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FIIDO D2S Folding Electric Bikes for Adults Men Women Ebike Bicycle Urban Commuter Bike Scooter with Seat, 3 Riding Mode & 6-Speed Transmission, 250W Motor, 36V 7.8Ah Battery, 25km/h Grey【UK STOCK】
  • 🚲【Lightweight & Durable Collapsible Frame】Our electric bicycle adopts 100 percent lightweight aluminum alloy collapsible frame (whole vehicle weighs only 18KG) for quick folding and easy storage. You can have it with minimal storage space and easily store into any vehicle.
  • 🚲【3 Riding Modes & 6-Speed Transmission System】The electric bike has three driving modes --- pure electric, driving, electric assist, which has the advantages of ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles that you can switch freely. In addition, the variable 6-speed setting can quickly switch to your comfortable speed.
  • 🚲【250W Brushless Geared Motor】Hidden inner rotor high-speed permanent magnet brushless toothed motor has strong power, provids more than enough to power your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain, or a meander along your favorite trail. With speeds up to 25km/h, it will get you there swiftly.
  • 🚲【Larger Capacity Battery Endurance】The powerful built-in 36V 7.8Ah hidden battery has great performance. And each charge can reach a range of 60km. Plenty for a day's adventure or most trips to work and back. You can charge on/off the ebike by your convenience.
  • 🚲【UK Express Delivery & Warranty Guaranteed】READY STOCK IN UK. We provide the fastest shipping service to the UK, you can receive the product within 5-10 days after payment. In addition, we offer one-year guarantee. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
HIMO Z20 Folding Electric Bike for Adults, Mens Mountain Bike, 20
  • ⭐【Collapsible frame】The electric bicycle adopts lightweight aluminum alloy collapsible frame for quick folding and easy storage. You can have it with minimal storage space and easily store into any vehicle.
  • ⭐【Electrical system】 Equipped with 36V 10AH lithium ion front battery and 250W stable motor. After each charge is completed, under ideal conditions, you can reach a range of 80 miles (in moped mode). One day of adventure or travel and most of the trip back is enough.
  • ⭐【Smart Mountain Bike】 250W 36V high-speed motor, strong power. The top speed can reach 25 km/h (16mph). Set up the LED display, you can display the battery status, speed, travel distance and mode.
  • ⭐【3 working modes】 Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode. You can enjoy long-term travel in any mode according to your needs. Combining the three modes will be a better choice.
  • ⭐【Excellent accessories】 The electric bicycle is designed with front and rear disc brakes. Provide smooth cushioning and shock absorption when riding on rugged mountain roads, and enjoy the excitement during your riding. It is also equipped with adjustable seats, non-slip and wear-resistant tires, bright LED adaptive headlights and horns, which can be used for night riding.

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews & Buying Guide


Short On Time?

Our Recommended Electric Bikes Is The Windgoo Urban Commuter Folding E-bike!

Electric bikes are excellent for day to day transport, they keep you fit, allow you to get to destinations quickly and are very environmentally friendly. 

But unfortunately, these bikes do come at a competitive price due to all the power and mechanism which goes into the electrical systems, with a price range of £1000 and above. 

You might think finding a high-quality e-bike at an affordable price is not going to happen, but there is a wide range of e-bike models out there to choose from if you are on a tight budget that doesn't compromise on quality. 

We have rounded up and reviewed some of the best affordable price electric bikes for under £500 below to help you on your search. 

Our Favourite E-Bike Under £500 -

The Windgoo Urban Commuter Folding E-bike (Editor's Choice)

This Windgoo urban commuter folding electric bike has a typical price for a standard commuter bike and features a 15mph top speed as well as a 15-mile range. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews Windgoo Urban Commuter 1

Main features of the folding electric bike are its 36V 4.4Ah battery capacity which can be charged in just 2-4 hours and produce a 30km range off a single charge. It uses a 250W motor keeping it road legal and has a twist throttle with a cruise control option. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews Windgoo Urban Commuter 4

The cheap price e-bike does not come with a gearing system but does boast mechanical disc brakes for better stopping power. For design, the e-bike has a 120kg load capacity and an IPX5 waterproofed frame to ride with any conditions, it also uses double-layer alloy rims for durability. 


Overall, this Windgoo urban commuter folding bike has a competitive price and a decent range for daily riding. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews Windgoo Urban Commuter 2

Its foldable lightweight design makes the bike a great choice for commuting purposes too. 

Downfalls of the folding e-bike are its charger which has been reported to get too hot while charging, the brakes of its design are also said by numerous people to become faulty. 


  • Lower typical price than most commuter bikes. 
  • Folding design. 
  • Road legal motor. 
  • Throttle. 
  • Quick charging time.
  • Mechanical disc brakes.
The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews Windgoo UrbanCommuter 3


  • Charger gets very hot. 
  • Brakes are faulty. 

Our Second Choice - TOEU Electric Bike

If you are after a stylish electric bike for day to day riding at a lower than typical price, this urban bike from TOEU could be worth looking into. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews TOEU Electric Bike 1

Feature-wise, the electric bike is fitted with a stable 350W rear hub motor for power and is paired with a36V/6Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The electric bike can reach tops speeds ranging between 25-30km/h and has an estimated range of 20-25km depending on the assistance level used. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews TOEU Electric Bike 4

Other notable specs of the TOEU bike are its front and rear double mechanical disc brakes as well as its advanced cruise control. The bike has adjustable seats and handlebars and can be folded twice for compact storage and travel thanks to its 14-inch wheel size. 


To conclude, this TOEU is one of the most high-powered yet affordable e-bikes on our list if you are on a budget. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews TOEU Electric Bike 2

We like this urban bike not only because of its current price but also due to the folding design which makes it easy to carry around with you on commutes.

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews TOEU Electric Bike 5

Downfalls of the electric bike have to be its pedals which are of very low quality, the e-bikes seat post is also said to be of low quality. 


  • Perfect for short journeys. 
  • Folds-up. 
  • High powered motor. 
  • Decent range. 
  • Top speed of 30km/h. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Mechanical disc brakes. 
  • Adjustable seat.
The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews TOEU Electric Bike 3


  • Poor quality seat post and pedals. 

HITWAY Electric Bike Foldable E-bike

This HITWAY foldable e-bike features a road-legal 250W motor and houses a 36V 7.5Ah battery for power. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews HITWAY Electric Bike 1

In terms of range, this electric bike can travel up to 45km off a fully charged battery and reach top speeds of 25km/h. The bike comes with three different working modes for PAS; beginner mode, normal modes and sports mode. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews HITWAY Electric Bike 4

For brakes, the e-bike is fitted with mechanical disc brakes front and back and has a high-resolution LCD to show important metrics. Total charging time of the e-bike is around 4-6 hours and it has a front fork shock absorber as well as 12-inch tyres for tackling more complicated terrain. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews HITWAY Electric Bike 5

Accessories included with the e-bike are a front LED light and horn to make it road ready. 


To conclude, the HITWAY foldable e-bike is a great choice if you are after a long-range bike with a low current price.

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews HITWAY Electric Bike 2

The bike has a very durable frame for daily riding and its accessories make it great value for price if you are looking for an affordable road bike.

Downfalls of the e-bike are its handlebars which can be a little hard to adjust. 


  • Road legal motor. 
  • Excellent range. 
  • Three working modes. 
  • 12-inch tyres. 
  • Mechanical disc brakes. 
  • Front LED light and horn included. 
The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews HITWAY Electric Bike 3


  • Handlebars are hard to adjust. 

Which Is The Best Electric Bike For Under £500?

Overall, to round up our best affordable bike reviews, our favourite e-bike for under £500 has to be The Windogoo Urban Commuter Folding E-bike.

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews Windgoo Urban Commuter 1

We rate this Windgoo bike due to its high-powered motor and great range from the battery, making it the perfect choice for a commuter bike on a budget. 

As a runner up we would also suggest checking out the TOEU Electric Bike, this e-bike is nice and compact and has good accessories considering the cheap current price, we didn't place it as our number one due to its hard to adjust handlebars.

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews TOEU Electric Bike 1

 What To Look For In An E-Bike For Under £500 (Our Best Buying Guide)

After reviewing some of the best affordable e-bikes on the market, you should make sure you know exactly what you need in your bike before making a final purchase decision. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews Windgoo Urban Commuter 2

Below is our buying guide where we will cover why you should invest in electric bikes, the difference between an affordable e-bike and expensive e-bikes, what features you need to consider in your new and affordable e-bike as well as how to take care of it properly. 

So without further chat, let's get into it! 

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In An Electric Bike? 

If you have a tight budget, you might be wondering whether or not it is truly worth investing in an electric bike. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews Windgoo Urban Commuter 4

The truth is, electric bikes are very much worth the initial investment as they can save you money in the longer run, we have listed the advantages of spending that £500 on an e-bike below. 

  • It keeps you fit - Even though an electric bike does assist you when riding it can keep you fitter still by exercising your leg muscles, you have complete control about how much assistance you want from the bike and you are much more likely to stay on your bike for longer than a regular one!
  • They are environmentally friendly - E-bikes are a sustainable kind of transport to ride with, they do not emit any fossil fuels making them much kinder to use on the roads rather than cars. 
  • Saves time - The motor power of e-bikes allows you to skip traffic ques with ease and get to your destination much quicker than you could with a regular bike, this could halve down your commuting time with ease!
  • You can go anywhere - Thanks to the assistance even budget e-bikes provides these help you tackle any rough kind of terrain or incline with ease.
  • Cheaper way to travel - After the initial investment in the e-bike, these bikes are much cheaper to run than alternative transport such as cars which need tax and licensing. 
  • They are fun - Whether you want to zip up hills, go off-roading or you just don't like physical exercise, an e-bike makes this all fun and a great way to get outdoors more often.

What Are The Difference Between Expensive & Cheap Electric Bikes? 

There is a pretty vast range of e-bikes on the market which differ in prices from £300 up to £3000, so what makes them so different if one might ask? 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews Windgoo UrbanCommuter 3

Well, at a birds-eye view, all bikes have their two main parts, a motor and a battery, but what makes the expensive models high in price are all the extra features such as gearing. 

We will list the main differences below to see what you are missing out on if you choose a lower-priced e-bike. 

  • Motor wattage - Cheaper bikes under £500 will never have a motor wattage of over 500W, this is typically fine for average road use and occasional trail riding, but if your after a bike that can take you up mountains, you would need to invest in higher wattage.
  • Range - Batteries are more limited on cheap bikes, so will range will be too, you looking to have a range limited to around 30 miles on these bikes.
  • Suspension - Cheap e-bikes will not have suspension put into the frame, so they are not suitable for technical terrain riding.
  • Gearings - Most low price e-bikes will not have a gearing system, this can limit the control you have over your electric bike.
  • Brakes - Cheaper electric bikes will come with a set of standard mechanical disc brakes but will not have higher quality hydraulic ones.
  • Accessories - The more you spend, the more accessories you will get, from an LCD to rear lights and mudguards, you will likely only find a horn and light on a basic e-bike set-up.

Top Features To Consider In Your E-Bike For Under £500

Now we know what to expect from a cheaper priced e-bike and the benefits of investing in one, we can go over the main features you should be considering in your new affordable e-bike to make sure it is the right kind of bike for you. 

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews HITWAY Electric Bike 4

We have bullet-pointed the essentials below. 

  • The motor placement - In cheaper bikes, the best kind of motor placement you can look for is a rear hub unit, mid-drive placements will be too expensive and front hubs can feel a little unnatural, although they are the most affordable too.  
  • Motor power - On an affordable bike a motor power of 250W will be more than enough for your basic road biking, it is also what is legal on the roads in most countries. Higher motor power means higher speed but it is not essential to spend more on it if you are not going mountain biking.
  • Battery - The battery of your bike should give you at least a 30-mile range and should be quick charging too, the higher the capacity the better your range will be from the e-bike, so consider if you will be riding it on long commutes. 
  • Brakes - By standard, you will only get front and rear disc brakes on your electric bike for under £500, hydraulic disc brakes are much more desirable but you will rarely find them on cheaper e-bikes.
  • LCD - An LCD is useful to have on your affordable e-bike as it shows you all the important metrics such as distance and your speed and battery charge while you are riding. 
  • Frame - Although an e-bike under £500 will likely not have suspension, you should still make sure that the frame is durable and made of high-quality material. Also, make sure it is adjustable for comfort and double-check its weight and folding mechanism if you are looking for a portable e-bike.
  • Warranty - Even though your e-bike is affordable and low-priced it should still have some kind of warranty to ensure you are protected against and faulty models, this is especially important on cheaper kinds of e-bikes as people often compromise on the quality of some features to sell it for a low price.

How To Take Care Of Your New E-Bike 

Once you have found your new electric bike for under £500, you want to make sure that you are taking care of it properly for you to get the most out of your e-bike and increase its performance, as well as lifespan.

The Electric Bikes For Under £500 Reviews TOEU Electric Bike 5

We have listed out some essential tips for taking care of your electric bike down below. 

  • Keep the tyres pumped - Every time you ride your bike before you set off you should be checking your tyre pressure, deflated tyres can not only decrease your range but are also more susceptible to getting punctures.
  • Lubricate it - Keeping your e-bike lubricated will ensure that it runs smoothly and doesn't wear out parts as fast, the chain of your e-bike should be lubricated regularly, when it squeaks you know it's time for a top-up. 
  • Give it a clean - Make sure to wipe your bike down now and then to prevent dust and debris from building up, never use a high-pressure hose to do this and be sure to close the charging port when cleaning, make sure to dry it off afterwards to prevent rust forming.
  • Check the brakes - Just like your tyres, you should make sure the brakes are functioning properly too before you head out, always check if the brake pads are getting worn out and replace them if needed.
  • Keep an eye on the wheel bearings - Now and then it's a good idea to test your wheel bearings, you can do this by spinning the wheels when the bike is raised, if they are spinning odd then you might need to get the bearings straightened by a professional.
  • Look after the battery - Your e-bike battery needs to be kept charged around 80% all the time, never let it go completely flat for a long period and also avoid overcharging it. Your battery should be stored in stable temperatures.
  • Keep it stored properly - Never store your electric bike in damp places as it can encourage corrosion and rust build-up.
  • Get it serviced - Once or twice a year you should take your e-bike to get serviced to make sure everything is working how it should be.

FAQs About Electric Bikes For Under £500

How fast can an affordable e-bike go? 

This comes down to how fast you can pedal and the motor assistance from your electric bike, most cheap e-bikes can go up to 25km/h before the motor cuts out, but it might be slower than this if your bike is set with a speed limit. 

Do I need a driving license to take a 250W e-bike on the road? 

No, for most countries if your e-bike has a motor power of 250W you can take it out on the roads freely without a license required, electric bikes with a wattage over this are not legal, however.

Why are some e-bikes so expensive?

This comes down to the motor power, battery and components, an e-bike that has a larger motor and larger battery capacity will have better power and range, which leads to them being more expensive. Some models also have high-quality gearing components as well as expensive suspensions to make them more comfortable.

How do I keep my affordable e-bike safe? 

You will need to lock your e-bike and remove the battery if possible for extra safety, some electric bikes even have mobile apps to keep an eye on your bike and locate it, they can also set off alarms when motion is detected and your bike is parked.

Will I find gears on an e-bike under £500? 

No, most affordable electric bikes do not come with a gearing system, if you go above this price mark you will start to find 7-speed transmissions from brands such as Shimano.

Are hydraulic disc brakes better than mechanical ones? 

Hydraulic disc brakes are considered better than mechanical ones due to their better stopping power with hydraulic fluid, mechanical brakes still work fine but are of lower quality.

Can I find an electric Mtb under £500? 

Cheap electric mountain bikes can be found on the market but you will often find there are more affordable commuter city type bikes, as better brakes, powerful motors and suspension are found mostly on mountain bikes to make them more comfortable.

Our #1 Affordable Electric Bike For Under £500 

Our number one electric bike for under £500 is the Windogoo Urban Commuter Folding E-bike due to its excellent range and high-powered motor all for an affordable price.

As a second option, we recommended the TOEU Electric Bike thanks to the folding design which is perfect for commuting.


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