Hi! my name is Sam Lawrence. I am a twenty-something year old cycling fanatic. I created this E-BikeReview.UK as a resource for people when shopping for an electric bike. My career in bicycles started when I was a child. I’ve always loved bikes. I started my own bike buying and selling business before I left school and have been running a very successful bike shop in Ledbury (west England) since I was 18 years old.

Do Ebikes Charge While Riding? Can You Push Pedal Power Into Them?

Will My E-bike Recharge While Pedaling? Read on A concern with e-bikes is what happens when the battery runs out […]

Can Ebikes Go Uphill & On Trails? Should You Take Them?

Can You Tackle Those Steep Climbs On An E-Bike? Find Out Here! E-bike sales are booming, in the last year […]

When To Replace The Ebike Battery? When Is The Right Time!?

When Is It Time To Replace Your Electric Bike Battery? Like many other battery powered products, ebikes do need battery […]

What Happens When The EBike Battery Dies Mid Ride?

What Can You Do If Your Electric Bike Cuts Out Mid Ride? No one likes the idea of being stranded […]

How Many Watts Are Ebikes Typically? How Powerful Are They?

How Many Watts Are Electric Bikes? Ebikes come in all different styles, sizes, and capacities, but how many watts do […]

What Is the Law for Motorised / Electric Bikes in the UK?

The Law For Ebikes In The United Kingdom Electric bikes, or e-bikes, come with built-in motors allowing them to reach […]

How to Derestrict an Electric Bike To Make It Go Faster!

Our Way To Bypass The Speed Limiter! As a result of legal restrictions, the majority of electric bikes come with […]
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