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Just like a personal computer or a TV set, your e-bike comes with a number of built in systems and software. This can make things like a basic reset seem very difficult. 

How To Reset E-bike Battery?

Hot to reset an ebike battery? First you should charge your battery to full, and then focus on resetting the battery management system. This can be as easy as turning the bike off for an extended period of time, and then switching it on again. 

Other times however, you may encounter persistent issues with your electric bike batteries. If this problem concerns the software on the bike, then you may have to force a full reset. 

Problems with battery connection, loose wiring, or damage to internal wires can't be as easily fixed with a battery reset. Not that a full battery reset is very easy to pull off.

The majority of battery issues can be fixed this way, by addressing the Battery Management System or other applications built into the bike itself. 

Persistent battery issues without visible cause usually point to a system issue. So let's take a look at how exactly you can fix an electric bike battery issue.

Electric batteries are very different from your common household brands of battery, even if some are similarly lithium ion in their design. 

We have also written an article about charging your e-bike's battery without a charger. It will also help you if you read it.

What is a Battery Management System?


The BMS, or Battery Management System, is nothing more than a very small circuit board. This is found inside the battery pack itself of your ebike.

To maintain everything inside a reasonably safe field, it monitors how exactly the battery functions. This includes the battery's charge, discharge, and even how hot it is getting. 

The last thing you want on a summer ride is for your battery cell to get too hot, prompting battery breakdown and possibly even a fire. 

Lithium ion batteries are known to explode when heated to an extreme, which is problematic for mobile phones just as much as it is for electric bicycles. 

Some ebikes will use lead and acid in place of lithium ion batteries, but these will still need to managed via the BMS to avoid causing more harm than good. 

Why You Might Need to Reset Your Battery

If you open your battery compartment to no visible faults, but have noticed a number of battery performance issues, then a battery reset may be advised. 

Taking good care of your ebike, and its individual parts, is important for bike and battery longevity. Battery safety is important to avoid battery fires and explosions. 

A battery reset isn't always just for crucial battery fixes and repairs, sometimes you need to reset the battery management system in order to get started on your favorite battery upgrades. 

If you have a removable battery with a key lock, then you can easily replace your problematic e-bike battery without the need for specialized tools. 

Necessary Tools for an E-Bike Battery Reset

Before we get to the methods in steps for resetting your BMS, there are some tools you might like to locate and grab. 

Some electrical tools will come in handy, as you will be playing around with the wire harness of the circuit board and battery in order to perform a reset.

In cases of a massive battery failure, you may also want some wire cutters. Replacing electrical wire and black wire isn't easy, but sometimes can't be avoided. 

Other than wire cutters, having some spare black wire to replace any damaged one will also be necessary if your ebike battery issues are a result of BMS damage. 

Battery issues common in e-bikes may also demand a DC barrel jack for handling your custom wiring. 

Other electrical tools, such as a multimeter measurement tool, will be very important for staying safe during the process and avoiding an erratic motor upon completion. 

Why Charging Your Battery is Important for a Reset

Using your battery charger to fill electric bike batteries is very important prior to any fiddling with the wire harness and battery discharge port. 

Battery charges last an extended period of time, but as the reset process can be time consuming it is always best to fully charge the battery. 

You need charge in order to read the battery meter, so plug in your individual battery charger the night before you plan on doing any maintenance. 

Voltage readings and voltage output will be your key indicators of a healthy battery after you have tinkered with it. If the voltage measurements are off, you could damage your ebike motor. 

Damage to the wiring harness can also cause your battery to become loose, so be careful when charging if you don't keep the battery locked into place as you do so. 

How to Remove Your Battery if Needed

Removing your battery is actually one of the easier steps, provided you have a key for the battery lock which keeps it in place. 

How to Remove Your Battery if Needed

The lock keeps all your electrical black wire inside the wire harness, preventing anything from slipping out unexpectedly. 

This is a good way to protect your 2-electricity wire from being exposed to the elements, wuchs as cold air and rain. 

Exposure like this can damage your wires, and damage to some key pieces like the battery adapter wire will be very difficult to fix or replace. 

If you do not have the key for your lock, then you will have to do your best to pick or break the lock while avoiding damage to any black wire in your wire harness. 

Cleaning Your Battery

An electric bike battery must be cleaned and maintained for long life. Failure to do so will reduce the battery’s capacity over time.

Having your battery clean and healthy will prevent anomalous readings when you are fixing the BMS and avoid motor damage.

Additionally, dirty batteries are more susceptible to overheating during charging or riding a bike as it lacks sufficient power reserves.

Therefore, it is essential to clean an electric bike battery regularly. The best way to clean an electric bike battery is with specialized kits that contain specific cleaning agents.

If using a cleaning kit, make sure to read the instructions carefully before beginning the process as improper cleaning can damage the battery.

A conventional bike battery should be replaced with a new one to avoid damage from improper cleaning procedures since this type of damage is irreversible without replacing the old one first!

Electric bike manufacturers typically include instructions on how to clean their batteries when sold new with their models.

These can differ slightly from those outlined above for regular bicycles since electric bikes run on different voltages and currents depending on their model design

Steps to Reset the Bike Battery

Resetting the bike battery can be arduous, so let's get right into it. Let's look at the details in steps:

  1. Adapter Creation. The adapter will just be comprised of two cables as well as a DC barrel jack. Connect a red wire from the power source to the positive terminal of the audio amplifier and connect a black wire from the ground to the negative terminal by means of a soldering iron.
  2. Testing the new Adapter. Begin by inserting the adapter's other side into the charger for your battery. Verify the adaptor is carrying electricity using a multimeter. Red wire for positive, black wire for negative, in case you forgot. Never allow the naked wires to touch one another since doing so might short out the circuit and put everyone at risk.
  3. Perform a Battery Management System Reset. 
    • Now, connect the power supply to the wall socket. Look carefully at the outlet, and you'll find that it has markings indicating how to attach the wires. Usually, these markings are found on the back panel of the device itself. The white wire should go to the hot side of the circuit, and the black wire should be connected to the ground pin.
    • If it works, you’ll notice that the charging indicator lights up when plugged into an outlet. Wait for 15 minutes before unplugging the charger from the wall.

Manual Repair vs Shop Repair

You may choose to send your e-bike into a repair shop, rather than mess around with soldering kits and wiring. 

This will cost you money, as you'll be hiring a professional electrician to fix any battery issues you might have. Still, it will save you a lot of time and effort. 

If you aren't concerned about money as much as you are about damaging your bike (which will then drive up costs anyway), then we suggest finding a professional to do the job for you. 

Upgrading Your E-Bike Battery

Many electric bike batteries can be replaced by purchasing a new battery. New batteries typically cost less than old ones do, and some manufacturers sell refurbished versions at even lower prices.

Keep in mind that older batteries frequently drain faster than newer ones do and don’t hold their charge as well over time.

Upgrading Your E-Bike Battery

s best to buy a new battery rather than try to fix an old one. A new battery can be charged to its full capacity by using a charger that’s designed for your electric bike.

It is essential to know how to upgrade or replace an electric bike battery because old batteries drain faster than newer ones do and don’t hold their charge as well over time.

If you can remove a battery, you can replace one easily. Just unlock the battery, and slot in a new one after checking it has a BMS chip attached to it for basic safety functions. 

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