How To Reset E-bike Battery? Read Here

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There are two kinds of batteries used in electric bicycles. One is lithium ion type and the other is lead acid type.

The lithium ion type one has an advantage in that it can last longer than the lead acid type one. However, it also has a disadvantage because it's much heavier and takes up more space than the lead acid type.

When you use your electric bicycle, the battery will drain gradually until it completely runs out of power. In this case, you should recharge your battery before it runs out of power.

If you do not charge your battery enough, the battery can get damaged. Below are the steps on how to reset your ebike battery after charge.

Step 1: Turn off your ebike and remove the battery cover.

Step 2: Remove the negative terminal first. Then pull out the positive terminal from its socket.

Step 3: Put back both terminals into their sockets again.

Step 4: Close the battery cover.

Factors that cause e-bike batteries to fail

Electric bike batteries are very sensitive. If they're charged too high or discharged too low, there may be some damage done to them.

You need to know what kind of problem occurs so as to fix it properly.

Here are some common issues with electric bikes' batteries.

  • Battery charging circuit malfunctioning

This usually happens when the charger malfunctions due to bad contact between wires or poor connection at the plug end. The result would be overcharging which could cause overheating and even fire hazard.

  • Charging Issues

The lithium batteries on ebikes can be easily damaged by improper charging methods.

This includes using a non-approved charger, leaving the charger plugged in while unattended for long periods of time, or discharging the battery below 10% capacity. These actions can shorten the life span of the battery significantly.

  • Overheated Battery

A hot battery can become dangerous if left alone without cooling down. It might explode causing serious injury.

You must take immediate action to cool the battery down immediately.

  • Low Voltage/Discharge Issue

The voltage capacity e-bike's battery box can hold depends on the size of the battery itself. A smaller battery requires less current flow through it compared to larger ones.

This means that a small battery needs to have higher discharge rate to maintain proper performance.

However, most people don't realize that once the battery reaches certain level of discharge, it cannot recover any further.

So, if you keep riding your ebike beyond the point where the battery gets fully drained, then the remaining energy stored inside the battery becomes useless.

  • Battery terminals

One of the common e-bike battery problems is having loose connections at either ends of the battery cables. This causes short circuits within the battery system.

In order to prevent such issue, make sure all connectors are tight and secure. Also, check whether the cable length is sufficient.

Batteries Not Charged Properly

It is important to understand that every battery has different requirements regarding charging speed and amount of electricity needed to charge it.

  • Adaptor terminal

The battery pack of ebikes and its adaptor sometimes do fail from harsh conditions and due to temperature fluctuations.

If this happens, the battery will not work anymore until repaired. You should always carry an extra set of spare parts just in case something goes wrong.

  • longer hour period of usage

Sometimes when you used your ebike on a longer duration, the battery won’t get enough rest before being recharged again.

To avoid this situation, try to use shorter rides whenever possible.

  • Improper Maintenance

Some users tend to neglect their maintenance schedule. They forget about checking the condition of their batteries regularly.

They also ignore replacing worn out components like tires and brakes.

These things can lead to premature failure of the entire system. So, regular inspection and replacement of these items is highly recommended.

  • Over-discharged batteries

This eBike battery issues are very common among newbie riders who ride their bikes too much.

When they overuse their bike, they often leave them parked outside during rainy days. The rain water seeps into the battery which leads to corrosion and damage.

Also, some people park their bikes under direct sunlight. In both cases, the battery loses power quickly because there isn’t enough moisture content in the air.

What type of batteries are used on electric bikes?

There are many common electric bike batteries available today. Some of them include:

  • Lead acid batteries

A LiPo battery consists of two main cells connected together with a series of wires. These cells contain chemicals called electrolytes.

When charged, these electrolytes move between the positive and negative electrodes. Acid battery packs usually consist of 6 or 12 cells.

  • Lithium ion battery

A Lithium ion cell contains lithium metal sandwiched by layers of carbon fiber and polypropylene.

The lithium-ion bike battery have charge capacity and internal resistance capacity that makes them ideal for long distance cycling.

  • Nickel Cadmium Battery

A NiCad battery uses nickel as one electrode material while cadmium serves as another. It is commonly found in small portable devices including cameras, MP3 players, etc.

Its maximum capacity is around 2000 mAh.

  • Larger lithium-ion batteries

This lithium-ion battery type have individual cells and maximum lifespan up to 1000 cycles. This means that if you cycle your battery once per day, then it would last at least 10 years!

  • Lifepo4 Battery

This type of battery has the power capacity of 4000mAh. Its size is similar to a AAA battery but weighs less than half of it.

How to check whether my E Bike battery needs repair?

You need to know how to test your Ebike battery first. If you don’t know what kind of battery you have, here are few tips to help you identify yours:

Check the color of the battery casing

Most of the time, the battery casing is black or dark gray. You can use some multi-meter tool or specialized tools to measure its voltage level.

If the battery casing looks different from the ones mentioned above, then you should contact an expert technician immediately.

Look for signs of wear & tear

Do not hesitate to look closely at any part of your battery. Look for cracks, dents, scratches, bulges, and other damages.

It will be easier to spot such problems if you take off the cover plate. Also, make sure that all connections are tight and secure.

The manufacturer book manual can help you understand more about this issue.

Battery replacement cost

Depending on the brand and model of your ebikes, the price may vary greatly. However, most manufacturers offer free shipping service so you won’t have to worry about paying extra fees when buying online.

In addition, you also get a warranty period after purchase. So, you shouldn’t feel worried about spending money on replacing your battery.

Manufacturer for warranty coverage

Some companies provide their customers with extended warranties. For example, Trek offers lifetime warranty for its products.

In case something goes wrong with your product, they will replace it without charging you anything.

However, there are still others who do not extend their warranty periods. Therefore, you must read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing.

Does extreme temperatures can damage your e-bikes batteries?

The environmental temperatures can be very harsh especially during winter season. In fact, many people experience freezing weathers which could cause serious issues to your electric bikes.

Therefore, it is important to keep your battery safe even under these circumstances. Here are some ways to protect your battery against cold temperature:

  • Keep your battery inside a protective box

When storing your battery outside, always wrap it tightly using plastic bags. Make sure that no air gets into the bag because oxygen can affect the performance of your battery.

  • Use a good quality thermal mat

A good quality thermal mat can prevent your battery from getting damaged by extreme heat. It helps in keeping your battery cool while riding outdoors.

  • Protecting your battery from moisture

Moisture can easily penetrate through the seams of your bike. To avoid this problem, seal your battery well using tape or glue.

Also, never leave your battery exposed to direct sunlight as too much light exposure can lead to corrosion.

E-bike battery indicator lights

The battery connection of you ebikes to its indicator light system. If you notice that one of them has gone out, then check whether the battery is dead or just needs recharging.

You can find the battery indicators near the handlebars. They usually indicate how much power left in your battery.

How long does it last?

Your battery life depends on several factors including the type of motor used, the number of hours ridden per day, and the amount of charge cycles.

The battery longevity varies depending on the usage pattern. The best way to determine how long your battery lasts is to use an app like Battery Life Meter Pro.

This tool allows you to track your daily rides and see how far you go each time.

If you ride less than 10 miles every single day, then you should expect around 500 full charges over a year.


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