Lifespan Of New Ebike? Let's Find Out!

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How Long Will An Electric Bike Last?


Electric bikes are becoming popular because of their convenience. They allow us to ride longer distances without needing to worry about our legs burning out.

Commuters who want to save money on gas often use these small and quiet vehicles or those who live in areas where traffic is heavy.

However, there are also downsides to owning an electric bike. Some people believe electric bicycles are only valid for quick trips because they don’t last long enough.

The life expectancy of an e-bike depends on the type, the manufacturer and the model of e-bike. The life expectancy has been estimated from months to years.

If you use your electric bike correctly, you can get years of fun out of it.

Do electric bike motors wear out?

The motors are not an everlasting item. They have a few conditioning cycle they can perform before they are done for. Motors are rated for around 100,000 epic cycles.

Electric bike motor is the engine of the electric bike and it generates a bit of power to pedal and move the bike and if you ride and use the motor too much, it will wear out and stop working.

The motor is the heart of the e-bike. Without it, your e-bike is just an expensive bicycle. The motor is the major factor in the quality of your ride.

E-bike motors wear out. They run at higher speeds than regular bikes and the friction of the bearings can wear them down.

The quality of the motor will determine how long it will last. You can purchase an e-bike motor to replace your current one or you can buy an new e-bike. 

How long will the electric bike battery last?

The maximum speed of an electric bike will depend on the battery life. A battery life can vary from 10 miles to 30 miles.

The load it is carrying, the frequency of use, and the temperatures it is exposed to will affect the electric bike battery lifetime.

A battery-powered bike uses a rechargeable lithium ion batteries cells as its energy density source. These internal cells do not have mechanical parts like internal combustion engines, which require correct maintenance.

However, some batteries may need replacing after four or five years, depending on usage and ongoing maintenance.

Many manufacturers offer battery warranty coverage from two or three years up to ten years, with replacement costs covered under most warranties.

However, this depends on how well the e-bike was maintained before being sold, so check the manual carefully when purchasing one.

How to Charge your E-bike efficiently?

There are many methods to charge an electric bike.

1. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ charging method. Each charger requires a unique connection from the wall socket, making each individual charger more difficult to install.

2. Besides these issues, some chargers cause damage to electronic key components during recharging. It’s important to choose a safe and legal way of charging your bike.

3. You should always follow any instructions given by the equipment supplier when using a particular charger.

4. To charge your e-bike efficiently, you need to make sure that the battery pack isn’t fully drained and that you charge it as soon as possible.

5. When you charge your e-bike and the battery is fully drained, you’ll notice that the input optimal power is greater than the output power.

This is because you’re actually charging your battery twice: Once to bring it back to a full charge and then to bring it to a full charge plus 10%.

6. Regular bikes can be charged in two ways by connecting them to an electrical outlet in order to recharge their internal battery cells.

What is BMS Charging and Why is it Important?

BMS stands for Battery Monitoring System and it is an important part of the electric cycles as it safeguards the battery. It is essential to understand what it is and why it is important.

Battery management system is a system that oversees the optimal condition of a lead acid battery and prevents overcharging, undercharging, replacing bad nickel batteries and controlling the use of a battery.

It is basically the brain of the battery which measures high-amp cells voltage and temperature and controlling the charging and discharging current and voltage.

It is important to know the capacity of the BMS because if the capacity is too small, it can’t handle the high-current discharge when you are riding at a high optimal speed.

You must be careful when charging your BMS or you will ruin your battery. Always charge your battery fully before using it. Also, never leave your battery in your bike when it is not being used.

How to Increase Lifespan of a New E-bike?

To increase the lifespan of a new e-bike, you must first understand that e-bike, or electric bikes, is a relatively new phenomenon.

The lifespan of an e-bike depends on how well you maintain it. You should keep your e-bike in working order by following the manufacturer’s recommended proper maintenance schedule.

You should inspect, lube, tighten, and test your e-bike regularly. You should also lock your battery setup in a dry, secure place.

The following are some tips on how to maintain your e-bike for a longer lifespan.

Never charge your battery to its full capacity

The lifespan of a lithium ion battery depends on the number of ample time it is charged. Avoid overcharging your battery.

Never charge your battery to its full capacity to increase your e-bike lifespan. To extend the life of your battery, avoid charging it to its full capacity.

Charging the battery to 100% too frequently can shorten its lifespan. You can charge your battery to 95% capacity for a longer battery lifespan.

Make sure that your bike is properly balanced

When buying a new e-bike, there is little reason not to go right out and buy it without balancing. Balancing ensures that the balance bar will remain straight while pedalling through turns.

If they aren’t balanced correctly, they will lean forward or backward, causing extra stress on the front wheel. This could cause premature wear.

If your bike has already been assembled with parts, it’s better to have it balanced professionally rather than doing this yourself.

The cost difference between having a professional do it versus doing it yourself may seem like a lot, but trust us; it really saves plenty of time and money!

Don’t put your battery into storage

One thing we’ve noticed about people who own their bikes is that most of them keep their battery inside their vehicle even though they don’t ride it very often.

We recommend you store your battery away from moisture and extreme temperatures. The ideal place would be somewhere dry and cool.

If your battery requires more protection against corrosion, consider putting it in a sealed container filled with anti-corrosion chemicals.

Store your battery with care

After taking all these precautions, please make sure that your battery is stored safely, so no one gets hurt. Store it where children cannot access it.

Store your battery with care to increase your e-bike lifespan. Realise that battery range is relative to charging practices, discharge characteristics, and environment.

Keeping your battery cool and dry can increase its lifespan, as can storing it at 50% charge. Avoid short-term storage at high states of charge, which can reduce charge cycle life.

Please make sure that it’s well protected from heat and cold as well.

Use good quality cables

Cables are another vital part of any bicycle and they should always be replaced in pairs. They protect your wiring harness and also prevent damage to other major components such as derailleurs.

It is important to use a sturdy and high quality battery charger and a sturdy and high quality cable, as these cables are the only physical connection between your E-bike and your battery capacity.

We recommend a 10 gauge or above for the positive and negative cables and a 3rd gauge for your ground cable.

When buying e-bike parts, it is important to buy from a trusted supplier than they will use quality parts such as quality cabling.

Before you Ride: Make sure that all parts are in place and working properly

Once you have finished assembling your brand new electric bike, check all connections and functions are working properly.

This includes:

  • Check the disc brake pads/brake shoes.
  • Check tough touring tire pressure.
  • Check oil levels in crankcase.
  • Other things include checking suspension settings, drive chain tensioners and gear shifters.

A few tips to remember:

  • When changing type of tire, remove old ones and lubricate the axle nut.
  • Remove electrical connectors from frame.
  • Clean undercarriage thoroughly.

What to know before buying an E-bike?

Choosing the right e-Bike for you is not an easy task. You will need to consider several factors before making your final decision.

It is important to spend the periods of time to ensure that the e-Bike that you buy will give you the riding experience that you are looking for.

To help you out, here are a few things that you should know before you buy an e-Bike.

1. E-bikes can be a cheap and sustainable alternative to driving a vehicle. To get the most out of an electric bike, you’ll need to choose where you ride, how you ride, and when you ride.

2. Most e-bike kits include an e-bike motor, a lithium battery, a display, a throttle, pedals, and a frame. An e-bike conversion kit will replace the pedals on your bicycle. You can also buy a throttle that you install separately from the kit.

3. The electric bike unit type and battery charge capacity will determine the average and maximum distance you can travel.

4. The high quality motor will help you conquer the steepest routes and the lightest of loads, while the e-bike battery will assist you with carrying heavier loads and throttle you up the hills.

5. You should also look for a bicycle helmet and gloves to minimise the impact on your body.

Keep an eye out for Common Problems and Fix them Quickly

Common problems that might occur during regular use of an electric bike include:

1. Mechanical failure

2. Electrical component malfunction

3. Software issues.

In case you find something wrong with your electric bike, contact your manufacturer’s customer service team immediately for advice, help and repair services.

Final Thoughts

While it is hard to predict the exact life of a new electric bike, the concept of a “lifetime” is becoming more flexible.

I would say that the lifespan of a new electric bike depends on how you use it.

If you use it for commuting and dismount and store the battery clean once a week, the battery indicator may be one of the most important things for you to consider.

If you use your electric bike for recreational purposes like riding with friends, then the overall lifespan of your electric bike is more important.

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