Cube Reaction Ebike Review - Worth It In 2022 - 2023?

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The Cube Reaction E-Bike Range - Are They Any Good?


The latest range of the Cube reaction electric bikes has something for everyone featuring hardtail hybrid mountain e-bikes with high-performance Bosch motors and sleek Bosch Purion displays. 

There are three main types of Cube reaction electric bike on the market featuring the latest High Performance 400 E-bikes, the Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 from 2019 and the Hybrid EX 625 from 2020. 

In this review, we will cover all three electric bikes from the reaction range in detail and list the advantages and disadvantages of their electrical features and bike components to see which Cube reaction bike is right for you. 

Electrical Features Of The Cube Reaction E-Bikes 

If you are looking for a range of electric mountain bikes that excel in battery range and pedal-assist power then it's worth taking a look at the electric components inside of the Cube reaction e-bikes. 

We will get into more detail below. 

The Motor 

First of all, we will start with the earliest Cube reaction model, the Reaction Hybrid Pro 500, this e-bike features a 250W Bosch CX Performance mid-motor type with tops speeds of 20mph. 

The Hybrid EX 625 from 2020 on the other hand houses a 4th Generation Bosch CX Performance Line motor which has 75Nm of torque and is lightweight of only 2.5 kg allowing you to agile ride geometry with its mid-motor position. 

Lastly the most recent Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 400 e-bike comes with a Bosch CX latest third-generation Performance Line Cruise motor to give a more smooth feeling to your ride. 

What We Think

To conclude, it is clear that all of the Cube reaction range are fitted with high-quality Bosch performance motors, for the Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 this is a UK legal design which is great for taking out on the roads, but might not produce as much torque as the Hybrid EX 625 and Performance 400 bike does.

Battery Power 

The Cube reaction electric bikes really start to differ when it comes to battery design, the earliest performance 500 model features a 482Wh battery capacity and has a range of up to 85 miles while the Hybrid EX has a 625Wh making it suitable for longer riding over 100 miles. 

For the performance 400 reaction bike, uses a 400Wh battery, which allows the bike to maintain an average range while keeping its price down.

What We Think

Overall, it is surprising to learn that the latest Cube Reaction electric bike has a more limited range than the previous two, but this might explain the fairer price of the performance 100 models. If you want to do longer-range biking, it is probably best to stick with the Hybrid EX 625 model, but it should be noted it has a slower charger.


All of the Cube Reaction electric bikes come with a Bosch Purion display to show and store information about your bike riding, this display is compact and does interfere with the range models handlebars space.

What We Think

The Bosch Purion displays are great for saving space on your e-bike but due to their size do have limited functions with no USB charging port or menu options.

Bike Components Of The Cube Reaction E-Bikes

All the Cube Reaction electric bikes have similar frames and braking systems but differ when it comes to gears and wheel sizes, we have reviewed all of the technical components down below.


All frame types of the Cube Reaction are made with lightweight aluminium double-butted frame options with some having step-through designs. Both the high performance 500 and 400 models use a 100mm Suntour front fork suspension for extra comfort when riding and the Hybrid EX has a 120mm front fork on its design. 

Check out our review of the Cube Agree.

The frames of these electric bikes come in a few different sizes with trapeze options too depending on your want and size. 

What We Think

Frame-wise all these Cube Reaction bikes are made to feel very durable and lightweight, because of their double-butted frame size and mountain-bike geometry, we would not recommend any of them for heavy-duty mountain biking, however.

Gears & Brakes

The latest Cube reaction performance 400 electric bike comes with a 9-speed with a 38t chainring gear set, while the performance 500 bike houses a 10 Speed 1x10 Shimano Deore Derailleur system. 

For people who are looking to have a lower set of gears for better off-roading, the Hybrid EX 625 has an SRAM SX Eagle 1 x 12 Gearing system. 

In terms of brakes, all three of the Cube reaction e-bikes use hydraulic brakes from Shimano for stopping power.

What We Think

To conclude, the latest performance 400 electric bikes from Cube does have a disappointing gear system in comparison to the other two popular Cube reaction bikes on our list, we would suggest sticking with the Hybrid EX 625 if you are looking for a wide range of gears on technical trails and better brake performance.


All of the Cube reaction bikes have 29-inch and 27-inch tyres, these mostly from Schwalbe Smart Sam active range and they have double-wall alloy rims too. All of the tyres offer rolling resistance for better control on potholed roads or road climbs.

What We Think

For the price, Cube reaction e-bikes offer durable rims and tyres within their sleek frame design to handle a range of terrains with ease in conjunction with their Bosch drive unit. The tyres could be of slightly better quality but can also be switched out if needed to more all-terrain options.

Are Cube Reaction Bikes Worth It?

To conclude, if your after a commuter or entry-level mountain bike, all the bikes within the Cube's e-bike range are worth the money. The performance 500 and Hybrid EX 625 really excel when it comes to having a wide gear range and battery range, however, the performance 400 is within a lower price range and houses one of Bosch's latest generation motors. 

Although all these hybrid bikes can be used on a wide range of terrain, refrain from using them on very difficult routes as they are not equipped to handle all the descents and rough ground like expensive mountain bikes are. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Cube Reaction E-Bike Range

Are hydraulic disc brakes better than typical disc brakes? 

Hydraulic disc brakes are considered to be better than standard disc brakes as they have better-stopping power than your standard disc brake. They are more expensive than a normal disc brake, however.

Can the Cube Reaction bike be used on rough trails? 

You can definitely take the range of Cube reaction bikes off-road but we would not recommend treating them like your typical mountain bike, sticking to smoother trails would be the best idea.

What speed cassette does the performance 400 Cube reaction bike have?

The latest Cube reaction bike features a 9-speed with a 38t chainring speed groupset.

Do the bikes have good suspension technology? 

All of the Cube reaction bikes comes with a lightweight alloy frame and have a front travel suspension fork to minimise impact when riding off-road.

What price range are the Cube Reaction bikes in? 

All of the cube reaction electric bikes cost between £2000-£4000.

Are these bikes good for distance road riding?

Yes, the best Cube reaction electric bike for riding long distances has to be the Hybrid EX 625 as it has the highest capacity battery and excellent power modes. 

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