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Should You Buy A Yamaha Electric Bike? - Our Guide & Review

Yamaha has always been known in the e-bike industry for selling their drive units to e-bike brands such a Haibike and Giant but have recently started making their electric bikes. 

This electric bike brand first started with their two e-bikes; the Cross Connect and the Cross Core but now have road bikes and mountain electric bikes added to their range to suits a variety of e-bikers needs. 

In our guide below we will cover a short overview of the Yamaha e-bikes and review their newer MTB Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro in more detail. 

Overview Of The Yamaha Electric Bikes Range 

Yamaha's recent electric bike range is one of the most durable on the market, with all the electric bikes featuring a trustworthy three-year warranty and using Yamahas own motor for exceptional power. 

We have overviewed the whole range down below. 

Yamaha's Fitness/Lifestyle Bikes 

  • Cross Core - The Cross Core e-bike by Yamaha was one of the first of two bikes to be released featuring PW series Yamaha motor, 500Wh Yamaha battery and a double-butted aluminium frame, it can reach an 80-mile range. 
  • Cross Connect - With a PW SE motor, Suntour suspension and a 500Wh Yamaha battery, this bike is more suited to the rougher roads.

Yamaha's Road Bikes 

  • Yamaha Urban Rush - Using a Yamaha 250W motor, the Urban Rush city bikes model uses a Shimano 10 speed Tiagra Groupset for gearing, hydraulic disc brakes and has an impressive range from its 500Wh battery. 
  • Wabash Gravel E-Bike - The first gravel bike from Yamaha uses a PW series motor with 20mph max speed, paired with high-quality SRAM APEX components. 
  • Yamaha Civante - With speeds up to 28mph and a 500Wh battery, the Civante model is one of the most powerful bikes in the Yamaha road bike range.

Yamaha's Mountain Bikes 

  • YDX-TORC - Using the high-tech PW-X drive unit and a 500Wh battery this e-bike can take on any trail, providing comfort to the rider with its RockShox Recon RL 120mm travel fork. 
  • YDX-MORO - Similar to the Moro Pro we review below, this model PW-X2 drive unit and a 160mm fork with a durable twin frame by Yamaha.

Our Review Of The Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro

The Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro is one of the best selling full suspension mountain bikes from Yamaha on the market, it's twin frame works well with the motor, including its cadence sensor inside of the rear hub for even better assistance.

Electric Components 


The PW-X2 motor of the Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro has 250W power and can produce 80Nm of torque, the Yamaha PWX-2 motor is mid-mounted too and has a max speed of 20mph. 

For the sensor, it is integrated as part of the rear hub with the bike having five different PAS levels. 

What We Think

This motor combo with the rear wheel hub produces excellent assistance from the bike that feels natural, it is also very quiet during riding. We are not sure how well it would perform on inclines, however.


Battery-wise the Yamaha standard mountain bike uses a removable 500Wh lithium-ion battery that is integrated into the downtube of the electric bicycle. 

What We Think

The battery capacity of this bike is more than enough for average trail rides and we like that it is removable for easy charging.

Bike Components 


One of the most interesting parts about this bike is its Yamaha dual-twin frame, this frame is built to be very durable, and the bike is paired with a RockShox YARI RC Boost 160mm as well as a RockShox Super Deluxe Select + for a more stable ride.

What We Think

The twin frame on this e-bike gives the ultimate comfort ride and its front fork allows you to tackle all kinds of bumpy roads with little issues, the whole bike does have a fairly heavyweight, however.

Brakes & Gears 

Fitted with Magura MT30 Front/Rear: 4-piston brakes and Shimano XT 11-speed gearing the e-bike is equipped for downhill slopes. 

What We Think

The braking system of the bike gives confidence using the bike with pedal assist but might need bleed service after the first ride as its levers do feel spongey, its gearing system is more than enough for basic use and a natural ride.

Wheels & Accessories

This electric-assist bicycles mode has 27.5-inch wheels with Yamaha alloy rims and Maxxis High Roller tyres that are tubeless compatible. 

What We Think

We think the Yamaha electric bike has a great wheel size for off-roading and standard tyres, but you might want to switch them out to a more high-quality pair if you are looking to do some serious off-roading.  


When riding the YDX-Moro Pro you do feel its ergonomic well-balanced design and the Shimano gear set shifts smoothly when riding. We did find the motor still has a slight hum but nothing that stands out, the LCD however was hard to see due to its tiny size.

Is The Yamaha E-Bike Range Worth It?

Overall, although Yamaha is pretty new to the pedal-assist electric bikes market they know what there doing with their excellent high-powered motors and durable Yamaha frames.

Numerous bikes in the range allow for a quicker ride with their Yamaha's new PW-X motor with a powerful battery too that provides longer range and great battery life.

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