inside them. However, there's no way to completely eliminate the possibility of an accident happening.

So, we recommend using a high quality locking system to keep your electric bike from being stolen.

The danger for pedestrians is that sometimes ebikes may be driven too fast. Pedestrians should never assume that someone will slow down just because he sees them.

In fact, many people think that electric bikes are more convenient than regular ones. But this isn't true.

Electric bikes require much more skill and experience to control their power output. Some E-bike battery catching fire due to overheating.

In UK, bicycle traffic accidents are common. According to statistics, most of these accidents happen at night. So, it is better to ride during daylight hours.

How do I choose the correct size of my electric bike battery?

There are two types of electric bikes: pedal assist and throttle controlled. Both types come with different sizes of batteries.

Pedal assisted electric bikes usually have smaller capacity batteries compared to those used in throttle controlled models.

The common ways bikes store energy include lead acid, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion.

If you plan on storing your bike indoors, then make sure that you buy a 12V battery pack. If you intend to park your bike outdoors, then consider buying a 24V model.

You can find out which type of battery fits your needs by checking its voltage rating. For example, a 12V battery has a maximum voltage of 14 volts.

How do I charge my electric bicycle?

You can find charging stations all over the world. If you own an electric bike, then you probably already know that most of these places offer free charging services.

But some cities even provide special parking spots for electric bikes. These areas usually include a charger station as well.

Most of the time, you'll see signs indicating which type of plug fits your electric bike. The capacity ebike battery depends on how long you expect to travel before recharging.

For instance, if you need to recharge after one hour, then you'd need a 6Ah or 8 Ah battery. On the other hand, if you plan on traveling for several days, then you might need a larger battery like 16 Ah or 18 Ah.

Some manufacturers also sell separate chargers for each specific battery size. This makes things easier since you won't have to worry about finding the right adapter.

The power levels will also determine the amount of electricity needed to fully charge your battery. You can check the specifications online.

What kind of accessories does an electric bike carry?

An electric bike comes with various accessories such as lights, fenders, racks, etc. Most of these items are optional but they're still useful when riding around town.

When choosing what accessories to purchase, remember that not every accessory works with every brand of electric bike.

Also note that some brands only allow certain accessories to work together. Battery packs for ebikes and helmets for example don't mix.

So be careful when purchasing additional parts because you may end up wasting money.

Do I really need insurance for my electric bike?

Yes! In case something happens while using your electric bike, you should always get proper coverage.

This includes insuring against theft, damage from collisions, injuries caused by falls, etc. It's important to understand that there are no laws requiring you to insure your vehicle.

Will mass adoption of e-bikes be an Issue?

E-bikes are currently used by only 1% of commuters, but they could become mainstream in the next 5 years. E-bike manufacturers such as Zero Motorcycles and Brammo are trying to change this statistic.

The main problem with e-bikes is that they do not provide any additional power compared to a regular bicycle. However, some e-bikes use electric motors that allow them to accelerate up to 40 km/h, which makes them competitive with motorcycles.


Eco-friendly transportation is becoming more popular nowadays. Electric bikes have become increasingly common among people because of their convenience and environmental friendliness.

However, there are many things we need to consider before buying them. For example, do you really want to buy an expensive product?

Coyote Energy Folding Electric Bike

Coyote is a brand that can be trusted when it comes to electric bikes and if you are looking for a bike that is going to cater for your travel arrangements, then you may want to have a look at the Coyote Energy Folding Electric Bike. All electric bikes are pretty expensive whichever way you look at them, but the Coyote Energy Folding Electric Bike seems to do a lot more for less. In terms of durability and features, electric bikes don’t get much better, but this bike by Coyote offers a lot more. This bike was designed to not only offer a comfortable experience during longer travels, but also the ability to get you where you want, and get you there quicker.

This electric bike was only released in September 2016, but it still hasn’t stopped it from gaining rapid positive reviews thanks to its performance. Many users from around the world have already added this electric bike to their homes, and if you are looking for an electric bike, whether you are a new or experienced user, this one should be considered. This electric bike is feature rich but Coyote have still made sure it was light enough for all users thanks to its alloy frame. There isn’t a lot this bike doesn’t provide and if you are looking for a new one, have a look at some of the many features this product provides and you will surely want to purchase it:

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When this electric bike is compared with other bikes on the market, it’s very easy to see why it’s popular. This product is not only feature rich but it also provides the same quality and performance as a lot of the other electric bikes, but in the more expensive range. Electric bikes don’t come much better than this one and if you are looking for an electric bike to take care of your travel arrangements then you should definitely consider the Coyote Energy Folding Electric Bike.


Features: Pedelec System – Foldable – Alloy Frame – 20” wheels – Adjustable handlebars

Pricing: Affordable

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E-Bike Reviews

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