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The Top Three 750W E-Bikes Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for an electric bike that you can take on rough terrain but is also useful for a daily commute, 750W electric bikes are the sweet spot. 

A 750W electric bike is fast and durable, they are often paired with fat tires for tackling difficult terrain and allow for a smoother riding experience on paved roads with added traction. 

There is a huge range of 750W electric bikes on the market to choose from, coming with different watt motor and battery ranges, so to help you out, we have rounded up some of the best 750W electric bikes below and reviewed them one by one to find the right model for you.


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Our recommended alternative is The Cyrusher Upgraded XF800 Electric Mountain Bike!

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Our Favourite 750W Electric Bike -

The Cyrusher XF900 Electric Bike 750w Fat Tire Mountain Bike (Editor's Choice)

This Cyrusher fat tire mountain electric bike is one of the most expensive but high-quality e-bikes on our list. 

Feature-wise, the model has an electric bike motor watt of 750W located at its rear hub and 80Nm of torque power, for the battery, the electric bike houses a 48v 17Ah lithium-ion removable battery that can produce a current battery range of up to 62 miles when used on a full charge. 

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In terms of gearing, this electric mountain bike is fitted with the Shimano TX50-7 speeds rear derailleur system and uses hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors for top stopping power. It has a full-suspension electric bike design with rear shock absorbers and 110mm of travel on the front fork. 

Other notable specs of the 750W electric bike are its 26-inch x 4-inch fat tires, LCD to show assistance and 12 cadence sensors set up for more natural assistance from the motor. It is paired with a front headlight, rear reflector and horn too for immediate road use. 


Overall, this 750W electric bike from Cyrusher is excellent for riding out on paved roads as well as rough roads thanks to the fat tires which give a smooth ride and watt electric power from the rear hub motor which helps you ride up steep hills with ease. 

We also like this fat tire e-bikes model in particular due to its easy assembly which can be set up even by a beginner e-biker!

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Downfalls of the fat tire electric bikes model are it's pre-assembly where some have reported the bike to come set up in the wrong way with the forks on the wrong way and gear cogs missing. 


  • Rear hub watt electric motor. 
  • Great electric bike speed range. 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes. 
  • Fat tires. 
  • Shimano gearing. 
  • Removable battery. 
  • Accessories included.


  • Comes pre-assembled in the wrong way.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Extrbici Mountain Bike XF770 500W!

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Our Runner Up - The Extrbici Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike 750W

The Extrbici cruise fat bike features a 750W Bafang motor for power and uses an LG 2600 48V 13Ah lithium battery. 

Top specs of the cruiser style bike are its max range of 80km depending on the assist level uses and top speeds of 35km/h from the watt motor power. For gearing the bike uses the Shimano ASL TX50 7 speeds shift system and is paired with hydraulic double disc brakes for the best stopping power.

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The battery of this electric fat bike can be charged within 6-8 hours and it has 500 times charging cycle to increase its lifespan. Its design uses an aluminium alloy frame with full suspension with a 5-speed smart setting LCD. 

Tyres included on the e-bike measure 26 x 4- inches and the seat post is adjustable for different riders. A one-year warranty is included on the motor and frame with 6 months warranty on the battery too. 


To conclude, this Extrbici electric mountain bike is one of the best e-bikes to choose from if you want a high max speed model with durable specs and a great battery range for long adventures. 

The different levels of speed control on the electric bike make it simple to use and its easy assembly can be put together by anyone. 

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Downfalls of the e-bike have to be its natural suspension which is reported to be of low-quality considering the price of the bike, some have also said the battery to fail prematurely. 


  • High power watt motors for steep hills. 
  • 80km battery range. 
  • Full suspension. 
  • A maximum speed of 35 km/h. 
  • Five levels of pedal assistance. 
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Aluminium alloy bike frame.
  • Shimano gearing. 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes. 
  • Warranty included.


  • Poor suspension. 
  • Short lifespan battery. 

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CMACEWHEEL GW20 Portable 20 Inch Mountain Bike

If you are looking for an affordable and portable 750W electric bike that you can travel with, this e-bike by CMACEWHEEL might be worth considering. 

Main features of the electric mountain bike are its brushless 750-watt electric motor and 48V removable lithium-ion battery which can give a range of up to 80km on its pedal assist mode. For speed, the bike can reach a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour and five different levels of pedal assist to ride with. 

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The fat tire electric bikes model is set up with a 7-speed transmission system and uses front/rear mechanical disc brakes. Its aluminium alloy frame keeps the bike lightweight and it is fitted with 20-inch x 4-inch tyres.

Included with the mountain bike are a front fork suspension and front headlight, the total load capacity of the electric bike is 120kg. 


For people who want a durable and portable bike, this CMACEWHEEL model is an excellent choice, the high maximum speed is great for taking on rough terrain and the fat tires give you maximum control off paved road.

The bikes design itself is also very high-quality with an excellent bike suspension and adjustability.

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 Drawbacks of this e-bike are the model itself which is said to arrive with scratches and dents on arrival. 


  • Removable battery. 
  • Portable frame. 
  • Fat tires.
  • Front fork suspension. 
  • 80km battery range.
  • Five levels of pedal assist.


  • Reported to arrive damaged.

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Which Is The Best 750W Electric Bike For Off-Road & Commuting?

To round up our top three 750W electric bike reviews, the favourite electric bike from our list has to be the Cyrusher XF900 Electric Bike 750w Fat Tire Mountain Bike. 

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We rate this electric bike as our number one 750 watt electric model due to its high-quality specs such as its hydraulic disc brakes and 7-speed gearing system which makes it an awesome bike to take out on rough roads as well as flat roads.

As a runner up, we would recommend the Extrbici Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike 750W, this electric bike uses wide tires for handling technical terrain and is a great city bike as well as a mountain bike with a stylish design. 

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We didn't place it as our number one however because of its poor suspension which is not expected for an expensive mountain ebike

What To Look For In The Best 750W Electric Bikes? (Our Buying Guide)

After reviewing some of the top 750W electric bikes on the market, it's a good idea to get to know more about these types of electric bikes before you invest in one. 

In our buying guide below we will cover the benefits of choosing a 750-watt electric bike, how to choose the right powered e-bike for you, the top features to look out for in your new 750W model and how 1000W and 750W electric bikes compare to help you find the best model.

Why Choose a 750W Electric Bike? 

Choosing a 750-watt electric bike over other electronic bikes is the best choice if you are looking for a bike that you can take off-roading as well as on the roads, making it an excellent motor power for hybrid bikes. 

The motor gives enough power to help you handle hilly terrains while giving you enough pedal assistance for the average traffic on the road too. These bikes power options are the most versatile on the market. 

Benefits Of 750W E-Bikes

If you decide that a 750W electric bike is right for you then you'll be happy to learn they come with a huge list of advantages, but there are also some disadvantages which are worth considering too if you choose a bike with this wattage power. 

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We have listed the pros and cons of choosing these wattage e-bikes below. 


  • They go fast - With all the extra power from the motor, these e-bikes will have a higher maximum speed which is not only fun to ride with but also for pulling out of traffic or on trail rides.
  • Versatile - These high-power electric bikes please both mountain bike lovers as well as commuter e-bike riders thanks to their versatility which allows you to use them on both kinds of riding trails.
  • Durable - Due to the power options, these types of bikes are always built with a durable ride frame with a fork for rides to help you handle harsh hill trails and have a comfortable riding experience.
  • Fat tires - For a smoother ride, the majority of 750W electric bikes will have a pair of fat tires for riding with, these electric fat tire bike designs are excellent for handling any kind of road, whether it has been snowing or raining.


  • It's not legal - The majority of countries have restrictions on the motor power of electric bikes that can be used on the road. In the UK for example you are restricted to only using a 250W motor powered e-bike on the road to prevent overspeeding.
  • Added weight - With a heavier motor comes to a heavier battery, therefore you have to prepare to have extra weight when riding, you should also consider that the fat tires will add weight as well making it not a compact design for transportation.
  • Less portable - Due to the larger frame, tyres, motor and battery, these bikes are not very suitable for commuting with or travelling with.

How Much Wattage Do I Need? 

Choosing the right powered e-bike can be a little overwhelming at first if you are a newbie to electric bikes, they can range from having 250W, 500W, 750W and 1000W motors making it hard to figure out just how much power you need to have for the best pedal assistance. 

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Contrary to what most think, having a higher amount of wattage on your electric bike does not directly equal a better bike, two main factors determine whether or not you should go for a high wattage bike; how you plan to ride it and your weight. 

We will list the ideal motor powers according to weight and purpose down below. 

50kg Riders 

  • Flat terrain - For flat terrain, you are looking at having a motor power of 250W, this is more than enough for average commuter use and is the legal limit in most countries.
  • Rough terrain - If riding more technical terrain you might want to consider using a 400/500W motor power instead.

70kg Riders 

  • Flat terrain - At 70kg a motor power of around 500W will be sufficient for flat road use.
  • Rough terrain - When off-roading considers a 750-1000W motor.

90Kg +

  • Flat terrain - We would not go below a 750W motor for road biking.
  • Rough terrain - Using a 1000W motor should give you enough assistance for steep hills.

750 Watt E-Bikes Vs 1000 Watt E-Bikes 

Since 750W and 1000W electric bikes are both classed as very high power mountain bikes, when would one want to choose one over the other?

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Well, these powered e-bikes both have an impressive design but differ in four main ways which we will list below. 

  • Handling - 750W electric bikes are the better option when it comes to having better control & handling, this is because they are lighter in weight and easier to manoeuvre. 
  • Weight - Since the motor is large on 1000W e-bikes so is the battery which adds to the weight, as without a heavier battery it would consume the charge a lot faster. 1000W e-bikes are always a less portable hybrid bike and a heavier bike without assist to ride.
  • Range - 1000W electric bikes will have a longer range and battery life, but this is because they have to due to the motor power, therefore the lithium battery has to be bigger.
  • Speed - Both the 750W and 1000W electric bikes have a similar speed with a difference of around 5mph, so the speed is not a deal-breaker between these two kinds of bikes.

Top Features To Consider In Your 750W Electric Bike 

Apart from the motor power itself, there are several other key features you need to be watching out for in your new hybrid 750W ebike, we have bullet-pointed the essentials below. 

  • Motor - Once you have decided on the power of your motor you should look out for the position of it, on most of these bikes you will find the motor is either a rear-hub type or a mid-drive unit, the latter is more natural but more expensive.
  • Speed/PAS - It's a good idea to check the maximum speed of your e-bike before you buy, some motors cut out at a certain point before you reach the speed you desire, you should additionally see how many levels of pedal assist your bike has, some go all the way up to having five levels.
  • Battery - When looking for a decent battery in your 750W e-bike you should consider if the battery is removable or not for security, check the cycles of the battery too so as you can determine its lifespan and see how long it takes to charge up.
  • Range - Range is the most important spec from your battery, as it determines how long you will be riding before you run out of charge, most bikes of this power should be able to take you up to 80km depending on the PAS settings.
  • Design - The design of your e-bike should be adjustable and durable for taking on steep hill tracks, the attractive design should have an LCD too for showing the battery status and a suspension of some kind for extra comfort on extreme terrains. You can buy some foldable bike frames too if you are looking for portability.
  • Gearing & brakes - Considering most 750W e-bikes are mountain bikes they should have a good transmission system for advanced control, anything from a 7-speed transmission to a 21-speed system is great. Make sure your bike has hydraulic disc brakes for the best stopping power too.
  • Wheels - For a mountain bike you should be looking at a wheel size of at least 26-inches, any smaller will not give convenient control on harsh terrains.
  • Weight - Due to the added battery and motor size, you should check the total weight of your e-bike before purchasing, some designs can go up to 30kg!
  • Accessories - Having some accessories included with your 750-watt e-bikes model makes it excellent value for money, a few to note are a horn, racks, rear lights and front lights and even mudguards.
  • Warranty - Your hybrid bike should have at least a one-year warranty for buyers confidence and protection.

FAQs About The Best 750W Electric Bikes 

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How many miles of battery life should a 750W motor e-bike have? 

This all comes down to the battery capacity and pedal assistance you are using when riding, on average it can be anything between 35-50 miles for this kind of bike.

Is a hydraulic disc brake mechanism or mechanical brakes system better?

A hydraulic brake system is always better than a mechanical disk brake as it provides better stopping power, which is important when riding on technical terrains.

What high-end features should my 750W e-bike come with? 

Some impressive feature specs to look out for on your bike are a decent transmission system, hydraulic brakes, a good range of PAS levels and fat tyres. You should also make sure your bike comes with a few accessories.

Is suspension important on a 750W electric bike? 

Suspension is very essential on a 750W electric bike as it ensures you have a clever frame design for a more comfortable ride on loose terrain, without suspension you would struggle to take these bikes off-road.

Why are these motors not legal? 

750W motors are not legal to take out on the roads in the UK as they are classed as mopeds when they have this amount of power, the limit is 250W with a speed of 15 miles per hour.

How many miles per hour can a 750W electric bike go? 

On average a 750W electric bike can take you at speeds of around 20 miles per hour and above which is more than enough for off-road trail riding, some can reach up to 25 miles per hour, however.

Does weight capacity on e-bikes matter? 

Yes, you should always check the weight limit of your electric bike to make sure it is suitable for your rider weight.

How do you lower battery usage on an electric bike?

You can lower battery usage on e-bikes by using it without assistance now and then, keeping off hills and going at a low speed. 

What does the control panel on e-bikes do? 

The control panel on electric bikes is needed for showing important measurements such as speed and distance as well as battery status.

Are there any downfalls to 750W electric bikes? 

The biggest drawbacks to these kinds of powered e-bikes are the extra weight from the bigger motor and tyres, the fact that they are not road legal and they are less portable too than other e-bikes.

Our #1 750W Electric Bike For Trail & Road Riding

Our number one 750W electric bike for versatile riding is the Cyrusher XF900 Electric Bike 750w Fat Tire Mountain Bike thanks to its excellent range of specs and simple to ride design which is comfortable and easy to assemble. 

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We suggested checking out the Extrbici Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike 750W too if you are looking for a stylish design with a high speed and decent range from its battery.

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