Are E-bike Mountain Bikes Any Good? Compared To Normal MTBs?

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Are E-bike Mountain Bikes Any Good?


Many people in this era of electric progression forget that older types still make good cars, particularly among highly-engineered mountain bikes.

In reality, modern e-MTB batteries are fantastic and will probably last longer than you can! It won't run out of power before you call it a day, but it may require a little more planning to make sure it is completely charged before you set out on your adventure.

Nowadays, you can find about as many e-mountain bikes being sold in place of regular mountain bikes.

Nearly one in three in three adult bikes sold in the UK are now electric.

However, e-MTBs are not inexpensive. You should be aware of the distinctions between the two if you decide to go electric.

How do EMBs function?

Electric bikes are gaining popularity among commuters because they offer a lot of versatility. They can climb hills, go down hills, and even work well on paved roads.

But there's one thing most people don't realize about motorised bikes — they can be just as comfortable riding around town as you'd expect from a traditional bike.

The torque is managed by the motor. The torque and power you can get from the bike increase with the sophistication of the motor.

Hub motors or pedal-assisted crank motors are the two types of electric bicycles available. Since hub motors are uncommon on electric mountain bikes, we'll concentrate on crank motors.

Crank motors assist with pedaling, so you must pedal to start the motor before it will start to move you up those challenging climbs.

The motor can supply precisely the correct amount of help depending on the effort you apply to the pedals.

As the power is carried through the cranks, this creates a far more natural feeling than the wheel moving around on its own. The rider experiences riding a regular mountain bike with the extra benefit of being able to climb more quickly and efficiently.

The Key Distinctions Between Mountain Bikes and E-bikes


Starting with one that should be very clear: although an E-MTB is powered by a combination of the rider and the motor, a standard MTB is powered by the rider alone.

However, just because an electric mountain bike has a motor doesn't imply that the biker won't have to exert any effort. Most enthusiastic E-MTB riders discover that they're just as exhausted after a long day of riding on their electric mountain bike as they are after a day out on a regular mountain bike.

On an E-MTB, you frequently find yourself going on longer rides, in part because it's simpler, but primarily because it's so much fun. And since an E-MTB still requires rider input despite the motor, those extra kilometers may quickly wear you out.

So yeah, you do have motor help when riding an E-MTB, and it does make climbing hills so much simpler and fun, but if you're riding it correctly, you'll still work up a sweat.


It's important to keep the bicycle's suspension well-tuned and periodically serviced keeping in mind how much grip it takes.

Similar to the brakes, an E-MTB will have a more robust suspension than the majority of typical commuter bikes to handle the greater knocks from that added weight.

However, high-quality full-suspension electric mountain bikes also typically have more durable parts, such as stronger frames, chains, pedals, cranks, bearings, seats, and even paint treatments.

The motor/battery combination at the heart of an E-MTB will help to easily shift all that extra weight along, and the design of the frame, the geometry, and the overall setup of an E-MTB mean the ride feel and quality is not that dissimilar from a regular MTB.

As a side note, all this talk of weight needn't worry you too much if you're new to e-biking.


On an E-MTB, you can ride with fatter tires since the engine can overcome the rolling resistance. A better grip, a smooth ride, and fewer punctures are a few benefits of this.

Additionally, opting for a tubeless system is highly recommended because it makes puncture repairs much simpler and faster because you don't have to take the wheel off. In conclusion, using an E-MTB isn't always preferable to using a standard MTB; rather, it's just another option to enjoy yourself on the trails.

Difference in weights

e-MTBs can weigh up to twice as much as traditional mountain bikes due to the battery and engine that add significant weight.

When E-mountain bike riders have to carry or push it over obstacles like pebbles, a creek, or even a flight of stairs, they will undoubtedly notice this. However, while you are riding it, you won't even notice the motor's extra weight.

Since the majority of the additional weight will be carried by the aid, it is essentially balanced out. Additionally, the extra weight could improve your balance and control when cycling downhill.


If you ride your e-MTB for around 2 hours with a 500-watt-hour battery, you can notice that the battery is going low.-

Additionally, all of us have noticed battery deterioration over time with our smart gadgets. The same depletion occurs with E-MTB batteries, so ultimately you'll need to purchase a new battery.

Even though your battery dies, you can still use it as a conventional bike.


MTBs and E-MTBs are utilized in almost identical ways. Although they serve a larger range of riders, e-MTB is not a "challenger" to conventional mountain bikes.

Additionally, if the worst happens and your battery runs out before you finish, you can still use it to get home because it is still completely functional. You won't have any help, but you won't have to push it by hand either.

Moreover, you should also read our previous article about what is the fastest electric mountain bike.

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