Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 400 Review 2020

Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 400 Review

Hybrid bikes combine the best features of road bikes and mountain bikes into one convenient package. Electric hybrid bikes are even better as they give you a speed boost while still offering you the health benefits that normal cycling does.

Cube is a leader in the electric bike industry in the UK and beyond. The Cube Cross Hybrid Pro is a great hybrid bike for commuters and weekend riders alike. If you are a serious rider that is looking for an electric bike to ride most of the week, then keep reading this review!

Cube Cross Hybrid Pro

The motor that powers the Cube Cross Hybrid Pro electric bike is the Bosch Performance Line CX. It is rated between 250 and 600 watts; the main selling point of this motor, however, is that is responds to the rider quickly and smoothly. This powerful Bosch drive unit measures rear wheel speed, pedal torque, and pedal cadence one thousand times every second. In addition, the Bosch shift detection software algorithim reduces strain on the gears and chain of the bike. The casing on the Bosch drive unit is angular and modern, which is a nice reprieve from the oval casings that most motors on electric bikes are housed in.

The battery that comes fitted to the Cube Cross Hybrid Pro is a 400 watt hour Bosch Powerpack. This battery is used on a wide range of electric bikes so you can be sure you are in good hands with it. The plastic casing of the Bosch battery has an LED charge indicator on the left side, a plastic loop on its top, and a handy charging port along its base. Since the Bosch battery pack only weighs about 2.5 kilograms, it does not weight down the bike as a whole. This Bosch battery is easy to snap on and off of the bike, which is great if you use the bike daily and have to charge the battery several times every week.

The Purion display panel on this Cube hybrid electric bike is sleek and easy to use. The display and button pad are merged for a modern look which is simple to operate. Once the display is powered on, it will show your current traveling speed, a battery info graphic, and other important readouts regarding your trip.

The Cube Cross 400 hybrid electric bike is a joy to ride. It can effectively handle steep inclines and even off-road trails. It is exceptionally comfortable to ride thanks to the ergonomic grips on the handlebars, angled stem, and Selle Royal saddle.

The tyres that come with this electric bike are Schwalbe Smart Sam Active brand. They are more on the narrow side, but the Schwalbe Smart Sam Active tyres have reflective sidewall stripes so that you are always visible to traffic and pedestrians, especially in urban environments. The tread on these Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres is soft and knobby, which is great for street riding and light trail riding as well.

The high quality Shimano brand hydraulic brakes are powerful enough so that you feel safe stopping no matter what kind of ride you are having. They are powerful enough that they will also halt your ride, no matter how much you weigh. The Suntour NEX-E25 forks have about 63 millimetres of travel. These Suntour NEX-E25 bob up and down when pedaling hard and will keep your ride smooth when cycling on a bumpy trail.

The frame of this bike has rack mounts and even a bottle cage option so that you can add these components if you wish.

Once you charge up the battery pack and mount it to the bike, getting on it and riding is super easy. All you have to do is press the power button on the top of the Purion display panel and begin pedaling. The motor will assist your pedaling efforts depending on which mode you choose.


  • Purchase of this electric bike comes with a two year comprehensive warranty and a five year warranty on the frame.
  • The motor has its own casing and the wiring is internally routed to keep these components out of the rider’s way.
  • The rear mounted kickstand is tucked out of the way and contains a sturdy spring. The spring reduces bouncing if you need to park your bike on a rough trail or an uneven street.
  • The Bosch CX motor responds very fast to the rider’s pedaling speed and offers several modes to facilitate your ride.
  • The Cube Hybrid 400 electric bike is water resistant! The bottom bracket and headset both use sealed bearings that reduce rusting. The battery charging port is also angled to keep is protected.


  • While the Purion display is ultimately useful, it does have its drawbacks. You cannot remove it from the bike and you cannot use the micro-USB port to charge your other devices like your phone. Since the screen is pretty small, you cannot see all the trip information displayed all at once.
  • The chainring on the Cube Hybrid 400 hybrid rests pretty close to the chainstay, which produces more noise than a comparable hybrid electric bike.
  • The powerful motor on this the Cube 400 hybrid while powerful, does produce a mechanical noise even when pedaling with the motor turned off.
  • The plus and minus buttons on the Purion display are a bit hard to press according to some buyers.

Overall, this Cube electric bike is tailored for a serious rider who is dedicated to riding his or her bike for the majority of every week. It is suited to both trail riding and a city commute. The ride on this particular model is smooth and easy; you will hardly notice the pedal assistance as it is gradual enough that it will feel like your legs are doing all the work. It is incredibly affordable when compared to other electric bikes in its class. You will be the envy of your town when you show up to work and events on your Cube Hybrid Pro 400 electric bike.