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Kalkhoff Include 10 E-bike

Kalkhoff's e-bike range is no stranger in the electric bike industry. Kalkhoff has been manufacturing bikes originating in Germany for over 95 years. Each of their bikes have been designed seamlessly for all types of travel. No matter if you are commuting or adventure biking, Kalkhoff's bikes are suited for versatility.

The Kalkhoff Include 10, has a huge range of impressive features; A high tech Impulse Evo battery of 17 Ah with range up to 250km, Gear shift 10-G Shimano Deore with different speed ranges and a modern Impulse Evo motor. This bike can pretty much do everything you want in a seamless and stylish way.

The Kalkhoff Include 10 E-Bike- Overview

The Kalkhoff Include 10 comes in three different frame sizes suited to a variety of people. This e-bike is also equipped with features such as the modern Axa Blueline 30 headlights, hydraulic disk brakes, a built-in battery lock which is useful for theft protection, a reduced noise level of up to 50% and not to forget its 10 Shimano Deore gears with a contemporary sensor which allows you to have the perfect gear change effortlessly.

Kalkhoff Include 10 can easily please beginners or advanced riders giving you a comfortable but stylish ride.

Most importantly lets talk about the motor and display, the display on this bike is the Impulse Evo Smart, which comes with bluetooth and a handy USB charging port proving useful on long duration rides, it's interface is well laid out and easy on the eye. The LCD display not only gives the necessary metrics such as battery status, speed range and trip time but also allows you to connect and use their Impulse app for navigation.

The motor on this bike is the Impulse Evo 36V 250W with powerful shift sensor technology. Giving a smooth and easy ride and an impressive torque of 75Nm. The power output is totalled at 250W which keeps it within the legal limits in the UK.

The design of this Kalkhoff bike includes an aluminum Impulse Evo V1 frame, Concept EX Metrostyle handle bars and Ergon GP10 handles. It's saddle is from Selle Royal Nuvola's comfort range, giving you that little extra luxury during your commutes or leisure rides.

Main specifications can be seen here  -

  • Display- Impulse Evo Smart LCD with bluetooth and smartphone navigation.
  • Battery- Impulse Evo Li-Ion 36 V17 Ah (603 Wh). Range of up to 205Km.
  • Motor- Impulse Evo 36V 250W.
  • Gears- 10-G Shimano Deore.
  • Frame- Impulse Evo V1, aluminium.
  • Brakes- Shimano M365, Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Tyres- Schwalbe Marathon.

The Ride - Our Thoughts

Now let's get to the fun part, how it performs. After riding this Kalkhoff bike a couple of times on long and short distance rides, I was happy with how the bike was performing as an every day reliable transport. The motor was doing more than enough to make me feel comfortable and collaborate with my peddling. One thing that surprised me was the noise, considering it has 75 newton metres of torque I thought it would be quite loud in comparison to other e-bikes I have ridden before, however the noise reduction that Kalkhoff has put in place really did make a difference as I could barley hear the motor! I did actually try this bike out on a couple of hilly terrains and didn't feel that it was lagging behind too much despite the ride being quite difficult. But overall this bike is definitely more appropriate for commuting uses than adventure rides.

Secondly, I really appreciated how sleek the whole design of the Kalkhoff Include 10 is. The long lasting, light weight Impulse Evo battery sits neatly on the bike tucked away and the charge lasted me a fair amount of time after I had took it out on a ride. The simple but modern display was easy to use for navigation after I downloaded the free app on my smartphone. A downfall to this electric bike is that the display is not removable which can be a bit of a safety issue if you want to leave the bike locked up while you pop into work, although the built in battery lock that comes with this bike is great for these circumstances.

As an experienced rider that has tried out many other e-bikes, I can definitely appreciate the comfort and simplicity that comes with the Kalkhoff Include 10. The tyres comes with protective plates and edge protection which is good for reliability and I love how the bike feels lightweight but holds a strong aluminium frame.

Moreover, you should also read our previous review article on the Fiido D11 e-bike.

Overall - Is it worth it?

At a price of just under £3000 (£2,994.87 to be exact) I would say the Kalkhoff Include 10 is a strong competitor among other commuter ebikes. Although I must admit you can find other e-bikes with a lower price that do the same job, but I do believe that the price here matches the quality. You can really feel the difference on this e-bike in terms of interface, power and comfort compared to others that are less of a price.

It all depends on what you would be looking for, but as a daily commuter e-bike or as a bike for exercise, I don't think you can go wrong with the Kalkhoff Include 10 due to their good build and reliable parts.

A couple of things to bear in mind if you are considering purchasing this e-bike would be the lack of removability for the display which I think would be an important addition to have on this e-bike, especially for the price. The tyres are good too but for durability I think some proper puncture resistant ones could prove more reliable than the Schwalbe Marathon tyres that are included.

Overall, there is limited negatives to the Kalkhoff Include 10. It really performs well and I would recommend people to give it ago if they are looking for a reliable commuter/leisure e-bike under the £3000 mark, although the price is higher than others, you can't beat the quality.

Pros & Cons


  • Frame size of 3 different types.
  • Quality and sleek design.
  • Reduced noise level from motor.
  • Navigation abilities on display via smartphone connectivity.
  • Built in battery lock.
  • Good sensor for gear shifts.


  • Price is slightly on the higher end.
  • Non-removable display.
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Our Score
  • Electric System: The electric bicycle is equipped with stable high speed brushless motor, which can fast reach full speed. With 48V removable large capacity lithium battery which has a long endurance mileage. You can charge the battery directly on the bike, or take it out to charge.
  • Multi-function Display: Equipped with multifunction LCD display, ride data can be monitored in real time, such as speed, battery level, odometer and so on. And you can change the riding mode at will according to your riding habits and road conditions. Beside the display, there is a phone holder, convenient to navigate.
  • Three Riding Modes: [Pedal Assist Mode]-The motor will assist you with continuous power as you pedal the bicycle. [Fully Electric Mode]-Just twist the throttle (do not need to pedal). [Manual Mode]-Stepping on the pedal just as the common bike.
  • Configuration: The Aluminum Alloy frame is light and strong, and the safe load of this bike is up to 100kg. Front and rear disc brake system effectively reduce the braking distance. 20*4.0 inch fat tires make cycling more stable to suit all road conditions such as snow, road, beach and mountain road.
  • Assembly: The bike has finished assembling 90% before shipment, usually you need to assemble the saddle, pedals and handlebar. WARRANTY: Frame: 2 Years; Controller, Charger & Battery: 6 Months; Other Electric Parts: 3 Months.

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