12 Best Electric Bike Upgrades

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12 Best Electric Bike Upgrades


The e-bike market is booming, and there are plenty of options. If you're looking for a high-quality e-bike that looks good and performs well, considers a modification idea with your existing bike rather than buying a brand-new one.

The key to making your e-bike feel like home is to personalize it. Whether you're looking for a simple aesthetic change or want to add some serious functionality, there are plenty of ways to customize your ride.

1. GPS Tracking

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular around the world. But there's one problem – they're costly. And while many companies offer insurance policies, the cost of those often exceeds what you'd pay for a regular bicycle. So, how do you protect yourself against theft with the inexpensive upgrade? A GPS tracker is an ideal upgrade.

GPS trackers work like this: You attach the device to your bike's frame, and it sends signals every few seconds to a satellite orbiting Earth. If someone takes off with your bike, the tracker will send a password to your phone, telling you where it is. Then, you can call up the map on your phone and see exactly where your bike is.

2. Second battery

Every electric bike is designed to deal with batteries in a specific way. Some are removable and completely integrated batteries. In those cases, an add-on pack may fit into one of the frame's existing water bottles. Others are just as simple to remove as any other component. Regardless of their differences, every electric bike requires an additional power source. Extra battery life will improve your ride, whether a single cell or multiple cells.

Most of us need to learn just how much power we need. But we still need extra ebike batteries. Range anxiety is confirmed whether or not the likelihood of running out is as high as anticipated. It comes down to being more confident knowing that you've got everything covered if you got a dead battery or wish to go further.

Extra batteries can be hard to find for older e-bikes. You may be able to buy them online, but make sure you know what type of battery your new e-bike needs before you order, including the battery size, battery range, battery usage, etc. Also, consider how much power you'll use on your ride. Most people only charge their e-bikes once every two weeks, so you won't likely run out of juice during a single ride.

3. Saddle

A new comfortable saddle isn't just about looking cool. It's about improving your riding position and giving you a better connection to your bike.

There are lots of different types of saddles out there, each designed for a specific purpose. Some people like to use a racing saddle, while others prefer something more comprehensive for comfort. Whatever saddle you choose, make sure it fits properly and feels comfortable.

If you're buying a new saddle, start with a test ride. If you feel uncomfortable with how it sits, try changing positions and see what happens. You'll know whether you want to keep it once you've tried it.

4. Tires

When it comes to transforming the look and feel of a bicycle, there are very few things as effective as new tires. They can change how a bike handles, how much grip it has, and even the riding style.

Most bicycles don't need any suspension at all. They're designed to provide a good grip for riding up hills and going down them.

Beyond the suspension effect alone, you can change the characteristics of an eBikes by choosing the right tires for your needs. For commuting purposes, most people choose comfort over performance, but there are some models available that focus on both.

Flat tyres aren't fun, but they're not always a big deal. Look for a tire that provides good traction and protection.

5. Good Quality Lock

Even if your bike has an integrated wheel lock, you still need a suitable locking mechanism to secure it to a stationary object. If you don't already have one, get one. You'll want something heavy-duty, like a chain link fence-style lock. This lock is strong enough to hold up against determined bike theft attempts, but it doesn't look too intimidating.

Integrated wheel locks and after-the-act tracking won't stop you if your bike gets stolen; they're just another deterrent. But they aren't foolproof - there are ways around them. For example, a thief could cut off the bike lock, attach a wire cutter to the frame, and walk away with the bike. Or he could take the battery out of the cycle and ride out.

A recovered bike is a massive headache and might damage the vehicle. So make sure you have a secondary method of locking your bike up. Consider investing in a cable lock or a padlock. These locks are usually less expensive and easier to carry around than a traditional chain link fence-style lock, but they require some maintenance. Please track where you've locked your bike and check it regularly.

Whatever you decide to use, one significant factor should be the visual presence of the lock. Don't go cheap here. It's not a bad idea to look for sturdy and professional safety.

6. Mudguards

Mudguards are one of those things that people either love or hate. Some prefer to ride without them because they think they look ugly, others don't like the extra bike weight they add to the bike, and some don't want to deal with getting wet. However, there are many advantages to having mudguards.

The main advantage is keeping you dry - no matter what type of weather you're riding in, whether it's raining or snowing, mudguards protect you from the elements. This helps prevent damage to your clothes and keeps you comfortable.

Another significant benefit is keeping your bike looking nice. When you're riding around town, it doesn't matter if your bike looks clean or dirty, but when you go off-road, muddy ride, dirt, and grime build up quickly. Having mudguards will help keep your regular bike looking great.

Finally, mudguards make it easier to carry stuff on your bike. You can quickly grab something under the seat or the rack and throw it into your panniers. Without mudguards, you'd have to lift the whole bike onto your shoulder to do this.

7. Right Clothes

Most people understand that some clothes are better suited for riding a bike than others. They know that there are differences between cycles and there are different kinds of clothing for every type of bike. But most people don't think about how much thought goes into designing those clothes. And they certainly don't consider how vital the right clothes are.

Mudguards are helpful for commuting, riding an e-gravel bicycle, or riding off-road.

There are aerodynamic options, endurance options, and clothing choices for just about any riding condition you may encounter. And there are even clothing choices for gravel biking.

But the truth is that no matter what kind you have, there are clothes designed explicitly for that purpose. You can go out and buy some generic road bike gear, but chances are good that it won't fit properly, won't work well, and won't perform optimally. So why do we spend so much money on our cycling kit? Because it matters.

8. Seatpost With Suspension

Tyre pressure is one of those things that most people don't think about too much. But it plays a significant role in ensuring that your electric bike feels good. Many different factors go into how comfortable ride the cycle is. One of the essential parts of that comfort is the suspension system. Several components comprise a suspension system, including tyres, shocks, springs, and even suspension seat posts.

The primary function of a suspension seatpost is to support the rider's weight. Without it, the rider would feel like they are sitting on a board rather than a bike. This is a good thing, but it does mean that the rider needs to adjust their position slightly.

City bike frames are usually made from steel, so they're not suitable for using a suspension seat tube. However, gravel bike frames are often made from aluminum which makes them better suited for use with a suspension seat post.

Many riders use a standard ebike suspension seatpost because it doesn't require any special tools. However, some people prefer the extra stability that a dedicated post provides. These posts come in both threaded and clamp versions. They typically offer a more comprehensive range of adjustments than a standard suspension seat post.

9. New Gearing System

You can stick with something other than whatever gear your bike came with. It might be fine for most people. However, there are times when swapping gears makes it more logical. And even though we're talking about electric bikes here, the same principles apply to regular bicycles.

Generally, high-end electric bikes tend toward lower gear ratios because they're designed for longer distances. Low-end ones usually have much higher gears since they're meant to go fast. But if you live somewhere where hills are familiar, consider swapping out the gearing.

If you decide to change it, remember that the gearing affects how quickly you pedal. If you're riding uphill, you'll need to shift down. On the flip side, you'll need to move up if you're riding downhill.

10. Heavy-Duty Electric Bike Rack

If you're looking to buy a new bicycle, you must know what bike rack you'll need. There are many different types of frames, ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty. Light-duty racks are typically used for transporting bicycles around town, while heavy-duty racks are usually designed for carrying multiple bikes over longer distances.

The most common type of bike rack is the rear rack. Rear racks attach to the bicycle's frame and hold one or more panniers. Panniers are baskets attached to the front of the bike that can carry items such as clothing, groceries, etc.

A second popular option is a front rack. Front racks attach to the handlebars and allow you to carry things like helmets, bags, water bottles, etc.

Another option is the saddle bag rack. Saddlebag racks attach to the seat post and allow you to carry items directly on your bicycle. These racks work best for oversized items like camping gear or skis.

Finally, some riders choose to use a trailer hitch-mounted rack. This allows you to tow another vehicle behind your bicycle.

11. Tubeless

Inner tubes are great for protecting your rims from damage, but there are better choices for riding off-road. Tubeless tires provide a better grip and allow you to go faster without fear of flats. They also make it easier to repair your wheel if you hit something sharp.

Tubeless systems come in three varieties: clincher, semi-slick and slick. Toppers use a rubberized tire casing around the tube and bead, while semi-slick and slicker tires have a thin layer of air inside the case. Semi-slick and slick tires work well for commuting and city riding, while clinchers are designed for rougher terrain.

The main benefit of tubeless tire setups is that inner tubes are no longer needed. This eliminates one potential source of puncture. You'll still need a valve core tool to install the system.

12. Flat pedals

Ebikes are getting bigger and heavier every year. They're no longer just for kids anymore, and the extra weight means that ebikers want to ensure their bikes are comfortable. This can be challenging because there are lots of different types of bike frames and components.

One thing that ebikers often overlook though, is their pedals. Sure, it's nice to have a set of clipless pedals, but what happens if they fall off? If you've got a cheap pair of pedals, you'll probably find yourself buying another pair soon enough.

Luckily, there are some decent options out there. There are plenty of affordable flat pedals, and if you look around, you'll see they're good.

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