Carrera Crossfire 2 Hybrid Bike Review 2020 - 2021

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The Carrera Crossfire is a great option for cyclists looking for an affordable, eco-friendly way to commute on roads while keeping fit. This hybrid bike is adaptable to various terrain and can comfortably be used on tarmac roads and dirt roads alike.

So what makes carrera electric bikes unique?

For starters, the e bike carrera comes with several mountain bike features such as mechanical disc brakes and a 24 gear setting. These features set it apart from other hybrid bike models. It also comes with an adjustable front suspension which comes in handy when navigating tricky terrain. The crossfire 2 stays true to the Halfords brand with its high performance and quality features. This bike offers good value for its money.

This review explores all the innovative features of the carrera crossfire 2.

Design and Performance

The carrera electric bike has a simple, pleasing aesthetic. The brand cut down on flashier elements of the bike's design for a more practical physical design. It is designed for comfort. The flat handlebars are designed to reduce back strain while cycling. It also comes with comfortable saddle carrera. The crossfire has been designed for comfort and practicability. It has a Unfortunately, this bike only is only available in one color option, grey and green.

The frame and fork are made out of aluminium. These two parts join to form a relaxed geometry which allows the cyclist to comfortably sit upright without slouching over the handle bars. The handle bars are made of carrera alloy. This makes the bike ideal for leisurely, long rides. It is also suitable for people who may have back problems.

This hybrid bike is highly adaptible to various surfaces due to its front suspension fork. The cyclist can easily adjust the stiffness through the pre-load adjuster to suit their preference. The front suspension allows for 75mm of travel and can be adjusted to fit off-road terrain like hills and rocks. The suntour nvx suspension fork offers unparalleled flexibilty to the front end of the carrera crossfire 2.

It is also perfectly suited for climbing steep inclines as it has 24 gears. Three speeds are located on the left shifter and eight speeds are located on the right shifter.

For a hybrid bike, the crossfire 2 is not as fast as expected. However, it makes up for this with its mechanical disc brakes. The Tektro disc brakes work superbly in both dry and wet conditions. However, they tend to squeal in wet conditions which may be irritating.

The carrera crossfire has been designed for all-year round use. Aside from comfort, it is designed to for convenience. This hybrid bike comes with a pannier rack which the rider can use to carry things while in motion. Moreover, its mudguard mounts protect the rider from getting wet while riding through wet terrain. They can be attached easily at the front and back of the bike.

Unfortunately, the mudguard mounts and the rack are sold separately.

Breakdown of Features


The carrera crossfire 2 has a great set of mechanical disc brakes which allow the hybrid bike to stop effectively in both wet and dry conditions. This brake type operates through Tektro Aries mechanical discs. These discs offer quick release if the cyclist needs to stop abruptly or slow down. They are also easy to maintain and highly effective on dry, rough, wet and slippery surfaces. However, because of its poor suspension it is better suited for smooth terrain such as tarmacked roads.

The Kenda K935 tyres perfectly complement this brake type by creating a firm grip on the road. These tires are much slimmer than those found on other hybrids. Because of this, the carrera crossfire 2 is much slower than other mountain bike hybrids. However, it makes up for this with its excellent puncture protection. This means the cyclist need not worry about foreign objects puncturing their tyres during their commute.


The carrera crossfire 2 has 24 gears. These gears are a product of shifters shimano. As such, they are easy to adjust depending on the terrain that the cyclist is on. These gears are accompanied by a rear derailleur, tourney front derailleur and an altus shifters. The shifters shimano add on to the effectiveness of the shimano tourney when it comes to slowing down or stopping.

The carrera crossfire has a 8-speed shimano tourney. This allows the cyclist to easily shift gears when climbing steep inclines or speeding through flat, even ground. Unfortunately, the gear tends to stick at times. this can be fixed through minor adjustments.

Pros and Cons

How do the pros of the carrera crossfire 2 compare to its downside?


  • The carrera crossfire 2 mechanical disc brakes is enhanced by the chainset suntour.
  • Designed for comfort with flat handlebars and a comfortable saddle.
  • Highly adaptable to a variety of terrain.
  • Affordably priced.
  • 24 level gears which are easy to adjust.
  • Mudguard and pannier basket mounts available ant the front and back.
  • It is available in male and female versions.
  • High quality aluminium and carrera alloy on the fork and frame.


  • Does not come with in-built extras such as a mudguard and pannier basket.
  • Does not work as well on rough terrains as it does on smooth surfaces.
  • It is bulky and heavy, weighing approximately 15kgs.
  • Has a plain aesthetic which many cyclists may consider dull or boring.
  • Does not have great suspension.


The carrera crossfire 2 offers good value for money. It is relatively affordable. This hybrid bike is highly adaptable which makes it ideal for variety of terrains. However, it works best on flat, smooth surfaces such as on tarmac roads. Due to its slim tyres and poor suspension, the carrera does not handle bumps and other rough terrain as well as other hybrid models would. The carrera has been designed to provide optimum comfort. its mechanical disc brake and 24- level gear are some of its unique features. This crossfire 2 may not be the fastest hybrid but its other high performance and quality features sets it apart from other models currently available in the market.


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