Pace 500 Ebike Review - Worth It In 2022 - 2023?

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Our Review Of The Aventon Pace 500 - Should You Buy It?


Many of us who are on a budget, dream of electric bikes which have decent battery life, great levels of pedal assist and are a comfortable ride, all for a likeable price. 

Well, the Aventon Pace 500 electric bike might just have it all, this city bike not only has a great range from its 557Wh battery but is a class three e-bike, allowing you to speed bike at 28mph, all for under $1599. 

To see if the Aventon Pace 500 electric bike is worth it, we have reviewed this class 3 e-bike in better detail down below, covering all its electrical features and components as well as how the bike is to ride. 

What Is a Class Three E-Bike? 

Before we get reviewing the Aventon Pace 500 e-bike we should go over what a class three e-bike is first so as you can see if the bike is right for you. 

Class three electric bikes use pedal assist only and do not operate with a thumb throttle, these bikes can reach an average speed of 28mph. 

Class two electric bikes have a speed bike metric of 20mph except do use a convenient thumb throttle for bursts of power, while class one models use levels of pedal assistance with no throttle and have a max speed of 20mph or 15mph, these bikes are often the ones which are road legal in most countries and do not require a license. 

Below the Pace 500 e-bike from Aventon is a class three bike. 

Our Review Of The Pace 500 Electric Bike

From the motor to the grips and saddle of the Pace 500, there is a huge range of specs to consider and review in this commuter electric bike before you invest. 

The Electric Features 


Motor-wise, the Pace 500 e-bike comes with a brushless rear hub motor 500W, it can reach peak powers of 750W and is fine-tunes with the PAS of the bike for natural assistance when riding. 

What We Think

For a commuter bike, the motor power is more than sufficient to pull away from traffic quickly and to reach a high speed quickly when needed, making this 500-watt rear hub motor fun to use with a natural feel. 

However, we do have concerned about just how legal this commuter ride is on the roads, with a motor power of 750W, throttle and top speeds of 28mph you would most likely need a license to operate this bike. 


To produce a range of up to 60 miles the electric bike is equipped with a Samsung lithium-ion battery rated 556Wh. This 11.6Ah battery is an integrated battery so can't be removed for charging and has a given range of around 25 miles when used on the assist mode all the time.

What We Think

This cruiser bike has a fairly good range for semi-long distance commuting and we like the Li-ion battery as it also stays cool during the whole operation of the bike. We do think however that the fact you can't remove the battery is a big downfall, its range is also a little limited compared to other commuter models, but this is probably down to its affordable price.


This Aventon Pace 500 electric bike comes with an LCD Easy Read Smart Display showing important information such as speed, battery life and more. 

What We Think

Okay, let's not beat around the bush here, the LCD unit that comes with this bike is pretty poor, its backlight is weak which means you can't see metrics very well when riding and its overall visuals are not appealing. 

We do understand once again this down to the lower price point.


The Pace 500 electric bike comes with two options of throttle starts, a throttle after pedal option and throttle from start option. This TAP design for the e-bike is meant to prevent accidental throttle engagements for safety protection. 

What We Think

To conclude, we like that this bike has two options of throttle start-ups, we do think however they could have an option to switch between the two programmes inside of the bike.

The Components 


One of the most impressive features of this affordable bike has to be that it is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes. The e-bike uses Tektro HD-T285 Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ 180mm Rotors to be exact and provides excellent stopping power which is need when using the bike at top speed due to its extra power. 

What We Think

We have nothing bad to say about the hydraulic brakes on this electric bike, they are easy to maintain and durable from Tektro. The brakes make the entire bike even better value for money and safer to ride as a class three e-bike.


For gears, the electric bike from Aventon uses a full Shimano Altus 8 Speed Drivetrain which is perfect for road use, this type of gear set-up means that the cassette, derailleur, and shifter are all combined for a smoother feel when riding. 

What We Think

This e-bike does have a pretty limited gear set-up from its drivetrain but it is to be expected with the low price and the bike is not an MTB or hybrid, meaning it is designed for city use only. 

We appreciate that the gears on this electric bike still use a high-quality shifter on the drivetrain without trying to cut expenses. 


Design-wise with its semi-integrated battery this electric bike uses a 6061 double-butted aluminium alloy frame material on the bike, meaning the tubes of the bike are thinner in the middle and thicker at the ends to increase durability and save weight. 

For the fork the bike has a rigid 6061 alloy fork, this fork keeps the whole bike lightweight and helps the efficiency of the e-bike when riding.

What We Think

Overall, the design of this e-bike is pretty sleek and uses a durable frame for long term use, however, the rigid fork on the bike does mean you will feel a few more bumps than usual when riding. We would not suggest ever using this bike on bumpy roads otherwise you will feel it. 

Tyres & Wheels 

The Aventon pace 500 tyres are interchangeable and they use Kenda Kwick 27.5 x 2.2 tires, these tyres are pretty great for handling average roads and won't wear down easily or puncture, making them perfect for daily commuter use. 

What We Think

We don't have a bad word to say about the tyre and wheel on this e-bike, with reflective sidewalls and puncture protection these Kenda tyres fit the bike well, and can always be swapped out easily when needed.

Saddle & Handlebars 

In terms of the handlebars on this e-bike, they follow an upright looking style like most cruiser bikes and are 640mm handlebars with a 15 degree back sweep. These swept-back handlebars create an upright straight feel which is perfect for commuting with. 

Saddle-wise the e-bike by Aventon has a Velo Plush 245mm wide saddle for extra comfort when riding longer range. 

What We Think

We appreciate the swept-back handlebars of this electric bike as they are suited for upright style commuting, but we do think typical MTB riders might find the set-up slightly cramped to ride with. Seat-wise the wide width is excellent for sitting on and isn't too small. 


Lastly, we have pedals, the pedal of this Pace 500 e-bike are made from alloy platforms and have fixing pins to help keep your feet in place when riding. They also use orange reflectors so as you can be seen on the road when riding. 

What We Think

For the price, we would have assumed that this bike might have been fitted with plastic pedals, so alloy pedals instead is a nice surprise, the fixing pins are also excellent for beginner e-bikers who struggle to keep their feet in place when riding. 

The Performance 

In terms of riding, the Pace 500 e-bike can take some getting used to with its mix of cruiser and commuter geometry, but once you get used to the bike it is exceptional to ride, with the throttle power helping you zoom through traffic and the rear hub motor giving a push to bike as you pedal along. 

It should be noted if you want to be riding the bike at high speeds of 28mph then you will need to put a little work in when it comes to pedalling with the bike. 

Is The Pace 500 Electric Bike Worth It?

To conclude our review of the Aventon Pace 500, this electric bike is worth it, and we would recommend it if you are looking to get a good value for money because of its low selling price point. 

With premium features such as hydraulic disc brakes, throttle and a 500W motor, the design and power of this bike is excellent, falling between a cruiser and commuter bike. 

As long as you do not plan to go mountain biking with this model, we would be confident to say anyone would be satisfied with this electric bike.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Pace 500 Electric Bike 

What bike geometry does the Aventon Pace 500 have? 

The Aventon pace 500 has a mix of cruiser and commuter geometry due to its saddle and grips but swept-back handlebars for an upright riding position. The stem of the e-bike can be adjusted to your preference, however.

Does this electric bike from Aventon have a warranty? 

Yes, all of the Aventon bikes come with a 5-year warranty which is excellent for reliability and consumer trust considering the low price class.

What type of throttle does this electric bike come with?

The electric bike has a throttle after pedal option or throttle on start option as a safety feature for people who are new to e-bikes, this is a lever throttle style.

Is the Aventon pace 500 a high-quality bike? 

We would say the Aventon Pace 500 is a lightweight, city-oriented bikes model with high-quality features for its price such as a powerful motor, hydraulic disc brakes and alloy pedals, the design did not skimp when it comes to the durability of its aluminium alloy frame too.

What does a semi-integrated battery mean? 

A semi-integrated battery on an electric bike means that the battery can be integrated into the downtube of the bike but cannot be fully removed.

Are there any downfalls to the Aventon Pace 500? 

There are a few downfalls that are worth noting on this e-bike, for example, the LCD display unit is of poor quality, and the drivetrain of the bike is limited. Its range is also not that great for a commuter type bike and the battery cannot be taken off for easy charging.

What is the approx price of the Aventon Pace 500? 

The Aventon bike has a price point of around a $1500 e-bike, but this can change according to where you purchase it from.

Can this electric bike be used on rough roads? 

No, this e-bike is not designed to be used on rough roads at all due to its lack of proper suspension and a small fork. Its drive train is further limited for this kind of riding and you would likely have a very uncomfortable bike ride even with the wide saddle of the bike.

How many assistance modes does the e-bike come with? 

This electric bike comes with five different PAS levels to choose from as well as a throttle mode for extra power when riding the e-bike, this assistance modes can be chosen through the display unit according to the power you need or if you want to extend your range from the battery by lowering the assistance.

What is peak power from the 500-watt hub-drive motor?

The peak power from this 500W motor is 750W in total and the e-bike can reach top speeds of 28mph when enough pedalling effort is put into the bike.

Final Words 

To conclude, the Pace 500 electric bike is exceptional value for money, making it hard to find any other e-bike with the same features on the market at this competitive price point. 

We would suggest getting this bike if you are on a budget yet want a durable e-bike for road biking or commuting, it has all the features you need such as five PAS levels, hydraulic disc brakes, an 8-speed drivetrain and adjustable handlebars. 

The only reason we would suggest not taking this e-bike is if you are after a bike that you can ride with on rough roads due to the models lack of suspension.

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