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Carrera Vulcan Electric Bike Review


Electric bikes are quite popular in the biking world. It makes cycling more accessible. Off road riding with your mountain electric bike is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

There are three known classes of electric bicycles depending on how fast the motor is. Class 1 have a motor with maximum power of 750W that assists the rider while pedalling up to 20 mph. Class 2 have a throttle which can propel up to 20 mph and maintain without continuous pedalling. Class 3 are also known as “speed pedelec” have a 750w motor with assistance up to 28 mph.

Electric Bikes Motors and Batteries

Electric bikes use motors and batteries from suppliers like Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha and Brose. These are the most reliable and powerful brands.

Yamaha systems have more torque while Bosch offers more silent operation. More torque means more power ergo more boost to the rider’s pedalling. More battery hours (watt hours) are a more accurate reflection of power; the higher the watt hours, the bigger the range.

Because many electric bikes are powerful, battery range is more important. The discerning rider wants a range long enough for his rides at the power levels he desires.

The standard electric bike has three to five levels of assist. They kick in from 25% to 200% of the rider’s pedal power.

The amount of time the battery takes to recharge is considered especially when taking long rides.

Halfords Electric Bikes

Halfords is a UK based company that deals in the retail of motoring, cycling and leisure products and services.

Halfords is a well-established player in the cycling market. Their electric bikes range offers many alternatives for savvy buyers. In the UK, Carrera bicycles are exclusively available at Halfords. Carrera has been making bikes for over 25 years for first time riders and professionals too.

In select Halford stores, riders can get half an hour of a free trial with any of the battery powered Carrera electric bikes. Some stores even offer a free 2 day trial!

The Carrera Vulcan Electric Mountain Bike is quite competitive and has a loyal following. It is one of Halford’s best sellers. This Carrera's design was solely based on off road riding with a battery that provides up to 50 miles of electrical pedal assistance.

“E-bikes with a low central motor and torque sensor, which provides input relative to the effort you put in, [such as the Carrera and Voodoo electric mountain bikes] will feel very stable as the weight is low and between your legs, whilst the torque sensor provides input relative to the effort you put in, so will be smooth and controlled when manoeuvring and cornering at low speeds. These bikes will feel very different to a hub-driven motor with a speed sensor, which has a more on/off feel.” Peter Hunt, e-bike specialist, Halfords

Features and Components of the Carrera Vulcan

The Vulcan Mountain Bike is considered as Halford’s entry level into the Carrera range. Its frame is identical to that of the higher range Carrera Fury Bike. The aluminium frame is reinforced with a head tube gusset. The tubing is play gauge and not double butted.

Dimensions of this Carrera mountain bike are standard for an XC hardtail. The Vulcan's cockpit is spacious enough when powering down.

This electric mountain bike is impeccably well balanced and well proportioned. The Carrera Vulcan’s frame is strong and rigid, perfect for on and off road electric riding.

Regardless of the rider’s fitness level, climbing with the Carrera Vulcan is made easier by its lightweight aluminium frame, 9 speed Shimano Altus gear and motor-assisted boost. It has 27 gears on offer.


The Vulcan's 417Wh battery recharge time is only 6 hours. The frame mounted battery is removable and has a maximum range of up to 60 miles. An integrated smart control system protects the battery from overcharging, overheating or short circuiting.

Electrical motor system

The ATS electric bike system offers electro-mechanical support. The Suntour rear hub electrical motor system is controlled from an LCD head unit. The rider can choose from four assistance modes to achieve the level of support he is most comfortable with.

Suntour offers a smart electric powered motion that works well on tough climbs and even during periods of rest.

The brand Suntour is known to provide bicycle components of the highest quality since the 20th century.


The Carrera Vulcan electric bike has an inbuilt torque sensor which provides pedal assistance that is both smooth and responsive. It offers a natural riding experience that helps with acceleration and taking corners.

Any additional data like speed and mileage is available below the line of vision to ensure the rider maintains an eye on the trail.

Front suspension

Tackling descent trails are facilitated by the strong hydraulic disc brakes and Suntour Front Suspension Fork with 120mm of travel. The Clarks M2 Hydraulic Disc Brakes have 180mm disc rotors. Braking is assured to be decent and confident especially when going down a steep descent.

The Suntour front suspension fork has a lock out and adjustment feature. The Suntour Fork deals efficiently with terrain like potholes and debris.

Wheels system

The Carrera Vulcan Electric Bike has double wall alloy rims and Kenda K1027 tyres that offer a powerful grip to ensure a safe ride down, even in the toughest terrain.


• The frame mounted battery is well balanced providing better quality rides than rear mounted batteries

• Improved traction and controlled handling because of the integration of the Vulcan’s Suntour rear hub electric motor system into the rear wheel

• Torque sensor gradually eases the power in and out in response to the rider’s pedalling. This provides a natural bike ride that is clearly noticeable when speeding out of corners or making tight manoeuvres. The smart sensors improve the bike riding experience.

• Reliable battery with long life

• Dependable all weather performance

Competitively priced for an electric bike


• Disappointing fork

• A bit eager when switchbacking singletrack

• Bike tyres a tad slow on tarmac

• Cable disc brakes need regular adjustment

• Some bike riders have complained that the LED screen cuts out in the rain

• Some riders find it heavier than they would prefer, possibly the weight of the battery and motor make the bike feel bulky


The Carrera Vulcan Electric Mountain Bike is an attractive solid bike with clever technology and proven performance. It is lightweight and solid. The Vulcan bike has a good suspension system that handles the toughest trails and tracks, be they smooth or bumpy.

The stopping power of this bike is reassuring. Electric mountain bikes are designed to amplify the riding experience and the Carrera Vulcan does exactly that.


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