Haibike Ebike Review - Worth It In 2022 - 2023?

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Should You Buy A Haibike Ebike? - Our Guide & Review


Haibike is a German brand of electric bikes that have been around since 1995 but only started making mountain bikes in 2010. 

They now produce e-bikes for kids, road bikes, trekking bikes and MTB bikes for weekend adventures, the Haibike brand believes in creating e-performance bikes that do not hide their components but instead functionally show them.

As the Haibike e-bike range is pretty large, we will do a brief overview of their e-bikes below, highlighting the most popular models, we review the Haibike AllMtn 7 in more detail too. 

 Haibike E-bike Range Overview

All of Haibike's e-bike is made with high-quality parts and excellent power assist levels, but they do differ according to the type of bike you buy, so we have done an overview of the best Haibike has to offer below. 

  • Trekking 5 (And Step-Thru) - The Trekking 5 Haibike electric bike comes in a step over & step-through frame using a Shimano 9-speed drive train and a 500Wh battery which gives an excellent range for long-distance riding.
  • AllMtn 3 - Coming with a 12-speed SRAM SX Eagle gearing system and a 605Wh battery it is easy to see why the AllMtn e-bike can be taken on all mountains with ease. 
  • AllMtn 5 - This full-suspension mountain bike boasts a RockShox Lyric 160mm fork travel and is a great all-around mountain bike, hence its expensive price.
  • HardNine 5 - With a Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor and a Suntour front fork, this hardtail mountain bike is one of Haibike's best sellers, the e-bike is especially great for a beginner thanks to its geometry.
  • Full seven 5 - 150mm of rear travel and powerful 4-piston disc brakes as well as a Yamaha 250W motor, this e-bike is a powerful mountain electric bike and provides lots of comfort on the trails.
  • HardSeven 5 - This versatile electric mountain bike is similar to the HardNine model except comes with larger mountain bike tires, the hardtail bike size is more suitable for shorter riders too because of the wheels stand-over clearance. 

Our Review Of The Haibike AllMtn 7

The Haibike AllMtn 7 electric bike stands out among the e-bike thanks to its sand-coloured carbon frame, equipped with high-quality components such as Shimano, this bike will not disappoint electric bike owners when it comes to performance. 

However, there are a few drawbacks of some of Haibike's features which we will review below.

Electric Components 


Coming with a powerful Yamaha PW-X2 motor, the Haibike has a power output of 80Nm worth of torque, the bike can reach top speeds of 25km/h with its power settings. 

For PAS, the electric bike has its three PAS levels where the motor provides up to 360% of cadence. 

What We Think

The powerful Yamaha PW-X2 motor fits this bike nicely and has high motor capabilities with its excellent torque sensor that starts assisting as soon as you touch the pedals. Although the 250W motor power of this expensive bike is limited, it keeps the bike road legal which is the important part. 


For the battery this Haibike AllMtn 7 has a Yamaha InTube 600Wh battery pack which fits seamlessly into the tube of the bike frame, it's battery range depends on the assistance you are using but falls between 30 miles to 160 miles. 

What We Think

We love the integrated design of this Yamaha battery pack, especially because the battery cover hides the charger inside away from dirt and debris. We can't fault the battery setup of this model. 

Bike Components 


Frame-wise, this is where the Haibike model excels, the bike is designed with a fully XDURO AllMtn i600 carbon frame helping the bike keep it lightweight. Its display features a small Yamaha remote for showing metrics when riding. 

For suspension, the e-bike has a FOX 38 Factory Kashima front fork to provide a bit of comfort when off-roading, with 160mm of travel and FOX DPX2 Factory for its rear shock. 

What We Think

To conclude, the frame of this carbon bike is pretty impressive with a generous suspension bike size and lightweight of 24kg. However, the worst part about the frame of this bike is the Yamaha controller, it's cheap design does not suit the rest of the ergonomics and its small size makes it hard to control when riding. 

Gears & Brakes

If you are after the best stopping power, then the Haibike model features Shimano XT M8120 hydraulic disc brakes with 200mm rotors and in terms of gearing it is equipped with a Shimano XT/SLX 1x12 drive train for high performance. 

What We Think

We can't say anything bad about the gearing and braking set-up on this mountain electric bike, the piston 4 brakes allow you to stop on any kind of terrain with confidence while the gears have a great selection to ride with on inclines and downhill situations.

Wheels & Accessories

For wheels, the bike has a Syntace alloy wheelset with 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheels along with MAXXIS Minion tyres. 

Accessory-wise the bike has mounts all over its frame to allow you to mount nearly any type of accessory you want but doesn't come with many included itself. 

What We Think

Overall, the wheelset on this e-bike is great for handling mountain terrain and its tyres are of pretty good quality too, we appreciate that the frame of the bike has so many accessory mounts too unlike other bikes on the market.

How Does The Haibike AllMtn 7 Perform?

When testing the Haibike AllMtn 7 out for a ride the motor is extremely responsive and forgiving with gear changes, the 160mm suspension on the bikes provides stability and traction with the wheels too. Unfortunately, the e-bike does generate a fair amount of traction during use however which results in the bike feeling slightly sluggish.

Is The HaiBike E-Bike Range Worth It?

To conclude our overview and review, the Haibike range is defiantly one of the most expensive out there but does produce bikes with great quality parts and power, making the bikes a great long term investment, the Hiabike AllMtn 7, in particular, is a great bike for all-terrain use but is slightly sluggish with its Yamaha motor.

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