Gazelle Ebike Review - Worth It In 2022 - 2023?

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Should You Buy A Gazelle E-Bike? - Our Guide & Review


The Gazelle electric bike range is made in the Netherlands, their Gazelle e-bikes range uses top components such a Bosch drive units and Shimano gears, perfect for leisure rides or commuting. 

With a large range of Royal Dutch Gazelle e-bikes on the market featuring different ride distances and powerful motor ratings, we have overviewed the most popular models from Gazelle in our guide below and reviewed the Gazelle T10+ in even better detail. 

Overview Of The Gazelle Electric Bike Range 

Nearly all the Gazelle electric bikes have a Bosch choice of motor and range between class one e-bikes with no throttle to class three bikes. 

We have listed the most popular models from their fleet below. 

  • Gazelle Ultimate T10 - Featuring a low-step frame with a relaxed geometry, ten gears and an ergonomic handlebar, this T10 Gazelle speaks comfort as is the perfect commuter bike. 
  • Gazelle Medeo T10 - Fitted with a Bosch Performance line motor and a 500Wh battery this e-bike can be used on all-terrain, its Shimano XT 10-speed drivetrain and hydraulic brakes can handle hilly rides and roads with ease.
  • Gazelle Ultimate C8 - The Sleek C8 bike has front and rear suspension with a whisper-quiet motor Bosch motor and 500Wh e-bike battery capacity. Perfect for a smooth ride around your city.
  • Gazelle Ultimate C380+ - This is the first-class three electric bike in Gazelle's e-bike range with speeds of 28mph from its Bosch Performance Line Speed motor and gates belt drive system which has low maintenance. 

Our Review Of The Gazelle T10+ Electric Bike

The Gazelle T10+ e-bike is an upgraded version of the T10 and has a dual e-bike's battery system for better battery life as well as three sizes and two different frame types. 

We have reviewed the bike in better detail down below. 

Electric Components 


Motor-wise, this Gazelle e-bike is equipped with a Bosch Performance Line Speed 4.0 mid-mounted model and has a 250W output power. Producing up to 75Nm of torque the bike can reach top speeds of 28mph. 

It has four PAS modes too which can be switched via the e-bikes Bosch Purion display.

What We Think

Overall, the motor set-up on this bike is powerful but stays within road legal limits, the Bosch motor is known for having extremely high performance with excellent torque. The lack of throttle might not be okay for some riders however and the display is slightly small.


The e-bike is equipped with a dual-battery setup and has Bosch PowerTube 500Wh rating which can get to an estimated range of 120 miles. It also comes with a quick charger which can reach 100% in just 4 hours. 

What We Think

We love the battery capacity of this bike and its option to extend it, however, the range extender options are not available on mid-step frame models. The downtube battery integration gives a seamless look to the bike too.

Bike Components 


Design-wise the e-bike by Gazelle uses an aluminium alloy material and has an SR Suntour Mobie 45-AIR fork with 80mm of travel and a lockout option. The upright mid-position of this frame helps tackle inclines and bumpy roads with ease.

What We Think

We think the Gazelle electric bike has a sturdy frame with great ergonomics and handlebar grips making riding more fun, the only downfall of the frame has to be that you need tools to adjust the saddle and handlebars of the e-bike. 

Gears & Brakes 

For brakes, the e-bike comes with a set of Shimano BL-MT402-3A hydraulic disc brakes that have front and rear 180mm rotors for ultimate stopping power. The gears on this bike are a 10-speed Shimano Deore XT set. 

What We Think

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes produce excellent stopping power and the gears give a good amount of range to ride with, however, there is no derailleur guard on the bike which could have been useful for protection.

Wheels & Extras 

The wheels on this bike come in a 28-inch size and they are paired with Schwalbe Energizer Plus tyres for all-terrain use. This bike comes with a huge range of extras such as fenders, AXA lights and locks as well as a rear-mounted kickstand.

What We Think

What truly makes this bike good value for money has to be all its premium accessories with integrated lights and full-length aluminium fenders. The wheels of this bike are also a great size for multi-use.


When riding this T10+ electric bike you truly feel how versatile it is to ride on and off the road, its geometry forces you to take an upright position when riding the e-bike which helps you feel balanced going uphill and downhill even on sharp descents, our only complaint is the pretty small display.

Is The Gazelle E-Bike Range Worth It?

Overall, the Gazelle e-bike range doesn't fail when it comes to quality with all its Bosch and Shimano parts, although the price is high, you are getting what you pay for with these electric bikes. The T10+ is the perfect bike for range and all-road use if you buy it with its battery extender but we would avoid getting the bike for extreme trails.

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