Top 12 Best E-Bike Car Racks- Our Review!

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Top 12 Bike Racks For E-Bikes


There are lots of great choices out there for e-bike car racks. But before you start shopping, you should know how much weight your e-bike can carry. And you should know how much space you have available.

There are many factors you need to take into consideration when choosing an electric bicycle. Did you buy an electric bicycle? Make sure your rack can secure those massive bike wheels. Did you invest in an e-cargo bike that can tote you along with the kids? Make sure your rack is long enough to fit that big ol' trailer.

When buying an electric bicycle, always take into account its unique features, but perhaps the most important one is its carrying capacity.

There likely will never be one bike rack that does it all. But there are several bike racks for electric bicycles that will likely work best based on your style of bicycle and where you plan on using it.

Here are the top 12 bike racks for carrying e-cycles.

1. Hollywood Racks Sport Rider

This is a great bike rack for e-bikes. It's got everything you need to keep your e-bike secure and safe while riding. You can fit two bikes or even a trailer on this bike rack. And if you ever decide to sell your e-bike, you can easily remove the bike rack without damaging anything.

The Hollywood Racks Sports Rider is designed specifically for e-biking, so it can hold up to 80 lbs. in each tray. That makes it perfect for carrying lots of gear when riding an electric bicycle. Plus, it comes with a hitch tightener that makes installing and removing the bike rack super simple.

The Hollywood Rows Sports Rider was started by manufacturing car bike rack systems in the 1970s. Today they continue to manufacture high-quality bike rack systems for cars, campers, trailers, and more!

Designed especially for electric bike riders, the Hollywood Racks' trays hold up to 80 pounds of cargo. That means you can carry lots of stuff and still be able to go where you want to go.

The Hollywood Rides Sport Rider has roots in the 70s and was built to last. It's been tested and proven to work well for decades.

2. Hollywood Racks Destination E

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, and there are now thousands of models available. But if you've never tried riding an e-bike before, you might be wondering how to transport it safely. You don't want to damage your new ride, so you should invest in a hitch rack that will protect it.

This hitch rack from Hollywood Racks is specifically designed to carry e-bike frames. It comes equipped with a built-in ramp to make loading an extra heavy e-bike easy. And because it's made to handle bikes with any tire width, it can accommodate almost any kind of bike.

Overall ease of use is important when choosing a hitch rack. The Destination E from Hollywood Racks is designed to balance the weight on the rack, making it easier to tilt when carrying an e-bike. Plus, its unique design makes it compatible with nearly every style of the bike frame.

3. Yakima StageTwo

This is one of a relatively limited number of bike racks that can accommodate e-bikes. But it does come with a couple of drawbacks. First, its weight capacity is limited to just 40 pounds per bike. Second, it doesn't allow you to expand beyond two bikes. And third, it doesn't include any sort of locking mechanism.

But there are still plenty of reasons why you should consider getting this bike rack. For starters, it's sturdy and durable. It's made of steel and aluminum, and it weighs less than 30 pounds. Plus, it's easy to install and remove. You simply pull it off the trailer hitch and slide it onto the receiver tube. Then you attach the lockable chain to the frame and secure it using the provided key. Finally, you tighten the nuts until their snug.

So whether you're planning to buy a new car or truck or you already have one, we highly recommend checking out the Yakima StageTwo bike rack.

4. Thule Easyfold Xt 2 Car Bike Rack

This Thule bike rack is a great choice if you're looking for a compact bike carrier that will easily fit in your trunk or hatchback. It comes with a folding ramp that lets you load and unload your bike without using your hands. And since it's lightweight, you won't feel weighed down when you're riding.

We've had this Thule bike rack for several months now, so we know how well it works. It's easy to install and remove from your car, and it holds two bikes securely. Plus, it folds flat for storage.

5. Rockymounts Backstage Car Bike Rack

This bike rack is great for e-bikers. E-bikes are usually heavier than standard bikes. It tilts down to give you access to the rear hatch of your vehicle, and it swings out of the way to give you access to your bike. And since it uses an anti-wobbling system, it won't wobble no matter how hard you push on it.

The RockyMounts BackStage is made of heavy-duty steel tubing and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can carry two bikes with tires up to five inches thick and 29-inch diameters. Plus, it fits any size hitch receiver.

6. Saris Superclamp Ex 2 Car Bike Rack

This Saris Superclamp car bike rack is a lightweight option for small cars. It comes with two-wheel hooks that allow you to attach bikes to the rack without damaging the vehicle's paint job or scratching the finish. And since it doesn't weigh more than 35 pounds, it's a great option for lightweights.

7. Thule T2 Pro Xt/xtr Car Bike Rack

This Thule bike rack is great for carrying multiple bikes. It's expandable, so you can add additional trays if needed. And thanks to its integrated cable lock, you won't have to worry about losing your keys or fumbling with a keychain.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 60 lbs., which means it's perfect for heavy electric bicycles. You can easily adjust the angle of the hitch using the Hitch Switch Lever, so you can lower it when accessing your bike from the back of your vehicle.

With four trays, you can carry up to four bikes with plenty of space in between them. Plus, the T2 Pro Xtr is compatible with Thule's Hitchcock system, so you can secure it in your vehicle with ease.

8. Yakima Onramp Car Bike Rack

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting a Yakima OnRamp car bike rack. First off, it's made in Washington state, so you know it's built to last. Second, it adjusts easily to fit almost any wheel size. And third, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

But if you're still wondering whether or not you should buy a Yakima OnRamb, here are some additional reasons why you should consider buying one:

1. Adjustable - The Yakima OnRamb car bike rack can adjust to fit almost any wheel. Whether you have a tire size that is standard or a wide-rimmed tire, OnRamb can accommodate it.

2. Offset - The Yakima Onramp car bike rack can be offset to allow you to place two bikes side by side.

3. Lifetime Warranty - The Yakima On ramp car bike rack comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the product within the first year, Yakima will replace it free of charge.

4. Quality - The Yakima On Ramp car bike rack is made of high-quality bike rack materials and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

9. Velocirax

This is a cool bike rack. It has room for up to three bicycles, and it includes a storage box that allows you to store them inside. And because it has dampers, you can lower the rack so that it doesn't require you to remove the bike from the rack every time you want to use it.

There are two sizes available: the smaller one holds up to five bikes, and the larger one holds up to seven bikes. Both models come with a garage mounting kit, so you can store your bikes at home. And if you ever decide to sell your house, you can easily remove the rack and move it somewhere else.

So whether you're looking for a place to park your mountain bike or road bike, or you want to be able to carry your entire family plus some friends, this is a great option.

10. Halfords Advanced 3 Bike Tow Bar Mounted Bike Rack

This bike rack is ideal if you've got three e-bikes you'd like to transport. It's sturdy enough to hold heavy loads, and it's versatile enough to fit any combination of e-bikes or regular bicycles. Plus, it's got a five-year warranty and comes partially assembled, so you won't have to worry about putting it together yourself.

11. Halfords Advanced 2 Bike Tow Bar Mounted Bike Rack

This is a cool bike rack that will hold two e-bikes. It's made from sturdy steel and comes in a nice grey color. It's also half the price of the next closest competitor.

The rack is padded to protect the bike frames, and it has integrated lights and a number plate holder. You can lock the rack to the towbar or attach it directly to the bikes. And if you've lost your spare number plate, then the Number Plate Builder can help you out.

To add extra security, the racks can be locked to the bike itself and the bikes themselves can be locked into the racks using the tilt function.

12. Halfords 1 Bike Rear Mounted Bike Rack

This is a great bike rack for anyone who wants to ride an e-bike or a regular bicycle. It's compact enough to fit in small spaces, and it's easy to mount. Plus, it's backed by a two-year warranty.

The Halfords 1 Bike rear-mounted bike rack is compatible with most makes and models of cars. You simply enter your registration number online and it will tell you whether or not it fits. And if it doesn't, you can return it within 14 days for free.

So if you want to add a second bike to your garage without spending a fortune, then this is the ideal choice.

How To Select The Best Bike Carrier?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy a bike carrier for your car. You may want to carry bikes or e-bikes, or maybe you simply want to transport your bicycle safely. Whatever your reason, you should consider how you plan to use the bike carrier before you purchase one.

For example, if you plan to only occasionally use the bike carrier, then you probably won't need a heavy-duty model. On the other hand, if you plan to use the carrier every day, then you'll want a heavier-duty model.

Car Rack Types

There are lots of types of racks available for e-bikes. There are roof racks, boot racks, towbar racks, and more. Each type of rack offers its benefits and drawbacks. Roof racks are probably the easiest to install and remove, but they can cause issues with your car's fuel efficiency. Towbar racks are usually the strongest and most durable, but they require a towbar to attach to your car. And boot racks are the least common, but they give you the ability to store anything else besides your bike.

Boot Racks

There are lots of reasons why you might want to install a bike rack on your car. You may want to store your e-bike or mountain bike safely away from thieves. Or maybe you want to keep your bike safe from prying eyes while you park somewhere else. Whatever the reason, installing a bike rack on your vehicle is a great idea.

But before you start thinking about where to buy a bike rack, you should know how to pick the right one for your needs. There are plenty of options available, including bike racks that attach directly to your car's bumper, ones that fit under the front wheel arch, and others that hang off the side of your vehicle.

Towbar Racks

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, especially among commuters. But finding a place to park your e-bike can be tricky. There are plenty of places where you can store your bicycle, but not all of those places are suitable for storing an e-bike.

That's why it's important to find a rack that's tall enough to accommodate your e-bike without obstructing your view or getting in the way. And since you're probably planning on using your e-bike every day, you'll want to find a rack that won't wear out quickly.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Car Rack?

Tire Width

Mountain bike tires tend to be wider than road bike tires, so they won't fit onto most towbars. If you plan to transport hybrid or mountain bicycles, however, you may need to purchase a towbar specifically designed for them.

Some MTBs have extremely wide tires (like 29" + MTBs and fat bikes). Those wheels don't fit into the wheel holder on towbar mounts. If you're using a roof mount, you might find that your bicycle doesn't fit because of the width of its tires

To avoid any problems, you should purchase a specialized bike rack that accommodates wide tires. Brands like Thule offer adapters that allow you to convert your existing towbar rack to accept wide tires.

Bike Weight

Roof/boot racks are generally stronger, and can hold bikes up to 20kg, depending on the style of rack and how sturdy it is. Towbars are generally lighter, and can only handle bikes up to 15kg.

So if you're buying a specialist bike rack, make sure that it can accommodate the weight of your bike. You should also consider whether you want a roof/boot rack or a towbar. Roof/boot racks tend to be stronger, so they can carry heavier loads. But they may require additional work to install. Towbars are easier to install, but they won't be able to support heavy loads.

The Number Of Bicycles That You Will Transport

A car rack is great if you only plan on carrying one bicycle. But if you plan on transporting multiple bicycles, then you might want to consider getting a tow bar rack instead. These types of racks can hold up to four bikes.

Boot racks usually fit three bikes, but you can fit up to four bikes in rare cases. Towbar racks can also hold up to four bikes, but they tend to be heavier than boot racks.

The Wheelbase Length Of Your Bike

When purchasing a car rack, you should know how long your bike's wheelbase is. If you don't know, you might find yourself struggling to mount your bike onto the rack.

A car rack will usually fit most standard roads, hybrids, and mountain bikes. But longer wheelbase bikes, such as enduro or downhill MTBs, may struggle to fit the width of the wheel holders.

You can buy extenders and adapters to help with this, however, there are adaptor beams that fit directly to your seat post and headset for easier mounting, and you can get adaptor bars that fit your frame and allow for easier mounting.

Also, if you're using a long-wheelbase bicycle with a boot or tow bar rack, be aware that your rear wheels may stick out on either side of your car. When calculating your wheelbase, remember that the distance is from your forward axle to the rear axle.

How Frequently Will You Travel?

If you're planning on traveling frequently, then you should consider purchasing a car rack. But if you only plan on traveling occasionally, then you might want to purchase a boot or tow bar instead.

A roof rack is ideal for securely storing your bicycles away. Because there's no need to reverse or park, you won't have any worries about getting scratched paintwork or damaged bumpers. And since you can easily access your boot, you won't have to worry about damaging it either.

The easiest bike frame carriers to use include the innovative new vacuum suctions SeaSucker racks. Just press the vacuum cups down and hold them in place until the vacuum pumps keep the cups firmly attached. Then you can quickly release the vacuum pump and attach your bike.

To attach your bike simply remove its front wheel and attach the dropouts to the metal brackets with the QR levers. The whole process takes just a couple of seconds.

So if you're planning on traveling regularly, then you should invest in a car rack. Otherwise, if you only plan on doing occasional trips, then you may prefer a boot or tow bar.

How Far Will You Travel?

If you're planning on traveling long distances, then you might want to consider purchasing a car rack. These types of racks allow you to carry extra items without having to drag them behind your vehicle.

A boot rack is great for keeping your bike out of the wind. It helps reduce drag and improves efficiency. And a towbar rack works well for carrying additional cargo.

But before you buy anything, make sure you know how far you plan on traveling. If you're only driving short distances, then a roof rack or a boot rack won't be necessary. But if you're headed off to the mountains for an epic weekend away then you might want to invest in a roof rack or a towbar rack.

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