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The Best Fat Tyre Electric Bikes Reviews & Buying Guide

Our Favourite!
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GUNAI Fat Tyre E-Bike
GUNAI Fat Tyre E-Bike
  • 26 x 4.0 inch Fat Tyres E-Bike
  • Frame made of durable 6061 ALUMINUM Alloy, full suspension fork, offers smooth cushioning and shock absorption when cycling on rough terrains
  • Most powerful and smooth E-Bike motor in the market.
  • Due to the compact design, M-Series motor can be installed inconspicuously on many types of E-Bike and most importantly it is extremely harmonious handling.
  • Computer control and the Torque sensor provide 3 cycling modes: 1. ELECTRIC THROTTLE- 2.PEDAL ASSIST- 3.ONLY PEDAL.
  • 48V 17AH Lithium Battery. Up to 50-100km trip with pedal-assisted under full electric power. GUNAI MX02 Electric Mountain Bike supports over 500 times recharge cycles and only 6-8 hours charging time from 0 power to the full. It comes with both UK and EU standard plugs which are available for UK and EU customers.
  • Warranty: All GUNAI E-Bikes with one-year warranty for the electric motor, frame and six months for battery
Runner Up!
Ceaya Electric Fat Tyre Bike
Ceaya Electric Fat Tyre Bike
  • Aluminium alloy frame: The body is made of durable 6061 aluminium alloy, making it stronger. Brushless high-speed motor, the rider can set the riding speed according to their riding hobbies.
  • Fat Tire Electric bike: Use 26 x 4.0 inch Chaoyang tires, which have excellent driving and abrasion resistance. You can reduce the impact on bumpy roads and improve driving comfort. They are suitable for comfortable and safe driving on off-road roads.
  • Safety Design: Hydraulic disc brakes can ensure the safety while driving. When braking, the intelligent control switches off automatically to protect the driver. The entire design is for your safety. Ideal for an adventurous day or most outings.
  • 3 Riding Modes: Meter control and torque sensor provide three modes: 1. Electric throttle-2. Pedal assistance-3. Pedal only.
  • 48V 17AH Lithium Battery: With the help of full power pedals, you can travel 40 to 50 kilometers. The charging process only takes 6-8 hours. Providing standard UK and EU plugs to UK and EU customers.
Ficyacto Electric Bike
Ficyacto Electric Bike
  • Quality Motor & 7-Speed System Electric bike equipped with high speed brushless motor, providing enough to power your daily commute or mountain.
  • Double Shock Absorption design, safety factor.
  • The transmission system of the entire electric bicycle comes from the Japanese brand Shimano (gearbox, flywheel, paddle shifter). Make sure you switch more smoothly when riding, and you no longer have to worry about the problem of unsmooth gear shifting when exploring rough roads.
  • Smart Color Display With USB Charge. E-bike LCD Color display provides you with essential information such as remaining battery life, total distance travelled, and current speed. The smart display helps to deliver a smooth and natural riding experience. Also, you can charge your phone through the USB port while riding.
  • Removable High-Capacity Battery. The Electric Mountain Bike is equipped with a removable 48V 17Ah lithium-ion battery, and can reach 45 to 55KM pure electric cruising range per charge.
  • Has BMS (Battery Management System) to protect the battery in all directions and extend its life.
  • Combines 3 working modes: electric bike and auxiliary bike and bicycle. Through the LED smart meter button, you can choose the electric bike according to your needs 5-level speed mode for bike and assist bike.
  • Easy to Install: 90% of the products are already installed. You just need to assemble the rest of the accessories. 
  • Service and Warranty: One year warranty on motor, battery and frame. 

If you are looking for an electric bike that can take you anywhere, whether, on rocky beaches or unpaved streets, you've likely considered buying a fat tyre e-bike. 

Fat tires on e-bikes, typically four inches or more allow you to have a smooth ride with excellent stability no matter the road adventures you go on, this combined with the powerful motor allows for an extra fun ride. 

To make your search for a fat tire bike easier, we've rounded up some of our favourite fat tire electric bikes below and reviewed them one by one to help with your decision. 

Our Favourite Fat Tyre E-Bike - The GUNAI Fat Tire E-Bike (Editor's Pick!)

[amazon box="B08GFCYR36" ]

For people who want an electric bike that can take them anywhere, no matter the terrain or weather, this Gunai fat tire e-bike could be worth considering, housing a 1000W motor power and 17Ah battery. 

[aawp fields="B08GFCYR36" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Top specs of the Gunai model are its 26-inch four-inch-wide tires plus a range of up to 100km when used on PAS, three PAS modes are included with the electric bike, one mode being the pure electric throttle mode for an extra boost of power.

The battery life of the model lasts over 500 charging cycles and takes 6-8 hours to be fully charged. For extra control, 7-speed Shimano gears are included on the bike in addition to front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. 

[aawp fields="B08GFCYR36" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Design-wise the GUNAI fat tyre electric bike has an adjustable front suspension fork on its 6061 aluminium alloy for extra comfort as well as a saddle and an LCD that shows different modes when riding.

A foot booster is attached to the bike to help stop the rider from slipping and an LED headlight for extra safety when riding at night. One year warranty is included with the electric bike for the buyer's protection.


Overall, this GUNAI electric bike is one of the best choices on our list if you're looking for a reliable fat tires e-bike model.

[aawp fields="B08GFCYR36" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

The hydraulic brakes, assist levels and powerful 1000 watt motor makes the bike a breeze to ride up steep hills and its front fork plus extra foam saddle keep you comfortable while on your adventures. 

Notable downfalls of this GUNAI fat e-bike are its pedals which are said to have a poor quality build. The bike also comes without instructions, only a video link which can make assembly difficult.


  • 26-inch fat bike tires. 
  • 17Ah battery with 100km range. 
  • Adjustable front fork suspension. 
  • LCD to show modes. 
  • Throttle option. 
  • 1000W motor power. 
  • 7-speed Shimano gearing system. 
  • One year warranty.


  • Pedals are of poor build quality. 
  • No instructions for assembly. 

[aawp fields="B08GFCYR36" value="button"]

Our Runner Up - The Ceaya Electric Fat Tire Bike

This Ceaya all-terrain fat tire bike features a brushless high-speed motor with a power of 95Nm torque and a 17Ah lithium-ion battery which can give a range of up to 50km. 

[aawp fields="B08XZNWDL7" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Main specs of the Ceaya bike are 26-inch x 4-inch Chaoyang tyres and hydraulic disc brakes for ultimate stopping power, three riding modes are included on the bike; throttle, PAS and pedal only. Charging time takes between 6-8 hours. 

[aawp fields="B08XZNWDL7" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

For gearing the Ceaya model uses the Shimano 21-speed transmission system, the aluminium alloy frame is also equipped with an LCD for ease of use and control. 


To conclude, the Ceaya fat tire electric bikes model is an ideal fat tyre bike to choose if you're looking for a lot of power.

[aawp fields="B08XZNWDL7" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

Coming with hydraulic brakes and an excellent Shimano transmission system, this bike gives you the ultimate control and power. 


  • High torque motor. 
  • 50 km range from the battery. 
  • 21-speed Shimano transmission system. 
  • 26-inch fat tires. 
  • LCD for easy control. 
  • Three riding modes.

[aawp fields="B08XZNWDL7" value="button"]

Ficyacto Electric Bike 

Last but not least we have the Ficyacto electric bike, this model comes with a 95Nm torque brushless motor and a 48V 17Ah lithium-ion battery which can get to a range of 55km, it's also fitted with 4 x 26-inch tyres. 

[aawp fields="B09QGYV7PN" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Top features of the fat tire ebike are its Shimano 7-speed gearing system and front/rear hydraulic disc brakes, making it suitable for off-road use. Three working modes of PAS are included in the e-bikes technology, as well as BMS for the battery to help prolong its life. 

[aawp fields="B09QGYV7PN" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

For the design, this fat tire electric bike has dual suspension to make road riding extra comfortable and an LCD to switch through assist modes. A one year warranty is included with the bike for the buyer's protection. 


We like this fat tire e-bikes model thanks to its high power brushless motor and thumb throttle, allowing you extra power when you need it for your adventures.

[aawp fields="B09QGYV7PN" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

For value for money, the battery life of this e-bike is also extended due to the BMS system protection. 


  • Shimano 7 speed gearing. 
  • Three PAS modes. 
  • BMS protection for battery. 
  • Dual suspension. 
  • LCD. 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes. 
  • One year warranty.

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Which Is The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike?

To round up our top three fat tire e-bike recommendations, our favourite fat tire e-bikes model has to be the Gunai Fat Tyre Electric Bike. 

[amazon box="B08GFCYR36" ]

This electric bike has the best motor power and range for long adventure riding, with a throttle option to help whizz up a steep hill when needed. 

As a second choice, we would also suggest checking out the Ceaya Electric Fat Tire Bike, the high torque motor of this electric bike allows you to tackle any terrain, along with the Chaoyang fat tyres which are durable wider tires for better grip.

[amazon box="B08XZNWDL7" ]

What To Look For In The Best Fat Tyre Electric Bike (Our Buying Guide)

After reviewing our top three fat tyre electric bikes, we can move on to learning more about these types of electric bikes, which size of frame you should choose, motor type, the advantages and disadvantages of them as well as what to look for in your fat tyre e-bike and more.

What Is A Fat Tyre Electric Bike? 

Before we get into our guide about purchasing your fat tyre electric bike, let's first start by discussing what a fat tyre electric bike is. 

A fat tire e-bike is typically any electric bike that has tires wider than 4-inches, they are made this way so they can have increased traction on the ground, allowing them to handle a variety of surfaces with ease and stability in comparison to a normal electric bike. 

You can find ebikes with tyres around 2.8-inches to 3.8-inches in width, these are still typically classed as fat tyres but slightly thinner, they still benefit from increased traction, however. 

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of A Fat Tyre E-Bike? 

Fat tyre electric bikes can be very expensive, so deciding on whether one will benefit you or not is important to see if it's worth the investment. 

[aawp fields="B08GFCYR36" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

We've listed the pros and cons of a fat tyre e-bike below to help with your decision.

Pros Of Fat Tyre Electric Bikes

  • Can handle any terrain - If you like to ride in different weather conditions and on different surfaces, fat tyre e-bikes are the perfect choice as an adventure bike since they can handle any terrain.
  • Comfortable to ride - Tires with a larger width e-bike make it much more comfortable to ride, this is because the seat is often wider as well as the handlebars.
  • Great on the beach - The larger tyres on e-bikes are especially great for taking on the beach due to the extra traction, they keep you on top of the surface of the sand rather than it sinking.
  • More power - Fat tire ebikes are equipped often with much more power than your traditional electric bike, some coming with motor wattage up to 1000 watts and often have throttle boost options too. 
  • Extra stability - Due to the larger width of 4-inch tyres they give you much more stability when riding and keep you balanced, this works great for complicated trails or incline riding.

Cons Of Fat Tyre Electric Bikes

  • They can be harder to ride - For road biking, in particular, fat tyre electric bikes can be very slow due to their heavyweight and resistance. 
  • They are very heavy - A larger tire size, unfortunately, means heavier weight, be prepared when carrying your bike to and fro.
  • Not ideal as a commuter bike - Due to their large size and weight, we would not recommend using a fat tyre electric bike as a commuter bike, some are foldable but they are still very heavy.
  • Expensive - Fat tire e-bikes are always very expensive due to their high power and high quality off-roading designs.
  • Tire pressure is more important - Too much PSI can make your e-bike feel too bouncy and unstable, too little can cause the fat tire bike to have too much resistance.
  • Can be unsafe on gravel - Cheaper fat bike tires are not ideal for taking out on gravel they can provide less traction rather than more, always make sure you're using high quality fat tyres.

What's The Difference Between Fat Tyre E-Bikes & Plus Tire E-Bikes?

[aawp fields="B08XZNWDL7" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

You might have seen there are also electric bikes on the market which offer plus tires for a reasonable price and wondered if there's a difference between the two. 

Plus tire electric bikes still come with wider tires than your average road bike measuring around 2.8-inches with 1.5-inch rims. The advantage of these plus-sized bikes over 4-inch fat tires is that they still keep their lightweight while having the ability to tackle most terrains still. 

Still, though, the only difference between the two bikes is weight, you would still have trouble taking a plus tire size ebike out on the roads and they are heavier than your average mountain bike. 

If you are not fussed about weight, a fat tire e-bike is likely the better choice for traction. 

Fat Tyre E-Bikes Vs Mountain E-Bikes - Which Should I Choose? 

When looking for an off-roading electric bike, you've likely come across mountain electric bikes as well as fat tyre electric bikes. 

Deciding whether or not you need those extra inches on your tyres can cost you more money, so we've compared the two types of electric bikes below to help you out.

Mountain Electric Bikes 

Mountain electric bikes often have a wheel size between 27.5 inches and 29-inches depending on the model you buy, making them larger than your standard road bike. 

They typically have knobbly tires which measure up to 2.5-inches in width, making them better for bumpy roads and increasing their traction.

The advantages to mountain e-bike over fat tyre e-bikes have to be that they are faster since they are lighter weight and therefore have less resistance, they are also more suitable for multi-use purposes like taking on the road occasionally. 

We would argue that Mtbs are also better for travelling with since they are more compact. 

The obvious downfalls of mountain bikes in comparison to fat tire e-bikes is that they can do less, although you can take an Mtb on most of the same terrains as a fat tire e-bike, mountain bikes do struggle in all weather conditions such as rain, and are not so great on the rough terrain of the beach. 

[aawp fields="B08XZNWDL7" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="5"]


  • Lighter in weight. 
  • Knobby tires can handle the same terrains as fat tyres. 
  • Often less expensive.
  • Faster.


  • Can't be taken in all weather conditions.
  • Less comfortable to ride. 
  • Tires are less durable.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes 

Fat tire e-bikes have the obvious advantage over electric mountain bikes when it comes to their wider tires, these beat Mtbs knobby tires when it comes to having better traction and balance in slippy conditions. 

[aawp fields="B09QGYV7PN" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

We would also argue that fat tire e-bikes can be more comfortable to ride than standard mountain bikes thanks to their increased width. 

Drawbacks of fat tire electric bikes are their weight which makes them much less portable, they also perform slower on roads, we would not fancy riding one of these heavier bikes if your motor cut out! 


  • Better for riding in all weather conditions. 
  • More comfortable to ride. 
  • Durable. 


  • Not portable. 
  • More expensive.
  • Much slower. 
  • Not ideal for use on roads.

Conclusion - Which One Should I Choose?

Overall, if you're looking for more portability in your electric bike and want to be able to ride it on all terrains, an electric mountain bike could be an excellent choice.

But for people who aren't too fussed about weight and portability, with a higher budget to spend, you would likely get more fun out of a fat tire electric bike.

Which Size Frame Should I Choose For My Fat Tyre Bike?

One of the most important aspects to work out in your fat tyre bike before choosing your model is the frame size you need. 

[aawp fields="B09QGYV7PN" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="5"]

Picking the wrong sized e-bike can lead to wrist pain, back fatigue and general fatigue while riding your bike. The size of the frame you need on your bike also typically changes according to the type of bike you choose, due to their different frame styles, with Mtbs and fat-tire ebikes often having larger frames. 

We've listed some different heights and corresponding frame sizes of e-bikes down below to help you out, to find your height, always take the measurements of your inseam, standover height and all over height. 

The heights below correspond to mountain bikes and fat tire electric bikes. 

  • Height - 4'0 - 5'0 - Bike Frame - 20''.
  • Height - 5'0 - 5'5 - Bike Frame - 24'' - 26''. 
  • Height - 5'5 - 6'0 - Bike Frame - 26'' - 27''.
  • Height - 6'0 and above - Bike Frame - 27'' - 29''.

What To Look For In A Fat Tyre Electric Bike 

If you've decided that a fat tire electric bike is right for you, you need to make sure that your chosen model has all the essential features you need. 

[aawp fields="B09QGYV7PN" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]

We've listed some of the top features to make sure your new fat tire electric bike has below.

  • High motor power - Fat tyre electric bikes mean extra weight, and for off-roading adventures, you will need to make sure your electric bike's motor is powerful enough to support both your weight and the weight of the bike on your adventures. Most fat tire electric bikes typically come with a 750W to 1000W motor anyway but do note the higher the motor power the faster and easier you will be able to ride.
  • Battery range - The battery of your fat tire electric bike is very important, you want to ensure it will take you far enough for a single charge, consider the capacity and power. Better batteries are often removable for easier charging, also consider how long a single charge time will take.
  • PAS - Your fat tire e-bike should typically come with around three PAS levels, plus a throttle option, this comes in use when you need an extra boost of power when riding, this could be when faced with steep inclines for example.
  • Gearing - The gears your electric fat tire bike comes with are very important for riding on-road trails, the bigger the range of gears the more control you will have over your bike, allowing you to be flexible on where you take it. A good example of gearing would be the Shimano 21-speed transmission set.
  • Brakes - Make sure your e-bike is equipped with hydraulic brakes for ample power when stopping on a variety of terrains. Mechanical disc brakes are often found on cheaper e-bike modes but do not perform as well as hydraulics do on all-weather surfaces.
  • Design - Comfort is a huge factor when deciding on a fat tire e-bike, ensure your model has some kind of hydraulic fork to minimise shocks when riding, adjustable saddles and handlebars are also good factors to look out for. Consider if the aluminium alloy frame is folding too for easier storage, you should be checking the weight of the bike if you want to able to transport it.
  • Extra features - Many fat tire e-bikes will come with some extra features such as horns, front and rear lights or rear racks, these can be useful to look out for since they make the bike better value for money.
  • Warranty - Always make sure that your fat tyre electric bikes come with a one to two-year warranty for buyer's protection, these types of electric bikes, in particular, are very expensive, so having a warranty gives you peace of mind.

What Air Pressure Should My Fat Tyres Be?

Air pressure is one of the most important factors in riding a fat tyre electric bike, too high of air pressure can result in a rather unpleasant ride and vice versa if the PSI is too low. 

Typically, most fat tyre electric bike riders will have their tyres at around 8 PSI if they are taking their bike out in softer conditions, this moves up to about 15 PSI for trails and 20 PSI if you are riding your bike on the road.

We've listed the advantages and disadvantages of having high and low air pressure in your fat tires below. 

High Pressure Fat Tires 


  • You can ride further with high pressure tyres since there is less rolling resistance created on surfaces, this stops the mower from overworking too.
  • Having higher pressure in your tires does protect the rims more on the e-bike, and it is beneficial for heavier riders since they feel more supported when riding.
  • This is better for smooth terrain when taking the bike out on urban rides.


  • You can feel uneven surfaces and bumps more when tire pressure is high. 
  • Since there is less rubber in contact on the road you can have less grip on surfaces such as gravel.

[aawp fields="B08GFCYR36" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="5"]

Low Pressure Fat Tires 


  • Your ride feels smoother since it absorbs the bumps. 
  • Lower tire pressure allows your tire to have more traction on the road.


  • Having low tire pressure increases a lot of resistance, this, therefore, causes the motor to overwork and can reduce battery range. 
  • It is harsher on the rims of your bike and it is possible your tyres can get pinched and punctured more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fat Tyre Electric Bikes 

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Is a 500-watt motor better than a 1000 watt motor on an e-bike? 

A 1000 watt motor is a higher power than a 500W motor, so you can go faster, however, a 500W motor will still perform well on basic terrains and can help to keep your fat tire e-bike light.

You should also consider that other factors influence motor power, such as the rider's weight.

Are fat tyre electric bikes good for riding long distances? 

You can find fat tyre electric bikes which are good for riding longer distances, these will often have a higher capacity or double batteries, however, when compared to normal e-bikes, these heavier bikes can often have a more limited range due to their weight.

Should I choose a rear hub motor or a mid-drive motor on my e-bike? 

Rear hub motors are excellent on e-bikes since they provide support from the back of the bike when riding, making them excellent for incline riding too, you will often find affordable fat-tire bikes fitted with these. 

Mid-drive motors, although more expensive are more desirable on fat tire e-bikes since they allow your ride to feel more natural as the motor power comes from directly beneath you, they also make the fat tire bike feel more natural and balanced.

How much do fat tire e-bikes weigh?

Due to large 4-inch tires on fat tire e-bikes, most tend to weigh around 20kg and above, with some even weighing around 30kg, we would not suggest choosing an all-around fat tire e-bike if you are looking for a lightweight portable bike.

Are fat tyre electric bikes harder to pedal?

A fat tyre e-bike is not harder to pedal than a normal e-bike, but the weight can be a factor in pedalling and how it feels, often making you feel slower when you are pedalling.

Our #1 Fat Tyre Electric Bike For Adventuring 

Our number one fat tyre electric bike is the Gunai Fat Tyre Electric Bike due to its extra high powered motor and excellent assistance options making the bike ideal for riding on any kind of terrain. 

[amazon box="B08GFCYR36" ]

We also recommended the Ceaya Electric Fat Tire Bike due to its high quality wide tires and powerful motor, allowing you to keep speed despite the bike's heavier weight.

[amazon box="B08XZNWDL7" ]

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