Cyrusher XF660 Electric Bike 48V 500W/1000W Review 2022 - 2023

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Cyrusher XF660 Electric Bike 48V 500W/1000W Review – An Incredibly Impressive Bike


To get the best results from an electric bike, you need to make sure that you are buying the best model that you can afford. Ebikes are rapidly gaining popularity and there are literally hundreds of bikes available both on and offline now.

If this is going to be your first electric bike then you might be finding it difficult to choose the right bike for your needs. There are a lot more features that you will need to consider than if you were to buy a standard mountain bike.

To make your buying decision easier, we have decided to try out as many ebikes as we can so that we are able to thoroughly test and review them. The bike that we are going to be reviewing for you today is the Cyrusher XF660 Electric Bike 48V 500W/1000W. Read on below to find out what we thought.

Features: Aluminium Alloy Frame – 1000w Motor – Shimano Gears – 7 Speeds – 30-35 Mile Range – 23mph Maximum Speed – Fat Tyres – 150kg Maximum Weight – 25kg


  • Really nice looking design with incredibly robust aluminium alloy.
  • The bike comes ready assembled apart from the front wheel.
  • It has front suspension which can be switched off if necessary.
  • The fat tyres are great for riding off road.
  • The gears are very easy to get used to.


  • The instruction manual has to be downloaded from the manufacturer website.

The Cyrusher XF660 Electric Bike 48V 500W/1000W Review

To start off with, we’re going to talk about our first impressions of the bike as it arrived. The first thing that really impressed us was the fact that this bike comes pretty much ready assembled. The only thing that we had to do was attach the front tyre, which took no time at all.

Once we had done that, we were able to take a proper look at the entire bike. The main thing that stood out to us was how robust the aluminium alloy frame felt. It has definitely been put together really well and doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in the slightest.  The design of the Cyrusher XF660 Electric Bike is fantastic; it’s modern and stands out.

Downloading the Instruction Manual

Before we decided to test out the bike properly, we wanted to take a close look at the instruction manual. However, we soon discovered that we had to download the manual from the manufacturer website which was a bit of a pain. However, once we had it downloaded we were ready to go. It was very clear and easy to follow so we were confident about testing out the bike.

The first thing that we really liked was the front suspension. It is highly effective and really increases the comfort levels when you are riding. What we really liked is that you can actually switch of the suspension if you want to, which we found really good for switching from off road to road riding.

Brilliant Fat Tyres for Off Roading

Another thing that we loved with this electric bike is that you are able to really enjoy off road riding thanks to the addition of fat tyres. Like the front suspension, the inclusion of the fat tyres really increase the comfort levels. When it came to using the gears, we were surprised to find that we got used to them really quickly.

Overall, we were very impressed with the Cyrusher XF660 Electric Bike and we would recommend it to anyone, whether you have never owned and electric bike before or you are looking for an upgrade. It is definitely worth the extra money.

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