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Carrera Subway Electric Hybrid Bike

E-Bikes in the UK are becoming more and more popular due to being an eco friendly option to our usual transport. Can the Carrera Subway Electric Hybrid bike become our new favourite in the hybrid e-bikes line up?

This minimalist hybrid bike has a strong hold against it's competitors with a single charge of 374Wh battery giving you up to a generous 60 miles of pedalling assistance. It can top speeds of 15.5mph meaning this could be the perfect e-bike for everyday use.

The Carrera Subway E-Bike line up

Halford's Carrera Subway e-bike range has been creating trustworthy solid e-bikes for over 25 years. They boast a line of different e-bikes; from the Carrera Cross-City folding e-bikes to the Carrera Crossfire edition.

In particular, the Carrera Subway Electric Hybrid bike has the most important versatility of being able to ride with ease on rough terrains and smooth terrains, not to mention it also is designed in both male and female versions. It comes with a lightweight aluminium frame which is attractive for everyday transportation and sizes of 16 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch suiting a variety of people. It's also equipped with modern hydraulic Tektro disc brakes and double wall rims.

Carrera Subway say, if you are looking for an all-rounder e-bike, the Subway E will satisfy your needs and take the strain out of your everyday regular commute.

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Motor wise, the Subway E has a powerful rear fitted Suntour motor system along with an upgraded sensor to make your e-bike flow naturally and give you that extra support.

Equipped also with its 9 speed gears and rubber comfort grips, this e-bike has a light alloy frame and forks made from Cromoly steel which suits any off road surfaces.

It's main specifications can be seen as below-

  • Speed - Assistance to 15.5 mph.
  • Recharge- 5-6 hours.
  • Frame- Lightweight aluminium.
  • Motor- Suntour Rear Hub.
  • Battery- 317Wh and 2 year warranty (Halfords).
  • Sensor- Torque Sensor.
  • Gears- 9 - Shimano Altus SL-M2000.
  • Tyres- Kenda K-841 Reflective.

Carrera Subway E-Bike - Ride

The Subway E has a sleek and simple exterior and seems like an ideal option for a reliable commuter bike. After taking it out on it's first tester ride, I felt confident and happy with how it was performing compared to other e-bikes I have ridden in the past. It's a robust kind of bike which I also feel I would be taking out for not only commutes, but leisure trips too.

Forwarding to my second ride, when I reached around 10 miles I could already feel the benefits of the premium sensor that the Carrera Subway E comes with (a huge difference to the basic speed sensors on other e-bikes) making the ride feel much more natural. The amount of push the e-bike was providing me matched how much effort I was giving, making it fun and easy.

The steel frame upfront gave me complete control and stability as I was riding. Accessory wise, the display, handgrips and seat were extremely satisfying and comfortable the whole time. However, unlike some of the best mountain e-bikes, the Subway E unfortunately does not come with mud-brakes and lights, some of these extras may require a little investment which is worth it if you will be using this bike daily.

After some standard use of the Subway E, I tried to test it out on some different terrains and inclines. What stood out the most was the power of the Suntour motor, it gave me that extra boost to ride with ease over the inclines I faced considering it was a windy day. The Carrera Subway handled it seamlessly and made me feel as if I was a lot fitter than I am.

Although it must be noted, after some more use and playing around on my local hilly terrain I did notice a fast drop in the battery usage. For an average commuter, this may prove as not much of a problem as it can be charged after a daily commute, but for a long distance ride combined with uneven terrain, the battery would suffice for around a 40 mile mark rather than a 60 mile mark.

I would not say this is much of a problem as the battery can always be upgraded or charged after a single use.

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One thing I did find very comforting about the Carrera Subway E-bike was it's Kenda K-841 tyres. They handled the roughness of terrain with ease, not to mention the puncture protection too which makes it reliable if I was to be using it for my everyday commute.

Is it worth it?

To conclude, Halford's price of the Carrera Subway e-bike is £999.99.

I would say this is a strong competitor in the Hybrid e-bike market considering it is just under 1000 pounds. If you are looking for a simple yet trustworthy every day kind of e-bike, this would be the one.

However, do bear in mind the investment of mudguards, lights and a rack if needed. Another small con may be the battery capacity if you are riding on uneven terrain for long periods of time.

Overall, this affordable electric bike with long term durability is not only reliable but is most importantly enjoyable to ride. The assurance of a two year warranty means you should definitely consider adding the Carrera Subway e-bike to your list.

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Pros & Cons


  • Sleek and simple design.
  • Powerful Suntour motor.
  • Easy to ride with a natural feel.
  • Under the £1000 mark.
  • Puncture protection tyres.


  • Comes without accessories; mudguards, lights and rack.
  • Battery may not support long distance on uneven terrain.


Is this e-bike good for long term every day use?

Yes, the simple lightweight design of the Subway E is meant for everyday use on rough terrain or smooth surfaces. Making it perfect for a daily commuter.

How powerful is the motor? 

The Carrera Subway Hybrid e-bike has a Suntour motor and can assist in even the most high incline situations.

Whats is the e-bikes max speed?

The Subway E can provide a max speed of 15.5 mph.

What is the battery range? 

The battery range is said to provide up to 6o miles of a single charge, however this can depend on the riding style and other factors.

Does it come with warranty?

Yes, the Carrera Subway Hybrid e-bike comes with a two year warranty from Halford's.






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