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Nilox E Bike X1 Review – An Exceptional, Foldable Electric Bike


When it comes to choosing an electric bike, one of the things that a lot of people find themselves concerned about is storing the bike. This is understandable; something as expensive as an e bike needs to be stored properly to make sure that it isn’t at risk of being stolen.

There are a couple of ways around this, but one of the best things that you can do is to purchase a foldable electric bike. There are hundreds of these models on the market right now, so finding the right one for you can be quite the task.

We aim to make the process much easier for you by testing and reviewing some of the best e bikes on the market right now. The foldable electric bike that we are going to be reviewing today is the Nilox E Bike X1. We have to say that we were really pleased with this one. Read on for our verdict.

Features: Aluminium Alloy Frame – 20-25km Range – 25kmh Maximum Speed – 26 Inch Wheels – Foldable – Bike Lock – 20kg


  • The frame itself is incredibly lightweight whilst remaining very sturdy.
  • The assembly process for the Nilox E Bike X1 is a lot easier than we had anticipated.
  • The bike comes with plenty of extras including a bike lock, a luggage rack and a built in USB port.
  • The frame can be folded which is great for securely storing the bike.


  • The stand that is provided isn’t of great quality.

The Nilox E Bike X1 Review

First of all, we’re going to talk about the design of the Nilox E Bike X1. The bike itself comes in several parts. We took the time to have a good look at all of the different components and we were very impressed with the overall quality. Each component has been made from really high quality materials.

Very Sturdy Frame

Once we had taken all of the components out of the box, we decided to take a proper look at the frame. The main thing that we noticed with this was how lightweight the frame is. Although this is the case, it is still incredibly sturdy. It has definitely been built to last a long time.

We were now ready to start the assembly process. This is where we were really surprised. We found that we were able to put together the bike in under an hour and we didn’t really require any specialist tools or know-how to be able to do so.

There were a lot of features that really impressed us with this particular electric bike. The main thing that really stood out to us was how many extra features there are. First of all, there is a luggage rack at the back of the bike. We found this really helpful.

Plenty of Extra Features

As well as this, there is a free bike lock with the bike which is a very nice addition. The final extra feature that we really liked with the Nilox E Bike X1 is the built in USB port. We found this incredibly helpful when we were taking long bike rides as we were able to keep mobiles fully charged.

A final positive that we would like to mention is that the bike is fully foldable. We really liked this as it meant that we were able to store the bike securely without having to worry about it being stolen. The only negative aspect with this bike is that the stand that is provided isn’t great. However, this could potentially be replaced.

Overall, we were very satisfied with this electric bike and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants something that is lightweight and packed with extras.

Nilox E Bike X1 New, Electric Bike, White, One Size
  • Top speed 25 km / h
  • Charging time 3 hours
  • Bike lock included
  • DIMENSIONS : Width : 153 cm : Width folded, 85, Depth : 53 cm, Depth folded : 45, Height : 113 cm, Height folded : 70
  • Weight without battery : 17 kg, Weight: 20 kg

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