Kinekt Seatpost Review 2020

Kinekt Seatpost Review

Kinekt Seatpost is taking your comfort as a cyclist to a new level. It guarantees that you are comfortable at all times, no matter the cycling road you use. This Seatpost also has an award-winning design that has made it the most popular accessory for riders looking for the ultimate comfort while cycling.

What Makes the Kinekt Seatpost Different from other Suspension Systems?

Kinekt Seatpost is different from other available systems because it does not only absorb impact; it also gives cyclists to do the following:


We all have different body sizes and shapes. These differences are the primary reason why we choose the bikes we use. The Kinekt Seatpost makes it easy and straightforward to adjust the system depending on your height using its pre-load bolt.

The combination of the spring rate and pre-load allows you to adjust the Seatpost to the height you prefer. This, in turn, increases your comfort and enables you to enjoy every minute you spend on your electric bike.

Body Isolation

For the body to use less energy and maintain the right position while cycling, the bicycle has to move under the cyclist to help in the isolation of vibrations freely. This is the primary function of the Kinekt Seatpost. Thanks to its vertical travel, spring rates, and damping, this suspension system can isolate those vibrations. This, in turn, guarantees that the rider gets less damping, lower spring rate, and adjustable travel.

Vertical Compliance

Compared to other suspension seatposts in the market today, Kinekt offers more vertical compliance. It not only controls the amount of vertical travel on the bike; it also gives your electric bike better isolation and movement on any surface. With such excellent vertical compliance, you no longer have to worry about your comfort when cycling on rough terrains.

Other features you can expect from the Kinekt Seatpost include:

High strength aluminum alloys that are built to help support the cyclist weight. It also ensures that the Seatpost can last for a longer time compared to other suspension posts in the market. You can also be confident that these alloys are weatherproof, meaning that it will not rust or get worn despite the weather conditions.

The Kinekt Seatpost comes with adjustable tension that increases the level of comfort a cyclist gets. This means that riders can enjoy their cycling experience without worrying about their comfort. It also reduces your possibilities of a sore spine.

Pre-load Control: The pre-load control feature controls the rider’s desired feel and position. Each of the springs combines with the pre-load control to ensure that you can easily adjust the seat without changing too much.

An Isolation System: The design of the Kinekt Seatpost depends on three unique aspects: vertical compliance, tunability, and body isolation. As mentioned earlier, these three unique aspects combine to offer the rider a unique and exceptional experience.

However, what sets this Seatpost apart from other products in the market is its damping feature. This mechanism controls resonance and makes it easier for the bicycle to absorb the dissipation of energy. It also engages your body’s ability to act as an efficient and controlled damping system efficiently.

This isolation system also takes advantage of your body’s system enabling it to fuse and become an integral part of your comfort solution.

How Do You Select the Right Kinekt Seatpost for your Bike?

Step One

Start by selecting the Seatpost according to the rider’s weight range. Using the right weight, you are assured of getting a Kinekt Seatpost with the right spring tension.

Step Two

Once you have the rider’s weight range, next proceed to choose the right diameter of the Seatpost for the bicycle. To identify the diameter for your bike, all you have to do is check the Seatpost stamp. You can also use a caliper to measure your bicycle’s diameter.

Step Three

With the right Seatpost diameter, you can have it installed on your bicycle.

Will the Kinekt Seatpost Improve Your Comfort?

As mentioned earlier, the primary function of the Kinekt Seatpost is to help improve cyclist comfort during every riding experience. Comfort is something every cyclist looks for when purchasing a Seatpost, as it aids in reducing saddle sores, relieving pain, or preventing fatigue.

Its design helps improve your control, comfort, and confidence, as you enjoy your riding experiences. With a comfortable saddle, you can easily cycle further and enjoy the extra miles. This Seatpost also increases your performance optimization, as it can control the vibrations between your body and bike. This, in turn, enhances your cycling discipline from hill climbs, road races, to downhills.

If you are looking for a Seatpost that helps you maximize your performance despite your cycling route, then the Kinekt Seatpost is something you should have. You are also guaranteed of no back pain or saddle sores.