Greenedge CS2 EMountain Bike Review 2020 – 2021

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GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike

When looking to get around your city without requiring a car, you'll probably wonder which transport vessel to use. The idea here is to use a convenient mode of transportation to help you get to your destination. Should you choose a motorcycle or bicycle? If you're not a fan of the two, which other option do you have?

Well, with the GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike, your puzzle for which transportation mode to use is solved.


Why Buy an Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric mountain bikes are increasingly becoming popular in the bike community due to their great value for money, speed and time. Also known as e-bikes, they incorporate a battery and a motor, which give a boost to your feet when pedalling. You can adjust/tweak the level of assistance from the handlebar, which forms part of the bike's control unit. Though e-bikes are heavier than the non-motorized ones, they make it easy to climb up steep terrains.

Despite having a motor and a rechargeable battery, e-bikes require some effort to ride. They can help you get in shape in the same way running, or jogging does. They also allow you to access places you wouldn't go using a traditional non-powered bike.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying One?

With the high number of electric bikes in the market today, it may be quite overwhelming to choose one that suits your lifestyle. The two major factors to consider when narrowing down the bike of your choice is price and style. You can also consider as you scheme through the options and find the right model for your needs. More details on how these factors come into play are as follows.

  • Motor - An e-bike can either have a brushed or brushless motor with several variations in terms of cost and complexity. The motor comes attached to the wheel hub with a wattage of under 750 watts.
  • Mode of use - An e-bike's motor may either rely on a power-on-demand system (activated by a mounted handlebar) or a pedal-assist system (controlled by pedalling).
  • Controllers - Brushed motors use more straightforward and cheaper controllers while brushless motors use more sophisticated controllers since they require high (initial) torque. Controllers help in thermal/over-current protection and speed control/regulation.
  • Batteries - The types of rechargeable batteries used on electric bicycles include a lithium-ion polymer (Li-ion), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and sealed lead-acid (SLA) with the total charge capacity measured in amp-hours. The higher the charge capacity, the longer the battery life.
  • Range - Factors such as aerodynamics, battery capacity, bike's weight and motor efficiency affect the range of an e-bike. The bike may have options such as regenerative braking to slow it down and extend the range (which increases the life of the wheel rims and brake pads).
  • Design - Design variations may include bicycles with batteries fixed to their frames or housed in the tube, folding bikes, cargo bikes for large items and chopper styled bikes for novelty.
  • Charging time - A typical charging unit for an electric bicycle requires about 8 hours for a full charge, which translates to a distance of 25 to 30 miles at a 20-km/h speed.



What's GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike Best Suited for?

GreenEdge CS2 boasts of a 19-inch lightweight alloy body for durability and a 250-watt brushless motor for ultimate power. It also comes with a 36V 9Ah battery (lasting up to 35 miles), 6 gears and 26-inch wheels and tyres for increased efficiency. GreenEdge CS2 can deliver a higher torque when cycling on the hills and make leisure cycling and commuting enjoyable.


  • The bottle-style lithium battery can last you up to 35 miles worth pedal-assisted riding
  • Motor delivers consistent power needed to maintain a maximum speed of 15.5mph
  • Ideal for leisure cycling and commuting thanks to its pedal-assisted riding system
  • Option to use 'walk assist', a throttle control option limited to a speed of 4mph without pedalling
  • Great value for money without compromising the crucial features an average biker would want
  • Can last for several years if used moderately
  • Comfortable to ride in both smooth and rough terrain (the seat is soft and wide for maximum comfort)


  • Gears should be at least 18 in number for optimal performance when riding in steep slopes
  • Low battery mileage making it difficult to ride through steep slopes when running low on electric power
  • Battery holder is susceptible to melting when the bike is continuously in use
  • Not suited for highly steep, rugged terrains



GreenEdge CS2 is faster (in terms of speed) than an average road bike thanks to its powerful motor and lightweight design. The bicycle stands out for its narrow handlebars and grip-less tyres, which are crucial to making your rides smooth and efficient. With its firm frame and chunky tyres, you'll be much safer when riding on GreenEdge CS2. Using the power-assisted function on CS2 is practical and enjoyable since it takes less energy and allows you to travel further.


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