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Do Electric Bikes Weigh A Lot? - Our Ultimate Guide To E-Bikes Weight


Most of the time with ordinary bikes, many of us are looking for the lightest option possible as these bikes are more portable and can go faster, but with electric bikes, it can often be vice versa in this case. 

Electric bikes with a lighter weight might be more portable, but this means the battery and entire motor will be smaller, compromising on power. On average, e-bikes with powerful motors tend to weigh around 23-25kg. 

In our guide below we will go over why electric bikes are often heavier in weight, whether or not their weight of motors affect speed and the average electric bikes weight based on different types. We will also conclude whether or not you should choose a lighter or heavier electric bicycle based on what you want to use it for. 

Why Are Electric Bikes Heavier Than Regular Bikes? 

First off, before we get into looking at the different weights of electric bikes, let's briefly discuss why these e-bikes are so much heavier than ordinary bikes. 

On average, regular bikes will weigh between 5-20kg, while bikes with electric motors can be anything between 15-30kg. The main cause of this vast difference in weight is down to the electrical components on the e-bike.

For example, the electric motors of these bikes could weigh up to 8kg while the battery could be up to 5kg, there are also a few extra additions such as the motor technologies sensor plus an LCD screen which adds a few grams here and there. 

The larger batteries and electric motors you have, the heavier bike you will have, but also the more powerful.

Other Factors Affecting The Weight Of E-Bikes 

Even though the electric motors and the extra battery is the primary reason why e-bikes are much heavier than their original bike weight, there are still a few other factors to consider which can add to the weight of the bike. 

  • Cargo - If you have a cargo bike with a rear rack this will add weight to its design and make it much heavier than let's say city e-bikes, they will also have a bulkier body frame to support the weight of the extra cargo. 
  • Frames - The type of frames your e-bike has can also add a few extra grams of weight, more expensive light e-bikes are made with carbon frames which keeps the e-bike extra light, other foldable bikes use aluminium which is also light in weight, steel frames are the heaviest type you can find on the market.
  • Tyres - Mountain e-bikes are nearly always heavier than a city e-bike weight because of the larger wheel sizes which need bigger tyres, adding weight. Fat tire e-bikes are one of the most heavyweight ebike you can find because of the sheer weight of the big tyres. 

Are The Heaviest E Bikes Slower? 

A heavy regular road bike will normally result in a slower speed as you have more weight to pedal with. This is not so much the case with the weight of ebikes as they have a motor assistance mode which helps you to turn the pedals so as you don't feel the weight. 

However, if you are riding your electric bike and you run out of battery power then the efficient motor's assistance will stop working, leaving you to manually pedal, this is where heavier e-bikes can be slower. 

Different Types Of E-Bike Model Weights 

As we mentioned briefly above, different types of electric bikes will have different weights according to their design and power, so to help you see which e-bike is the right weight for you we have made a small e-bike weight comparison for each type below.

Folding Electric Bikes 

Folding electric bikes are often lighter than others as they have a smaller wheel size to be able to fold, this is not the case for all kinds of foldable bikes however as they have different designs according to their purpose. 

Mini folding e-bikes weigh around 13kg, foldable mountain bikes on the other hand can weigh up to 18kg and above. The heaviest bike of all which is foldable is a fat tyre electric bike, weighing around 22kg and above the mark.

Racing E-bikes

Just like regular racing bikes, these electric bikes need to stay very lightweight for them to be streamlined and fast, they often weigh around 15-18kg and will have a carbon frame with curved handlebars for better performance. 

Hybrid e-bikes

These electric bikes are on the heavier end weighing between 22-25kg, this is because they are a mix of a road bike and a mountain bike, having a slightly larger wheel size with a lightweight frame. 

Commuter Electric Bikes 

Many people assume commuter electric bikes will be very light for taking on and off transport, but this is not the case as you need to have a larger battery range in order to have power for your whole commute, and a bigger battery means a heavier weight. 

You will find most commuter bikes weigh between 20-30kg.

Mountain Electric Bikes 

Mountain electric bikes are one of the heaviest types that you can find as they have large motors to support off-terrain use, most will weigh 25kg and above because of this and often have added suspension which also adds weight to the frame. 

Comfort E-Bikes 

Comfort e-bikes often use a step-through frame and weigh between 20kg-30kg, they are best for leisure riding. 

Should I Choose a Lighter Or Heavier Electric Bike? 

Whether or not you choose and heavier or lighter electric comes down to what you will be using it for, if you are commuting with your electric bike then you probably want to keep it as light as you can for portability. If you are choosing the lighter bike then you need to ensure it is not compromising the battery range otherwise it might not be sufficient for your commutes. 

You might want to opt for a heavier electric bike if it means a bigger motor and battery, this is especially the case in mountain bikes, where the pros of having the extra power outweigh the extra weight of the bike. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Weight Of E-Bikes

What is the heaviest and lightest electric bike? 

The heaviest electric bike that you can find on the market is weighing around 30kg, this would mostly be either a fat-tyre bike, family bike or cargo bike. 

In terms of the lights, you can find e-bikes weighing as little up to 12kg, these are mostly mini bikes but don't have a lot of power due to their tiny size. 

Can I remove the battery from my electric bike? 

Some e-bike does have a removable battery which can be a great way to get rid of excess weight if you want to ride your bike without assistance, still, with the motor, however, your bike will feel quite heavy in comparison to a normal one.

Are foldable e-bikes lighter? 

Just because an electric bike is folding does always mean it's lighter, some fat tyre bikes are folding but still weigh up to 30kg, most however are commuter bikes that weigh anything between 15kg and 25kg. 

How do carbon fiber frames weigh? 

This depends but carbon fibre frames could weigh as little as 1kg making them worth the investment if you are after a very lightweight e-bike.

Which types of ebike are the lightest in weight? 

The lightest types of electric bikes you can find are commuter bikes, mini folding bikes and comfort bikes. Most of these have a 26-inch wheel size and less bulk to their frames due to their purposeful design.

How much is the maximum speed of an e-bike? 

The maximum speed of your electric bike is not determined by its weight, it is instead controlled via the motor, most have a set limit of up to 25km/h.

Final Words

Overall, to round up our guide, your average e-bike will weigh between 23-25kg, but the extra weight is not normally a cause for concern as the motor assists you to pedal, meaning you don't feel the heavier weight of the bike. 

We would suggest opting for a lighter e-bike if you will be lifting your model often when commuting, just make sure you check the battery range of the model.

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