E-bike controller is a device that controls the speed of electric bike. It can be used to control the motor and brake system on your bicycle, so you don't have to pedal it manually anymore.

The E-bikes are becoming more popular in recent years because they offer many advantages over traditional bicycles:

They're easier to ride than regular bikes; they provide better exercise for people who want to lose weight or improve their fitness level; they allow riders to travel longer distances without getting tired; they reduce traffic congestion by allowing cyclists

There are two type of controllers :

This controller design uses 6 MOSFETs as switches which allows us to turn off/on the power supply to the motor when needed.

This kind of controller has been around since the early 2000's but recently there was some improvements made to them like adding protection circuitry against short circuits etc...

 This electric bike controller are designed using 9 MOSFETS instead of 6 MOSFETS. This means we get higher current capacity from our circuit compared with other types of controllers.

How to choose the electric bike controller?

There are many other type of controllers design for e-bikes. Some are simple controllers while other are high quality controller.

Here's some more:

This advanced controllers are able to switch between different modes depending on what mode you need. They also include features such as battery voltage monitoring, automatic charging cutoffs, and adjustable braking force limits.

The dual mode controller will give you all these benefits at once!

This controller types have power transistors and protection functions that make sure no damage will happen if something goes wrong during operation. The square waves are very stable and reliable.

The 15-MOSFET controller is a type of controller has voltage protection circuit and electronic switch function. These kinds of controllers are usually found in professional grade products.

12-Mosfet controller are cheaper versions of 15-mosfet controllers. 12 mosfets are enough to handle most applications. However, this type of controller may not have any safety protections.

However it have some outgoing e-bike enthusiasts who use them successfully.

18-mosfet controller have motor power and square wave controller advantage that makes them suitable for both beginners and professionals.

18-mosfet controller is one of the best choices for those looking for good performance and reliability.

This controller are used for 36V – 72V batteries. It includes three main components:

1) Battery charger 2) Motor driver 3) Power electronics.

It’s easy to install and operate. You just plug into the wall socket and connect the wires. No soldering required.

Cheap controller designs are also popular among newbie bikers because they can be easily installed and operated.

But cheap controllers don't offer much functionality so you might end up buying another expensive controller later down the road.

Some examples of cheap controllers are:

1) DC controller.

2) PWM controller.

3) Linear regulator controller.

4) Stepdown converter controller.

5) Boost converter controller.

The non-programmable controller have sensor signals that control the speed or direction of your bicycle by adjusting the amount of electricity going through the motor. Non-programmable controllers do not require programming.

Electronic components of e-bikes

The electric components of e-bikes are quite similar to regular bicycles.

There are two major differences though; firstly, there is no chain drive system which means less maintenance and secondly, the motors are connected directly to the pedals instead of being mounted inside the frame like normal bikes.

This allows riders to pedal harder without having their legs break due to strain.

Most people prefer using larger motors when riding longer distances. Smaller motors tend to get hot quickly and cause discomfort after long rides.

The power unit do the utilization of power voltage from battery pack. This power unit converts the electrical energy stored in the battery pack into mechanical force.

A higher battery capacity gives more range but at the same time increases weight. A lower battery capacity reduces the total distance covered per charge.

A battery charger is another important component if you plan to use batteries. There are 2 main types of chargers: trickle charge and fast charge.

The difference between these two is how much energy will go into the battery per hour.

This type of electrical components controls the flow of current to the motor. The most common ones include pulse width modulation, constant on/off, triac etc.

The brushless motors is a peripheral components that has control functions and throttle conection. They work with electronic circuits to convert direct current into alternating current.

They are very efficient and produce little heat compared to other types of motors. In addition, it's easier to maintain them than brushed motors.

How to connect the electric bike controller?

The electric bike controller consists of two main parts, the battery pack and the controller. Connecting them is easy; simply plug one end into the controller and the other end into the battery pack.

If you are using a lithium-ion battery pack, use a three-pronged charger, such as the ones sold at home improvement stores.

Here's how to connect ebike controller:

Step1. Plug the positive terminal of the battery pack into the red connector on the controller.

Step2. Plug the negative terminal of the battery pack onto the black connector on the controller.

Step 3. Make sure both terminals are firmly attached before connecting the ground cable. Connecting the cables properly ensures safe operation of the controller.

Step4. Turn off all switches on the controller so it does not accidentally turn itself back on while charging.

Connecting the battery pack with the controller can be done easily. However, some users may find this process difficult because they don't know where to start.

What is BLDC e-bike motor?

BLDC or DC in e-bikes are "Brushless Direct Current Motors". These motors have permanent magnets embedded within the rotor rather than electromagnets.

These motors offer several advantages over traditional AC induction motors including increased efficiency, reduced noise, smoother torque curves, and greater durability.

In fact, many manufacturers now claim that BLDCs provide up to 50% better performance than conventional designs.

Yes, they will eventually become cheaper due to high demand. They were 500-1,000 UK pounds in 2013.

Today, they are selling for 200-3000 UK pounds, which is still quite expensive. However, they are expected to drop further in price.

The reason why they are expensive right now is because the technology are getting more high tech and the quality components are better than ever before.

So if you want a good bike that's going to last forever, then I would recommend buying one of these electric bicycles.

They're not cheap but compared to other types of bicycle, it's worth every penny.

Materials used to manufacture e-bikes

E-bike manufacturers have been using different materials such as carbon fiber composites, aluminum alloy, titanium alloys, steel etc.

However, most companies use some type of aluminium or steel frame with an internal battery pack.

This combination gives them their strength while also allowing them to be light weight.

These batteries are lighter and safer than older technologies like Nickel Cadmium.

Some manufacturers offers low-end or “obsolete” e-bikes made from steel instead of titanium.

It is usually painted black so it blends into its surroundings making it less noticeable on roads.

For high-end e-bikes manufacturers used this kind of battery packs.

Most people think that lead acid batteries are dangerous and toxic. But actually, there are no health risks associated with lead acid batteries.

There are two main reasons why lead acid batteries are still popular among e-bike manufacturers.

First, they are relatively inexpensive. Second, they are easy to produce.

How do electric bike motors work?

E-bike motors work by converting electrical power into mechanical motion through a chain drive system.

Electric motor converts electricity into kinetic energy. Motor rotates crankset via pedals connected to sprockets.

Chain drives connect rear wheel to crank arms. When pedaling forward, the rider generates torque force at the pedal shafts.

Torque forces rotate the crankset causing the chain to move along the track. Then the e-bike batteries send current to the motor which turns the front wheel.

The speed of the wheels depends upon how fast the user pushes down on the pedals.

What does "pedal assist" mean?

In order to make riding an e-bike even easier, some models come equipped with a feature called Pedal Assist.

Pedal Assist uses sensors located inside the foot pegs to detect when your feet leave the ground.

When activated, the motor will turn faster until you start pushing again. Every e-bike riders used this function because it makes cycling fun and safe.

Why should I buy an electric bike?

If you want to enjoy biking without getting tired then buying an electric bicycle might be right choice for you.

You don't have to worry about gas prices anymore as well as traffic jams. You just need to charge up your battery once every few days.

An electric bike doesn't emit any harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

The economic factors of electric bikes over ordinary bikes has high physical demands and niche market demand.

This means that the price of these bicycles can vary greatly depending on their features and quality.

However, if you're looking for something cheap but good enough, then you may consider purchasing second hand ones.

Highly advanced e-bike and other technologies require more money compared to traditional bikes.

These include expensive components like lithium ion batteries, electronic control systems, etc.

Therefore, most companies prefer to use older designs instead of new ones. This way, they save lots of money while maintaining the same level of performance.

Will e-bikes have a good chance of becoming cheaper in the future?

E-bikes are expected to become more popular in the future. The main advantage of e-bikes is that they do not use up as much energy as bicycles, which means that they are cheaper to operate.

However, the price of electric bikes has been increasing recently, making them less affordable.

There's no doubt that there are many competitors out there who would love to take away our business.

They all offer similar products so we must keep ourselves updated with what's going on around us.

We also need to know where to find reliable information regarding electric bikes. The cost savings and the cost of electricity are two important things that people look into before deciding whether or not to purchase one.

Are cheap e bikes any good?

Cheap E-bikes in UK, are also known as budget E-bikes. They usually have lower power than normal bikes. However, they still provide great value for money.

Some of them even come with free accessories. These include lights, fenders, racks, etc.

Most manufacturers sell these types of bikes at very low prices. Therefore, anyone can afford to own one.

There are also many solid low-end e-bike models available online. Some of them even come with full suspension kits.

What kind of e-bike should I choose?

Choosing the best type of e-bike depends on how often you plan to ride it. If you only intend riding it occasionally, then you shouldn’t spend too much time thinking about it.

On the contrary, if you plan to ride it regularly, then you'll probably want to invest some extra cash.

Pros and cons of electric bikes




Buying an electric bike isn't difficult. There are lots of choices available online.But before deciding what type of electric bike suits you best, you must first decide whether you really need one.

Yes, they are safe! E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular for both recreational and commercial use. There are currently over 100 million e-bikes worldwide, with sales expected to reach 8 billion dollars by 2020.

However, there are some safety precautions that should be taken when riding e-bikes.

Electric bicycles must need to be proper care and replace when necessary. The electric bicycle can not only save energy but also reduce pollution.

It will bring great convenience in our daily life. So it's very important to choose an electric bike which has good quality and reasonable price.

How e-bikes are different from regular bikes?

E-bike technology today are very advanced. It’s like having two or three cars on one wheel.

You don't have to pedal as much because of motor assist. This makes biking more convenient than ever before.

The big difference of ebike from traditional bikes is its power source: electricity instead of human muscle power.

Electric bikes come in many types such as scooter type, moped style, cruiser style, mountain bike style, etc. They all share similar features including high efficiency, low noise, light weight, easy maintenance, long service time, etc.

But their differences lie in how fast they go, what kind of terrain they can handle best, whether they require pedaling or not, etc.

The ebike users increases the number every year. In fact, according to statistics, about 1% people who live in cities now own ebike.

And this percentage keeps increasing each day.

So if you want to buy an ebike, please make sure that you know exactly what you're getting into.

Here's more :

1. Traveling at higher speeds

The speed of this electric bikes are faster than normal ones. And most of them travel up to 20 km/h. Some even exceed 30km/h.

2. Longer range

Most of these electric bikes have longer ranges compared to other vehicles. For example, the average distance between charges for a fully charged ebike is around 60 miles. That means you could easily cover 200 kilometers without recharging.

3. More comfortable rides

The most effective electric bike function is called "motor assisted".

With this feature, riders no longer need to exert themselves physically to move forward. Instead, they just need to push down the pedals once or twice per minute to get moving.

4. Easy to maintain

Unlike ordinary bikes, electric bikes do not require oil changes or tire rotations. All you need to do is charge them regularly.

5. More agility in maneuvers

The basic safety measures of the electric bikes is to assist your body movement by providing extra torque through the motor. Therefore, you won't feel tired after doing lots of turns.

6. Easier on physical fitness

Electric bikes and regular bikes can offer quite different experiences. But there are some similarities too. Both of them provide exercise benefits.

However, with electric bikes, you'll experience less fatigue during workouts since you don't have to use muscles to propel yourself forward.

7. Less expensive

Compared to conventional bikes, electric bikes cost significantly lower. Most models start from $500 - $1000.

8. No traffic jams

Since electric bikes are powered by batteries, they don't produce any exhaust fumes.

9. Efficient energy consumption

In order to reduce carbon emissions, it's important to choose eco-friendly products. So choosing an efficient battery will help save our environment.

10. Better health

According to studies, cycling has been proven to improve cardiovascular system functions. Riding an electric bike helps keep fit while reducing stress levels.

Improving safety on electric bikes

The basic safety rules for e-bike riders should be followed when riding. These include wearing helmets, using lights, keeping proper distances from others, obeying traffic signs, etc.

In UK, There are electric bicycle safety practices that must be observed:

Electric bicycle safety tips

To enhanced the safety of riders, here are some useful tips:

What are the dangers of electric bikes?

Electric bicycles are great for commuting, especially when you live close to work, and want to avoid traffic jams.

However, they are dangerous because the motor is very powerful, and it can easily go beyond the speed limit set by law. The best solution is to wear a helmet while riding your electric bike.

This modern e-bike batteries don't have any toxic chemicals inside them. However, there's no way to completely eliminate the possibility of an accident happening.

So, we recommend using a high quality locking system to keep your electric bike from being stolen.

The danger for pedestrians is that sometimes ebikes may be driven too fast. Pedestrians should never assume that someone will slow down just because he sees them.

In fact, many people think that electric bikes are more convenient than regular ones. But this isn't true.

Electric bikes require much more skill and experience to control their power output. Some E-bike battery catching fire due to overheating.

In UK, bicycle traffic accidents are common. According to statistics, most of these accidents happen at night. So, it is better to ride during daylight hours.

How do I choose the correct size of my electric bike battery?

There are two types of electric bikes: pedal assist and throttle controlled. Both types come with different sizes of batteries.

Pedal assisted electric bikes usually have smaller capacity batteries compared to those used in throttle controlled models.

The common ways bikes store energy include lead acid, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion.

If you plan on storing your bike indoors, then make sure that you buy a 12V battery pack. If you intend to park your bike outdoors, then consider buying a 24V model.

You can find out which type of battery fits your needs by checking its voltage rating. For example, a 12V battery has a maximum voltage of 14 volts.

How do I charge my electric bicycle?

You can find charging stations all over the world. If you own an electric bike, then you probably already know that most of these places offer free charging services.

But some cities even provide special parking spots for electric bikes. These areas usually include a charger station as well.

Most of the time, you'll see signs indicating which type of plug fits your electric bike. The capacity ebike battery depends on how long you expect to travel before recharging.

For instance, if you need to recharge after one hour, then you'd need a 6Ah or 8 Ah battery. On the other hand, if you plan on traveling for several days, then you might need a larger battery like 16 Ah or 18 Ah.

Some manufacturers also sell separate chargers for each specific battery size. This makes things easier since you won't have to worry about finding the right adapter.

The power levels will also determine the amount of electricity needed to fully charge your battery. You can check the specifications online.

What kind of accessories does an electric bike carry?

An electric bike comes with various accessories such as lights, fenders, racks, etc. Most of these items are optional but they're still useful when riding around town.

When choosing what accessories to purchase, remember that not every accessory works with every brand of electric bike.

Also note that some brands only allow certain accessories to work together. Battery packs for ebikes and helmets for example don't mix.

So be careful when purchasing additional parts because you may end up wasting money.

Do I really need insurance for my electric bike?

Yes! In case something happens while using your electric bike, you should always get proper coverage.

This includes insuring against theft, damage from collisions, injuries caused by falls, etc. It's important to understand that there are no laws requiring you to insure your vehicle.

Will mass adoption of e-bikes be an Issue?

E-bikes are currently used by only 1% of commuters, but they could become mainstream in the next 5 years. E-bike manufacturers such as Zero Motorcycles and Brammo are trying to change this statistic.

The main problem with e-bikes is that they do not provide any additional power compared to a regular bicycle. However, some e-bikes use electric motors that allow them to accelerate up to 40 km/h, which makes them competitive with motorcycles.


Eco-friendly transportation is becoming more popular nowadays. Electric bikes have become increasingly common among people because of their convenience and environmental friendliness.

However, there are many things we need to consider before buying them. For example, do you really want to buy an expensive product?

Coyote Energy Folding Electric Bike

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This electric bike was only released in September 2016, but it still hasn’t stopped it from gaining rapid positive reviews thanks to its performance. Many users from around the world have already added this electric bike to their homes, and if you are looking for an electric bike, whether you are a new or experienced user, this one should be considered. This electric bike is feature rich but Coyote have still made sure it was light enough for all users thanks to its alloy frame. There isn’t a lot this bike doesn’t provide and if you are looking for a new one, have a look at some of the many features this product provides and you will surely want to purchase it:

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When this electric bike is compared with other bikes on the market, it’s very easy to see why it’s popular. This product is not only feature rich but it also provides the same quality and performance as a lot of the other electric bikes, but in the more expensive range. Electric bikes don’t come much better than this one and if you are looking for an electric bike to take care of your travel arrangements then you should definitely consider the Coyote Energy Folding Electric Bike.


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Pricing: Affordable

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