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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Folding Electric Bikes Is The FIIDO D4S Folding Electric Bikes!

The Best Lightweight Folding E-Bike Reviews & Buying Guide


If you are looking for a bike with a boost, that can help you travel long distances and fold up into a compact size for storage in your house or transport on a train or bus, then a folding e-bike is your best answer. 

E-folding bikes are a commuters dream out of other electric bike options on the market, allowing you to halve your commuting time thanks to their battery motor and reduce to a small size because of their folding mechanism. 

There is a huge range of electric bikes with folding abilities on the market, making finding the best one a time-consuming job. 

So to make your decision easy, we have rounded up the best folding e-bike models on the market currently and reviewed them below to help you make up your mind. 

Our Top Folding Electric Bike -

The FIIDO D4S Folding Electric Bikes (Editor’s Pick)

If you are looking for a folding e-bike that can take you long distances, it could be well worth checking out this folding e-bike by FIIDO. 

Key features of this model are its 250W powerful motor which has max speeds of 25km/h Band 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery which can support battery range of riding up to 80km in total, the electric road bike additionally comes with a choice of three different PAS levels too for variable speed.

The whole electric folding bikes battery can be charged in around 7 hours and its design features a 20-inch tyre size with an aluminium alloy frame for support. For user comfort, the height of the saddle of this bike is adjustable too and it has a maximum user weight of 120kg. 


Overall, we rate this FIIDO electric folding bikes model as one of our top choices thanks to its affordable price, great features for day to day commutes and generous battery life range. 

We also like this electric road bike as its powerful motor is UK legal, allowing you to take it on the roads with no issues or extra documentation. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Basic speed of 25km/h. 
  • 80km battery range. 
  • Three PAS modes. 
  • 36V battery. 
  • Aluminium alloy frame. 
  • 20-inch wheels. 
  • Adjustable seat. 


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The ANCHEER 27.5" Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults, 250W Commuter Ebike!

Our Runner Up - ANCHEER 26 Inch Folding E-bike

ANCHEER are very well-known in the electric bikes industry for creating affordable models with high reliability to take out on the roads. 

This ANCHEER folding e-bike in particular features a 36V lithium-ion battery pack that can reach a battery range of up to 30 miles and a 250W UK legal stable motor that can help the folding e-bike reach max speeds of 17mph. 

Other notable specs in this electric bikes model are its 21-speed transmission system and front and rear mechanical disc brakes, these are paired with the electric bikes 26-inch magnesium alloy wheels for a smooth ride. 

For pedal assistance, the electric folding bikes design has three different power options and throttle power for an extra boost in city commutes. The whole design has a high strength aluminium front fork for a more comfortable ride and the bike comes with headlights too. 

Total user load for this bike is 150kg and it can be folded up for compact transport or storage. 


To conclude, this ANCHEER 26-inch folding e-bike is one of the best mountain bikes on our list if you are looking for an electric road bike that is reliable and simple to use. 

The assembly of this versatile bike is quick and easy and the e-folding bikes range of a single charge is very impressive for a daily commute. 

Negatives of this ANCHEER electric folding bikes model have to be its total weight which is said to be very heavy, the brakes for this e-bike are also reported to be of bad quality. 


  • UK legal 250W motor. 
  • 30-mile battery range. 
  • Max speed of 17mph. 
  • Three PAS modes with handy throttle assist. 
  • High strength front fork. 
  • Folding. 
  • 21-speed transmission. 
  • Headlights included for city commutes. 


  • Total weight is very heavy. 
  • Brakes are of poor quality. 

Nilox E Bike X4 Folding E-Bike

The Nilox electric folding bikes model features a 250W motor brushless design and uses a 36V LG lithium-ion battery for power. 

For distance, the battery capacity of this e-bike allows you to travel up to 45km and reach top speeds of 25km/h due to its brushless motor. The electric bike technology has three PAS levels to choose from too and a 7-speed Shimano transmission system. 

In terms of the design, this handy folding bike has an LED display to show speed and distance and 20-inch wheels, it uses front and rear disc brakes for stopping power too. 

Total user max weight for this bike is 120kg and the full-sized e-bike itself weighs 26kg. 


To conclude, this Nikon electric folding bikes model truly is a great buy if you are looking for a stylish folding e-bike thanks to the model fat tyres, integrated light and 20-inch wheels.

The convenient bike's battery also has an excellent range for fantastic ride quality.

Negatives of this versatile bike are its battery protection cover which has been reported to arrive faulty on the bike before on arrival.


  • Three PAS modes. 
  • LED display. 
  • 250W bike motors power. 
  • 36V battery. 
  • 45km range. 
  • Max speed of 25km/h. 
  • Front and rear disc brakes. 


  • Battery is reported to arrive with a broken cover. 

Eloklem Electric Mountain Bike

This Eloklem electric folding mountain bike comes with 250W motor power and a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery capacity. 

Top specs of this e-bike are its 28km range and top speeds of 17km/h, charging battery life takes around hours and the model electrical assist system has three different power options to choose from. 

In terms of the technical design, the Eloklem foldable bikes model has front and rear disc brakes with a 21-speed gear transmission system and 26-inch aluminium alloy wheels. The bike is equipped with LED headlights for road e-bikes use too. 

For comfort, the foldable e-bikes design features a high strength carbon steel front fork to absorb shocks and the whole bike weighs around 23kg with a folding mechanism. 


For people who want an excellent mid-price folding e-bike price model with great features for comfort and control, this Eloklem mountain bike has it all. 

This e-bike is perfect for busy city commutes thanks to its transmission system and headlights, with padded seating and handlebars making it easy to use for long rides without fatigue. 


  • Three electrical assistance levels.
  •  LED headlights. 
  • 21-speed transmission system. 
  • 250W motor. 
  • 36V battery capacity. 
  • 28km range. 
  • Carbon steel front fork. 

VIVI Folding Electric Bike

This stylish road e-bikes folding model by VIVI features a 350-watt motor power and 36V 8Ah battery. 

Main specs of the folding bike are its 40km range and charging time of 6 hours, the bike can also top max speeds of 25km/h and has a Shimano 7-speed transmission gear system. 

For electronic assistance, this bike brings three working modes to ride with and has front and disc brakes for stopping power. It additionally uses a front fork for shock absorption and has a 20 wheel inch size. 

Design-wise the model has a waterproof display as well as adjustable handlebars and bright headlights to use the bike at night. The whole design of the bike comes 95% assembled and has a one-year warranty for buyers protection. 


To conclude, this VIVI folding electric bike has an attractive modern design and can travel a great range off a single charge thanks to its powerful battery. 

We like this folding bike due to its extra features included too such as its headlights which are great for daily commutes and adjustability allowing the e-bike to be ridden comfortably by any user. 

Drawbacks of this VIVI folding e-bike have to be its weight which is said to be a little on the heavy side. 


  •  20-inch wheels. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • 40km range. 
  • 350W motor power. 
  • Headlights. 
  • Folding mechanism. 
  • Shimano 7-speed gear system. 
  • One-year warranty. 


  • Heavyweight. 

Which Is The Best Folding Electric Bike UK? 

To conclude our top folding electric bike reviews, the best e-bike on our list for portability and convenience has to be the FIIDO D4S Folding Electric Bike. 

We choose this FIIDO bike as our top pick because of its durable design, great motor power and generous range provided by its battery. This bike is not only great to use but is compact too, making it easy to pop on commuter trains when needed or store inside your home. 

As a runner up, we would suggest checking out the ANCHEER 26 Inch Folding E-bike, this model is very reliable and a great road bike with a UK legal motor and large 26-inch wheels for extra comfort on the road. 

We didn’t place this ANCHEER model as our number one due to the fact it was said to be a little heavy and had a poor braking system

What To Look For In The Best Folding Electric Bike (Our Buyers Guide)

Finding the best electric folding bike for mountain biking for your busy city commute is not always an easy job, you need to be considering a huge range of factors such as the type of folding electric bike and the benefits/cons. 

It's also a good idea to make sure you are clued up on the essential features you need to be watching out for in your folding e-bike too and some commuting tips for riding with your electric bike out on the road. 

We have put all this information above into our best informative buying guide below. 

Which Type Of Folding Electric Bike Should I Choose? 

Before you start your folding electric bike search, you should consider the type of folding electric bike you are looking for, conventional folding bikes will often be commuter bikes, but there are also folding mountain bikes to consider, folding fat tyre bikes and mini folding bikes. 

We will list out the type in more detail so as you can see which type suits your riding best. 

Commuting Folding E-Bikes

First up we have commuter folding electric bikes, this electric folding bike design will often have a high seat and accessories such as a rear light and horn for commuting. The motor on these types of bike with folding capabilities will likely be around 250W so as it is legal for road use and are a great mode of transport for shortening your commute time. 

Mini Folding E-Bikes 

Mini folding electric bikes are smaller commuting electric bikes and have even thinner overall dimensions for storing and taking on trains, these types of bikes don't have a stunning top speed and battery life as they are smaller, so can't fit a huge motor or battery.

Mountain Folding E-Bikes 

Mountain folding electric bikes will often have a great battery endurance and larger wheel size than some other models, these bikes will need a front suspension fork and might come with accessories such as pannier racks for adventure. 

These are the bikes to take on the off-track country lane rides and have great electrical assistance for getting you up steep hills with their comfy tyres. 

Fat Tyre Folding E-Bikes 

Lastly, we have fat tyre folding electric bikes, these types of bikes have chunky tyres which can be used on all kinds of terrain such as snow and sand, they often have a beefy aluminium frame that can be folded up for easy transport but does tend to have a more heavyweight. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Folding Electric Bikes 

Folding electric bikes have a great range of advantages for bike riders, especially if you are a commuter in the morning, but there is also a flip side to these types of e-bikes which are worth knowing before you make a final decision on whether you want a folding kind of bike. 

Advantages Of Folding Electric Bikes 

First of all, let's start with the positives, electric folding bikes are great security-wise, their small dimensions once folded up mean you can take your bike inside with you underneath your office desk or store it inside your house without the risk of getting stolen outside. 

Secondly, these types of electric bikes are very high quality, with the top designs having a carbon fibre frame and the folding mechanism only taking around 30 seconds. These kinds of bikes save on space and don't take up too much storage, making them a dream to transport on the back of your car or in the boot of your car. 

  • Great for security. 
  • Compact storage. 
  • Easy for commuting. 
  • High quality.

Disadvantages Of Folding Electric Bikes 

Believe it or not, folding bikes are very heavy e-bikes, due to all the hinges in their framing for the folding mechanism, which kind of defeats the purpose of them being easy to transport. They are also less comfortable to ride with as they have a smaller wheel size, meaning you feel all the bumps and uneven road when riding. 

Folding electric bikes can be very expensive too due to their folding mechanism.

  • Heavyweight. 
  • Expensive. 
  • Not very comfortable.

Conclusion - Should I Get a Folding Electric Bike?

Overall, if you ride public transport every day or you live in a place where you cannot lock up your electric bike securely at night, then the small compact size a folding electric bike becomes once folded would be very beneficial, but if you rarely commute or travel on your bike, it might be best going with a regular electric bike. 

Top Features To Consider In Your Best Folding Electric Bike 

When searching for the right folding e-bike you need to consider all the main features, not just the folding mechanism, for example, you should be considering the motor power and type your bike comes with as well as the battery capacity of the model. 

We have bullet pointed some of the key features to be watching out for in your foldable e-bike below. 

  • Motor placement - Where your motor is placed on your folding electric bike is very important, rear and front hub motor is always the cheapest option but have a more unnatural feeling as at the front of the bike it pulls you along and behind it pushes you. Mid-drive placed motors tend to be the best choice if you are after the best type of e-bike ride, but are often most expensive and only found on premium foldable e-bikes. 
  • Motor power - As well as where the motor is placed on your electric bike you also need to consider the power of it, a higher motor power means better assistance, especially when tackling obstacles such as hills when mountain biking. It is worth noting that some countries such as the UK have restrictions on the motor power rating your e-bike can come with, this should not exceed 250W if you want it to be a UK legal road e-bike. 
  • Battery - The battery of your e-bike is very important as this will determine your range, for long-distance commuting or mountain biking, ensure the capacity is big enough. Make sure you check whether or not this battery is removable too and how long it takes to charge. 
  • Design - Design-wise, your folding electric bike should be comfortable to use with adjustability on its seat and a good braking system with a decent gear hub. For mountain bike designs make sure your model has front fork suspension to take out some of the nasty shocks when riding off-road. 
  • Weight - It is very important to check the total weight of your folding e-bike, as despite their small dimensions once folded, these bikes can still be very heavy to move around.
  • Extra accessories - Depending on the type of electric folding bike you get, it should typically always have a few extra features such as a rear rack or an LED lighting system. 
  • Warranty - Always ensure that your best foldable e-bike has a one year warranty or more when purchasing so as you are protected against any faulty models.

Safety Tips For Commuting With Your Electric Bike 

If you are planning to commute with your foldable e-bike then you should ensure that you make sure you are being safe as possible when you take to the road. 

We have put together a few of our best tips below for keeping you safe on the road.

  • Wear the right gear - It is important to wear a tight-fitting helmet when taking your e-bike out on the road and you should additionally ensure that the top layer you are wearing is reflective too so as other traffic can see you well. 
  • Use head and tail lights - When the days draw to an end quickly, you should be making sure that your e-bike has head and tail lights for you to be seen on dusky evenings when your commuting home. 
  • Reflectors and a bell - Reflectors are a great addition to your normal lights to help you get seen by traffic, putting them in the spokes of your wheels is an excellent idea. Bells allow you to make some noise and alert other traffic that you are passing. 
  • Brake sooner and know the law - As e-bike can help you go faster on the roads, this also means you need to get used to braking sooner than you think, especially if the roads are slippy and you have poor traction. Make sure you know the law of where you are riding too so as your bike can be legal to ride with, some places have restrictions on the power of your electric bike. 

FAQs About The Best Folding Electric Bikes 

How much does a decent folding electric bike cost? 

This typically comes down to the type of foldable electric bike that you choose and its power/battery, but on average, they will cost between £600-£1500.

Is it worth getting a folding e-bike? 

It is worth getting a folding electric bike if you are after better storage or if you commute and want to minimise the space you use on public transport due to the size of your bike. Folding mountain bikes are also easier to have in the back of your car for adventures and travel around. 

A foldable bike eliminates the worry of it getting stolen too as you can take it everywhere you go. 

Can you find folding electric bikes with a mid-drive motor? 

Folding bikes that have a mid-drive motor placement are rarer to find than bikes that have a front or rear hub motor as the folding mechanism is easier. Mid-drive motors are best to pick as they give a balanced feel to the electric bike.

Do foldable e-bikes break easily? 

Folding electric bikes are made with very high-quality frames and are very durable too, but as with any bike, they will have a breaking point, and in comparison to normal electric bikes, this is more likely to happen due to the presence of more hinges for the folding mechanism which give the bike more weak points. 

What does PAS mean on a folding e-bike? 

PAS refers to pedal assistance on the bike, this comes in three different levels typically on most bikes and allows you to vary the assistance and power from the bike according to what you need, for example, for overtaking traffic you might have the bike on fully electric mode where you can reach higher speeds. 

Are folding e-bikes harder to ride with than regular ones? 

No, folding electric bikes are not harder to ride with than your normal electric bike but they do carry and extra weight due to the folding mechanism, this is typically offset by the motor assistance, however. 

How do I stop my electric bike from getting stolen? 

One of the great advantages of folding electric bikes is that you can take them wherever you want, which reduces the chance of theft as you can store them inside, some other ways to reduce the likelihood of your e-bike getting stolen is by parking it in well-lit areas, using bike locks and not parking it in the same place every time. 

Is there a weight limit on folding electric bikes? 

Yes, just like on all electric bikes, there is a weight limit, this differs from bike to bike according to the durability of their frame but most can accommodate a total weight of up to 250lbs.

What does the throttle assist do on an electric bike? 

Throttle assist gives you a high burst of power when riding your bike and involves zero user effort, this can be great when you need to overtake or turn away from traffic fast in a commuting situation.

Is there a motor limit in the UK?

Yes, the UK legal motor limit is 250W for your electric bike, above this then it will not be allowed to be ridden on the roads or you may need a special permit and license. 

Could I convert my regular folding bike into a foldable e-bike?

If you already have a regular folding bike then it is very possible to convert it to an electric one with an e-bike conversion kit, this allows you to avoid the cost of buying a whole new electric bike as you just need to add the motor and battery to your old bike.

How far can a foldable e-bike go?

This all comes down to the battery that your model comes with as it will determine the range, but on average off a single charge, your bike could go a range between 35-100 miles, this will be affected by the assistance you have chosen too. 

Our #1 Folding E-Bike For Your Busy Morning Commute Or Mountain Adventures 

Our number one folding electric bike for saving you space and helping you with an easy commute is the FIIDO D4S Folding Electric Bike thanks to its compact design and durability which is easy to transport and travel with. 

As a reliable second choice, we would recommend the ANCHEER 26 Inch Folding E-bike because of its large wheel size and UK legal motor limit which makes this bike a perfect choice for commuting. 

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