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LANKELEISI G650 Portable 20 Inch Folding Electric Bike Removable 48V Lithium Battery 5 Level Dual Suspension Men Women Bike (14.5Ah, Red)
  • Three Riding Modes: [Pedal Assist Mode]-The motor will assist you with continuous power as you pedal the bicycle. [Fully Electric Mode]-Just twist the throttle (do not need to pedal). [Manual Mode]-Stepping on the pedal just as the common bike.
  • Multi-function Display: Equipped with LCD bike computer, so you can check the riding data more conveniently. For example, speed, battery level, and odometer, you can also switch the pedal assist level according to the road condition.
  • Powerful Lithium Battery: 48V 10.4Ah/14.5Ah are alternative, you can enjoy a longer riding. And you can charge the battery directly on the bike, also can take down it to charge. Usually it can be fully charged in 5-8 hours.
  • Configuration: Shimano derailleur gives you a good riding experience. Front and rear disc brake system effectively reducing the braking distance. Ergonomic saddle makes the seat more comfortable and reduces the pressure of sitting for a long time.
  • Assembly: The bike have finished assembling 90% before shipment, usually you need to assemble the saddle, pedals, handlebar and front wheel. Warranty: Frame: 2 Years; Controller, Charger & Battery: 6 Months; Other electric parts: 3 Months.
Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Easy to use - Quick release battery. Quick release front wheel. Safe to ride in the rain. Minimal assembly (under 5 mins). Quick change Shimano gears
  • Incredible performance - 28 miles range on normal terrain. Reach speeds of up to 15 mph. Upgraded lithium-ion battery - 36V
  • Stylish - Latest mountain bike frame design - not some old frame that looks like it has been taken from a 1920's film set. Bright silver brushed finish.
  • Comfort - Padded saddle. 21-speed Shimano gears for a smooth ride. Kenda Tyres. Front suspension.
  • In line with European laws, this model does not have a fully automatic electric mode – some degree of peddling is always required
Westhill Terrain 36V 10Ah Ebike - Electric Mountain Bike
  • Special price for a Christmas only - normal price £1279
  • 3 levels of pedal assist from quality 250 watt brushless motor
  • Powerful 36v 10Ah Lithium Ion Battery 60km+ range 3 Year limited Warranty
  • 26” wheels with RST Front shocks, lightweight Aluminium frame CE & TUV
  • This is a top quality bike on sale for Christmas only and not to be confused with other similar priced products!

Best Electric Bikes For Commuting


Commuting to work by electric bike has increased in popularity over the last few years. With demand, comes supply and electric bikes are becoming more and more adaptable. A lot more thought is now going into design, including an emphasis on weight and comfort, as some people commute for long periods of time. Below are some of the best commuting electric bikes on the market.

West Hill Pro Terrain Electric Mountain Bike Review - Our Number 1

West Hill PRO TERRAIN Electric Mountain Bike

The West Hill Electric Bike is the newest in the range of electric mountain bikes. It is fitted with a 36-volt battery, which gives the user that little boost if that hill is just a little too steep. It doesn’t prevent the rider from getting exercise as the bike comes with an easy to use pedal assist, which can be controlled on the handlebar.  The bike is suitable for those between 5”5 and 6”2. The bike comes with chunky tyres, which makes it great for any terrain. The battery has a 15-mile life even when on high power and it can effortlessly slide out of the frame to make it easier to transport the bike in the car or public transport.

  • 3 levels of pedal assist
  • Ideal for daily commute or exploring the countryside
  • Shimano TX55 7 gear system
  • Li-on battery is locked in and switched off with a key
  • Easy set up
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Weighs 23kg

The bike is fitted with front and rear lights in keeping with safety standards. The bike is specially designed so that the motor cannot be damaged unlike most electric bikes by controlling the speed with the pressure that you apply to the pedals. With a pedal assisted motor you add to the power of the fitted motor as well as receiving light moderate exercise in the process as well as being and given a little helping hand up the hill.


Features: Shimano gears - 3 levels of pedal assist - robust tyres for all terrain

Price: High end

Volt Metro Folding E-Bike Review - Number 2

Volt Metro Folding Electric Bike

The folding bike is one of life’s greatest creations. This bike In particular is one of the lightest electric bikes available on the UK market. It has a really light frame, which makes it easy to ride with or without electrical assistance. The bike comes with an LCD display highlighting your speed, battery power, and distance. The bike comes with a 2-year warranty giving customers piece of the mind that the product will last. The bike comes with VOLTTM V Wave technology, meaning the rider can choose 5 different levels of pedal assistance. The Volt Metro bike is fitted with Shimano Alivio 8 speed gears giving you a really smooth ride.

  • 2 year warranty
  • 5 level pedal assistance technology
  • 8 geared bike
  • 250 watt power motor
  • Lithium battery

This bike is the bee’s knee of electric folding bicycles. The 8 Shimano gears are incredibly smooth to use and the bike is a great incentive for those looking to get fit and lose some weight. The battery can remove meaning you can lock away the bike and charge the battery safely and securely. This bike is sleekly designed, it looks beautiful and is very easy and smooth to steer. It’s a great investment for someone wishing to up their cycle game with a sophisticated piece of kit.


Features: 8 gears - 2 year warranty - 5 level pedal assistant technology

Price: High end

Cyclamatic Power Plus Review - Number 3

Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric e Bike

The Cycleamatic Power Electric Bike is in a world of its own. It features a powerful motor that will get you to 15 mph and comes with a light battery meaning you can transport the bike with ease. The bike comes with Shimano gears and can be used without the motor as a standard mountain bike built with a strong frame. The motor has 2 modes, assisted and full powered. As the names would suggest, the assisted mode will start working as you pedal and just give you that little boost. The Fully powered mode takes you to full speed with no leg movement and the control on the handlebar.

  • Easy assembly, less than 5 minutes
  • Easy changeable Shimano gears
  • It can reach speeds up 15 mph
  • Stylishly designed with a sturdy frame
  • Bike comes with a padded and comfortable saddle
  • Front and rear mud grades are provided
  • 2 pedal assisted modes

The Cyclamatic really is a beast when it comes to style, usability and speed. It’s great for those keen to use both on the street and off road. The assisted mode is great to give you a push off when at traffic lights or up a slow incline. The battery takes around 6 hours to fully charge and helpfully a child seat can be attached easily.


Features: Shimano gears - Padded Saddle - Up to 15 mph - 2 pedal assisted modes

Price: Mid range


All three bikes really are great pieces of kit, they all come with own unique features but the one that really does stand out is the West Hill Pro Terrain. It combines the sturdiness needed to tackle off road and its light enough to be used on the street as a town bike. It comes with 3 levels of pedal assist unlike the other two, which means it really caters for all terrain. It also means you decide how much assistance you need going up hills.

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