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Bafang BBS01B 36V 250W Mid Drive Electric Bike Motor Ebike Conversion Kit Mid Motor for Mountain Bike Road Bike
  • Shipped by a way that the DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) service is included, usually 12-20 days deliver to most of EU address(Except islands). 1 year warranty and provide technical support.(Water proof - all components and wiring are protected)
  • Comes with all necessary accessories:Mid-drive motor,brake lever,thumb throttle,chainring wheel,crank,LCD display,speed sensor and magnets,1T4 wire,nuts
  • Universal Compatible:Bafang BBS02B/BBHD Mid drive motor kit is compatiable with commuter bike,mountain bike,road bike and so on. This kit is designed to all bikes with 68-73mm bottom bracket. NOT recommended to apply this motor to bikes with carbon fiber frame in case of damaging the frame
  • Easy to install: Can be successfully installed into an electric bicycle in just a few time by only a few tools which can remove the crankset and the center shaft, as well as tools for installing this mid-drive motor.
  • Electric bikes & pedal bicycle, faster traffic & physical exercise can be achieved at the same time. A not bad choice for cycling enthusiasts and those who do not want too fast traffic to transport or travel.
QMYYCL New E Bike Battery 48V-13Ah 48V-17.5Ah Li-Ion E-Bike Battery Pack Electric Bicycle Battery,for Mountain Bike Road Bike with Charger for 250W 500W 750W 800W 1000W Motor
  • *[Product parameters] Applicable motor: 1000W / 750W / 500W / 250W Battery weight: 4.5kg. Battery size: (mm) L370 * W90 * H115. Before buying, make sure the battery information matches your bike.
  • *[Technical skills] Built-in 30A BMS protection board to prevent overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit. Use the key to open the lock to remove the bracket, place the bracket on the electric bicycle, and then fix the battery to the bracket.
  • *[USB port] The USB port can charge outdoor mobile phones and other devices. It can also charge other devices that can be connected via the USB port, which is ideal for travel. In addition, the safety lock prevents the battery from being lost.
  • *[Performance and advantages] The use of environmentally friendly high-quality batteries, black hard plastic shell to effectively protect the battery. The battery charging time is about 3 to 5 hours. When the red light turns green, the battery is fully charged . In addition, the charging cycle exceeds 1,000 times and the expected life span is up to 5 years.
  • *[After-sales service] The battery is compatible with the charger, you do not need to re-purchase the charger. Please read this manual carefully before using the battery. If you have any questions, you can email us at any time .
MXS UK Warehouse 52V/48V/36V Ebike Battery for 200-1500W Motor, 10Ah/13Ah/15Ah/17.5Ah Electric Bicycle Battery/HL03 Bike Battery
  • 2-5 Days Deliver From UK Warehouse: 48V 13Ah Electric Bicycles Battery, Max constant discharge current: 30A, suit for 48V 250w/350w/500w/750w/1000w motor. Dimension: 14.4*4.33*3.5 inch (365*110*90 mm). Discharge connector: Anderson (if you need other types of connector, please e-mail us after you place a order)
  • Downtube Battery: High quality battery cells and equipped with a 30A BMS protective plate, prevent over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit and ensure the long term use of your Bike Motor and your ebike battery. LED battery level light can inform you of charging in time! The usb port might be useful for emergency use, can charge phones and other devices, awesome design.
  • Long Battery Life & SAFE: Comes with a 54.6v 2A charger, after fully depleted, it can be recharged to 100% full in 7 hours. Built-in high quality brand lithium cell, battery cycle life up to 800-1000 times, life expectancy of our electric bike battery up to 5 years. Our li-ion battery has been though thousands of time repetitive discharge and safety test, you can use it without worry.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Our battery can fit most motor kits(compatible with Bafang Voilamart AW Ancheer and Other) Best choice for adult electric mountain bike, commute ebike, hybrid bicycle, e trike, fat tire bike. Strong motivation to ensure your long-term travel.
  • One-Year Warranty & Best After-Sales Service: We have own professional manufacture factory, We aim to bring you nice experience and top quality ebike battery. If the product has any problem or if you do not know whether this Electric Bike Battery fits for your bike, please contact our store, We will help you to solve any problems and provide best service for all customers.

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best E-Bike Battery Pack Is The Bafang BBS01B 36V 250W Mid Drive Electric Bike!

The Best E-Bike Battery Packs Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you are building your complete bike electric from scratch, converting one or simply switching out the electric bike batteries to a better one, finding the best battery pack out there to install can be a mission. 

You need to ensure you have the right battery capacity according to the range you want from your electric bike and the battery should have a long lifespan too to make it a good investment. 

To help you find the best e-bike battery pack out there on the market we have compared and reviewed some of the best battery packs down below. 


Our Top Battery Pack - 

The Bafang BBS01B 36V 250W Mid Drive Electric Bike (Editor's Pick)

The Bafang mid-drive conversion kit features a 36V 15.6Ah lithium-ion battery which has a charging cycle of over 2000 times. 

This battery has a built-in IC chip that stops the device from overheating, over-current and short-circuiting. The battery pack can be combined with a 36V electric motor from Bafang which contains brake levers, an LCD and a thumb throttle. 

Its whole weight is around 4kg and comes with a one-year warranty for buyers confidence. 


To conclude, this Bafang battery pack is a reliable choice of battery to choose compared to other bike manufactures and is an excellent choice if you are looking to convert your ebike motor. 

Its range is excellent for the long-range commuter type of riding and mountain biking. 

The downfalls of the battery pack are its fairly heavy weight, making it a little hard to install. 


  • IC chip to maintain the condition of the battery. 
  • LCD included in the kit. 
  • 2000 charge cycles. 
  • One-year warranty. 
  • Thumb throttle. 
  • 36V motor.


  • Heavyweight which can cause additional drag.

Our Second Choice - QMYYCL 48V-17.5Ah Li-Ion E-Bike Battery Pack 

The QMYYCL 48V 17.5Ah battery pack can be used with motors ranging between 1000W/750W/500W/250W and can be charged within 3-5 hours. 

Its bike tech battery has a Built-in 30A BMS protection board to stop the ebike model battery from short-circuiting or overheating when ebike riding and even has a USB charging port on the side of the device. 

In terms of lifespan the battery pack from QMYYCL can be charged over 1000 times and has a 5-year lifespan, it is additionally has a safety lock to prevent the battery from being stolen. 


Overall, this e-bike battery pack from QMYYCL has a great capacity for long-distance riding and can be paired with a maximum power motor for long-distance riding style. 

Its handy USB port is excellent for charging devices on the go if you get stuck too. 


  • Quick charging time. 
  • USB charging port. 
  • High capacity. 
  • 1000 time charging cycle. 
  • BMS protection. 
  • Safety lock.

MXS UK Warehouse 52V/48V/36V Ebike Battery

The MXS battery pack comes in battery capacity types of 10Ah/13Ah/15Ah/17.5Ah and is compatible with electric bike motors ranging up to 1000W in power. 

Its downtube design has a charging indicator light to show when the battery charge is low and comes with a 42V charger included which takes around 5 hours to charge to 100%.

This battery can last ebike riders up to 5 years thanks to its BMS system which prevents any damage from happing to your batter through overheating or charging for too long.

You can charge your phone from the continuous power on the battery via its USB charging port and there is a safety lock included with two keys. A one-year warranty comes with the battery pack for buyers protection. 


Overall, this battery pack from MXS is great for ambitious riders who want a larger ebike battery capacity to ride with and its lifespan makes it worth the investment. 

This battery pack paired with a Bafang motor would make an ideal bike for versatile riding on both long-distance adventures and short. 


  • Available in different batter capacity sizes. 
  • Indicator light. 
  • 5 hours charging time. 
  • BMS system. 
  • Safety key. 
  • One-year warranty.

Which Is The Best E-Bike Battery Pack For Making a High-Quality E-Bike?

In conclusion, our favourite e-bike battery pack is the Bafang BBS01B 36V 250W Mid Drive Electric Bike due to all the extras it includes and the excellent BMS system which helps preserve its overall lifespan. 

As a second option, we would also suggest checking out the QMYYCL 48V-17.5Ah Li-Ion E-Bike Battery Pack due to its quick charging time and high capacity giving an incredible range for the city ebikes. 

What To Look For In The Best E-Bike Battery Packs (Our Buying Guide)

Finding the right e-bike battery pack for your electric bike is a little overwhelming, figuring out how much range you can get from these batteries and matching them to the motor systems of your bike is very important. 

In our guide below we will cover more about e-bike batteries and how to buy the right one for you, as well as how to look after the battery and troubleshoot it in case of any future issues.

What Are Electric Bike Batteries Made From? 

Long ago, e-bike batteries used to be made of lead-acid, but since the motor system and ebike batteries have improved, they are mostly made of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer instead now. 

Lead-acid batteries are similar to the batteries used in cars, they were switched out due to their heavyweight and short lifespan. 

Lithium-ion batteries are small and can last a long time, lithium polymer batteries are still relatively new but are even more compact than your regular lithium-ion batteries. 

The make-up of these batteries always consist of three things; the battery capacity, enclosure and BMS which helps increase its lifespan, we will cover all three parts in greater detail below. 

  • Battery voltage - A battery voltage and capacity is what determines your range when riding all-electric bike types, the larger this is, the better. The voltage inside of your batteries changes according to the level of charge but is controlled within the BMS system which will get onto next.
  • BMS system - The BMS system of your bike brands model is super important to keep the battery of the e-bike safe and healthy. Any discharging, overheating or overcharging will be prevented and kept in check by the BMS system of your electric bike types.
  • Enclosure - Depending on your battery pack it will come will some kind of enclosure to be rear rack or bottle mounted, most will have a charging port too as well as battery charge indicators. 

How Long Does An E-Bike Battery Last?

In terms of range, you might be wondering how long your battery will last, however, this can be controlled by numerous different factors such as the power of the battery, to begin with. 

In the UK, you will likely have an electric bike with either a 24, 36 or 48V battery power, this will on average produce a range varying between 25 and 70 miles off a single charge. 

However, many factors influence how long your ebike battery will last you such as the pedal assist you are using the bike with, how you look after the battery and how often it is used. 

Most electric bike batteries will last you around 5 years with good care and frequent use, you can get a feel for your e-bikes battery lifespan by checking its charging cycles before you buy. 

Moreover, we have also written an article about the best 3000 watts electric bike conversion kits in 2022.

What Capacity Battery Do I Need For My Bike? 

The battery capacity for electric bikes is typically measured in Wh. On most standard electric bikes you will find they have 400Wh or 500Wh batteries, if you are looking for a lightweight e-bike you might want a smaller capacity battery of around 300Wh which is removable. 

If you need a lot of capacity for long-range touring with your electric bike then you might want to consider going for a dual battery system that can even reach up to 1000Wh by carrying two 500Wh batteries. 

Where To Place Your Battery 

Apart from deciding the type of battery and its power, you also need to decide where you will put it on the electric mountain bike frame or electric road bikes frame. 

You can mount your electric bike battery in three ways; rear rack-mounted, integrated or frame-mounted. 

  • Rear rack - Rear rack mounted batteries are okay for gentle riding but once you add more cargo to the bike racks it makes the bike slightly unbalanced. 
  • Downtube - These are the newer way of position batteries as electric bike basics and have a better centre of gravity than rear rack bikes.
  • Frame integrated - Frame integrated batteries are the newest of all and are easy to get on and off, plus aesthetically they look better on a conventional folding bike.

How To Take Care Of Your E-Bike Battery 

If you want to keep your new electric bike battery in top condition then you need to make sure are doing some electric bike battery basics care. 

We have listed our best tips for taking care of all ebike types of batteries below.

  • Charge it for 12 hours - When you first buy your expensive ebikes battery you should always charge it for 12 hours, doing this long charge fresh out the box will make sure in future charges that all the cells inside are charged. 
  • Avoid varying temperatures - Charging or storing your capacity battery pack in too hot or too cold conditions can ruin the cells of your battery, instead, keep it stored at a moderate kind of temperature. 
  • Never overcharge it - Leaving your e-bike units battery on charge for a few days can ruin the average power output as once it reaches full charge capacity in isolation it will start to perform a series of mini discharge and recharge cycles, reducing its overall performance and lifespan.
  • Charge it regularly - Using the battery of your electric bike only once or twice a year is not good for its health, you should make sure the battery remains charged regular, even if you are not using the electric bike.
  • Do not store it empty - You need to make sure you are always keeping your battery at 60-70% capacity when it is being stored, do not be tempted to store the battery empty as this can ruin its performance and it might not ever switch back on! You can always buy a trickle charge which keeps the battery slowly charged.
  • Clean it - Now and then especially if the battery of your electric bike gets wet you should ensure you are cleaning it and drying it, always clean around the terminals with a wire brush and check for any signs of corrosion.
  • Try a light timer - Light timers are worth the investment for e-bike batteries as they notify you when your battery is at a capacity of around 80% and will then cut the charge off, this allows you to go and do other things rather than watching your battery all day.

Common E-Bike Battery Pack Problems & Solutions

It is very common to run into a few battery problems over the time that you have your electric bike, the device might just stop charging or its battery ranges will become more limited over time. 

We have covered the basic problems common battery systems have and their solutions below, but before we get into them make sure your e-bike battery pack has some charge first, then we can proceed. 

Check The Charger 

If your e-bike battery is having issues with charging then one of the first places you need to check is the charger itself. 

You first want to make sure that they charge you are using for your e-bike battery is correct, these have to match up to your battery, using any old charger will not work and can potentially damage the battery of the bike. 

Also check if the indicator lights come on the charge when you plug it in the wall, if not then we know it's the charge which has the problem, not the battery. 

To fix this try testing the current with a voltmeter, anything below zero means you need a new bike charger. 

Look At The Battery 

The next part to check is the battery itself, make sure that its prongs are nicely lined up and that there are no obvious loose connections that could be stopping the battery from powering up the bike. 

If you have left your batter in storage for a while with no charge then this might have caused it to die. 

It is also possible that the battery has just reached the end of its lifespan, many only have up to around 1000 charge cycles, so would die after a 5-year lifespan.

Consider The BMS

If your battery is losing extra range fast or drains too quickly, and both the charger and battery are working fine then it could well be down to the BMS system of the bike. 

Replacing the BMS inside of your battery can be done but it should only be attempted by a professional.

FAQs About The Best E-Bike Battery Packs 

What does BMS stand for on e-bike batteries?

The BMS on the battery of your electric bike refers to the battery management system. This is one of the most essential parts of the battery and ensures the top performance of your electric bike. 

Its purpose is to stop the battery from overheating or overcharging, keeping its cells healthy and ensuring a consistent level of power output to your bike when in use.

Do assistance levels affect battery usage? 

Yes, using your electric bike on a higher PAS level will draw more power from the battery as you are using more power/assistance from the motor on the bike too.

What kind of battery should a high-quality commuter bike have? 

For a commuter bike, you need a battery with a fairly generous range yet lightweight if you want to keep it portable. 46V and 36V batteries are great for this purpose and should be mounted in the downtube or integrated into your bike's frame.

How much are battery packs sold for? 

This depends, you can buy singular battery packs on your own or as part of a conversion kit. For a single battery pack, you are looking at spending around £300 depending on the quality and capacity, the large the capacity the more expensive the battery will be. 

What are conversion kits? 

E-bike conversion kits come with all the components a standard e-bike has ready to fit a regular bike to convert it. This will include all the essentials such as the motor, brakes, battery and cables for you to install.

Can I fit a new battery on my electric bike myself? 

Yes, electric bike batteries are pretty simple to fit as long as you have all the cables and tools to remove the last one.

Do the motor and battery power have to be matched on an e-bike? 

Ideally, your battery has to have enough V and amps to be able to support your e-bikes motor performance and keep it powered.

How do I keep my electric bikes battery in good condition? 

Always make sure it is charged regularly, never leave it to die, keep it out of extreme temperatures, never overcharge it.

You can invest in extra tools such as trickle chargers and light alarms to make sure you keep your battery in the best condition.

What is a dual battery system?

A dual battery system means there are two batteries located on the electric bike rather than one, doubling your range, although this does add extra weight to your bike they are a perfect system for long-range e-bikers.

How do I make my battery last longer when riding? 

To make your range extended when riding your electric bike you need to make sure you avoid hills, using it on a low assistance mode or none at all and never using the throttle or boost mode as this drains power fast.

Our #1 E-Bike Battery Pack For The Best Range & Performance 

Our number one electric bike battery pack is the Bafang BBS01B 36V 250W Mid Drive Electric Bike thanks to its long lifespan and top-notch BMS system which allows your electric bike to have high performance. 

We suggested checking out the QMYYCL 48V-17.5Ah Li-Ion E-Bike Battery Pack as it has a quick charging time and high capacity which would be excellent for dependable commuter bikes.

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