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Top Pick
ANCHEER 26 inch Folding Electric Bikes for Adults, Foldable Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike E-bike with 288Wh Removable Lithium Battery Shimano 21 Speed Shifter Double Disc Brakes
  • Powerful power system: this electric city bike equipped with a 36V 288Wh lithium ion front battery and a stable 250 W motor. The maximum speed is 15.5mph, and each charge can reach a range of 15-30 miles. It is suitable for most round-trip commuting scenarios and short-distance trips.
  • Good ground adaptability: front and rear mechanical disc brakes and professional 21-speed Shimano gear system improve the bike’s adaptability to the ground. The 26-inch spoke wheels feature double-layer aluminum alloy rims and anti-skid tires. Suitable for dirt roads, gravel roads, urban streets and alleys.
  • Convenient design: The bicycle can be folded in half, and the folding size is about 92 cms x 88 cms, which is convenient for you to store or carry it with the car during a long journey; it achieves 85% of the assembly, and we have related assembly videos on the YouTube channel for guide, so that assembly problems should not be an obstacle to your riding.
  • Comfortable riding experience: The bicycle frame is made of high-strength iron, which is sturdy and durable; it features steel front suspension and rear shock absorber to provide dual shock absorption functions and absorb bumps along the way.
  • Flexible travel mode: The bicycle has three modes of use, you can adjust the meter to choose. After the throttle is installed, choose the electric mode, and you can get the driving force from the motor by gently twisting it, avioding the fatigue of pedaling; or using the pedal assist mode, you can choose different assist level according to your needs to get the lower to a high speed; if you want to exercise, then turn off the meter, you can also use the foot pedal to move forward.
Rogue e-monkey bike
  • Cool Alloy frame with all the looks of a Monkey bike
  • Rear hub motor provides . plenty of power to extend any rider’s range
  • Removable lithium-ion battery: A high-quality lithium battery provides the motor all the power it needs to reach the maximum 15.5mph power-assisted speed
  • Powerful disc brakes provide and easy to use shimano gear system

Best Womens Electric Bike


As we all know, e-bikes are proving to be popular alternative to our normal transport nowadays, they provide a healthy alternative to normal driving and can cover long distances with ease, making them a suitable choice for your daily commuting or leisure rides wether a Gtech ebike or Brompton electric bicycle.

Choosing the best bicycle can be difficult with so many e-bikes on the market, this is why we have put together the best e-bikes on the market for women, such as a mountain bike or commuting bike to give you that boost when riding.

Our Top Pick - ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike, 250W 26''

Top Pick
ANCHEER 26 inch Folding Electric Bikes for Adults, Foldable Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike E-bike with 288Wh Removable Lithium Battery Shimano 21 Speed Shifter Double Disc Brakes
7.2/10Our Score

The Ancheer mountain e-bike is the most reliable women's bicycle for riding. It has a 36V 8Ah lithium ion battery which can give you a ride of up to 15-35 miles per 4-6 hour charge, making it a great commuting bicycle as well as a mountain bike without having to spend too much time recharging the battery. This bikes speed can reach up to 25km per hour with its 250W brushless motor, providing you assistance when needed. Gear wise this bicycle boasts the high quality Shimano 21 speed gear system.

The bicycle has an aluminium frame with doubled walled rims giving you an overall smoother cycle, it also has a high front suspension fork making it great to ride comfort wise, even on uneven terrain or speed bumps. The two working modes on this bicycle consist of the e-bike mode and the assistance mode, both modes can be combined so as you can get your exercise in with a long distance. The hydraulic disc brakes on this bicycle are dual disc brakes that give you more than enough stopping power when riding, along with its 26 inch tyres that allow you to ride anywhere with complete ease.

Top Pick
ANCHEER 26 inch Folding Electric Bikes for Adults, Foldable Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike E-bike with 288Wh Removable Lithium Battery Shimano 21 Speed Shifter Double Disc Brakes
7.2/10Our Score

Extra features of this bicycle are its ability to be a folding bike, making it easy to store or transport where ever you want to ride, it also has; headlights, a horn, an adjustable stem and handlebars, pedal assist and a one year warranty, meaning if you run into any trouble with your new bicycle within the first year, Ancheer will replace any parts as long it comes under their warranty.

Overall, this e-bike is the best on our list as a women's bicycle. It's adjustability of the stem length is great to suit a variety of people and its build makes it reliable for more complicated and long adventures. You can't really go wrong with this bicycle due it's one year warranty, not to mention you will get high quality components, such is it's Shimano gear system for a competitive price, making it the best electric bicycle to buy. The only mentionable downfalls of this e-bike would be it's weight of 27 kg can which be difficult to move around if you need to carry your bicycle to certain places.

Top Pick
ANCHEER 26 inch Folding Electric Bikes for Adults, Foldable Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike E-bike with 288Wh Removable Lithium Battery Shimano 21 Speed Shifter Double Disc Brakes
7.2/10Our Score


  • Quick charging time.
  • Adjustability on stem and handle bars.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Folding ability.
  • Ancheer brand.
  • One year warranty.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.


  • Bicycle is slightly heavy.

Top Pick
ANCHEER 26 inch Folding Electric Bikes for Adults, Foldable Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike E-bike with 288Wh Removable Lithium Battery Shimano 21 Speed Shifter Double Disc Brakes
7.2/10Our Score

Barracuda Unisex's Rogue e-monkey bicycle Black 18" - Number Two

This bicycle has a UK legal rear hub 250W Bafang motor and can reach an assisted pedal speed of 15.5 mph, helping you reach your desired distance quickly. Battery wise this ebike has a 36V 11.5Ah modern lithium ion battery giving you more than enough power for your leisure riding or commuting. The battery has a speedy 5-6 hour charging time that can give you a range of up to 43 miles depending on the rider. This bicycle is also fitted with the top spec Shimano 21 speed gear system giving you versatility when riding your bicycle.

The bicycle looks like a monkey bike design and has a strong aluminium frame with its fat 20 inch tyres that can take on a variety of off-road surfaces. Notable extra features of this best e-monkey bicycle are its dual hydraulic disc brakes, powerful front headlight and five speed modes letting you choose exactly how much assistance you want.

Overall, this stylish bicycle is great if you have bit more to spend, it's a versatile choice for riding on different terrains and has a generous power due to its Bafang motor making it a reliable choice. It's 20 inch Kenda tyres are also a great choice if you are looking to do more mountain biking. The notable downfalls of this bicycle are; its weight due to it's fat tyres, its lack of folding ability and the fact it is more expensive when compared to other bikes on the list, however if you are looking for a high quality fun bicycle which you can take on nearly any kind of adventure, this bicycle is the one.


  • Stylish e-bike.
  • Strong Kenda tyres.
  • Bafang motor.
  • Large range of distance.
  • Can be ridden on a variety of terrains.


  • Lack of folding ability may make transport difficult.
  • Heavy.
  • More expensive than other electric bikes.

Mysticall D2 Electric Bike - Number Three

This Mysticall bicycle has a great power 250W motor which can give a range of speed up to 25km per hour. It's 7.8Ah lithium ion battery can provide a range of different mileage depending on which mode you use; pedal assist, moped mode (60km mileage) and pure electric mode (30km mileage). The moped scooter design of this e-bike makes it perfect to use for commuting and can give you the extra boost you need with only a 5 hour charging time.

The alloy frame of this e-bike can support weight of up to 120kg and is foldable, proving easy for transport and storage. The 16 inch tyres on this commuting bicycle are suitable for most terrains along with its disc brakes. Extra features of this electric bicycle are it's LED front light making it perfect to use on night commutes and its adjustable handle bars and seat, meaning it is suitable for nearly any kind of rider.

Overall, this commuting style bicycle is one of the best women's commuting moped e-bikes on our list. Not only is it's design stylish, but it's very simple and lightweight making it great for daily use or if you need to carry it often. The only downfalls of this e-bike would be that it most likely isn't suitable for difficult terrains, it's tyres are much more designed for commuting. For this price you could get a sturdier bicycle which is not only limited to commuting but mountain biking too, however do consider that this bicycle can give you a high range of distance once the battery is charged unlike other Ebikes on this list.


  • Stylish moped design.
  • Great for commuting.
  • Lightweight.
  • Three different riding modes.
  • Quick charging time.
  • Good battery.


  • Not as suitable for mountain biking.
  • More expensive.

Dljyy Folding Electric Bike Lightweight Foldable Compact eBike - Number Four

The Dljyy electric bike is similar to the Macro folding bike, however has a much lower cost. This e-bike has a 36V 5.2ah 250W motor. It battery can be fully charged in a speedy 2-3 hours, making it ideal to use for commutes and can provide a range of up to 40 km. The electric bikes riding modes consist of; pedal mode (no assistance), semi-electric mode and full assistance mode making it great when you want more exercise or assistance depending on the terrain you are facing. This modern electric bike is also equipped with 16inch tyres and rear shock absorbers using speed sensors allowing you to get full support from the rotating throttle on the handle bars therefore giving you a smoother ride overall.

This electric bikes aluminium frame can easily fold in four simple steps making it easy and lightweight to transport or store away after riding. The handle bar and saddle on this electric bike are also adjustable meaning it is customisable to any kind of rider.

Overall, this electric bike compared to other e-bikes is one of the best on our list, its lower cost and quick charging time make it a great option for daily commutes, it's riding modes also allow you to pick and choose when you want that extra support or not. Disadvantages of this electric bike may be it is still pricer than other e-bikes on our list, however its quick charging time and good battery does show why.


  • Easy folding bike system.
  • Three modes to ride with.
  • Quick charging time.
  • Adjustable handlebars and saddle.


  • Higher cost than other e-bikes.
  • May not be suitable for more complicated terrains.

Macro Folding Electric Bike Lightweight Foldable Compact eBike - Number Five

This Macro brand folding e-bike is one of the more expensive best electric bikes on our list, however with it's easy folding design and powerful structure you can easily see why. This electric bicycle has a UK legal 36V 5.2Ah 250W motor, it's battery can be fully charged in just 2-3 hours making it quick and efficient while allowing you to travel up to a range of 30-40 km depending on the rider and mode used. This modern bike like other e-bikes had a range of modes you can choose on depending on how you want to be supported; pedal mode (manual), semi-electric assist and full electric assist depending on your fitness level or riding environment.

This modern e-bike has a great folding system making it easy to store away or transport after commuting, it's folding system has four steps making it simple and quick to fold up. The aluminium frame of this bicycle has a strong alloy front fork along with rear shock suspension making your ride smooth and balanced. The handlebar and saddle are also fully adjustable meaning it can fit any kind of rider for maximum comfort. The 16 inch tyres on this e-bike allow you to ride smoothly on rough terrains and has improved safety with it's front and rear double disc brakes.

Overall, this bike is a little on the pricier side but it's quick charging time means you can be riding more often without having to wait too long for the battery to recharge. This e-bike would be especially useful for commuting or general exercising, however it may struggle more on mountainous terrains. The only notable downfalls of this electric bike is that compared to other e-bikes on this list it is slightly at a higher cost.


  • Simple system for folding.
  • Very quick charging time.
  • Three riding modes.
  • Rear shock suspension.


  • May not be as suitable as other e-bikes for complicated terrains.
  • Expensive compared to other e-bikes.

Which is the Best Women's Electric Bike to buy?

To conclude the best electric e-bike has to be the Ancheer electric mountain bike, this is one of the best electric bikes on the market due to it's overall power and reliability, this Ancheer bike can not only be used to ride on complicated terrains but can also be used for commuting with a large range of miles. The large front wheel is great for tackling any kind of ride with a long range, along with the hydraulic disc brakes giving you a strong amount of stopping power. It also is a folding bike making it the best for storage. Unlike the other bikes on this list, this folding bike is much cheaper making it affordable for most peoples budget and the best women's bike electric wise on our list compared to other bikes.

Top Pick
ANCHEER 26 inch Folding Electric Bikes for Adults, Foldable Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike E-bike with 288Wh Removable Lithium Battery Shimano 21 Speed Shifter Double Disc Brakes
7.2/10Our Score

In the runner up position we chose the more expensive but brilliant Barracuda monkey style best electric bike. The frame of this e-bike is unique and stylish, it's fat tyres are also good for tackling a variety of different terrains. The battery on this e-bike is very powerful and can allow you to ride a long range of miles. One of the notable specs about this monkey style e-bike is it's well branded Bafang rear hub motor, this motor will give you a sufficient boost no matter how much power you need when taking this bike out for a ride. The only reason we placed this unique e-bike as runner up was due to it's more expensive price and lack of folding ability, but if storage and cost isn't your concern this would be one of the best electric bikes on our list!

Next up is the Mysticall D2 electric bicycle, this e-bikes features may be more suitable for commuting but is priced at a very fair mark. The motor has enough power to get you that boosted assistance when on your ride and its hydraulic disc brakes have a strong power for fast stopping. The best feature of this bicycle is that unlike other electric bikes on this list, it can ride up to 50 miles when used on moped mode, making it fantastic for long commutes to work without you have to worry about the miles. This moped style e-bike is definitely one of the best women's e-bikes on our list for commuting, it is a folding bike too making it perfect for storing away. If you want to get a ebike for commuting at a fair cost, we would recommend the Mysticall D2.

The last two electric bikes on our list are very similar in terms of power and other features, however their cost differs. The Dljyy lightweight folding bike comes next due to its affordability and stylish design. This bicycle has a strong frame and hydraulic disc brakes making it an overall very reliable choice. The stylish bicycle unlike other e-bikes on this list also has a super quick charging time of just 3 hours. Last on our list has to be the Macro folding bicycle, this bicycle is still very well made and has a super quick charging time similar to the Dljyy, however we just feel that for what you get feature wise on this ebike, you could choose other e-bikes and get the same quality for a more affordable cost.

So there you have it, for the best women's electric bicycle, the Ancheer electric bike is the number one choice on this list.

What kind of Bicycle do I need?

Electric bicycles can come in many different types depending on what you are looking to use your bicycle for. If you are looking to use your bicycle for adventures and off-road biking then a mountain bicycle or fat tyre bicycle would be suitable as they can handle all kind of terrains, mountain bicycles can also have dual use and be ridden for commuting.

If you are looking to take your bicycle on daily commutes then an electric commuter bicycle or folding bicycle would be a great option, these bicycles tend to come with extras such as tail lights which is perfect for commuting.

Whats the difference between a women's electric bicycle and a Males?

Well, to be frank not much, women's electric bicycles tend to only have some small differences to male bicycles such as a shorter wheel base length and smaller frame size, however if you want, you can use a mens Ebike and still have a great ride as there really isn't much difference between the two performance wise!

All of these bicycles have the same PAS (pedal assist system) with a motor and battery, so its basically down to preference, if frame size doesn't bother you then go for a unisex option.

What makes the Best Women's electric bicycle?

When choosing your ebike, you want keep in mind some specific features to be looking out for such as the motor and battery, as this determines the power that your ebike will have.

Motor and Battery

It's important to keep an eye out for your motors power so as you can make sure your bikes watts is within the UK legal limits, but also so as it will you give enough power to ride with, the power of the battery also determines how many miles you can cycle for. Ideally you should be checking how many miles your e-bike can cover off one single charge, the best Ebikes can normally cover 30-50 miles per single charge off the battery. Another thing to consider is how long your battery will take to recharge, you don't want to have a bicycle which will take a long time to recharge if you are using it for commutes daily.


Checking the weight of your bicycle with it's frame and all of it's features is nesscarry if you want to enjoy your ebike. Having a bicycle that is too heavy can prove tiring when manoeuvring it around or carrying, this something to consider when making your purchase, especially if you will be having to carry your bicycle on trains or stairs. Having a lightweight foldable bike is the best choice not only for taking the strain off but for storage too. The total weight of your bike shouldn't really exceed 25kg, however if the battery is removable this can take off a lot of the weight if you need to be carrying your bike at times, do in bare in mind if you choose a fat tyre bicycle then the weight of your e-bike will inevitably be higher.

Suspension and tyres

If you are taking your ebike out on more difficult terrains, the front suspension and shock absorbers are something to look out for on your bicycle. The wheel size and tyres are also something to consider, the bigger the tyre the better it will take on harsher terrains, a bike that has fat tyres are even better for mountain biking, however will add to the overall bikes weight.


The accessories that come with your bicycle is definitely something to consider when spending your money, mountain bikes will likley come with well made mudguards and most commuter bicycles will come with headlights, some may even come with a front rack and tail light. If your bike is little more expensive make sure it includes some of these extra features, as adding your own will be an extra cost and finding specific accessories that fits your bikes model well, will also be a task.


When purchasing your bikes from the online market, you should make sure that no matter what, it has warranty, this ensures you are protected if something unexpectedly happens with your bike. Bikes are huge investment so having warranty is pretty much a must have incase something goes wrong with battery or motor.


What should I be paying for an electric bike?

The cost of your electric bike really depends on what your a looking for, Ancheer for example do great mid priced electric bikes from £700, however if you are looking for more high tech components such Tekno brakes then you may go into the mid-range £1,500 mark, this is where you may get better tyres, gears and motors.

How do I know which electric bike I need?

If you are looking for an adventure bike, go for a mountain bicycle which will inevitably have harder tyres to handle the more uneven terrain well, if you are looking for a daily commuter bike, then look for a mountain bicycle which can be versatile in both or a folding bicycle which just perfect for storing away, these bicycles will perform well on flat surfaces and have good brakes incase of stopping emergencies.

What power motor should I be looking for?

Legal wise, in the UK there is a set limit for bikes motors to be 250W, this is normally enough power for using your bike off-road or for commuting, most bikes can reach a max speed of 15mph which is more than enough to speed up your commuting time.

Is an electric bike for me?

Wether you are looking to half your commuting time or have a bike that can give you assistance on the most adventurous trails without having to get too fatigued, then yes these bicycles are for you. The great advantage of electric bikes is that you can choose how much assistance you want with their modes, meaning if you are looking to get more exercise, you can set the assistance to minimum, however if you are looking for more of a boost, well then you can set it to pure assistance mode which will prove helpful on incline situations.

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