Carrera Crossfire E Bike Review - 2020 - 2021

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Carrera Crossfire E Bike Review

Hybrid bikes provide the rider with the best of both worlds. They combine the fast wheels of a road bike with the versatility and durability of a mountain bike. Combine the versatility of a hybrid bike with an electric bike, and you get an excellent device to commute to work on or to take on relaxing weekend rides.

Riding an electric bike is great for your health and can sometimes even be faster than taking the train or the bus.

Carrera Crossfire

The Carrera Crossfire hybrid e bike is a great fit for both old a new riders. They combine the speed of a street bike with the smooth ride of a mountain bike, so they are great for commuters and weekend riders alike.

The Carrera Crossfire e bike is available for purchase through Halfords.

The motor that powers this Halfords electric bike is the Suntour HESC with active torque and pedal assist. This motor can measure the amount of force and cadence that is applied to the pedals in order to boost your ride with a smooth and intuitive feeling. You do not necessarily have to turn the pedals in order to get assistance from the motor because of this. The active torque and pedal assist features of this Suntour motor also increases the motor's efficiency. For instance, when you are casually riding along a flat stretch of road, the motor will not put in much effort. When you begin to go uphill, however, the motor will kick in a help you out.

The pedal assist on this electric bike has four modes. The Eco mode provides 25 percent pedal assistance up to 15 miles per hour, then the assistance is turned off. The City mode provides 50 percent pedal assistance up to 10 miles per hour, and then it is reduced to 30 percent assistance at 15 miles per hour. The Race mode provides 75 percent pedal assistance without turning off, and Climb mode provides 100 percent assistance. Climb mode is best for scaling large hills.

Customers have said that the riding experience on the Carrera Crossfire is very smooth and pleasant. It is quick to start and maintains a fast speed even while going uphill. The bike easily shifts from mode to mode without jolting the rider. The power that is supplied to the pedals from the motor is smooth and feels in proportion to the effort that the rider is putting into pedaling. This not only ensures a smooth ride, but also means that the battery power is utilised more efficiently. While cycling at higher levels, there is some audible noise from the motor, but it is not loud enough to be very irritating.

The display on the Carrera Crossfire e bike is mounted on the center of the handlebars. It is large enough to be readily visible while riding and displays information like speed, odometer, battery capacity, and trip distance. It is easily removable which is great if you park your bike outside on a regular basis. This way, thieves will be less tempted to steal your bike if the display is taken off of it. The power levels are easy to adjust even if you are wearing cycling gloves because it raised buttons are so easy to press. There is even a setting that lets you dim the back light of the display panel which lessens eye strain during night riding. Upon removal of the display, there is a mini-USB charging port.

The battery that comes with the Halfords Carrera Crossfire e bike is 36 volts and uses high quality Panasonic 18650 lithium cells. The battery is guaranteed to last for two years according to the manufacturer. Halfords claims that that maximum range of this battery is about 60 miles, however this can vary greatly depending on how many hills you climb, wind direction, and rider weight. The battery takes about six hours to full charge. The battery is not entirely integrated into the design of the bike, and this can make it appear chunky on the slim frame. However, the fact that it stick out from the bike a bit means that it is easy to insert and remove it when you need to.

The gearing on the Carrera Crossfire electric bike is an eight speed cassette from Shimano. Customers rave about the smooth and reliable gear changes with this hybrid bike. The brakes on this Carrera Crossfire e bike are Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The brake pipe on the rear of the bike is internally routed, which allows the bike to have a clean, sleek look to it.

The Carrera Crossfire e bike uses Suntour NVX forks with hydraulic lock-out, preload adjustment, and 53 millimetres of travel. These forks are perfectly suited to soak up small potholes and gravel when riding.


The frame of the Carrera Crossfire electric bike is finished in black paint for a classic, minimalist look. The crossbar is smooth and well-made. There is a step-through option built into the frame as well, which is a great feature for riders that either hop on and off the bike a lot or have a difficult time swinging a leg up and over the saddle.

The wheels and hubs on the Carrera Crossfire e bike are sturdy and can take a lot of wear and tear. The tyres are Kenda brand and they have all-terrain tread, which is perfect for trail riding or cycling along gravel paths. These tyres are suited to both street riding and light off-road riding also. Kenda tyres are known for their puncture protection, so you can be sure that these tyres will last you for a few years at least.


The Carrera Crossfire electric bike comes with a kickstand, however it is missing mudguards, a rack, and lights. Even though purchase of this bike does not include these necessities, there are mounting points on the frame for a rear rack and for mudguards.


  • The gears are very easy to change and do so very smoothly.
  • The handlebars and well positioned and cushioned to be as comfortable as possible.
  • The motor on this electric bike provides superb speed assistance and can travel up to 15.5 miles per hour.


  • This electric bike is bulkier than other comparable models and therefore it is a bit difficult to manoeuvre.
  • The battery is difficult to replace as it is a bit stiff.
  • The buttons on the display are not entirely intuitive; it takes some practice in order to use the quickly.
  • There is no space to mount a water bottle holder.


The Carrera Crossfire e bike is an incredibly affordable electric bike that is available through Halfords. It is perfect for new and experienced riders alike and is good for street riding and for light off-road cycling as well.

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