Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 Ebike Review 2022 - 2023

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The Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 Review - Is It Worth It?

If your looking for an entry-level commuter/mountain bikes model that you can have smooth rides with on and off the road then the Cube acid hybrid one could be an excellent choice.

The Cube acid hybrid one electric bike suits both men and women thanks to its size frame options and in a nutshell is the perfect reliable ride that can take you a long distance due to its generous power back providing a decent battery range. 

However, the Cube acid hybrid one e-bike does fall back on a few important features which are worth noting, so to make it all a little more simple for you, we have reviewed the mountain bikes model down below feature by feature and listed the bikes pros/cons to see if this model is the right choice for you. 

Why Choose a Hybrid Bike? 

First of all, before we get into looking at and reviewing the features of the Cube acid e-bike we need to understand why you should be choosing a hybrid bike over other types of electric bikes, to begin with. 

A hybrid e-bike is technically a mixture of mountain bikes and city commuter models merged into one bike, this is an excellent kind of electric bike to choose if you are an elegant city commuter during the week but like to do some off-road trail riding on the weekend. 

We have listed a few benefits of choosing a hybrid electric bike down below. 

  • They come with great accessories - As a hybrid bike is designed to be used as a city commuter electric bikes as well as electric mountain bikes this means that they include great accessories such as horns and lights as well as rear rack mountain points for adventures.
  • Comfortable - The flat handlebar design on the innovative frame of hybrid bikes allow you to sit more upright on the bike ensuring better comfort.
  • Save you money - Rather than buying city commuter models and mountain bikes separate a hybrid bike combines both types all in one, allow you to get the price of two in one.
  • Versatile - Whether you want to go road biking or trail riding an electric hybrid bike can do it all as they are designed to be used on all kinds of bumpy terrain and smooth terrain.
  • Lightweight - Hybrid electric bikes nearly always have a lightweight frame made of aluminium which makes them easy to control and ride with.

Electric Components Of The Cube Acid Hybrid One 500

The Cube acid hybrid one 500 e-bike comes with some pretty incredible electrical features which can take you a comfortable distance when riding, we have split them up down below and reviewed the main parts to see the advantages and disadvantages. 


Let's start with the most essential part of this bike, the motor. The Cube acid hybrid 500 is designed with a Bosch generation performance 500 motor which can produce 250W power and has 65Nm of torque too. 

This can allow you to reach a top speed of 15mph which is suitable as a road bike and gives enough power assist level as an excellent entry-level electric mountain bike too. 

What We Think

Overall, the Bosch drive unit on this Cube acid bike makes the overall power management of this e-bike even more reliable and ensure its power and speed is within UK legal electric bike limits allowing you to be free when road exploring. 

The drawback of this motor has to be its limited power which might not be enough for the mountain biking side of things when tackling inclines and natural terrains.


Battery-wise, this is where the Cube acid hybrid 500 e-bike excels, the bike is fitted with a 500Wh battery Bosch pack which can be charged in only 3 hours and combined with the Bosch drive unit can produce a total range of 215km. 

What We Think

The upgrade of the battery on the Bosch Cube e-bike makes this a great commuter machine that can help you travel long distances to work or even as a road touring bike. Its battery power is also pretty great for its price range and can be charged very quickly to get you back on the road. 

The only issue with this battery is that it is not removable from the frame design for charging and is instead hidden in the frame battery design to protect the unit.


The hybrid e-bike features a Bosch Purion display with a smaller footprint and provides four different PAS levels to the electric bike, it's small design is made to give you more room in the cockpit while providing clear information.

What We Think

Overall, this Bosch Purion Display unit has a great design which we can't fault, it provides all the basic parameters of your bike when riding and takes up minimal space.

Bike Components Of The Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 

Now we have been over the main electrical parts of this Cubid acid hybrid one 500 bike we can now get into the design and important bike features of this e-bike. 

Frame Design 

The advanced hydroforming frame of this electric bike by Cube uses a lightweight aluminium frame material and has agile frame geometry for riding on mountain terrain as well as road terrain. It is fitted with a Suntour XCM ATB coil front fork for extra comfort when riding and a 15mm axel for pre-load adjustment. 

Its frame design additionally has internal cable routing for a seamless look with its frame geometry. 

What We Think

The rigid frame included with this Cube acid hybrid one is of standard quality and can be used by both men and women easily, it's front fork makes the bike better for smooth rides on tough terrain and we appreciate its geometry for longer-distance riding. 

Downfalls of this e-bike's frame are probably its weight, which at around 22kg is pretty heavy compared to most bikes for commuters, however, this might be the compromise you have to make if you are looking for a commuter and mountain bike all in one design.

Gears & Brakes

For gears, the electric hybrid bike is fitted with Shimano's Altus M2000 9-speed rear derailleur system allowing you to tackle all terrains and inclines with ease. The Shimano SL-M2000 gear system allows for minimal knockouts and is paired with 180mm hydraulic disc brakes front and rear for stopping power. 

What We Think

To conclude, the Shimano Deore gear system and brake system of this e-bike are suitable for off-roading and the 9-speed gears paired with hydraulic brakes increase the safety and control of the hybrid bike even for beginners who are new to e-bike riding. 

The gear shifts could potentially have more options, but for a hybrid bike and not a pure mountain bike, we understand why the derailleur is smaller.

Tyres & Accessories 

In terms of tyres, the electric hybrid bike by Cube uses 29-inch rims and has a 20mm width allowing you to have thicker hybrid tyres for all kinds of terrain. It additionally includes mudguards and headlights built-in on its road bike version. 

What We Think

The high-quality tyres and rims used on this hybrid bike make it an agile ride even off-road and its thicker tyre allowance let you have even more balance during an aggressive ride.

We do think the accessories that come with this bike are limited but this is likely down to it being a hybrid model.

Summary Of The Features 

  • 500Wh Bosch Battery pack. 
  • 15mph top speeds. 
  • 250W Bosch motor. 
  • Range of 215km. 
  • Four PAS levels. 
  • 29-inch tyres. 
  • Suntour XCM ATB coil front fork. 
  • Bosch Purion display. 
  • Shimano's Altus M2000 9-speed rear derailleur system.

What About The Cube Acid Hybrid 400? 

If you have been looking into the Cube Acid hybrid one 500 e-bikes on the market then you have likely come across the Cube Acid 400 model too and wonder what the difference is, well, the Cube acid 400 hybrids electric bike firstly came with a smaller battery pack power of the only 400Wh which gave a shorter range. 

The design of the new Hybrid 500 also integrates its battery for a more seamless look and uses a slightly higher amount of torque and four PAS levels from its motor. 

Is The Cube Acid Hybrid 500 Worth It? 

To conclude our Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 e-bike review, we do think that if you are looking for a versatile bike that is fitted with reliable high-quality electric components such as Bosch and provides a decent range, this e-bike is an option to consider. 

You should however consider if you need this road machine to be portable too, as its large wheel size and lack of folding do make it more of an off-roading bike. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Cube Acid 500 One Electric Bike

How much does the 2020 Cube Acid 500 One Electric Bike cost?

Depending on where you buy it from, the Cube acid 500 one e-bike costs around £1800-£2000.

Should I get a hybrid bike or a mountain bike? 

This comes down to what you are going to be using your electric bike for the most, for example, if you do trail riding 80% of the time and road biking 20% then you should stick with a mountain bike, but hybrid bikes are very beneficial if you have a 50/50 split between both types of riding as it allows you to get the benefits of both designs in one model.

Is a 9-speed gear shifter enough? 

For a hybrid bike a 9-speed gear shift and hydraulic brakes from the Shimano MT200 should be sufficient for mountain biking up average inclines and varying terrains, mountain bikes will often have a more generous gear shift range than this but this is because they are dedicated to mountain biking only.

Are hydraulic brakes better than disc brakes? 

Yes, hydraulic brakes are much more desirable to have on your e-bike than standard disc brakes as they have better stopping power but do also add to the price of your electric bike.

What frame size does the Cube acid bike have? 

The cube acid bike has varying frame size options ranging between 15-inch and 23-inch along with trapeze frame variant types meaning the bike is suitable to be ridden by all kinds of people.

What is the average range from the power pack? 

The average range on PAS from this electric hybrid bike is 215km but depends according to the speed, where you are riding and the assistance you are using.

Does the bike have rear brakes? 

Yes, this e-bike by Cube comes with front and rear hydraulic brakes for ultimate stopping power.

Do you use human pedal power to ride this bike? 

There are varying PAS modes included with this hybrid electric bike, you can use the bike with no assistance to just operate it with human power only. 

Does the electric bike by Cube acid come with accessories? 

Yes, there is an option to buy the Cube Acid hybrid one 500 models with fenders and mudguards built-in for off-roading use.

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