Can You Ride An Ebike With A DUI? Find Out Here!

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Is It Possible To Ride An Electric Bike With a DUI?


If you have been charged and caught driving your motor vehicle under the influence, then you might have had your form of license suspended and been charged with a DUI. 

As it is very risky to drive your motor vehicle around with a license suspension, you might need to look into alternatives to get to work and home on time, and while regular bikes are great, they are not quick, so that's where an electric bike comes in. 

The good news is, as you don't need a license to ride an electric bike, you can drive one out on the roads even if you have a DUI. 

To find out more about what happens if you get caught under the influence with your electric bike and when you might need a form of licence for your electric bike along with some safety tips for riding one, we have composed a short guide below to help you out. 

What Happens If I Get Caught Riding My Electric Bike Under The Influence? 

Technically, if you are riding your regular bicycle while drunk, it is very unlikely you will be fined or caught as it is not classed as a motor vehicle, however, if you get caught as an electric bike rider, this might be a different story. 

If you ride your electric bike drunk, there is a high chance you can be pulled over and receive an offence or warning, as many consider an e-bike a form of a motor vehicle. Driving your bike intoxicated would also be seen as a public intoxication issue, so it is unlikely you would get off lightly. 

Overall, any impaired driving, whether it is on a normal bike or e-bike will be disapproved by the police on the road, so you really shouldn't risk it, especially if it is power-assisted bicycles. 

In terms of points on your driving license none will be taken, as you do not need a bicycle rider license, however, in total, you can be fined up to £2,500 as an offence for the dangerous riding of your bike, this would not be classed as dangerous driving as the bike is not a car.

Do I Need a License To Ride My E-Bike? 

In the UK, you do not need a license to ride your electric bike, however, you should only ride your electric bike if you are over the age of 14, under 14 is not permitted in the UK. 

For some other countries, a license may be required, and you also have to ensure that your bike is classed as a standard electric bike in the electric bike industry, if your electric bike goes faster than 15.5mph and exceeds the power of 250W it will not be classed as an e-bike and is not legal to run on the roads. 

If you are not sure about whether or not you need to register or have a moped license for your electric bike it is always best to check with the local road laws or council just in case.

Safety Tips For Taking Your Electric Bike Out On The Road 

Electric bikes are fairly simple and easy to operate out the road, we don't recommend ever driving one under the influence, however, as the electric power of these bikes can cause you to lose control. 

So as you can feel comfortable riding your electric bike and get the most out of it, we have listed our essential safety tips for taking your e-bike out on the road below. 

  • Brake ahead - One of our top safety tips for riding your electric bike is slowing down. In comparison to riding a normal bike, your will be having electrical assist as you ride along at higher speeds, this means you need to make sure you are braking ahead of time in places such as intersections for example.
  • Wear the right gear - When riding your e-bike, make sure you are wearing appropriate gear such as elbow pads and knee pads as well as a helmet to protect you in case you have an accident and fall. 
  • Check your tyres - Having the right tyre pressure on your e-bike ensures that you have better control when operating it, low pressure tyres can be dangerous and cause your bike to slip and slide. 
  • Make yourself visible - Visibility is key when riding your e-bike at night, your bike should have front and rear lights as well as you having a headlight on your helmet.
  • Put a mirror - Having an extra mirror on your electric bike allows you to keep your vision focused ahead and removes the need for you having to turn your head around while riding to check traffic keeping you focused at all times.
  • Check when your mounting and dismount - It is very important you get an e-bike where the frame suits your body, just like you would with a regular bike. Due to the motor and battery that electric bikes have you should be extra careful when getting off your bike to ensure it does not fall on top of you. 

Final Words 

Overall, you can ride an electric bike with a DUI offence as you do not need a driving license to ride with one, however, we would not recommend driving your bike under the influence ever as this could cause harm to other vehicles on the road or even pedestrians around.  

Even without the risk of a licence suspension, you could still receive a hefty fine if you get caught riding your electric bike drunk. If you are not sure whether or not your bike is classed as an e-bike, you should check with your local authorities if it is legal to ride and follow the safety tips above to ensure you can be comfortable riding out on the road.

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