Cruzaa Ebike Review 2022 - Hands On Guide - Is It Worth Your Money?

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Cruzaa Ebike Review - My Hands On Write Up

Cruzaa is one of the newer brands to hit the ebike scene. Starting their journey in 2015, Cruzaa has now established a good 7 years under its belt. In this review, we get into the aspects of the Cruzaa ebike, what I love, what I dont and the bottom line - should you buy it or not.

Spoiler: It is one of the better ebikes I have had the pleasure of riding. The charging time is decent (not the best by far), however, the riding range on a full charge is one of the best - as it truly lives upto its hype!

The Unboxing Of The Cruzaa

Cruzaa ebike boxed

Arrived nicely boxed and very secure.. can't wait to get inside ๐Ÿ™‚

Mind you, it is quite heavy when moving the box - so make sure you have a helping hand at your disposal when expecting the delivery!

The size is also quite large - so it can be a little awkward to move around.. luckily there were two of us when this guy came ๐Ÿ™‚

The unboxing.. tada!

Out comes the shiny new bike in all its glory!

Cruzaa ebike unboxed

Wrapped in plastic and thoughtfully packaged, the ebike is now ready to be assembled!

Assembly took me all of 40 minutes - and it is the first time I have assembled an ebike from Cruzaa - but luckily they made the task easy (easier than Ikea anyways ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

First Impressions

Once set up - as soon as you switch the bike on, you are greeted with a pleasant (Asian sounding) lady via the bluetooth speakers. This is where you connect your phone, to play sounds on the bike.

I played a little music just to test. The speakers, as expected, are not great.

It annoys me when people play music in public on their phones or bluetooth speakers - so I would not play music on the Cruzaa.

I cant imagine many people would play music on the bike when riding - this feature is a little gimmicky and unnecessary - I'd rather they focussed and put that money in the actual bike riding functionality. But again, Im not Cruzaa!

When riding - you experience a smooth ride. You have three levels of the assist - low, medium and high.

I dont see the point of the first two. If I am to ride an e-bike, then it will definitely be on the higher setting - else I would just ride a normal bike, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

The Ride

The ride is smooth and comfortable. The high setting makes all the difference in the world and feels good to ride.

Going over humps isnt as nice as when riding a bike with good shock absorbers, but it isnt exactly hard!

Riding on grass is very easy with the assist on. You dont feel the bumpy ground so much and the motor just pushes you through pretty much anything.

The Battery

While the manufacturers claim the battery lasts upto 60km (which is around 37.2 miles in English money!); I found it to max out at around 35 miles.

35 miles for an ebike is not bad at all, by any means. It is certainly not the best and not going to win any awards or anything - but it's not bad.

What I love about the battery on this bike is the fact that it hides right in the frame. Slots right inside.

When you need to remove it to charge, simply open the panel up and off you go!

Pedal Assist

This is what we're all here for, right? The pedal assist works wonders!

As above, it has 3 modes; low medium and high.

The low is a little nudge. You can barely feel it - it is mostly you who's doing the work. As it should be!

The medium is a little more than a nudge. With every pedal rotation by your foot, the assist will also push you a little.

The high - this is where my happy place is ๐Ÿ™‚ It gives you a good amount of nudge with every push you do!

Final Thoughts

After riding the bike for near on two weeks now, I am pleased to say I do absolutely love it. It is lighter than other e-bikes I've ridden. Not quite as quick as some of the others, but definitely more portable and user friendly.

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