Volt Pulse Electric Bike Review - 2020 – 2021

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Volt Pulse Electric Bike Review

If you are looking for an electric bike upgrade, then you will already be well aware that there are hundreds of fantastic models on the market right now. If you are prepared to pay the kind of money that you will need to pay for a top notch ebike, then it is understandable that you will want to make sure that you are getting the very best.

As we have already mentioned; choosing an ebike of this standard is no easy feat because there are hundreds of high-end bikes on the market at the moment. Choosing between them really isn’t easy. Because of this, we have aimed to make things easier by testing and reviewing some of the most popular models out there.

Today, we will be reviewing the Volt Pulse Electric Bike for you. Please read on below to find out what we thought of this electric mountain bike after we thoroughly tested it out.

Features: Aluminium Alloy Frame – 250w SpinTech Motor – Shimano Gears – 8 Speeds - 80 Mile Range – 15.5mph Maximum Speed – 26 Inch Wheels – 19.5kg


  • A highly professional design made from solid aluminium alloy.
  • It comes with puncture resistant Kenda tyres.
  • The Volt Pulse Electric Bike is designed to be suitable for both off road riding and road riding.
  • The handle bar LCD display is very easy to use.
  • The front suspension helps you to get a smooth ride wherever you are.


  • The instruction manual isn’t very clear and could do with an update.

The Volt Pulse Electric Bike Review

First of all, we are going to talk about the general design of the Volt Pulse Electric Bike. Our first impressions were very good indeed. We really liked the professional colour scheme, it looks fantastic. The aluminium alloy frame is completely solid and we could immediately tell that it was built with durability in mind.

Some Great Features

At the back of the bike there is a handy luggage rack which we really liked. The one addition that we loved in terms of the design of this electric bike is the tyres. These Kedra tyres are puncture resistant which we found very useful for off road biking where you are more at risk of getting a puncture that could be expensive to repair.

Once we had taken a proper look at the design of the Volt Pulse Electric Bike, it was time for us to test it out fully. The first thing that we really liked about this bike was the LCD display. Conveniently located on the handlebars, we were easily able to access the different settings and monitoring functions. The display is crystal clear and we had no issues operating it.

Make Use of Online Resources

The one thing that we will say about this bike is that the instruction manual is a little unclear and we definitely felt that it could do with updating. However, there are plenty of helpful resources online which we found beneficial for getting to know the bike and how it works.

Because of the puncture proof tyres and the very impressive front suspension, we were able to enjoy riding this electric bike both on trails as well as on the road. We had no issues using this bike at all and we would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for an upgrade on their electric mountain bike.

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