How To Install A Torque Arm On An Ebike?

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Torque arms allow you to attach different parts of the bike such as wheels, handlebars, etc. The problem is that they are expensive, and most of them require welding.

Torque arm specifics are very important for your safety. You need one with proper geometry so it will not cause any injuries when riding or falling off.

It should be made from high quality steel which can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

The best way to find out if this product fits your needs is by reading reviews about other people who have used similar products before.

Here some simple steps to install torque arm:

Step 1. Remove old bolts and nuts.

Step 2. Cut new holes in frame where needed.

Step 3. Install new bolts and nuts.

The effectiveness of torque arms

The kit Ebike torque arm are attached in lightweight bike wheels. They provide stability and security while riding.

They also protect against falls and collisions. If you fall down, these kits help prevent injury because they absorb impact energy.

The torque arm thickness varies depending on how much force you want to apply. It's recommended to use thicker ones for heavier bikes.

The effectiveness of ebike torque arm depends on many factors including weight, size, type of wheel, terrain, speed, rider skill level, etc.

If you're looking for something more durable than standard bicycle torque arm, then check our list of top 10 best ebikes 2021.

How to choose torque arm?

There are many types of torque arms available online. Some of them are cheap but don’t last long. Others are durable but cost too much.

Torque arm also depends on the type of bike you are using. For example, there are two-wheeled bicycles and three-wheelers.

You may wonder why do we need torque arms at all? Well, without them, you would risk damaging your bike.

For instance, if you were driving a car, you wouldn't put your hands inside the steering wheel. Why? Because doing so could damage the mechanism.

Here some tips how to choose a proper torque arm:

  • Look for durability. Torque arms must be able to take heavy loads. This means they shouldn't break easily.
  • Check whether it has enough strength. Make sure it won't bend under pressure.
  • Consider its price. Cheap torque arms might look good but their performance isn't guaranteed.
  • Choose a model based on what kind of bike you own. There are several models designed specifically for specific brands of bikes.
  • Has continuous torque. Most torque arms come equipped with a spring loaded system.

When you start pedaling, the springs push the arm forward until it reaches maximum tension.

This ensures that the arm stays tight even after prolonged usage.

Make sure it comes with instructions. Many manufacturers include detailed installation guides. These make installing easier and faster.

Wheel torque arm vs. fork torque arm

A lot of people ask us “what is better – wheel torque arm or fork torque arm?”

Well, both work great! But each has advantages over another. Let’s see what makes them unique.


  • Easy installation
  • Can fit almost every brand of forks


  • Not suitable for front suspension systems
  • Doesn’t offer full protection

Dropout without torque arms

Bicycle dropouts are usually located near the bottom bracket area. The most common place for this is between the chain ring and rear sprocket.

These parts can get damaged when you hit bumps or potholes. That’s why you should always have a way to secure them from falling off.

In order to achieve this goal, you will need to add a set of torque arms. You can buy them separately or as part of a complete kit.

For standard pedal bicycle the bike frame and the wheel axles are connected by a pair of axle tubes. They provide stability and prevent the wheels from moving sideways.

However, in case of electric bicycles these connections aren’t necessary because the drivetrain doesn’t require any additional support.

That said, you still need to protect your drive train components from getting damaged. In other words, you need to keep them safe from impact forces.

To accomplish this task, you will need to attach a torque arm to the hub flange.

Types of torque arm for ebikes

There are many stock updates torque arm for ebikes, including those made by Shimano, SRAM, Sunrace, etc. However, not all of them are compatible with different types of hubs.

If you want to use one particular brand of torque arm, then you will need to check which ones are available for your bike first.

The following table lists popular options for various brands. It includes information about compatibility with certain types of hubs.

  • Rear torque arm

Read torque arm has the power level that can handle up to 200Nm of force. It provides excellent traction while riding downhill.

You can also use it if you plan to ride at high speeds.

  • Front torque arm

Fork torque arm offers more flexibility than rear torque arm. They allow you to adjust the angle of the brake lever depending on how far away the brakes are from the centerline of the bike.

  • Stainless steel torque arms

Stainless steel torque arms have standard axle bolts that you need to remove before attaching them to the hub. This allows you to easily replace them later on.

They come in two versions – threaded and unthreaded. Threaded version requires special tools to be installed. Unthreaded version does not require any extra equipment.

Threaded version is recommended if you don’t mind spending some time removing old bolts. Otherwise, go ahead and choose the unthreaded option.


Torque arm for Ebikes and regular bike share similar features. Both of them help to reduce damage caused by impacts.

However, they differ in terms of their design and functionality. For example, the former is designed specifically for bikes with derailleur gears whereas the latter works well with both fixed gear and freewheel setups.

Also, there are several differences regarding the type of bolt used to connect them to the hub. Some manufacturers prefer using stainless steel bolts while others opt for black oxide coated ones.


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