Cube Electric Bikes: A Brand Review 2022 - 2023

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Are The Cube Electric Bike Range Any Good? - Our Guide


Cube e-bikes are now one of the most popular German engineering companies in Europe for producing a high-quality electric bike range with practical features and excellent designs.

This electric bike range includes a; touring range, cube reaction range, stereo hybrid range and cube agree hybrid bike range. Each type of Bosch powered eBikes within the range are suited for different uses a price points. 

To help you decide which range is best for you, we have compared them all down below to see if the Cube electric bike range as a whole is worth it, so without further chat, let's get into it!

The Cube Electric Bike Range 

From hard suspension mountain electric bikes to trekking bikes and e-road bikes, Cube has a wide range of German engineering in all their bikes on the market to suit different customers. 

We have briefly discussed and reviewed each range type below to help you choose what type of E-bike Bosch powered bike is right for you. 

The Cube Agree Range

This Cube Agree electric bike range is the most excellent choice if you're looking for hybrid models which can be used as an everyday rider, perfect touring e-bike or for commuting. Style-wise they suit the everyday rider thanks to their comfort aspect and have a perfect combination of features for use as a normal bike or road bike. 

Some of the best models to mention in the Cube Agree range are the Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 SL Disc bike.

Downfalls of this key models range have to be its lack of gear range which makes using the range off-road hard despite them being hybrid. 


  • Perfect for all-around use. 
  • Great bike aesthetics. 
  • Comfortable.
  • Rim brakes available.
  • Can be used as a normal bike.


  • Lack of gear range.
  • Not for serious mountain biking.

The Cube Touring Range 

These style bikes often feature high-quality Bosch CX motors and have step-through frame designs for ease of use when mounting/unmounting on the roads. The bikes excel when it comes to comfort as they are designed for long periods of use featuring Bosch Intuvia displays, they also include features such as fenders, integrated lights and reflective tyres. 

Paired with an integrated battery of an excellent range the Bosch motor tour bike is the perfect option out there for touring from CUBE but can't produce smooth, rock-taming travel on off-road terrain.


  • Great battery range. 
  • High comfort design. 
  • Bosch intuvia displays. 
  • Integrated commuting accessories. 
  • Step-through frames. 


  • Not for mountain bike use. 

The Cube Stereo Hybrid Range

If you are looking for a mountain bike from the Cube electric bike range then the Cube stereo hybrid range could be your answer. 

These bikes have their power tube battery design integrated and excellent Shimano hubs/drivetrain XT components to create a durable yet full-suspension mountain bikes model. 

The biggest down point of this bike range has to be the heavyweight of the hardtail mountain bikes due to their battery and suspension, this makes carrying them through areas much harder. 


  • Power tube battery design. 
  • Shimano drivetrain XT system. 
  • Full suspension. 
  • Mountain bike. 


  • Heavyweight.

The Cube Reaction E-bike Range

This Reaction range is one of the most popular bikes ranges from the largest bike producer and come with Bosch motor types of the latest spec as well as semi-hybrid tyres and quality derailleur systems such as the Hybrid EX 625 Cube Reaction electric bike. 

Although this reaction bike range from Cube bikes is pretty sturdy and great for a combined rider who goes on smooth trails as well as the road, they do tend to come with pretty low-quality tyres and the reaction models are not the most suitable for taking trail riding. 


  • Bosch Ebike latest motors. 
  • Light bike weight. 
  • Good range of derailleur gears. 
  • Affordable range.


  • Low-quality tyres. 
  • Not for hard trails.

The Cube Acid Hybrid Range

This is the last Cube electric bike we will be discussing in our small review guide. The Cube Acid Hybrid 500 electric bike comes with an excellent 500Wh battery pack and Bosch motor for use when mountain biking, other models from the range feature a similar design but differ in range.

Not only does the bike have excellent dual-purpose tyre options but its Shimano 11-34 9-speed cassette gear system gives just enough control for hybrid use on roads and trails. 

Downfalls of this acid range by Cube are its larger weight and size which does make the range less commuter-friendly and portable. 

Is The Cube Electric Bike Range Worth The Hype?

Although the Cube electric bike range is a little expensive, the company does produce top-spec models with excellent versatility performance-orientated features with their high-quality Bosch motor and hydraulic disc brakes. 

If you can afford it, we would suggest checking out our more detailed reviews on each range of bikes to help you make a decision on whether or not these bikes are right for you and the type of riding you do. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Cube Electric Bike Range

Do Cube create trekking bikes? 

Cube creates a huge range of electric bikes including models that are suitable for trekking/touring too with excellent battery range and a high comfort adjustable design.

What is a hybrid bike? 

A hybrid electric bike is pretty much a cross between commuting bikes and mountain bikes at once, allowing you to have extra versatility.

What are the size guides for the Cube e-bike range? 

Cube typically offers nearly eight different size options with all of their different mountain bikes, these range between sizes of 155-200cm depending on your height and the bike you purchase.

Can I use a hybrid bike as an alternative tour model? 

As long as the hybrid bike has room for some extras such as a rear rack and a large enough battery pack there is no reason as to why you can't use these bikes as a touring model.

Does Cube create good quality suspension mountain electric bikes?

Yes, Cube is well-known for crafting hardtail durable mountain bikes with excellent suspension as well as a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery pack from Bosch.

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