Chain For Electric Bike - Do They Need A Special One?

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Do Electric Bikes Require Special Chains?


Electric bicycles require special chains. These chains are stronger than regular bicycle chains, so they last longer and won't break as easily. You can find these chains at places like Amazon or eBay.

Mid-drive electric bicycles require a special chain for two reasons. First, the mid-drive motor puts extra stress on the chain, causing it to wear out quickly. Second, the mid-drive motor requires a different type of chain than regular bicycle chains. KMC makes an excellent mid-drive chain. However, if you have a hub motor, you can probably use any standard bicycle chain.

What Is The Design Of A Bike Chain?

A standard bike chain is a piece of equipment used to connect two or more bicycle wheels together. There are several types of chains available, including single-speed, dual-speed, and multi-speed. Each type of chain is made differently, depending on how fast the rider wants to travel.

Single Speed Chains

These chains only allow the wheel to rotate forward or backward. Single-speed chains are typically found on children’s bikes. These chains are usually made of steel and come in various sizes.

Dual Speed Chains

This type of chain allows the wheel to move forward and backward. Dual-speed chains are typically found in adult bicycles. These chains are usually constructed of aluminum and come in various sizes and lengths.

Multi-Speed Chains

These chains allow the wheel to move forward, backward, and side to side. Multi-speed chains are typically found on mountain bikes. These chains are typically made of stainless steel and come in various lengths.

What Dimensions Do Bike Chains Have?

Bike chain dimensions come in two main sizes: 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) and 3/32 inch (0.9 mm). You can find out how big your chain needs to be by checking the size of the sprocket on your rear wheel.

A smaller chain fits onto a larger sprocket, so if you have a 10-speed cassette, you'd need a 3/32-inch chain. But if you have a 12-speed cassette, you would need a 1/8-inch chain.

There are also different types of chains, including single ring, double ring, and triple ring. Single-ring chains only have one row of teeth, whereas double and triple rings have two rows of teeth.

Single-ring chains are usually found on road bikes, where they provide a smoother ride. Double and triple rings are typically found on mountain bikes, where they allow for greater gearing options.

So if you're buying a new bike, you should know what kind of chain you need before you buy it.

Hub-drive Electric Bike Chains

Electric bikes powered by hub motors require special chains compared to those driven by mid-drive motors. You don't need a special chain for hub-drive motor electric bikes, but you do need to make sure that the chain you purchase is compatible with the bike.

To determine whether or not your chain is compatible with your electric bike, check the number of gears on the bike. Most electric bikes come equipped with between five and seven speeds. If your chain compatibility with the number of gears on a particular electric bike, then you won't need to worry about purchasing a new chain. But if your chain isn't compatible with the number of speeds on the bike, then you may need to replace it.

In addition to ensuring that your special bike chain is compatible with a particular electric bike, you also need to make sure that it's compatible with any other parts on the bike. For example, if you're using a derailleur, then you need to make sure that your chain is compatible.

Mid-drive Electric Bike Chains

Electric bikes with a mid-driven motor require special chains. These chains are made specifically for electric bikes with a mid-drive motor. They are stronger than regular bicycle chains and are able to withstand the extra strain caused by the motor.

Since the chain is used to transfer energy from the motor to the wheels, it needs to be strong enough to endure the extra strain.

This means that you'll have to spend more money on the special chain. But since you're getting a lot of benefits out of it, it's definitely worth it!

Why Don't Hub Motors Put A Strain On The Chain?

A hub motor doesn't place any strain on the drive chain. You can pedal the bike without worrying about damaging the ordinary chain. And since there isn't any friction between the chain and the drive sprocket, you won't be wearing down the chain either.

In addition, you don't need such a strong chain. Since the hub motor is independent of the pedals, you don't need a chain that's strong enough to withstand the force exerted by the pedals.

Another benefit of using a hub motor instead of a mid-drive motor is that you don't need to worry about running out of power. Because the hub motor is completely independent of the pedals, it can run indefinitely without draining the batteries.

So, if you're thinking about buying an electric bike, consider getting a type of motor hub instead of a mid-drive motor.

Is A Mid-drive Motor More Effective Than A Hub Motor?

A mid-drive motor is more expensive than a hub motor, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be better for you or your bike. You should consider how important the cost is to you before choosing between the two types of motors.

Mid-drive motors require more maintenance than hub motors. They also tend to be louder. But if you don't want to worry about the chain you are using on the bike, a mid-drive motor is a better choice because it is less expensive and easier to maintain.

If you are commuting every day, you might want a hub motor instead of a mid-drive motor. Hub motors are heavier and harder to balance out, but they are cheaper and easier to maintain.

Is A Special Chain Required For Hub Motors?

Electric bikes require basic chains just like regular bicycles. But since a hub motor's drive system is independent of the pedals, you won't need any special chain. You only need to make sure that the chain you are buying is suitable for the number of gears you have on your bike.

A standard bicycle uses two or three speeds. On the other hand, a hub motor can run at multiple speeds depending on how fast you pedal. Some hub motors come with five or six speeds. And some hub motors have seven or eight speeds.

So before you buy a basic chain model for your hub motor, make sure that it fits your bike. Also, make sure that it comes with enough links to accommodate the number of speeds you have on your hub motor.

Which Chain Is Best For Your E-bike?

There are two types of E-Bike specific chains: Regular chains and e-bike chains. Both types work well, but e-bike chains are stronger and last longer.

An e-bike-specific chain is made out of special materials that allow it to withstand the extra stress of being ridden hard. These chains are usually thicker than regular bicycle chains and will last longer.

Some good chains that are great e-bike chains include Shimano chains and KMZ chains. KMZ even has a stronger e-bike chain that is perfect for e-bikers. Consider getting one of these chains if you are looking for a replacement chain for your e-bike.

Otherwise, you can try to get a heavier-duty chain that is thicker than the standard bicycle chain and will last longer.

How Do You Maintain Your E-bike Chain?

E-bikers know how important it is to keep their chains maintained. But sometimes, we forget to do it. And if we forget to do it, our bikes start to wear down quickly.

So before you head off on your next ride, make sure you do chain clean. All you need is a simple rag and degreaser spray, and you can easily clean your dirty chain. Just wipe away any dirt and grime, and give it a quick rinse. Then apply a thin layer of degreaser spray onto the chain. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then wipe it off. Repeat this process until there isn't any residue left on your chain.

After cleaning your ordinary bike chain, you should also lubricate it once a week. Lubricating your chain helps prevent rust and keeps it working smoothly. There are two types of lubricants available: wet and dry. Thicker lube works well in colder temperatures, whereas dry lubes work well in warmer temperatures.

For wet lubrication, you can simply mix water and oil together. Add enough water to cover the entire length of your chain, and then add a small drop of oil. Mix thoroughly, and then apply the mixture to your premium chain rivet using a toothbrush. After applying the mixture, wait for 30 seconds, and then brush it off. Repeat this step twice per week.

For dry lubrication, you can buy a special chain lubricant. These lubricants come in a tube, and you just squeeze a little bit onto your durable chain. Wait for 10 minutes, and then repeat this step twice per week.

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