Best E Bike Battery Pack - Reviews Of 2020 – 2021

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Best Electric Bike Battery Pack On The Market

With the increase in people using electric bike kits to pimp their rides, there comes the need for the bike battery. Below are a couple of good ones on the market at the moment.

Bosch Power Pack Review - Our Number 1

Bosch Power Pack

The Bosch bike battery speaks for itself. The Bosch brand is known for its durability and quality as well as its reasonable price for what you get. This is a Lithium Ion battery with an energy content of 400 Wh. This battery is great and it only weighs 2.5kg. This is the most recent Bosch battery pack on the market, with the newest technology.

The Bosch Power Pack is suitable for most electric bikes particularly the following brands: Bergamot, Blue Label, Cannondale, Centurion, Goricke Habibike, Hercules, Kreid, KTM, Merida, Panther, Raleigh, Riese & Muller, Deer, Scott, Sine, Stevens and Univega.

  • Light weight battery only 2.5kg
  • Suitable for most electric bikes on the market
  • Easy to fit and remove

The Bosch brand really does speak for itself. It’s durable and well made as well as being long lasting. It also comes with easy to fit instructions and is lightweight so more convenient for the user.


Features: light weight battery - easy to fit and remove - suitable for most electric bikes

Price: High end

Pedalease 36V Electric Bike Lithium Battery Review - Number 2


The Pedalease Electric Bike battery weighs 3kg so it’s a great lightweight choice, made by Samsung, it is a lighter weight and with a greater capacity. For best results the battery should be charged before use and if the battery is not used for some time, charge the battery up again. This battery does not come with a charger.

  • Lightweight battery weighing 3kg
  • Battery needs a full charge before use and after long periods of storage to ensure full capacity is reached

These batteries are made by Samsung and come lighter than previous models but with a greater capacity, making them a great choice if you need a long life battery.


Features: Lightweight design only 3kg - light and with a greater capacity

Price: Mid range

SFM Pedelec Battery for Electric bike Review - Number 3


The SFM Pedelec is a great lightweight option and has a charge time of 3 hours. It comes with the latest Lithium Ion battery technology. The battery is to be affixed to the lower frame of the bike. This SFM battery comes with a range of 12-70km without the need to refill making it a really viable option when shopping for a new battery.

  • Charging time of only 3 hours
  • To be mounted on the lower part of the frame
  • Light weight, only 2.9kg
  • Keyed lock for extra security

The battery is mounted on the lower frame of the bike, which makes it easy remove to re-charge. It charges in under 3 hours.


Features: 3hr charge time - light weight - latest Lithium technology - keyed lock for extra security

Price: Mid range


All 3 of these battery packs are great option when shopping around. But the one that does stand out from the crowd is the Bosch Power Pack. It is easy to fit and remove and works very well with a number of different brands of bike.

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