Are Ebikes Okay To Ride In The Rain? Is It Safe?

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Are Electric Bikes Waterproof & Safe To Ride In The Rain?


As electric bike models are proving to be more and more popular as an alternative commuting transport, one might wonder what happens if you get caught in the rain with your electric bike or if you can take your e-bike through puddles safely. 

Well, the good news is, if you get caught in wet conditions while having an e-bike riding experience, your electric bike will likely still be fine, the same way a smartphone would be with drops of water, however, it should be noted e-bikes have water resistance and are not waterproof, so excessive rain could cause damage. 

To find out more about whether or not you can take your electric bike on rainy rides and how to ride one with safety in the rain due to the additional power, we have composed a guide below which will give you all the important information you need to know.

Is There a Waterproof E-Bike? 

At the moment, e-bike riders will be disappointed to learn that there are still no fully waterproof e-bikes on the market, only weather-resistant.

You can still take your electric bike out in wet conditions, but it isn't ideally recommended to do it for long periods or to even submerge your whole bike into water. This is because, unlike a traditional bike, e-bikes are made up of electrical components which offer assistance when riding. 

Most at risk if your get your e-bike too wet is the e-bikes batteries which can completely fail or have a reduced lifespan due to the excess water, a few drops of water is fine on your home commute, but don't let the bike get drenched. 

Like most other electronic devices on the market, an e-bike is water-resistant, but you wouldn't drop your phone in water, so it is a good idea to treat your electric bike, in the same manner, to be on the safe side. 

What Is The Difference Between Water Resistant & Waterproof?

Since we keep saying an e-bike is water-resistant and not waterproof, you might be wondering what the clear difference is. 

Well, water-resistant means that your commercially made e-bike has parts that make it hard for water to get inside of the parts, so a few raindrops on the way from work to home will likely not be able to reach inside of your battery. 

Waterproof on the other hand would mean that the whole e-bike is entirely sealed off and no water will be able to make itself in or out of the bike. 

A great way to determine just how water-resistant your bike is for electric bike riders is to check the rating on your model before purchasing, this will be an indicator as to how far you can push your bike in rain before needing to take cover.

Dangers Of Riding Your E-Bike In The Rain 

If you get caught in the wet weather by accident on your e-bike, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the dangers that can happen while using your electric bike out on the road. 

We have listed a few of the most important ones below. 

  • Electrical components - One of the first and most obvious consequences to riding your e-bike in the rain has to be the risk that water can make electrical contact and damage your whole e-bike or worse, even cause harm to you as the user. Despite water resistance, if the rain is too heavy, it can make its way into these parts.
  • Slippery roads - Due to the extra power that e-bikes come with you need to be more careful when riding over slippery roads as accidents are more likely to happen and you might not have as good of control over your bike because of the source of power from the motor assistance. Braking early and riding at slower speeds can help manage the slippy roads.
  • Poor visibility - A wet ride means poor visibility when riding, increasing the chance of an accident occurring due to bad vision. You should take extra caution when attempting to ride around corners or intersections due to this.

Safety Tips For Using Your E-Bike In The Rain 

Now you know the main dangers of taking your e-bike out in the rain, we have put together our best list of safety tips and advice for riding in the rain to help you out. 

  • Wear good gear - One of the best safety tips for riding your e-bike out in the rain has to be wearing good gear. You should have dry bags for storing electronics such as your phone and wear a light rain jacket to keep yourself dry. Full concentration should be on the road ahead and not yourself getting wet.
  • Wait with excessive rain - Don't push it and try and ride your electric bike in torrential rain, doing so will increase the chances of you damaging your bike or having an accident, in these situations, it is much better to wait it out. 
  • Slow down - When the road outside is wet, disc brakes perform worse and road conditions give you less control, so it is always the safer and better choice to ride with your bike slower than you typically would.
  • Wipe it down - If you do get caught out in the rain with your bike it is a good idea to wipe the bike down as soon as you get home with a clean towel, you should also make sure to dry the battery to prevent any water damage from occurring. 
  • Headlights & taillights - No matter what, your e-bike should have a tail light and headlight on during rainy conditions so as other vehicles will able to see you clearly during poor visibility. 
  • Be aware - There might be points on the road where they are extra slippy or slick spots that are puddles with oil, these can make it hard for your bike to remain in control and should be avoided.
  • Choose the safer route - Is there a route with a less rough road? Or maybe a route with less traffic but takes longer for you to reach home, always opt for the safer route if so when riding your e-bike in the rain!

Final Words 

Overall, riding your e-bike in the rain is possible if you get caught in a few drops or a light shower, however, as an electric bike is only water-resistant and not waterproof, we would not recommend letting your bike get wet often and you should avoid heavy rains or submerging your e-bike in puddles.


Hi! my name is Sam Lawrence. I am a twenty-something year old cycling fanatic. I created this E-BikeReview.UK as a resource for people when shopping for an electric bike. My career in bicycles started when I was a child. I’ve always loved bikes. I started my own bike buying and selling business before I left school and have been running a very successful bike shop in Ledbury (west England) since I was 18 years old.

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