Hertsen Aluminum Folding Electric Bikes,250W E-Bike For Adults Men Ladies Disc Brakes Electric Bicycles
  • Features:18650 power big capacity,speed 15 km/h - 25 km/h,working distance 45-50 km,charging time 3 - 4 h.
  • Lighting configuration: Electric bicycles have headlights and rear lights to make you safer when riding at night.
  • Portability: Adjustable Seat Tube/Folding Seat Tube/Folding Pedals. Triple folding design, extremely portable. You can put your bike in a suitcase, subway, closet or any compact space.
  • Highlights: front and rear double disc brakes, easy to brake and safe driving; 48T large crank, the greater the transmission, the more labor, the faster the acceleration.
  • Suitable for the crowd: adults, men, women. Load capacity up to 120kg.

E-Bike Reviews

The electric bike, sometimes called an e-bike, is in many respects a regular bicycle. The exception is that it is fitted with a motor and a battery.
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