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ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike, 26 Inch Folding E-bike with Super Magnesium Alloy 6 Spokes Integrated Wheel, Premium Full Suspension and Shimano 21 Speed Gear
  • FOLDING ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE --- This bike adopts ultra-lightweight yet strong aluminum. Double shock absorption. Mechanical front and rear disc-brake design and 21-speed professional transmission system. Perfect climbing ability.
  • ULTRA STRONG WHEELS --- 26 inch magnesium alloy integrated wheels with anti-slip resistant thick tire-- suit for trails, gravel, city streets, back roads, increases hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adaptability.
  • 3 WORKING MODES --- Ebike & Assisted bicycle & Normal bike. With the LED 3-speed smart meter button, you can choose the electric assist power according to your needs. You can add a burst of speed with the throttle, which is ideal for pulling away from traffic lights. Combining three modes would be a better choice.
  • ELECTRIC SYSTEM --- Equipped with the 36V 8AH lithium-Ion front battery and 250W stable motor, you can reach a range of up to 15-30 miles at toppest speed 15 mph per charge. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to travel and back.
  • SERVICE AVAILABLE --- This bicycle arrives 85% assembled. It's not hard to finish aseembly by yourself---Watch video on ANCHEER SPORT. The assembly service on this page is provided and charged by third-party company partnered with Amazon. If you can't finish by yourself, you can click and choose the service.
Speedrid ebike for girls (Black)
  • Portable Battery: 36V 12.5AH lithium-ion battery is integrated under the back seat and housed in a compact aluminum housing. Excellent endurance, allowing you to enjoy the fun of riding Speedrid electric bike.
  • Excellent Performance: 250W motor is recognized by users for its excellent performance and durability. The 250W electric motor enables you to travel 35 miles at 19 mph. You can charge the electric bicycle as needed.
  • Extremely Comfortable: 26-inch lightweight continuous aluminum frame, low riser makes it easier to enter and exit, this is a daily frame, fully meet your daily needs, such as commuting, exercising or traveling.
  • Safe&Stable: Speedrid attaches great importance to the safety of riding. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide reliable all-weather braking capability, the high-speed gear system improves the climbing ability and adapts to a larger range and terrain changes.
  • Support&Service: Stylish, convenient and practical. One-year electrical system warranty, lifetime technical support and timely response. We are always here to serve you. Speedrid electric bicycle will become the first choice for many people in their daily commuting.
Hyuhome Electric Bikes for Adult, Magnesium Alloy Ebikes Bicycles All Terrain,26
  • ✔ Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic handbar, adjustable seat and rst, Anti-slip and wear resistant tire. The bright LED adaptive headlights and horn are equipped for night riding. Meter has 5-speed smart button. We attention every detail of each component.【Upgraded speed controller】It can adjust the maximum speed limit to 15mph or other speeds, which can not only meet British regulations, but also meet the needs of off-road. Please pay attention to riding safety.
  • ✔ Smart Mountain Bike: 36V high speed motor, hign power. The gradeability can reach 30° in common road condition. 5 setting smart computer, which can display the battery status, speed, trip distance and modes.【HuiYu】store is the only legal distributor of 【Hyuhome】brand, please purchase at 【HuiYu】 store.
  • ✔ Large Capacity Removable Battery: 36V/8-13Ah SANYUAN Li battery. Removable power supply makes you charge it on or off the frame, equipped with smart lithium battery charger, fast charging only need 3-4 Hours.【HuiYu】store is the only legal distributor of 【Hyuhome】brand, please purchase at 【HuiYu】 store.
  • ✔ Working Modes: The gorgeous electric mountain bike has 3 working modes, pure electric mode, PAS mode and pure human riding mode.Adapting to need of your long-distance can enjoy a long time trip with any mode according to your needs, combining three modes would be a better choice.【HuiYu】store is the only legal distributor of 【Hyuhome】brand, please purchase at 【HuiYu】 store.
  • ✔ Excellent Accessories: E-bike wields front and rear disc brakes design and 21-35 speed shimano professional transmission system. Front suspension fork, offers smooth cushioning and shock absorption when cycling on rugged mountain road, enjoying the stimulate during your ride. When you brake, the power will automatically cut off. The LCD display can monitor the speed, battery usage and cycling trip distance.【HuiYu】store is the only legal distributor of 【Hyuhome】brand.

Best Hybrid Bikes For Under £1000 - The Best For Your Money!


Hybrid bikes are a few different things. In this article, a hybrid can be taken to mean a cross between a city bike and a mountain bike, as well as a power-assisted e-bike. Ebikes are taking off in popularity, and finding the best hybrid bikes under 1000 is an exacting task with many new and exciting brands coming onto the market.

Readers should note that the ebike in its current form does not always have a throttle, like an e-scooter. If there is no throttle control, these hybrid bikes have a range of power settings, which take some of the work away from your legs and onto the motors. With that in mind here are some of the best hybrid bikes.

ANCHEER Electric Bike

The Ancheer ebike looks slick and futuristic. With its folding mechanism, this hybrid bike suits the city commute and the open road. Built on an ultra-strong and ultra-light aluminium frame the eye-catching aluminium wheels will carry you up to 30 miles on one charge. Available in dark black and white, the overall look is very aesthetically pleasing.

The Ride

A folding electric mountain bike is truly a hybrid species. Let's be clear that the mountain biking in question is of the cross-country variety - not downhill speed runs.

The double suspension offers great shock absorption on steady cross-country types of terrain, but the real rough riding won't suit this frame or design, a great deal of force can be applied, and you wouldn't want to snap your bike in two.

That is not the say the Ancheer is not capable of taking some flack. An integral part of a cross-country style mountain bike is the forks. This Ancheer model uses a high-strength carbon fork system. Like some of the best hybrid bikes do, despite its reasonable cost coming in under £1000.

The wheels are 26 inches, made from one piece of magnesium alloy, and have aerodynamic properties. They're incredibly sturdy and excel at their job of putting the power from the motor down to the ground.

With disc brakes, you can be confident of stopping and controlling the speeds, which are capped at 17mph, they feel responsive and light to the touch. Riders new to hydraulic disc brakes might find them a bit nippier than the old pad-style, so take care when first riding.

Having some off-road DNA in its design certainly makes this hybrid bike a good choice for a range of conditions. Even if just cycling to work, inclement weather can be a real challenge. The wide tires are well-gripped and a good thickness.

The Motor and Electrics

250W brushless motor which powers the bike has a three-speed setting. There is an electric bicycle, the auxiliary bicycle, and the ordinary bicycle mode. The speed and 'setting' are controlled from a module on the handlebar.

This specific model does feature a throttle for some no-pedal riding. Also on the handlebars are a light and horn switch, as well as a battery indicator.

Lithium-ion batteries power the bike; they are 36V and 8ah. When this current is run through the motor, the top speed is around 17mph, depending on rider weight.

Range indeed ranges, depending on how much power you are using. But 15-30 miles is considered the limit on the Ancheer.

Recommended for...

The Ancheer, being a foldable e-mountain bike hybrid, is great for someone commuting to work, and also looking to enjoy some cross-country bike rides.

The overall build design and quality are of a good standard, this is not a top of the line ebike, but it makes a very reasonably priced introduction, combining the best of on and off-road riding in a folded-up package.

I like the disc brakes and the overall ride quality, but I do wonder about taking it off-road on something strenuous, as it is a folding bike. The best hybrid bikes are measured by their distance and speed, 30 miles is good, but you are capped at 17mph.

Buyers should be aware that the hybrid comes 85% assembled, the final 15% can be found on Ancheer's website, where they have guides and videos. Purchasers can also request assembly and service through third-party providers.

Speedrid Electric City Bike

The Speedrid Electric City Bike is a sophisticated Dutch-style bike that will certainly catch some eyes on the way to work. The upright riding position is very comfortable, and the power is excellent; reaching speeds of 19mph.

Unlike some of the other models featured in this guide, the Speedrid is an exclusively on-road bike. Perfect for commuting to work or travelling around the city.

Countryside dwelling cyclists who stick to the roads would get a lot of joy from this bike too; the upright riding position is favoured, in general, to flatter areas of the world.

Best hybrid bike for the city?

With a 250W motor, this isn't the most powerful hybrid bike around; however, the design and lightweight build mean that the bike can clock a decent pace, for a good 30 miles.

The battery itself is situated behind the rider, above the rear wheel, in a sleek aluminium casing. It is easy to slide out and plugin for re-charging. This battery storage unit also doubles as a way of attaching panniers or a specialist bike bag.

What stands out about this bike is how customisable the sizing is on every aspect. The fully adjustable handlebars and seat, as well as the upright riding position, make this suitable for men, women, and teenagers.

The wheels are a standard 26", which should be comfortable for most people around the average height.

A comfortable hybrid bike

Having a low-rise frame adds a sense of ease, as well as stability due to the lower centre of gravity, to your riding. This makes it a great introductory bike, for those intimidated by ultra-thin road bikes and aggressive suspension mountain bikes.

The curved handlebars promote the upright position these bikes are known for, flat handlebars are more suited to aggressive (and cheaper) models of a bicycle.

Hydraulic disc brakes are lacking on the bike; it does have mechanical disc brakes for superb stopping power. Brakes are less likely to be simple pads, especially on hybrid bikes, and this maintenance could cost money in the future.

Although a professional tune-up can seem expensive, the difference it makes can be astounding.

There is some assembly required with the Speedrid. However, for an extra sum, is it possible to have the bike arrive fully assembled. Swifty provides a one-year warranty on the electrical systems, and they offer lifetime technical support and pride themselves on their quick response times.

So any trouble down the line, or a recommendation for a servicing provider, will be easy to manage.

Recommended for...

The Speedrid cycle is ideal for those looking to commute to work, school, or university. As priorities change hybrid bikes are one of the most exciting opportunities for greener modes of transport to become dominant.

The comfortable riding position and the excellent rear storage means the Speedrid should be on your radar if you're looking for a hybrid bike to move around the city.

Hilly areas might require something that has a different riding position, but unless you're thinking of insane Alpine inclines, the Speedrid will handle most hills with ease.

Hyuhome All-Terrain Electric Bike

The Hyuhome All-Terrain ebike has the look of a classic MTB ride, with a whopping great motor on the down tube. Whilst this bike could be suitable for a commute in urban areas, the positioning, battery life and overall sturdiness hints that this is more for the explorer and adventure sports fan.

Sitting on 26" wheels, which are in the aerodynamic style, the Hyuhome has a 350W motor and an adaptive frame. The front forks can be locked and unlocked, no need for super suspension on the roads.

Although this is resolutely not a road bike, the tires could be changed for something more streamlined. This is because the riding position is not far away from how road bikes are ridden. The ergonomics of the handlebar, the seat, and the forks can all be customised.

Hydraulic disc brakes for under 1000?

For stopping in a hurry, there are mechanical disc brakes. When applied the power to the wheels cuts out, and will reactively start up again once released. By connecting the two, the Hyuhome is designed with rugged mountain climbs in mind.

As such the bike has a wide range of gears. Transmission is run through a Shimano system, with up to 35 different speeds.

Hybrid bikes are generally pretty heavy, due to the relative newness of battery technology. The Hyuhome weighs 22kg. This is on the lower end of the scale when it comes to hybrid bikes.

Bearing in mind the weight, it is promising that the power put down is sufficient to carry you up 30-degree inclines. This will, of course, be heavy on the juice in the battery, but Hyuhome has invested in a neat addition to their battery life, and consequently your range, in the form of a boost power partition in the battery.

Best Hybrid Bike for Off-Road

The pure, unadulterated range is between 50km and 90km, depending on the terrain, your weight, and the rest of the variables. With the boost power button, there is an extra 40-50km range tucked away.

How this is doled out depends on the amps you chose to carry the power through.

Choosing a lower or higher amperage will enable you to squeak out of the valley, there is nothing worse than running out of power and having to cart the heavy bike the last portion of the ride home.

Because a traditional, non-hybrid bike for men (and women) weighs around 13kg. Nearly 50% less than the Hyuhome, and comparable models. For reference, the lightest road bike of 2020 weighs just 3.9kg.

So how fast can the Hyuhome go? As fast as the law states officer! In the UK ebikes have to be limited to 15mph and a motor under 250W. Anything above that is, by law, and this is a grey area, considered as a motor vehicle.

The Hyuhome has a 350W motor and a top speed of 25mph. In reality, the laws around e-bikes are still coming into play. Electric scooters are illegal in the UK.

Yet they are ubiquitous in cities. It is possible to adjust the speed limit on the Hyuhome to conform to your local laws.

Dishing out the power can be done in three ways. The first is just using your own steam. The next is assisted, and the final form is fully unleashed electric motor power.

This is controlled through the onboard computer, situated on the handlebars, and will display a basic set of readouts: speed, battery life, trip distance, and the current riding mode.

Also on the handlebar is a horn and adaptive LED headlight - which makes riding at night much safer, as well as being able to alert others on the road to your otherwise silent and rapid approach. Other accessories available include panniers, mudguards, and SBD pedals.

Recommended for...

The Hyuhome is the best bike for exploring the countryside with, although it can be adapted to more urban and commuter style riding with no problems at all.

The bike is easy to maintain and assemble - the battery is detachable for reasons of security and charging - and will bring lots of joy to those who might need some assistance getting around in the great outdoors.

The finishing touch of having a built-in horn and powerful LED light make this hybrid bike a very attractive buy. The ride quality is superb, with a powerful motor and sharp brakes.

Swifty Electric Mountain Bike

Swifty's electric mountain bike is a classically designed mountain bike, similar to the Hyuhome model reviewed above; the sleek battery sits on the downtube.

Though it looks like a regular MTB ride, Swifty is suitable for all terrains, due to its lightweight and versatile aluminium frame.

The battery is a Panasonic lithium-ion 36V 9.6AH module, which translates into an average of around 30 miles range. Fully charging the battery takes only three hours. Top speed is the government-mandated 15mph, and there are some useful features in terms of power that make this bike ideal for beginners.

Ebikes can be a strange experience at first, as you engage the pedals the bike can seem to jolt off and away. To counter this, Swifty has a 'walking mode', which takes the motor from standing up to 5mph, much smoother and less likely to cause an accident than full-power.

Beyond this mode, there are three settings, light, medium, and heavy, to help you on your journey.

There are quality features throughout the bicycle. Hydraulic disc brakes on the front and back give excellent stopping power. The light alloy frame isn't carbon fibre light, but it is on the lower end of the scales.

The gear range runs through Shimano Deore, and you have seven gears to choose from - another facet that makes this ideal for a recent convert to cycling. The forks are Zoom, a good brand, and they can be locked to give better ride quality on hard surfaces such as the road to work.

There isn't a back suspension, this hardtail bike is not well suited to vigorous downhill riding, but it will happily take you round some rolling hills and back.

One thing that is not especially high quality is the handlebars. The flat bar to my mind could be improved upon, it seems slightly basic, but this is also a basic bicycle. The tires and wheels are of a high standard.

However, they are a slightly funky 27.5" in size, and have double-walled rims to add extra protection against flats and punctures.

Unlike some of the other manufacturers featured here, Swifty has a large amount of informational material on their website to help you get the most out of your ride.

They're also available for support via a range of communication methods. Whilst you do have to set up your bike at home, these guides and the provided toolkit make it very easy to do so.

Controlling the speed on the Swifty relies on a tactile and non-screen based module. It is mounted on the handlebars (I'm yet to see an ebike with 'suicide gears') and is very simple. There are three buttons, on/off, and then up and down.

Red lights indicate which setting you're engaged in. More red lights on the very top display battery life; however, this module is minimal.

The lack of speedometer and trip distance is a mild concern - these numbers are useful to triangulate how much battery you really have left; and who doesn't like seeing how fast they can go?

Recommended for...

The Swifty hybrid bike is best for those who are new to cycling, and maybe want something to give them a boost on steady cross country off-road rides, as well as being suitable enough to commute with.

The adjustable front suspension fork will make switching styles easy. The only downside is perhaps the limited information available on the console, but its simplicity is also quite attractive.

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Like many of these cycles, the brakes are sharp, but if you're going off-road, they could do with an upgrade to match the higher end bikes. However, given that the best hybrid bikes in the MTB mould can cost a significant amount more than the Swifty, this model is a great introduction.

HJHJ Electric Hybrid Bike

HJHJ have designed a classic off-road bike, hardtail style, with a motor and battery. This is a solid piece of kit with disc brakes, aluminium frame, suspension fork at the front and a wide range of gears.

The HJHJ can cruise for 35-45 miles, that's with you doing some pedalling. And it can give you a pure no-pedal ride for between 18 and 27 miles.

In terms of controlling the speed, it is one of the best hybrid bikes in its class, with five-speed power adjustments, as well as stepless speed regulation (a smooth ride), pressing the hydraulic disc brakes also cuts off the power for safety purposes.

Those brakes have great stopping power, but if you are planning on doing a lot of off round riding, they could be the next thing to upgrade.

Transmission is important off-road, the hub gears have 24-speed settings to play with. The best hybrid bikes tend to come with this range, simpler versions with 5 or 7 speeds are out there, but experienced riders often prefer to cycle through gears as they ride, and that's no different on hybrid bikes.

Men s hybrid bikes can weigh a lot; this bike is built with an aluminium frame, which is not as light as carbon fibre but does come in about average compared to other hybrids. To strip weight down further, a carbon fork upgrade might be useful.

Of all the digital displays on these hybrid bikes, the HJHJ has the most simple and efficient. The blue-backlit screen is easy to read in the dark and in the daylight.

There is a bar showing the battery life, a simple readout for speed, and a trip distance monitor. The buttons to control speed settings are located to the left of the screen and are maybe a little small.

It is a shame that there isn't a built-in horn or LED light; given the increasing popularity of hybrid bikes, these safety features may become standard in the future. Hybrid bikes are generally silent, so some easy to reach warning system is essential in avoiding accidents.

When riding this hybrid bike off-road, the forks come into play. You can manually adjust the tension and softness of these forks, locking it off for riding on hard surfaces more suited to a road bike.

The best hybrid bikes have to do a bit of everything, and the HJHJ is comfortable on muddy tracks as it is on city roads. Those commuting to work will appreciate the snappiness of the disc brakes. The ride is overall, very comfortable.

Recommended for...

The HJHJ is the best hybrid for those with some experience riding bikes and who would like to have something to dart to work on, or explore the outdoors. The way hybrids bike when off-road requires responsive brakes.

The disc brakes are good quality but could be upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes if off-roading was a serious part of your riding. In all the hybrid bike has good range, and good speed, but neither are top of the line.

It is nice to have the option to play with five different speed settings, track your distance, and battery life, all easily.

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What is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is a bicycle with an electric motor on-board, they’re hybrid in that you can ride the bike un-assisted and with various levels of assistance.

I thought a hybrid was like a mountain bike crossed with a city bike?

This is another useful definition. The term is going through some changes and some of the bikes reviewed are this kind of hybrid.

What is the law surrounding e-bikes in the UK?

In the UK e-bikes have to have their speed capped at 15mph, and the motor size must be less than 250W. However, as they grow in popularity these laws are likely to change.

Is it illegal to ride a more powerful e-bike?

Technically yes, and we do not condone breaking the law, however enforcement of e-bikes that might have a top speed of 21mph (which is common) is a different matter to the super-charged e-bikes which really do have safety concerns.

Recap - The Ancheer

This folding hybrid bike has an eye-catching design and quality features. The folding bike is a commuter staple, helping workers get to and from the station, as well as being easy to store in the office or at home.

What stands out about the Ancheer is its carbon fork, double suspension, and 17mph top speed. This bike is capable of off-road, on-road, and steady rides to work. 

Hybrids for everyone

E-bikes are taking off in popularity like never before. Cycling to work on any one of these bikes could revolutionise your physical and mental health, as well as playing an essential role in helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Be sure to examine all our bikes, as they cover everything from folding, to city, to mountain and cross-country cycling.

Moreover, you should also read our previous article about the best electric bike under £1500 to buy in 2022.

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