Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 29er Ebike Review 2020 – 2021

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Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 29er

As e-bikes continue to dominate the urban streets across Europe, more people are keen to know how they can get one to enhance their riding experiences. The secret to having memorable experiences on an electric bike is finding one that matches your lifestyle and preferences. In this review, you'll discover the features/factors to consider when choosing one and get an inside look at the Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 29er.

Why Invest in an E-bike?

Unlike a regular bicycle, an e-bike gives you more control and allows you to vary the pedaling effort for maximum comfort. Once you invest in one, you get to enjoy the benefits a regular bike has to offer together with the benefits of a battery-powered motor. You may even find one with automated controls and a sturdy design to give you more riding control.

What Factors Should You Take into Account While Buying One?

Most bikers experience challenges finding an e-bike that suits their lifestyle, budget and preferences because they don't usually ask the right questions. Before getting one, take time figuring out the features you need and your expectations from the machine. How often would you expect to use the electric bike? Do you want one for long-distance rides or one for mountain climbing, trekking and hiking?

Always consider your height and weight and the size of the luggage you want to carry on the saddle. Renting out a few e-bikes can help you familiarize yourself with some of the features that you may need. With such considerations in mind, take time assessing the following factors:

  • Battery type/capacity - Choose an e-bike with a battery capacity (measured in watt-hours) that can deliver high motor power and allow you to maximize your riding experiences. The battery should also take less time to charge if you're using the bike daily.
  • Motor torque - Riding torque tends to vary with a bike's pedal-assist settings. If you're planning to use the bicycle for mountain climbing and trekking, invest in one with a higher motor torque.
  • Motor location - Electric bikes come with either mid-drive motors (mounted on the bottom bracket) or hub motors (mounted on the rear wheel).
  • Pedal-assist levels/activation - A performance-oriented electric bike will have a more responsive and smoother pedal-assist system in place. Pedal-assist levels (which go up to 4 levels) allow you to channel more torque and speed or conserve battery power.
  • Integrated accessories - The common integrated accessories in an e-bike include racks and lighting. Racks (prevalent in cargo e-bikes) help support a heavy load. Lighting systems, on the other hand, make commuter/city bikes safe to ride in dimly-lit or low-light environments.
  • Frames - A high-performance e-bike will have carbon frames (shock-resistant and costly) while an e-bike suited for trekking and hiking will have steel frames (robust and light). Aluminum is the ideal frame material for lightweight, waterproof bikes.
  • Brakes - Braking systems on electric bikes can take two forms (disc and pad brakes).  Disc brakes are ideal for high-temperature areas while padded ones work well in areas with high humidity.

What Makes Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 29er an Exceptional E-bike?

Acid Hybrid One 400 is a hybrid electric mountain bike from Cube with an intuitive Agile Ride frame geometry that makes it safe and easy to handle. The bike targets weekend or commuter riders who enjoy off-road riding. You can mount mudguards or a rear rack on the front forks if you want to use Acid Hybrid One 400 for all-weather commuting. The machine runs on a Shimano SL-M2000 gear shifter that allows for crisp, concise shifting.

Cube attached Shimano MT200 hydraulic brakes on Acid Hybrid One 400 to help stop the ZX20 32h rims from rotating at given times. The bike's tyres can cruise on multiple surfaces including tarmac and gravel without sustaining any punctures. With a mid-drive electric motor, Acid Hybrid One 400 delivers subtle and intuitive electric assistance. The engine also combines the power of cadence and torque sensors to produce the right resistance you need.


  • Display gives all information (power-assist level, distance and battery level) you need to enhance your riding experiences
  • Smooth transition from electric assistance to pedal-power (with less pedaling resistance)
  • Subtle and intuitive electric-assist produced by the Bosch motor (which relies on cadence and torque sensors to deliver the right amount of resistance)
  • Tyres (Schwalbe Tough Tom 2.25 x 29) can trek on multiple surfaces including tarmac and rough gravel
  • Crisp, concise shifting provided by the Shimano SL-M2000 gear shifter
  • Front forks allow you to mount mudguards for all-weather commuting adventures
  • Ideal for casual commuting, weekend rides and off-road riding


  • Increased rolling resistance when riding on tarmacked paths (making the cycling experience less enjoyable)
  • Front forks on a bike that prides itself for having some of the highest-quality features
  • Front forks are susceptible to mechanical damage when cruising at extremely high speeds

Acid One 400 is among the best electric mountain bikes you can get for off-road riding. You can use it on country lanes or light trails with minimum effort to make some of the thrilling riding experiences you ever had. Acid One 400 demonstrates Cube's efforts to help riders solve their day-to-day commuting problems.


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