Cube Touring Hybrid One Review – 2019 – 2020

When you talk about established eBike companies in the world, you cannot fail to mention Cube. Cube is a German company that has built its reputation developing mountain bikes, and more recently, electric bikes. One of those eBike models is the Cube Touring Hybrid One 500.

This electric bike is quite affordable compared to other competitors. Since Cube works completely with Bosch, you can expect nothing but the best of everything with this electric bike. You can also expect an improvement from the previous Cube electric bike versions.

Who is this Suitable for?

The make and build of the Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 is excellent for riders looking to relax and explore nature. It is also perfect for people looking for an electric bike to commute to work. This eBike is built for both light path and road use, including bridleways, canal paths, back lanes, and forest roads.


Efficient Battery

The Cube Hybrid One 500 is equipped with a high-capacity Bosch PowerPack 500 that offers 13.4 amp hours and 36 volts. This is an excellent power range compared to other electric bikes in the market. The battery also has a common electric battery design and utilizes the same mounting interface and form factors as previous Bosch electric bikes.

This makes it easy to find replacements, rent packs, or borrow additional packs when traveling. The battery also comes with a lightweight and durable plastic casing that ensures no extra weight is added to the electric bike when in use. It also small, and this makes it quite easy to mount it on and off the frame tubing. This enables it to add protection and blend with the eBike.

Powerful Motor

Driving the Cube Hybrid One 500 is the Bosch Drive Unit Active Plus Generation 3 motor. This motor is more compact, and it can operate without generating too much noise. It is an excellent fit for this bicycle, as you get higher torque output of at least 75 Newton Meters, high-speed pedaling support, and if you like pedaling fast, this motor will certainly keep up.

The high torque output also means that you do not have to shift gears as often to maintain or hit high pedaling speeds. The motor also comes with a control that helps measure pedal cadence, rear-wheel speed, and pedal torque. Being a built-in sensor, the controller listens to the shifts and can help you reduce your pressure automatically.

The sensor listens to your pedal pressure, and with this, it can easily separate the shifting pressure. This, in turn, cuts power and reduces the possibility of smashing.

Easy to Use Display

This eBike comes with a Bosch Purion display that is easy to read. You can also easily remove it from the bike to prevent damage or tampering. If you prefer having it attached permanently on your bike, you can use the security screw to attach to the plastic mount.

It also comes with a Micro-USB port on its right side, and this enables you to charge your smartphone when taking longer rides. The display also comes with more in-depth settings that you can use to change units, shift gears, among other parameters.

Effective Braking System

The Cube Hybrid One 500 bike comes with Shimano BR-MT200, Hydraulic Disc Brakes that work well with every part of the electric bike. It also comes with a sizeable front rotor that provides you with a mechanical advantage, as well as increased cooling.

The large rotor also makes it easy for you to shift weight forward when stopping the electric bike. The braking system was also designed to withstand the exposure of water or dust over time. This means that the hydraulic brake lines will not rust or gunk up.

Cruiser Tires

Like every electric mountain bike, Cube also uses the Schwalbe Range Cruiser, Active, K-Guard, 47-622 tires. These tires are not only the best in the market; they are also puncture resistant. Thus, you can use the bicycle on any rough road without worrying about any punctures.

However, the wheels for this Cube model are different as the front wheel utilizes a wider boost hub spacing. This helps provide the bike with a sturdier bracing angle. These tires also have a central rib that gives you with smooth-rolling and an outer tread that increases your grip.

Elegant Frame

We are all different, and this is one aspect Cube considers when designing electric bikes. The Cube Hybrid One 500 eBike is available in six frame sizes. Each of these frames allows large and small riders to find frames that suit them. Of the six frame sizes, you can find two small sizes (16, 17) with 27.5” wheels while the other four are large sizes (18, 19, 21, and 23) with 29” wheels.

The frame is also elegant, and it comes in a color that nicely blends with the motor, battery casting, and other aspects of the bicycle.

Additional Features

The Cube Touring One 500 bike comes equipped with an Altus M2000 9-speed rear derailleur. With a range of up to 34-tooth cassette, it offers you an excellent ratio for picking up speed and climbing extended, flat areas. This, in turn, allows you to focus on your ride. The rear also comes with a shadow technology that helps ensure you avoid knocks while riding.

The seat stays come with threaded eyelets that add a disc brake compatible rack; you can use to transform the electric bike into a daily commuter.


  • This eBike comes with an easy to use display
  • It comes with a removable battery
  • The frame is built for people of different sizes
  • The Motor controller is smart and quite effective


  • The suspension fork is not adjustable as it uses a coil spring

If you are the type of person who loves comfort and convenience while riding, then the Cube Hybrid One 500 is the electric bike for you. It is not only an affordable eBike; it also comes with a two-warranty that covers everything on the bike, including the display system, motor, and battery. However, the frame comes with five-year warranty coverage,

With all the features this bike has to offer, it’s hard to pass the opportunity not to use it for daily commute or trail rides.