Orbea Gain D50 Claris Electric Road Bike Review 2019 – 2020

Orbe Gain D50 Claris Men’s Electric Road Bike

While not everyone would admit it, buying an electric bike can be frustrating and intimidating at times. You may have the cash at hand but can’t seem to find a bike that targets a rider with needs like yours. Alternatively, you may experience challenges trying to raise some money to buy the right bike since the affordable options don’t seem to fit you.

You’re not alone. People across the world experience the same feeling when trying to make purchasing decisions. As an e-bike, Orbe Gain D50 Claris is an epitome of quality craftsmanship and elegance. Before uncovering some of the features the bike has, here’s some general information on e-bikes to get you started:

Why Buy an Electric Bike?

Ever since e-bikes began becoming popular, people are (more than ever) learning how they work while being curious about trying them. Like any other investment, you need to have solid reasons why you need an electric bike. Your need for the bike may be as a result of your enthusiasm about cycling and bike sports. An e-bike will give you more ways to feed your desires and keep fit.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying One?

One way to compare e-bikes is to them out on rental basis (visit a local bike shop to rent one). You can spend one afternoon trying out the bike to determine whether its design and functionalities appeal to your tastes and preferences. While trying out an item without checking out its features may sound rush, always research on the features you expect the bike to have.

Your weight and the mechanisms your bike uses to handle such weight matters when choosing an electric bike. Consider getting a higher voltage battery and a higher Watt motor if you’re heavy. In this case, you won’t worry about the bicycle shutting down or running out of power soon after you start riding it. Other factors to take into account include:

  • Storage – You’ll need a clean and secure room to store your electric bike. Since electric bicycles are valuable items, you wouldn’t want yours getting rained on or catching stain.
  • Control system – An excellent electric bike should feature an interface (powered by LED/LCD) display to give you crucial information any time you need. The information may include distance covered, battery levels and calories burned depending on the machine.
  • Battery – The battery should offer you more power, especially if you like cruising along hilly paths or taking long-distance rides. It should also be removable for you to charge it when the power runs out.
  • Type of assistance – Not all electric bikes entirely run on motor power. Yours may require a little pedalling effort for it to start. You may also find one that automatically starts without stepping on the pedals.
  • Torque – Torque (which averagely ranges from 15 to more than 85Nm) is among the factors used to distinguish e-bikes based on the force their motors can deliver. A motor-powered bicycle with higher torque is ideal for hill climbing.’
  • Braking system – Choose an e-bike with brakes suited for the weather and environmental conditions of your area. Pad brakes are ideal for high-temperature areas while disc brakes are ideal with high humidity.
  • Frame – Common frame materials used in electric bicycles include aluminium (light and rust-resistant), steel (flexible and more robust) and carbon (light and shock resistant). High-performance bikes have carbon frames while bikes for hiking, mountain climbing and trekking have steel frames.
  • Weight – The lighter (below 20 kg) the e-bike, the easier it is to use on steep grounds and long-distance rides. The weight range for electric bikes is 9 to 30 kg.

What Makes Orbe Gain D50 Claris More Appealing?

Orbe Gain D50 Claris is a men’s electric road bicycle with mechanical disc brakes and pedal assistance of up to 25km/h. As a lightweight sportive bike, Gain D50 allows you to work in line with your fitness goals while it reduces distractions/challenges in the riding experience. It features a modern, sleek and lightweight design that can cover up to 100 km on a full charge.

With the iWoc One interface as part of its control centre, you can check the remaining battery levels, monitor motor assist level and turn the system on/off.  Gain D50 also features an internal battery (with enough battery power) that stays attached to the bike even when charging. Its rear hub motor delivers smooth, reliable assistance designed to ease your ride. Instead of relying on wires or ports, Gain D50 features a CAN (Controller Area Network) bus port you can use to attach external backup battery or charge the internal battery.



  • Wier tyres lower the rolling resistance making the bike to be more versatile and comfortable
  • Deeper control of the built-in iWoc system through a smartwatch and smartphone compatible app
  • Blends perfectly with your pedaling efforts thanks to the advanced sensor (which offers smooth, balanced assistance)
  • The system adjusts power accordingly to give you more pedaling and riding control
  • Increased convenience when charging the battery (bus port features a single interface for attaching external battery or charging the internal battery)
  • Drag-free pedaling since Gain D50 runs on a hub motor
  • Adequate battery power for intense riding experiences (facilitated by an internal battery)


  • Aluminum frame isn’t shock-resistant making the entire bike susceptible to mechanical damage when overworking the motor
  • Only suited for men
  • Requires constant pedaling for the system to track your pedaling output and set the motor power to your needs

Orbe Gain D50 Claris is among the few e-bikes with a sophisticated drive system designed to enhance your ride rather than dominate it. The bike also eliminates the need for a removable battery with its high capacity internal battery. According to the manufacturer, Gain D50 Claris lets you work to your fullest potential and adjusts to your efforts for optimum riding experiences.